15 Best Cheap Car Insurance In Texas 2023

Knowing the best cheap car insurance in Texas will enable you to make the right choice when you want to purchase car insurance. Dozens of insurance companies provide insurance covers to drivers, depending on their individual needs.

While there is numerous cheap insurance cover, the major point is to go for the best. In Texas, there is numerous cheap car insurance coverage. And so, you can pay as low as $38 per month with the cheapest insurance company and as high as $73 per month with the most expensive. Moreover, comparing quotes across different insurers will enable you to make a good choice.

In this article, we have analyzed different quotes from different car insurance companies in Texas to help you in determining what to go for.

What Factors Determine Your Car Insurance Rates in Texas

There is the tendency for car insurance rates to shift – either by going high or coming down. There are certain reasons that can trigger that. The following can have a great impact on your cheap insurance coverage:

1. When you include a teen driver

Due to the fact that teen drivers do not have much experience as older drivers, adding them to the list may have an effect on your insurance rate. For that reason, insurance companies typically charge higher rates for teens.

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2. When you receive a speeding ticket

Receiving a speeding ticket has a negative influence on your car insurance rate. Already, you know that a speeding ticket is an indication that you are not a careful driver and so, you pose a risk to the insurance company because the likelihood of your getting involved in an accident is high. To mitigate the effect of your recklessness on the company, the insurer may have to give you a higher quote.

3. When you are frequently involved in an at-fault accident

If you cause one accident, you are likely to cause another. Therefore, you pose a high risk to insurers, especially if there is a repeated occurrence. For that reason, you may receive a high premium for your insurance cover.

4. If you are considered a high-risk driver

Just like having several speeding tickets could lead to your earning a higher premium for your insurance coverage, other factors may contribute to deeming you a high-risk driver. Some of them include accidents, DUI convictions, a lapse in paying our premium, and others.

To help you pay a lesser premium, you may have to limit the number of insurance options you have. You can also shop for cheaper car insurance cover to enable you to offset the premium rate.

Ways To Find And Keep Cheaper Auto Insurance In Texas

It is of utmost priority for you to find and keep cheap car insurance in Texas as a driver. However, this does not spontaneously happen, you will have to do certain things to get them done. It may also mean that you will need to be prudent in your activities while on the road.

Without much ado, here are the top ways you can find and keep cheaper car insurance:

1. Package policies together

Purchasing more than one insurance policy from a particular insurance company may help to keep you in their good book. Likewise, it is beneficial to bundle and keep your homeowners and car insurance together. For sure, you will get a heavy discount on the bundle more than buying them individually. If there is a need for more insurance policies, it will be very helpful for you in terms of discounts. 

2. Review your policy

It is good to take out your time once a year to assess your auto insurance policy to see if there have been any changes in your life that would influence your insurance package and ultimately, your premium. One of the issues to consider is the age of your car. As the year rolls by, your car ages, just like you. The depreciation of your car may attract a higher premium than when you newly purchased it. Your driving habit, city of residence, type of job, among others can also have a great influence on your car insurance policy.

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What Is The Minimum Coverage Requirement For Drivers In Texas?

Most insurance companies suggest buying higher liability limits, but if you wish, opting for minimum coverage will help you to lower your rates. However, the minimum coverage required for drivers in Texas are:

  • $30 000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $60 000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25 000 property damage liability per accident

Is Purchasing A Cheaper Car Insurance Policy In Texas Worth It?

Each individual has different insurance needs. Going for the lowest insurance package may not be the best for you for various reasons. Although price is one of the determinants of the type of insurance policy to purchase, it is also good to go for what is best for your car, irrespective of the price.

One of the ways to determine whether to go for the cheapest insurance package is to review the customer service claims score, and financial strength of the company. You may have to work with a licensed agent to help you determine what to go for. What is more important is to go for the cheap, yet useful insurance cover.

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Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Texas

You may wish to go for a full insurance cover with comprehensive and collision insurance that covers most roads and off-road accidents in Texas. This may cost more than a minimum policy though. In Texas, the cheapest full coverage for your car is offered by the two insurance companies below:

Farmers – $821 per year

State Farm – $924 per year

On the other hand, the most expensive insurance cover is offered by the General and the price is $2 718 per year. Also, if you are in the military, you may opt for USAA because of the benefits it offers to them.

The table below shows the cheapest car insurance in Texas annually:

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Company Annual insurance policy

Insurance CompanyCost
1. Farmers$821
2. USAA$885
3. State Farm$924
4. GEICO$952
5. AAA$1,118
6. Essurance$1,149
7. Allstate$1,168
8. Nationwide$1,284
9. Mercury$1,441
10. Metlife$1,525
11. Chubb$2,237
12. Diaryland$2,649
13. The General$2,781

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas by City

The city you reside in can have an effect on the insurance cover you purchase. Different cities in Texas have different car insurance costs annually. Moreover, the cheapest city is Wichita Falls with an average annual cost of $1 052. Contrarily, the most expensive city is Houston with an average annual cost of $1 560. Both figures represent the cost of a full insurance coverage policy. The table below shows the cheapest car insurance in Texas by city (15 out of 28 cities):

City Annual insurance policy:

Amarillo $1,277
Arlington $1,295
Austin $1,218
Beaumont $1,305
Brownsville $1,390
Corpus Christi $1,321
Dallas $1,461
Denton $1,151 
El Paso $1,151
Fort Worth $1,233
Frisco $1,219
Garland $1,375
Grand Prairie $1,373
Houston $1,560

Car Insurance In Texas

If you have a car in Texas, you must be able to have the financial capability to take care of your car insurance cover. This is because damaged or accident may occur at any time, leaving you with debts that may drain your pocket. As a result, there is a state law that ensures everyone who owns and operates a car in Texas must have an insurance policy or policies, as the case may be.

Here is a list of requirements you need to meet:

1. You must show proof of insurance

Proof of insurance or its alternative is compulsory for you as a driver. You must show it under the following circumstances:

  • When you are asked by a police officer
  • When you get involved in an accident
  • If you are registering for or renewing your vehicle registration 
  • If you are applying for or renewing your driver’s license

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2. High-risk auto insurance program in Texas

If you do not qualify for liability insurance through traditional channels, you may have to get an insurance policy through the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association. For you to qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Live in Texas and have your vehicle registered in Texas
  • Certify that two or more insurance companies have denied you insurance coverage within the past 60 Days

3. Alternatives to insurance in Texas

Texas law stipulates that uninsured residents of the state may present proof of financial responsibility. The approved alternatives to insurance in Texas are:

  • $55 000 cash or securities deposit with the state comptroller
  • $55 000 cash or cashier check deposit with the county judge
  • Surety bond filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety


The bottom line is that what constitutes the best cheap car insurance in Texas for an individual may not be the same for another one. On that note, going through the article, you may choose what is best for you based on your individual needs and the kind of driving you to do. We hope you had a great time reading.

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