What Does A Hospital Pharmacy Technician Do? Schools, Salary, Cost

Pharmacy technicians play a very vital role in pharmaceutical settings. Their absence definitely leaves a loophole on the completion of medical practitioners. They can also be referred to the brilliant assistants of physicians. So, if you’ve been searching for the right duties of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician, then you are at the right place to get the answers.

Nonetheless, our group of professionals compiled this article, because of the myriad of requests and search queries received from our robot on this site about the hospital pharmacy technician. Queries like;

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To mention but a few, we’ve meticulously provided you with answers to this query and many more. To ensure, you carefully read through this article to get the full details about the functions and settings of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician. But first, understand what a Pharmacy Technician is all about.

What Is A Pharmacy Technician?

A Pharmacy Technician is a pharmaceutical professional who directly assists the Pharmacist. They are often referred to as pharmacy tech. They play significant roles in supporting the works of pharmacists. Some of their duties in any settings they work are;

  • They prepare medications for patients
  • They receive and verify prescription from the pharmacists.
  • Also, they work on the pricing and filling of prescriptions
  • They also have to obtain the pharmacist’s approval before doing anything
  • Pharmacy tech completes patient paperwork related to the filling of prescription
  • Assisting the pharmacist with insurance claims processing.
  • They are also responsible for stocking and pricing of medications in inventory
  • Pharmacy tech ensures the availability of drugs by delivering them to patients or required facilities.
  • Maintaining the pharmacy’s safety by adhering to infection-control procedures, regulations and policies

Irrespective of all these, a pharmacy tech is prohibited to do some things by law. Thus, these are;

  1. Performing the final check of the prescriptions
  2. They are also prohibited to carry out counselling with the patients. Hence, you can not patients any advice concerning drugs or health-related issues.

Other than the don’ts mentioned above, the pharmacy tech does most of the duties in a pharmacy.

Where Can A Pharmacy Technician Work?

Meanwhile, if you are a pharmacy tech, you have a vast opportunity to work in many medical atmosphere. Therefore, below are the few places you can work if you are a pharmacy tech;

  • Pharmaceutical production or sales in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Community pharmacies and hospitals. Sometimes called retail or high street pharmacy.
  • Prisons, primary care organisations, the military, veterinary pharmacy, education and training, and pharmacy organisations.

What is a Hospital Pharmacy Technician?

A Hospital Pharmacy Technician is a pharmacy tech recruited to work in a hospital. They perform several duties and have a better knowledge of prescriptions and medical terminology, unlike the retail pharmacy technician. Though they do not have direct contact with the patients, also they work directly under the supervision of the lead pharmacist. Some of the major duties of a hospital pharmacy technician includes;

What does A Hospital Pharmacy Technician Do?

Some of the major duties of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician includes;

  • They fill prescriptions for patients admitted to the hospital.
  • Preparing medicines, stocking supplies, and collecting patient information.
  • They may also create compound medications, IV fluids, and other mixtures for patients.
  • Delivering medications to and from satellite pharmacies
  • Unit-dosing tablets from a bulk bottle

There is a big difference in being a hospital pharmacy technician relating to other pharmacy techs. They are ought to have a firm grasp on the aseptic technique. To be able to prepare medications to be administered intravenously.

The duty of a pharmacy technician in a hospital is so essential like every nook and cranny activities of the environment runs through them.

What is the Salary Scale of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician?

Statistics show that Hospital Pharmacy technicians are good earners in the job market. According to Zip Recruiter, the least paid hospital pharmacy tech receives nothing less than $28,039 per annum.

Though, in the US their salary scale per annum falls between the price range of $28,039-$38,400.

How To Become a Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Becoming a pharmacy technician is not a very strenuous career part, unlike other medical fields. But foremost, you must complete high school or college. Afterward, you are required to earn a registered pharmacy technician certificate. Hence, to get this, you would attend an accredited pharmacy technician training program. This usually lasts between nine and twelve months and is often offered by vocational schools and community colleges.

Immediately you get your certificate and completed your program, get a work position at a retail pharmacy. This will aid you to become competent in medical terminology and prescription medications. Also, most hospitals prefer persons having at least 1-2 years of retail experience, but should show the prowess of a pleasant experience.

What does it cost to be a Hospital Pharmacy Technician?

If you aspire to become a pharmacy technician after high school, then never worry because it does not really cost much. All you need is to pay for your pharmacy technician training program. Though, the training can get a bit expensive depending on the institution you wish to run your program. If you wish to enrol on your training program at a community college, depending on the institution, you’re expected to pay within the price range of $460-$2,600 for the whole program.

While, if you intend to run your program at a vocational institution, you will be required to pay within the price range of $600-$21,900 for the whole program.

Schools To Attend to Become A Pharmacy Technician

As earlier stated, to become a hospital pharmacy technician, you must first finish high school, then apply for any accredited vocational school or community college of your choice offering a pharmacy technician training program.

They are many such institutions in every country. Carefully look through your intended country you want to enrol for the programs for vocational schools and community colleges that offer such programs.


On the end note, we are much convinced if you carefully read through this article, you will fully understand What a Hospital Pharmacy Technician do and everything about it. Also, we gave good directions on how to become one. Therefore, if you ever aspire to become one, go chase that dream of yours.



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