Top 10 Marketing Certifications to Enhance your Career 

You can enhance your career in marketing if you have the necessary credentials. For marketing professionals, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing certificates to choose from. This list of best marketing certifications was prepared to help you improve your skills and advance your career.

They are provided by top learning platforms as a way of making available resources for learning how to use today’s most vital digital marketing abilities and the most reputable professional marketing organizations in the market.

In order to lighten you with the burden of choosing from the hundreds of options available, we had narrow the list down to the top 10 marketing certifications that can help enhance your career.

Read on!

What is a Certificate in Marketing?

A marketing certificate is a good way to get specific expertise in a fast-paced, competitive sector. Students pursuing a career move in a variety of industries may prefer the more extensive chances provided by a full master’s degree program.

It is designed for mid-level professionals who desire to improve their skills or further their careers in the sector.

A certificate program can help you return to the industry with more poise and confidence, whether you’re examining contemporary marketing theories or learning how to investigate data more efficiently.

Certificate programs let you build a diverse set of skills that you may use to demonstrate your expertise in the marketing field.

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Why Certification for Marketing?

If you believe you need additional formal training in marketing abilities such as media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, customer development, market research, and strategic brand management, a marketing certificate can help.

You can learn about marketing technologies such as social networking platforms, Google Ads, Hootsuite, HubSpot, and other web analytics tools by taking marketing certificate classes.

With any of the marketing certifications, you can improve your credentials. Basically, earning a certificate enhances your résumé and professional portfolio by demonstrating your understanding of developing marketing principles.

More so, it helps increase your value to companies. Thus, you can gain an advantage over others who do not by demonstrating to employers that you have the determination and drive to learn new skills.

Additionally, it can help boost your confidence. Note, with the intellectual foundation provided by your certificate program, you’ll feel more at ease while setting new marketing goals and trying out new techniques.

Are there certifications for marketing?

Yes, of course. There are 100s of marketing certificates anyone aspiring to build a career as a marketer can get.

These marketing certifications show a high level of professionalism because they expose people to advanced knowledge and the acquisition of more skillsets that can help build a marketing world.

Below is a list of some of the certifications for marketing:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads Certification
  • Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising Training
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  • UCLA Extension Digital Marketing Certificate
  • LinkedIn Learning Marketing
  • HubSpot Social Media Strategy
  • Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification
  • Cornell University Digital Marketing Certificate Program
  • SEM Rush Toolkit Course
  • The Unbounce Landing Page Course
  • Udemy Digital Marketing Courses and Tutorials
  • Bing Ads certification
  • Hootsuite Social Media Certification
  • Coursera Digital Marketing courses
  • YouTube Certification
  • Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
  • Twitter Flight School Certification
  • American Marketing Association (AMA) Digital Marketing Certification

What Certifications are in Demand for Marketing?

Digital marketing certificates are the most in-demand. Certifications in HubSpot email and inbound marketing, Google Ads and Analytics, and social media marketing are among the most sought-after.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual income of market research analysts and/or marketers was $65,810, compared to $62,000 in 2018.

On the other hand, the annual salary of a marketing manager is $141,490, or $68.03 per hour. According to the salary index report on marketing and advertising, the demand for digital marketers continues to grow, increasing by 19.6% since 2006.

According to the 2021 Robert Half Technologies Salary Guide, the salary difference between an entry-level marketing manager without certification and an experienced marketing manager with professional certification is approximately US$43,000.

The entry salary for entry-level positions is US$67,000 and the payment for certified positions is 116,500. Dollar. The same is true for digital marketers, paying $47,750 for entry-level positions and $94,000 for certification positions. Obviously, having a professional certification can bring benefits.

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What can I do with a certificate in marketing?

Many marketers desire to learn new approaches and ideas while also progressing in their jobs. The time aspect is one of the most significant advantages of acquiring a marketing certificate; it allows you to diversify your educational portfolio while remaining loyal to your employer.

You’ll be able to apply new tactics and strategies at your current employment as your skill set grows. This dedication demonstrates to your employer that you care about the firm as a whole and want to contribute more to it.

Many certificate programs in management are designed to prepare you for a leadership position. Marketing certificates are typically aimed towards professionals who want to develop in their careers, such as:

  • Director of Search Engine Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Director of Media
  • Project Management Director

How can you become a certified marketing expert?

You do not need a certification to participate in marketing, but there are many ways to become a certified marketer if you want.

You can take a series of courses at university, take online courses through marketing platforms and companies, or special face-to-face courses organized by long-term industry organizations and professional marketing associations.

What Certifications do Marketing Employers desire?

Most marketing employers lookout for applicants with top and advanced certifications from reputable platforms such as:

  • Hootsuite Marketing Certification
  • Bing Ads certification
  • Google Fundamental Marketing Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification and so on

How long does a Marketing Certificate take to obtain?

Depending on how many skills you want to learn, a digital marketing certification might take anywhere from one to six months to complete. A university degree in digital marketing, on the other hand, can take four years or more.

How Can I find marketing certifications free?

There are different ways you can find marketing certifications for free. Aside from traditional learning, there’re over 100 online learning platforms that provide free marketing certifications.

The most common ones include:

  • Coursera
  • Alison
  • EdX
  • Alison
  • Udemy
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Where to put certifications on resume marketing example?

Certification is the only thing that depicts your level of professionalism when an employer looks at your resume. That’s why you must make it stand out when preparing your resume, especially your marketing resume.

So, when preparing your marketing resume, ensure your certifications should be listed in various sections of the resume based on how important they are.

They should be prominently displayed: next to your name, in the resume summary, or in the job experience section. Additional certificates might be obtained before or after your study.

Top 10 marketing certifications in 2022

Here are the top 10 marketing certifications that can help you build a successful and exceptional marketing career:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Certification in Hootsuite Social Marketing
  • PCM – Digital Management Certification
  • Growth Marketing Minidegree-CXL Institue
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  • Facebook BluePrint Marketing Certification
  • YouTube Certifications
  • Ads on Bing
  • Advanced Social Advertising Certification

#1. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Price: Free

The most popular marketing certification, according to SEMrush, is Google Analytics Individual certification. “It has a monthly search volume of over 20,000 with similar queries,” stated Anna Pustovaya, SEMRush’s assistant regional marketer.

This certification focuses on improving your ability to measure campaign metrics, monitor KPIs, and optimize overall marketing efforts using Google Analytics.

To prepare for the test, you must create an Academy for Ads account and finish both the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics modules. You must score at least 80% to pass. The certificate is only good for a year. Click below to get this certification.

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#2. Google Digital Garage

Price: Free

Google’s Digital Garage is a one-stop-shop for free tutorials on just about anything related to digital marketing. You may take an entire online course on everything from video marketing to search engine optimization.

You will receive certification from Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe once you have completed the course.

“While [Google’s] Digital Garage is a lesser-known certification [in comparison] to Adwords Certification, it is a really significant certification that covers 26 different digital marketing topics. Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#3. Certification in Hootsuite Social Marketing

Price: $199 per exam

According to Pustovaya, the Hootsuite Social Marketing certification receives 3,000 monthly searches. It covers all of the fundamentals of social media marketing. You must pass a 60-question online exam to receive this certification.

Hootsuite recommends that everyone go through the free online courses they have prepared to help them prepare for this exam.

“While Hootsuite may not be as well-known as Google or Facebook, this accreditation is unquestionably one of, if not the finest, accessible for social media marketers.

Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#4. PCM – Digital Management Certification

Price: AMA members pay $99 for study materials, while non-members pay $149. Exams are $99 for members of the American Medical Association and $299 for non-members.

According to Pustovaya, the PCM qualification is fairly well sought for, with roughly 1,000 monthly searches.

In comparison to the other marketing certificates on this list, the American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) takes a more formal approach. Branding, planning, pricing, public relations, social media, and other topics are covered in the Digital Management certification. The certification is valid for a period of three years.

Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#5. Growth Marketing Minidegree-CXL Institue

Price: $899 upfront, or from $199 a month

This is probably the most comprehensive growth marketing certificate you can get on the Internet. It has a very wide range of topics, including courses such as creating marketing plans and growth processes and strategies, and teaching you basic CRO and A/B testing concepts through channel-specific topics (such as Facebook, Google, and Linkedin ads).

Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#6. Content Marketing Certification (HubSpot)

Price; Free

This is one of the best digital marketing certifications every digital marketer needs. With this certification, you can comfortably build content marketing skills and other digital skills necessary to sail in the digital marketing world.

In getting this certification, you will take 12 courses. These courses will cover everything about guest blogging and how to build and promote your content and also create an exceptional content catalog.

More so, you’ll learn how to build a strong content marketing foundation. Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#7. Facebook BluePrint Marketing Certification

Cost: $150 per certification

For digital advertisers, Facebook’s vast reach is alluring. But the truth is that most people have no idea how a Facebook marketing campaign works.

Most digital marketers apply the same strategies to Google Ads and call it a day.

However, Facebook is its own world, and knowing the lay of the land is critical if you want to drive traffic and conversions.

The Facebook Certified Planning Professional and the Facebook Certified Buying Professional are two distinct certificates offered by Facebook.

You must demonstrate that you understand how to plan successful campaigns, target the proper audiences for maximum impact, and maximize your reach before you can become a Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

You must learn to manage Pages, understand Facebook Pixel, and create attractive Facebook Ads if you want to become a Facebook Certified Buying Professional. Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#8. YouTube Certifications

Price: Free

It’s interesting how rarely this accreditation is mentioned, given how important YouTube is in the marketing world.

When it comes to certifications, most marketers think of courses that cover the fundamentals of navigating the digital marketing ecosystem.

However, that isn’t always what you require. Sometimes you need a course to assist you to comprehend what’s going on behind the scenes of a tool.

I can’t think of another course that is underappreciated as much as the YouTube certification.

The ability to be fascinating is what makes video marketing so effective. And spending the time to learn how to create interesting visual material is well worth it.

The goal of YouTube Certification is to apply the fundamentals of digital marketing to the YouTube platform.

They specialize in teaching you how to create appealing content that converts visitors into purchasers with courses like channel expansion, content ownership, and asset monetization. Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#9. Ads on Bing

While Bing is not the most popular search engine, it has experienced significant growth as a result of its Yahoo acquisition and integration with Microsoft digital goods.

Bing’s certification program teaches you how to get the most out of your Bing Ads investment. Bing Ads is “especially helpful if you are targeting an older population who still utilizes MSN and Yahoo email services,” according to Marketpro. Click below to get this marketing certification.

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#10. Advanced Social Advertising Certification

Price: $249

Advertising on social media is quickly becoming an integral aspect of the modern marketing landscape.

Paid social ads, such as those on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are used by the most sophisticated businesses to achieve business goals at every point of the consumer journey.

This certification provides marketers with the information and abilities they need to properly use these tools. Click below to get this marketing certification.

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A marketing certificate is a good way to get specific expertise in a fast-paced, competitive sector. Students pursuing a career move in a variety of industries may prefer the more extensive chances provided by a full master’s degree program.

Digital marketing certificates are the most in-demand.

With a marketing certification, you can work as

  • Director of Search Engine Marketing
  • Director of Internet Marketing
  • Director of Media
  • Project Management Director




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