IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship for Indian Students

IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship for Indian Students in 2023 is open to Indian students; check eligibility and how to apply.

Candidates are invited to a postdoctoral fellowship, which has a Ph.D. and wants to study at the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar(IIT Ropar). The duration of the scholarship is three years. Renewal must be done annually based on satisfactory performance and departmental recommendations.

The purpose of the fellowship is to support Indian students and provide postdoctoral researchers with an emergency grant of Rs. 1,00,000 per year. The unissued amount can be transferred to the next fiscal year.

However, I believe this article will go a long for you when applying for the postgraduate fellowship, especially the Indians.

About The Institute Of Technology Ropar

The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) or IIT-RPR is an engineering and technology higher education institute in Rupnagar, Punjab, India.

It is one of eight Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) recently established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development MHRD, Government of India, under The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act, 2011.

What you need to know about IIT Ropar Institute of postdoctoral fellowship for Indian Students 2023

The “ONE” postdoctoral job under the supervision of Dr. Rajendra Srivastava, Department of Chemistry, IIT Ropar, is open to motivated and dedicated candidates.

Working on “The development of heterogeneous catalysts for photocatalytic/electrocatalytic generation of fuels and chemicals,” a candidate will be doing.

According to the candidate’s good performance, the position is contractual and renewable for up to two years (total duration) and will be renewed each year. Every six months, the candidate’s development will be evaluated.

Level/Field of Study

The IIT Ropar Institute post-doc fellowship for Indian students is available for a postdoctoral program.

Subject:  Fellowship is awarded in the subjects offered by the university.

Host Nationality

The IIT Ropar Institute postdoctoral fellowship for Indian students is hosted and taken in India. There are other Indian Scholarships available for International students in 2023.

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Eligible Nationality

The IIT Ropar Institute postdoctoral fellowship is available for Indian students.

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Aside from IIT Ropar Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2023, other scholarships are available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Eligible Requirments

The candidate should be an expert in electrocatalysis and photocatalysis, with knowledge of solid heterogeneous catalyst synthesis.

  1. Knowledge of basic analytical methods used in photocatalytic and electrocatalytic studies and plans for the characterization of catalysts.
  2. Publications of high caliber.
  3. Excellent English writing and communication abilities.

Scholarship Worth

The postdoctoral fellowship at IIT includes the following:

  • The scholarship amount varies between 45,000 and 55,000 rupees (depending on experience and qualifications).
  • Accommodation – ITI-adapted accommodations/campuses will be provided upon request and if available.
  • Contingency Grant -A contingency grant of Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum will be provided to the Postdoctoral Fellow for research purposes. The unspent amount can be carried over to the next financial year.
  • Permission for Conference – a national or international conference may be authorized, provided that the available funds are available for the emergency assistance of the doctoral candidate.
  • Opportunity to participate in an interview – Train fare by II AC from a place of residence to IIT Ropar (by shortest route).
  • Vacation – With a scholarship of no more than 30 days a year for each full year of the scholarship. Holidays can be availed on a pro-rata basis for the duration.

Post Doctoral Fellowship in IIT Duration

The duration of the fellowship will be for three years. Renewal needs to be done each year based on satisfactory performance and the recommendation of the Department.

Eligibility for IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship for Indian Students 

  • Eligible countries: Indian applicants can apply for the scholarship.
  • Within five years of receiving their doctorate, candidates who have already submitted their theses can apply. But, if chosen, the candidate must finish their Ph.D. viva (defense) within three months of their joining date (extendable by another three months in exceptional cases) OR
  • Candidates with a Ph.D. who were supervised or co-supervised by academics from IIT Ropar may apply three years after finishing their degree.

How to Apply for IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship for Indian Students 2023

  • The application must be submitted to the department/center where the candidate wishes to be a postdoctoral fellow.
  • Candidates can apply by mail and send the application form to the department/center.

Application Form

Note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted through email

Dr. Rajendra Srivastava,
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemistry,
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar,
Phone: +9501018189 (Handphone)

Information Document & Application Form : indian-institute-of-technology-ropar-postdoctoral-fellowships

IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Deadline

The fellowship is not available currently.

Scholarship Link


Which country is eligible for the IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship?

IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship is for Indian students.

What is the duration of the IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship?

The IIT Ropar Institute Fellowship duration is three years.

When is the IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship application deadline?

This Postdoctoral Fellowship application is currently not available.

Where is the IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship hosted?

IIT Ropar Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship is hosted in India.

In conclusion

The Institute of Postdoctoral Fellowship at IIT Ropar offers an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to expand their research capabilities and pursue a career in scientific research.

It is an exciting time for those interested in participating, as the institute has developed a comprehensive approach for providing fellows with the resources and support they need to be successful.

The institute’s commitment to excellence ensures that fellows will develop the necessary skills to become successful postdoctoral scholars.


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