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Getting into Google ads is easy if you follow our guide on how to become a Google ads specialist in 2023. A career as a Google ads specialist can pave the way to a role in a digital marketing agency, freelance work, or becoming an in-house google ads specialist at a company. 

This article contains a simple step-by-step guide on to become a google ads specialist. If being a google ads specialist is something you would like to venture into, it is highly recommended that you read to the end of this article to become a google ads specialist, as this article provides all the information you need to know.

Who is a Google Ads Specialist?

When a business wants to promote its products and services online, Google Ads is a must. You may connect with individuals looking and browsing by using Google Ads. A google ads specialist is a person who plans, sets up, and manages campaigns in google ads.

They help people advertise their business on google. They can also help people with their websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and many more. However, only some businesses possess the expertise and understanding necessary to manage successful Google Ads advertising campaigns.

Where do they go, then? The best approach is to collaborate with a Google Ads Specialist. They run advertising campaigns as specialists.

What Do Google Ads Specialists Do?

Some companies work with a Google Ads specialist to help them manage their campaigns. This is typically true for small businesses that need more time or resources to execute efficient Google Ads campaigns.

The most effective campaigns involve continual tweaking, altering bids, testing new advertisements, and adjusting targeting. For Google Ads, there is a lot to do!

These professionals must be at ease creating and overseeing campaigns in Google Ads. Additionally, they are aware of (or know where to seek) the most recent upgrades and additions to Google’s ad platform.

To manage your google ads account, a specialist performs a range of task, which includes:

  • Checking the current performance of google ads: They do this by checking the impressions, clicks, conversion, cost, conversion rate, and click-through rate.
  •  Reviewing the target of the ads: targeting is essential because it deals with delivering ads to the targeting for campaigns alongside demographics, in the market, and remarketing audience. They also know to manage the budget effectively to maximize the return on investment on every money spent. 
  •  Launching new campaign: a google ads specialist will review existing keywords and research new keywords. When the new keywords align with the advertising objectives, create, and launch a new ad group. Apart from search campaigns, they also create displays, videos, shopping, and other types of campaigns. Specialists are to manage campaigns and optimize them to achieve the best result.
  •  Providing recommendations: They can give recommendations to improve website performance and landing pages. This is important for campaigns designed to yield conversion since most conversions happen on a company’s website.
  •  Reporting: A google advertising expert will monitor a campaign and offer the performance data. Depending on the campaign and account being managed, this might happen every week or every month.
  •  Optimizing campaigns: Google Ads Specialists manage and optimize campaigns to achieve the best results. This includes the following: adding negative keywords, adjusting targeting, changing bids, and many more.

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Is Becoming a Google Ads Specialist Worth It?

Investing the time necessary to become a Google Ads specialist is worthwhile, regardless of whether you want to run your own business or work for a marketing firm.

Knowing every nuance of the platform’s operation and the best ways to set up campaigns for success will make you an authority on Google Ads.

Then, apply your findings to produce the best outcomes for your customers or yourself.

The information readily available also make it simpler than ever to become an authority on Google Ads.

Take a course to get started, then get certified and start working. You will eventually develop genuine expertise in Google Ads and be able to reap all of its rewards.

Where Can a Google Ads Specialist Work?

They can get jobs by working in marketing and digital agencies. They mostly work closely with an account manager who manages client relationships and oversees the advertising strategy.

Google ads specialists can find an entry full-time or part-time job. Most goggles experts are in mid to entry-level positions in agencies.

They can also be an in-house google ads specialist for a larger organization. The benefits of being an in-house specialist are that you will become more focused, develop an in-depth understanding of the company campaign objectives and work with the marketing team to create and manage campaigns.

This integration can give you an upper hand over the agencies and freelancers.

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#1. Freelance

The primary distinction is that the customer collaborates directly with the independent contractor handling the marketing. Both positive and harmful effects may result from this.

Having a direct line of contact can be helpful, but it can also be challenging if the freelancer manages many customers and cannot take on additional work.

As they handle a smaller portfolio of customers, a freelancer could also specialize in a particular sector or client.

#2. Agencies

Google Ads Specialists may work for an advertising firm. Google Ads specialists have entry-level to mid-level jobs at most organizations. An account manager, who is accountable for the overall strategy and client management, is whom most experts report to.

Many organizations decide to oversee their Google Ads account in partnership with an agency.

In general, hiring an agency is less expensive than hiring a full-time staff, and they may use their past success with other customers to boost the effectiveness of campaigns.

#3. In-house specialists

It might be helpful for larger firms to have an in-house expert. They will likely be a part of the marketing team and have a thorough awareness of the business, its goals, and other marketing projects.

This integration may produce superior results instead of contracting the task to a company or a freelancer.

Investment in HR is the primary obstacle. Most small and medium-sized businesses need more funding to hire a specialist in Google Ads management.

How Much Do You Make as a Google Ads Specialist?

As reported by Glassdoor, the typical base pay for Google Ads employees in the United States is between $40,000 and $126,000. You may earn an excellent wage depending on your expertise.

According to Upwork, a freelancer’s hourly fee ranges from $15 to $40. Depending on their expertise or the task they perform for the customer, a seasoned freelancer may charge up to $80 or more.

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How Do You Become a Google Ads Specialist?

Understand how google ads work.

If you are a beginner, learn about search campaigns because managing a search campaign will give you essential skills that you can apply to other types of campaigns available in google ads.

Once you master the search campaign, you can move on to the display campaign, shopping, and other campaigns. 

Create your own google ads account

Learning with your own google ads account is vital for example, you can open your demo account that uses a budget of $1 a day and think of it as an investment for your future.

Get certified in google ads

This is done by taking a google ads certification exam that covers the different campaigns you can manage.

This exam helps you to highlight your knowledge to clients, prospects, and employers. The certification exams are into six categories which include search certification, display certification, shopping certification, video ads certification, apps, and measurement certification. 

To become certified, you must pass at least one of the six google ads certification categories. For example, if you want to be certified in search, you can take the exam for just that category. If you want to be certified in all areas, then you need to pass the exams for all the google certification ads exams categories.

These exams are free, and YES! They are worth it. Once you pass the exams, you are now a certified google ads specialist.

Google provides study resources in their google skill shop platform. You will find lessons covering each of the six google certification lessons, which are search, display, video, shopping ads, apps, and measurement, it include the links to these lessons below:

Your certificate will be current for 12 months.

Steps to Sit for the Exams

  • You can take this exam in google skill shop.
  •  Log in with your Google account ( like your Google Work or Gmail account)
  •  Select “browse” 
  •  Select google ads
  •  Click “google ads certification”; you will find all six categories of the google ads certification exam. Choose the category you want to take. It is also called an assessment.

You can also take the knowledge assessment, which helps you answer some practice questions before taking the exam. BEST OF LUCK!

How long does it take to become a google ads specialist? If you are a beginner, you must give yourself one month or two to study through the study resources and gain practical experience.

However, you are already familiar with google ads. In that case, you can give yourself a week to go through the study resources, and if you have already passed the google ads certification exam previously, you can retake the exam.

You can also retake the google ads certification exam. If you fail, keep trying until you get it, don’t give up.


Does Google Ads require coding?

Because the word “script” implies coding, many PPCers have historically avoided using it. Although using scripts technically involves using code, the great news is that you don’t need to be a programmer.

Can anyone do Google Ads?

You’ll need a business email address and website to set up your Google Ads account. The default Google Ads experience for new advertisers, Smart campaigns, allows you to advertise on Google even if you don’t have a website. It may make your first advertisement in only 15 minutes.

Do Google Ads pay you?

You may use Google AdSense, an advertising platform, to monetize content like blogs, websites, or YouTube videos. Clients pay to advertise through it, and you receive a share of that money by displaying advertising on your website or channel.

Is it easy to become a Google Ads specialist?

Having all the information at your disposal makes becoming a Google Ads Specialist easier. Start by enrolling in a course, earning your certification, and then increasing your practical experience. You should manage campaigns for as long as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be a Google Ads Specialist!

Is Google Ads challenging to learn?

Learning Google Ads and developing an effective campaign includes several difficulties. Some more prevalent issues include incorrectly identifying your target demographic and keywords, trouble articulating what makes your company unique, a lack of information, and a website that needs to be fixed on mobile devices.


Overall, Google specialists have in-depth knowledge and understanding of google ads and know how to step up, manage, and improve the campaign’s performance.

They are in high demand as companies and local businesses see the value of online advertisements and the need to hire an expert to achieve their goals.

The three things that make the best google ads expert can experiment and take an interest in digital marketing and analytics, even if it is a small campaign. Do you want to be a google ads specialist in 2023?


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