INTERPOL Internships Program in France

INTERPOL Internships Program 2023 is now offered to international students from all member countries. To facilitate placement, applicants must specify three areas of activity within the organization in order of preference.

Trainees are entitled to a monthly allowance of 550 euros. Applicants must have been registered at an accredited academic institution or have graduated within the last six months on the day of the application.

About the INTERPOL’s internship program

INTERPOL’s internship program welcomes candidates from one of our 190 member countries. The Interpol Graduate Scheme attracts young talents to the organization and teaches them:

  • A better understanding of the goals and objectives of the organization and international police cooperation;
  • An overview of the functioning of an international organization;
    A framework to enhance their teaching experience through practical assignments, developing skills relevant to their career and future employment;
  • Work in a multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multi-ethnic environment and contribute to developing mutual understanding, trust, and tolerance.

At the same time, INTERPOL also takes advantage of the program by offering.

  • The contribution of qualified people whose experience allows them to convey a new point of view and up-to-date academic knowledge;
  • Support for the realization of particular projects.

Level/Field of Study

Applicants must indicate three areas of activity within the organization in order of preference. Interpol Graduate Scheme areas of activity are –

  • Communications
  • Conferences
  • Finance
  • General Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • International Partnerships and Development
  • Law
  • Research and Innovation
  • Crime
  • Secretariat
  • Strategic Planning and Policy
  • Training
  • Translation and Global Complex for Innovation and Cybercrime

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Host Nationality

Interpol Graduate Scheme is hosted by The International Police Cooperation (INTERPOL) and can be done in France (trainees are placed at the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon, France, or in one of the regional offices).

Eligible Nationality for Interpol Graduate Scheme 2023

The Interpol Graduate Scheme is open to international students (INTERPOL member countries).

There are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Interpol Internship Worth

Trainees are entitled to a monthly allowance of 550 euros (the amount corresponding to the internships in Lyon). The funding is adjusted to the various service stations according to the United Nations cost of living index.

Number of Interpol Internship Awards

The number of Interpol Internship awards offered annually is Unknown. The duration of the internship can be between 2 and 11 months.

Eligibility for Interpol Graduate Scheme 2023

All applicants applying for Interpol Graduate Scheme must:

  • Be a citizen of a member country
  • Have reached the age of majority in their country,
  • Speak fluent English,
  • Be registered in an approved educational institution within the last six months on the day of the application or have obtained a diploma.

How Do I Apply for Interpol Graduate Scheme 2023

The Interpol Internship application is made online.

A completed online application is required and must include a cover letter that includes the following:

  • Your motivation to participate in the INTERPOL internship program;
  • Your interest and your fortune in the specific internship for which you are applying,
  • Your expectations for this internship.

Deadline for Interpol Graduate Scheme Application 2023

The deadline is the 31st of December every year.

INTERPOL Internships Program FAQs

How do I do an internship at INTERPOL?

To do an internship at INTERPOL, you must meet the following criteria:
Be enrolled in, or have graduated from, a post-secondary accredited academic institution within the past year on the date of submission of their application;
Be a national of one of INTERPOL’s member countries;

Do INTERPOL interns get paid?

Yes, Interns are entitled to receive a monthly allowance of 550 euros.

Where does Interpol’s funding come from?

Most of Interpol’s funding comes from the member countries themselves, with each nation contributing a portion based on its size, gross domestic product, and other factors. The 2007 Interpol budget was 44.7 million Euros (roughly $61.4 million U.S.)

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