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As you read on, you would learn about the Lesotho Mounted Police Service Recruitment requirement, the history of the LMPS, and other vital information you probably never knew about LMPS.

Before we proceed with details about the Lesotho Mounted Police Service Recruitment, there is the information we thought you should know about the LMPS, such as the vision, mission, and brief history of LMPS.

The LMPS Vision

The vision statement of the Lesotho Mounted Police service reads ‘By 2023, we shall be a highly professional and accountable body responsible for protecting and safeguarding the people of Lesotho through a world acceptable standard.

We shall work with the community in an effort to prevent, reduce and detect crime while observing the Human rights standard.

Lesotho Mounted Police Service Mission Statement

LMPS is known to carry out its function with guidance from the mission statement that reads – ‘We are committed to providing safety and security to the people of Lesotho by partnering with the community and relevant stakeholders.

We are committed to preventing crime, reduce crime, disorder, and fear of crime, and enhancing the rule of law, whilst respecting and protecting the human rights of all as fundamental to a professional Police Service.’

Brief History of LMPS

History of Lesotho Mounted Police dates back to the 19th century when a small group of persons known as Basutoland Mounted took charge of the security of the chiefs and elite personalities in the country. The group was made up of a meager 110 persons who were mainly the sons of local chiefs. The local magistrate also had inputs in the country’s police at the time.

At the formative years, the main police function was not to protect the people but to protect and support the magistrates and also to act as messengers to these magistrates.

In 1878 the Lesotho police underwent a transformation when it adopted a military system of ranking, and after several years, the policy changed to police ranks in 1958.

By the mid 20th century, the police strength increased to about 1000 due to increased responsibilities. The crime rate in the country increased progressively with the increase in the country’s population, prompting the government to employ more hands in combating the incessant crime.

At the early years, the country’s commissioner of police was responsible for prison services until 1946, when prison services became an independent organization and took over the affairs and management of prison services.

In a bid to meet up with the modern standard of combating crime, the Lesotho Mounted Police Service gradually diversified into braches. The LMPS now consists of branches such as; Police Training College, special branch and signals, Police Mobile Unit, Stock Theft, and Criminal Investigation Department. The transition into several branches occurred between 1946 and 1967.

In 1966, the country’s police were officially named the Lesotho Mounted Police Service and four years later, LMPS recruited its first batch of women.

Police Training College

The Lesotho national police college was founded in 1946 and the college is responsible for the training and recruitment of citizens who wish to become part of the country’s police service.

Recruits are enrolled as cadets in the college and are made to complete a 13-month long training where they undergo physical drilling and are thinking about the core values of the police service.

To be accepted into the training college, applicants must be citizens of Lesotho aged between 18 and 30 years and must have passed the entrance exam. The Police Training College entertains applications from young men and women from all parts of the country.

Lesotho Police Salary

What is the Lesotho Police Salary? This is one of the commonly asked questions by prospective applicants. We regret to inform you that we are limited in the information available to us especially as it concerns the salary structure of the Lesotho police.

The salary structure of Lesotho mounted police service is rarely seen in publications and as such we don’t know the remuneration in LMPS. For more information about Lesotho police salary, please refer to the police official website: http://www.lmps.org.ls

Recruitment – Lesotho Mounted Police Service

The Lesotho Mounted Police Service is known to recruit new members almost on a yearly basis. Recruitment into LMPS is one of the Lesotho government methods of combating crime as well as providing employment to the people of society.

However, we regret to inform you that as of the time of writing this report, there is currently recruitment into LMPS and we urge you to disregard any publication or website stating otherwise.

Haven said that we would like to help you get prepared through on time by informing you on the application Lesotho mounted police recruitment requirements.

LMPS Recruitment Requirement

The police service aims to recruit the best candidates through the fairest means possible and as such, interested applicants are always required to meet the following criteria

  • All applicants applicant are expected to be Lesotho citizens
  • Applicants are expected to be aged 18 – 30
  • Prospective applicants are expected to hold a minimum of a General Certificate of Education (GCE) with passes in at least four (4) subjects. One of the four subjects has to be the English Language
  • Interested candidates must not have been involved in crime – You must have a clean criminal record
  • You must be physically and mentally fit
  • The Recruitment process offers equal and fair opportunities to all applicants regardless of religion, race colour, sex and or any other form of discrimination

Applicants who meet the above requirements and wish to apply for positions in LMPS would be requested to present original documents, and successful candidates would be invited to take part in the cadet’s officer course.

The training usually takes place for a period of 13 months where cadets would be camped and made to under physical drills as well as mental training. Cadets who are able to complete the course would be inducted into Lesotho mounted police service.

Reform of LMPS

The Lesotho Mounted Police has been accused of the brutality of civilians in recent times leading to the call of LMPS reform by the public. The call for form police reform peaked in 2013 when the government of Lesotho heeded to the public cry and promised to reform Lesotho mounted police service.

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