Ambetter Insurance Reviews 2023: Everything You Need To Know

The concept behind Ambetter health insurance is simple; medical attention can be expensive. Many people cannot cover all of their expenses out of their own pockets. In any instance, if a group of people joins together and each person pays a set amount each month, the risk is spread out over the entire group, whether or not they want medical attention at the time.

Because the burden is shared by many, everyone is protected against high medical care expenses. Therefore, go through the review to know if it’s a risk worth taking.

What Is Ambetter Health Insurance?| Reviews

Ambetter Health Insurance is a medical coverage provider that sells policies to various insurance firms, selling the plans in state commercial centers.

Owned by Centene Corporation, it provides projects and administrations to under-protected and uninsured people with cost-effective medical services in Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, and Nevada, among other states.

When compared to other healthcare coverage plans, Ambetter offers the most affordable prices; nevertheless, they are not available in all states.

These health care coverage plans are appropriate if you require basic inclusion and part benefits at a reasonable monthly cost.

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How Does Ambetter Insurance Work?

Bronze, silver, and gold plans are available through Ambetter Insurance. Ambetter Essential Care offers bronze plans, which are the most cost-effective and have the highest deductibles.

Silver plans from this insurance balanced care include lower deductibles and money-based maximums.

Ambetter Secure Care is the gold metal level approach, with the highest fees but the lowest money-based maximums.

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What Plan Options Does Ambetter Insurance Have?

Ambetter medical care plans are divided into three categories: essential care, balanced care, and secure care. The deductibles and money-based maximums affect the monthly cost of these medical care plans.

Regardless, they are all qualified prosperity plans that cover essential clinical advantages such as basic thinking.

The Organization’s plans include vision and dental coverage. This optional insurance that you may add to your wealth strategy covers things like eye exams, corrective eyewear, and dental cleanings.

Let’s take a look at each of the plan options offered by Ambetter insurance:

1. Essential Care

Bronze metal plans are the most economic courses of action offered by the Ambetter Essential Care grouping but have the highest deductible amounts. Bronze plans are perfect if you are in incredible financial shape and will not be incurring any normal medical bills.

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2. Balanced Care

The Ambetter Balanced Care class sells silver metal plans with lower deductibles and cash-based maximums. Regardless, these programs come with significantly higher month-to-month fees.

Following that will be a piece of Silver Ambetter Balanced Care. These plans are provided with optional vision and dental benefits. However, this will increase the monthly premium that you are required to pay.

3. Secure Care

The Ambetter Secure Care items are Gold metal level approaches, with the highest charges, the most reasonable deductibles, and money-based maximums.

These reduced deductibles allow you to take advantage of coinsurance benefits more quickly. As a result, the Ambetter Secure Care Gold plan is perfect if you have significant clinical costs, such as a drug plan that needs to be filled every month.

Moreso, there is only one Gold Plan offered by this insurance company, also known as the Ambetter Secure Care 3. This golden plan has a $1,000 deductible and a $6,350 money-based constraint.

When the deductible is satisfied, you’ll begin a 20 percent coinsurance arrangement with the net safety provider.

Then, as with other Ambetter medical care plans, when you show up at the money-based usually outrageous, the net wellness supplier covers all clinical advantages.

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What Are The Unique Benefits A member Enjoys With Ambetter Insurance?

As an Ambetter policyholder, you will gain access to additional benefits such as a rewards program and a clinical guardian advice line.

Furthermore, Ambetter’s MyHealthPays rewards program allows you to earn reward bucks by completing specific wellness goals and activities. The awards will be applied to your MyHealthPays card as you complete activities.

Completing the Ambetter Wellbeing Survey, obtaining a yearly well-being test from your primary thought provider, or receiving a yearly flu vaccine are a few of these actions.

The award money can be utilized for various purposes, such as grouping expenses.

Your premium portions on a month-to-month basis can as well be used for;

  • Copays for experts
  • Medicaid
  • Copay
  • At Walmart Utilities, you’ll find the usual suspects (gas, electric, water)
  • PDA legislation
  • Transportation, preparation, or rental are all options.

What Are the Advantages of Ambetter Insurance?

  • As a policyholder with this insurance company, it is expedient to note that Ambetter considers Individuals who do not meet the criteria for traditional plans.
  • There is a disproportionately large portion of the business.
  • Covers the dental and vision plans

Disadvantages of Ambetter Insurance

  • Customer service is a disaster.
  • State availability is limited for members.
  • There is no mobile app available.

Ambetter Insurance Reviews

It is not wise not to make proper inquiries about a product before using it. You can as well do yourself some good by going through the customer reviews for a better understanding of the particular service you intend to use.

Below are customer reviews and complaints about Ambetter Insurance

Customer 1:

Ambetter’s customer service is atrocious. When you phone them with a question, they exclusively deal with your situation on a case-by-case basis. While their customer service representatives are friendly, they are completely powerless to resolve most situations. Furthermore, many of the professionals listed on their website as being in-network are not in fact in-network and will not accept higher protection. I needed to drive an hour and a half to find a professional accepting Ambetter.

Customer 2:

AmBetter was purchased through the Marketplace. It was difficult to find providers who would accept it, and it was much more difficult to get a restoratively basic knee operation approved, given AmBetter’s insistence on denying it for some inexplicable reason. Regardless, the most horrifying aspect of AmBetter was that I met my money based most prominence regularly throughout the year, thus AmBetter enlarged my money-based most limit determinedly in the focal point of my arrangement, despite the fact that my pay did not grow.

Generally, this health insurance is an unimaginable choice if you are seeking for the most affordable prices for prosperity consideration. It has received mixed to negative feedback from customers. Various policyholders object to long call hold times while overseeing the Ambetter laborers and providers who are not compensated for clinical benefits.

Furthermore, a number of people have reported being charged incorrectly and not being able to find providers in their areas that accept Ambetter insurance.

Ambetter Health Insurance’s evaluations back up these consumer testimonials. The Better Business Bureau has given the organization a “D” grade, indicating that they rarely work with customers or respond to complaints quickly.

Ambetter also has an NAIC fight score of 1.12, indicating that the company has received more complaints than the average for its size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Ambetter insurance?

Ambetter offers a variety of low-cost health insurance plans at various levels. When you start looking for health insurance plans in the Marketplace, you’ll notice that there are a variety of plan tiers to choose from.

When is AMbetter a good insurance option?

If you are underinsured or uninsured and require low-cost clinical care, Ambetter may be a good option because they provide reasonable plans.

How can you get Ambetter insurance?

You can get Ambetter through the clinical service business focus, or you can acquire a handful of free explanations here; visit if you’re not sure where to start.


Ambetter offers a variety of clinical consideration options to fit various financial plans and needs, including the company’s My Health Pays Rewards program, which allows customers to pay for clinical expenses with the money they earn through the program, a 24-hour, consistently available advice line, and Ambetter Telehealth, which provides in-network providers with a phone or video access for non-emergency clinical issues every day of the week.

Furthermore, Ambetter customers can manage and pay for their records online, and the company’s website includes useful tools such as a provider web searcher and instructive articles for anyone interested in learning more about assurance.

However, there are some drawbacks to Ambetter clinical service, such as the fact that its principle is only available in 15 states, you must join during the open selection period, and the association may have stricter qualification requirements than other standard protection offices, so customers should be aware of this before purchasing.


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