Mass Communication/ Media Conferences for International students

International conferences are platforms to share the latest and innovative ideas with peers and senior groups of people from different parts of the world with the help of a PPT or Poster presentation.

It is advisable that Mass communication students and professionals attend on average 5 Mass Communication/ Media Conferences annually. This article compiles a list of available Mass communication international/media conferences in 2022.

To attend any of these International Conferences, you must undergo a preregistration process by a highly qualified editorial board and Organizing Committee who takes the decision after reviewing the received abstracts and topics for the presentation.

Mass Communication/ Media Conferences

Most of these academic conferences are processed with a blind peer-review process and they are fully funded. After registration, the organizer informs participants about the venue and schedule.

It is pertinent to note that most mass communication/ media conferences last for one to five days depending on schedule and keynote speakers.

#1. The International Conference on Social Media & Society

The 11th international conference on social media and society’s theme is  “Diverse Voices: Promises and Perils of Social Media For Diversity”.

Social media conferences will gather researchers, practitioners, and analysts from around the world. It will be hosted in Chicago, the USA by the College of Communication, Studio Chi, and the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University.

 This mass communication/ media conference is an interdisciplinary gathering of leading social media researchers, practitioners, and analysts from around the world. The conference is hosted by the College of CommunicationStudio Chi, and the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University in Chicago, USA.

Currently, the international conference on social media is receiving scholarly and original submissions that explore key questions and central issues related to the theme.

Venue: The conference will be held in Greeley’s beautiful convention center, the DoubleTree by Hilton Greeley at Lincoln Park.

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Important dates: the conference begins on July 22, and ends on 24th July.

Deadline for submission of papers: Jan 27

Deadline for submission of workshop and posters: March 16

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#2. 13th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities Conference

We invite you to attend the 13th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities. A mass communication/ media conference organized by the Research Association for Interdisciplinary Studies will be held at Princeton, The Erdman Center, 20 Library Place, Princeton, NJ.


Importance Dates to Note

Start Date:                                       17th August

End date:                                          18th August

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 10th July

Full paper submission deadline/ registration deadline: 27th July

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#3. International Conference on Communication, Film and Media Sciences

The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.

Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations.

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Importance Dates to Note

Deadline for abstracts/proposals:  12th December 

Final Paper Submission: 23rd April

Start Date:                                    21st May

End date:                                                 22nd May

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#4. 17th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation Conference 2022

The ICLEI series returns to Singapore with an event featuring keynotes and research papers in language and education. Reviewed full papers will be published in the IJLLCE journal

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Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel, Singapore

Importance Dates to Note

Start Date:                                                    22nd February

End date:                                                      23rd February

Deadline for abstracts/proposals:        20th December

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#5. 3rd ASEAN Academic Network International Conference on Communication and Network Engineering (AICCNE) Conference 

3rd ASEAN Academic Network International Conference on Communication and Network Engineering. Basically, this conference is for both academicians and professionals. The program brings them together to meet and interact with members in and outside their primary specialties.

Also, this conference will create a platform for researchers, professionals, academicians, and industries to share and generate forums of the latest researches.

Importance Dates to Note 

Start Date:                                                  17th January

End date:                                                      18th January

Deadline for abstracts/proposals:        15th December 

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#6. ACM- 6th International Conference on Virtual Reality (ICVR)–Ei Compendex, Scopus

Publication: ICVR will be published by ACM, which will be archived in the ACM Digital Library and submitted for index by Ei Compendex, Scopus, Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (ISI Web of Science), etc.

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Importance Dates to Note

Start Date:                                                   8th February

End date:                                                      10th February

Deadline for abstracts/proposals:   10th December

Registration Deadline: 15th January

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#7. 5TH International Conference on Communication and Media Studies

The conference will bring together speakers from various fields, including mass media, film studies, games industries, political sciences, education, etc., creating closer ties and connections among scholars from different disciplines working on communication and media studies. Its unique theme is “The Data Galaxy: The Unmaking of Typographic Man”.

Venue: the University of Toronto, 27 King’s College CIR M5S, Toronto, Canada.

Importance Dates to Note

Start Date:                                        1st October

End date:                                           2nd October

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