MGCCC Student Email : How to Use MGCCC Student Email Accounts

If you have noticed that your MGCCC student email has recently changed, do not panic! It is not a hacker trying to play smart. It is an honest attempt by MGCCC to unify its email system.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College recently moved its student account from Google to Microsoft Office 365. Hence, every student now has a new email address and password instead of a username and pin.

The change is part of MGCCC’s effort to keep things more organized and secure. It will also affect the way you log in and access your account. Instead of using an ID(M#) number and PIN, a new login method email address and password have been adopted to log in to your new account.

If you cannot access your account, kindly check your email for your new MGCCC student email and password. If you are a new student, you can continue reading to find out how to get your MGCCC student email.

What is MGCCC Student Email Address?

MGCCC student email address is the only means the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College provides for communicating various information to students. In other words, it is your primary communication with your instructors and the school body.  

How do I Get My MGCCC Student Email Address?

Only students are eligible to access the MGCCC student email. When you enroll at MGCCC, the system will generate a secure email and your first-time password.

The new email and password will be sent to your private email address (the same email you provided during your registration). The email address is available before the start of the term and remains open throughout the period.   

Also, the system will notify you on your first login to change your password. Ensure you create a more secure and personal password that you can remember.  Once you are done, your student email I ready for use.

If you did not get your email address or need any further clarification, contact the MGCCC Helpdesk. You can reach them through:

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Do Students Keep Their MGCCC Student Email After Graduation?

After your graduation, your MGCCC student email will be automatically deactivated by MGCCC.

However, you can join the MGCCC alumni association if you want to stay in touch with the university.

Why is it Essential to Get Your MGCCC Student Email?

MGCCC student email address is essential for every student enrolling in MGCCC. It is a unified email system that provides students access to critical areas of their studies.

Also, it is the most accessible means to communicate with the school authorities and reach out to your instructors. Therefore, without an MGCCC student email, it is almost impossible to kickstart your studies.

What Can I Do with My School Email Login?

MGCCC student email is a unified system that allows you to log in to the following educational resources:

  • eLearning
  • Student Resources Courses
  • Online Readiness Assessment
  • Check Student email Account for Important Information
  • Check your MSVCC Student Profile (applicable to only away classes)
  • Obtain your Textbooks
  • Login to Courses
  • View Orientation and Online Classes
  • Set Up a Communication Preference in MGCCC Canvas
  • Schedule Proctored Exams
  • Evaluate Online Courses

Since the university migrated from Gmail to Windows 365, you no longer need different emails or passwords to access various areas. One email and a single password grant you access to all educational resources.

Who is Powering the School Email?

MGCCC student email login is currently powered by Windows 365. Gmail previously powered it before its migration in August 2021. 

Is My School Email Gmail or Outlook?

MGCCC student email is currently Outlook and no longer Gmail. Therefore, when trying to log in, you will be directed to a secure college Outlook page to continue your login process.

The same applies when checking your eLearning portal and other school information portals.

School Employee Emails

The easiest way to contact the school authorities is via your MGCCC student email. You can also reach the school authorities through their designated phone numbers.

So, here are the email addresses and phone numbers you should have:

  • Dr. Suzi Brown
    Executive Vice President of Institutional Advancement
    [email protected]
    (601) 528-8480
  • Rachael Kunz
    Scholarships & Programs Specialist
    [email protected]
    (601) 528-8446

How Can I Get in Touch with the School?

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Helpdesk is the fastest way to contact the school for clarification and inquiries. Notwithstanding, MGCCC Answer Center can also help you get solutions to specific challenges you may be facing. Don’t hesistate to mail them using your MGCCC student email.

Enrollment Center Email and Contacts

  • Harrison County Campus (JD)
    2226 Switzer Road
    Gulfport, MS 39507
    Office: (228) 896-2536
    Email: [email protected]
  • Perkinston Campus
    P.O. Box 548 (51 Main Street)
    Perkinston, MS 39573
    Office: (228) 896-2536
    Email: [email protected]
  • George County Center
    11203 Old Highway 63 South
    Lucedale, MS 39452
    Office: (228) 896-2536
    Email: [email protected]
  • Jackson County Campus
    P.O. Box 100 (2300 Highway 90)
    Gautier, MS 39553
    Office: (228) 896-2536
    Email: [email protected]

List of other helpful school emails: 

MGCCC Admission Email

For questions and clarification about recruitment:

You can also contact the following persons for more information about Admissions:MGCCC Director of Recruitment

  • Amanda Griffin; Director of Recruitment, Communications, and Data
    [email protected], (228) 897-9233
  • Jahquishia Easterling; Enrollment Specialist & College Representative
    [email protected], (228) 236-8346

Jahquishia serves as the representative to the following high schools:

  • All High Schools outside of MGCCC’s District
  • Biloxi High School
  • Cedar Lake Christian Academy & Preschool
  • Christian Collegiate Academy
  • D’Iberville High School
  • Gulfport High School
  • Harrison Central High School
  • Harrison County Homeschool Programs
  • Long Beach High School
  • Pass Christian High School
  • St. Patrick Catholic High School
  • Stone High School
  • West Harrison High School

Ana Ochoa; Enrollment Specialist & College Representative
[email protected], (228) 228-236-5328

Ana works in the capacity of a representative to the following schools:

  • All High school outside of MGCCC’s District
  • East Central High School
  • Gateway Christian Academy
  • Gautier High School
  • George County High School
  • George, Jackson, and Stone County Homeschool Programs
  • Moss Point High School
  • Ocean Springs High School
  • Pascagoula High School
  • Resurrection Catholic High School
  • St. Martin High School
  • Vancleave High School


Living on campus is an excellent choice for quick and easy access to school facilities. It grants you quick access to classrooms, a cafeteria, study labs, meeting points, and other facilities.

For more information, contact the office of Residence Life or any student Life Advisors.

  • Office of Residence Life
    [email protected], (601) 928-6220
  • Student Life Advisors
    Trey Robertson
    Director of Residence and Student Life
    Office: (601) 928-6306
    Fax: (601) 528-8908
    [email protected]
  • Christopher Upton
    Coordinator of Student Life
    Recreation and Wellness
    Perkinston Campus
    Office: (601) 928-6270
    Fax: (601) 528-8908
    [email protected]
  • Brandi Martino
    Coordinator of Student Life
    Jackson County Campus
    Office: (228) 497-7680
    [email protected]
  • Paige Cannon
    Student Activities Coordinator
    Harrison County Campus
    Office: (228) 897-3945
    [email protected]


[email protected],  228-897-9234

MGCCC Bursary

Over 70% of MGCCC students receive help from the school. They gear much of this financial help toward making education affordable and achievable for students.

Therefore, you can receive financial aid at an enrollment service center.

However, because of FERPA privacy policies, there are services you cannot access via phone or MGCCC student email. For more information about school financial aid, contact:

  • Perkinston Campus
    P.O. Box 548 (51 Main Street)
    Perkinston, MS 39573
    Office: (228) 896-2536
    Fax: (601) 528-8924
    Email: [email protected]
  • George County Center
    11203 Old Highway 63 South
    Lucedale, MS 39452Office: (228) 896-2536
    Email: [email protected]
  • Harrison County Campus
    2226 Switzer Road
    Gulfport, MS 39507
    Office: (228) 896-2536
    Fax: (228) 897-3907
    Email: [email protected]


Answer Center is also open to answer general queries via:
[email protected], (228) 896-2536

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Through the annual Scholarship Gala, MSGCCC raises funds for scholarships through the following methods:

  • Foundation members’ donation: Minimum of $250, which members can pay over a period of 5 years
  • Memorials donation: You can donate in memory of a family member or friend instead of flower tributes
  • Bequest Trust Agreements and Investment Securities: Allows individuals to establish a scholarship in memory of a loved one.


A career at MGCCC begins with a professionally written resumé. Explore the career programs available to attend classes that help you find the right career path.

For more information about full-time jobs at MGCCC, visit the school jobs board. You can also talk to an MGCCC career coach.

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How Do I Log in To My MGCCC Student Email?

screenshot of MGCCC student email login page

Step one

Go to to log in using your MGCCC student email and password. Once you click the portal, it will redirect you to a secure Windows login space.

Step Two

Enter your MGCCC student email sent to your personal email during registration. Click next and enter your password in the space provides. Click next again and wait for your mailbox to load.

Step Three

Check your MGCCC student email, change your password, or send messages.

Also, don’t forget that your student email and password give you access to:

How Do I Recover My MGCCC Student Email Password?

If you forget your password, you can always create a new one. On the login section, type in your email address and click next. On the password section, click “Forgot Password” to reset your password and generate a new one.  

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How to Send a Lecturer an Email With My MGCCC Student email Account

When emailing your lecturer, always keep the mail as professional as possible. Start your email with a salutation, “Dear” or “Hello.” The salutation should be followed by the lecturer’s Title and Name (last name most preferably). For example, if your lecturer is a doctor or a professor, start with

  • Dear Doctor Jon, or  
  • Dear Professor Jon,

Next, provide the context of your email to help your lecturer identify you. You can help your lecturer identify you quickly by introducing yourself and pointing out the classes you attend. However, if you are sure that your lecturer knows you by name, you can skip this section.

Ensure that your request is short and straight to the point. Also, keep your questions simple, and highlight the various actions you have taken on your part. It will help reduce the number of to-and-fro emails between you and your lecturer.

Also, your email needs a clear subject line. It helps your lecturer and helps to prevent your emails from wounding up in the spam folder. In addition, the subject line should reflect the content of the mail.

Again, be professional, especially if you are writing to a professor. Use proper grammar and punctuation. Also, avoid the use of emojis and abbreviations.

Remember, always use your MGCCC student email when writing to your lecturer. It helps your message appear more professional.

Lastly, sign off your letter with an acknowledgment like “Sincerely,” “Best Wishes,” “Thank you,” etc., followed by your full name. However, if your school email contains your full name, you can use only your last name at the end of your mail.

Since your lecturer may be responsible for hundreds of emails daily, remember to always follow up on your emails. It will help your lecturer remember your query and respond faster.  

How to Send a Student Thank You Email with My MGCCC Student Email

Don’t forget to send a thank you message to your lecturer using your MGCCC student email once your issues are resolved. It is always ideal to recognize people who helped us through pursuiting our academic careers.

Therefore, a simple thank-you letter to your lecturer will go a long way to make him understand you appreciate his contribution.

A Thank You message is usually short and straight to the point. A thank you letter begins like a letter to your lecturers. It also starts with a salutation, then your lecturer’s title and last name.

However, a thank you letters do not require a subject line. Depending on the situation, your thank you message may look something like this:

Dear Dr. Jon,

Thank you for taking the time to attend to my problem professionally. I am very grateful and won’t hesitate to write back to you if I encounter other difficulties in the future.

Best Regards,

[Students name].

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Simple School Email Etiquette

  • Use simple and professional subject lines that serve as a mirror to your message
  •  Ensure to proofread your mail and make all necessary corrections (grammar and punctuation) before sending
  • Avoid the use of emojis and abbreviations in professional emails
  • Ensure that you have the correct email address of the recipient
  • Always input your email before writing the email of the recipient
  • Ensure you CC all necessary recipients before sending your email
  • Avoid responding to all except where necessary
  • Always check your email and respond to them in time to avoid delays


How do I access my MGCCC student email?

MGCCC will provide you with an email address and an initial password through your personal email address. Go to to log into your account. The system will prompt you to change your password and set password recovery questions to gain access to your email and other services.

What is the MGCCC email address?

Your MGCCC student email will appear like this: e.g., [email protected].

How do I find my institution code?

You can call the financial aid office or the Federal Student Aid Information Center hotline.

How much does it cost to apply for MGCCC?

You need to pay an application fee of $250.00 and an administrative fee of $100.00 (each semester) for international students.

What is the acceptance rate for MGCCC?

The Mississippi Gulf Coast acceptance rate is 100%.

How do I get a student ID at MGCCC?

First, you will pick up a schedule/receipt from the Business Office and go to Campus Police to get a student ID and parking decal (if applicable). Also, you must present a printout and an ID to collect your books at the bookstore.


MGCCC student email is essential for every student. It helps students to keep their work organized and access important school information without memorizing multiple emails and passwords. It is one email that works for every site.  

So, using your student email address effectively can save you a lot of stress during your stay at MGCCC. Congratulations if you made it to this point. You now know the various ways you can use your MGCCC student email.




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