15 Best-selling Massage Therapy Certification 2022

Massage therapy certification programs prepare students to take a state or national certification exam and begin a career as a massage therapist. Online programs are limited due to the few full online options available because of the hands-on training required for these skills.

The best online massage therapy certification programs are comprehensive and offer a range of skills and training in business management and first aid.

These programs are typically affordable but also easy to complete in an online or hybrid format in a matter of months to years.

In this piece, we shall be discussing the best-selling Massage Therapy Certification.

Why do you need massage therapy certification?

Stress is one of the main reasons why people lose their health or have major health problems.

They need some stress relief and relaxation, something that massage therapists have mastered over the years of treating their clients and stimulating the muscles or other soft tissues through the use of pain relief mechanisms to help people get relief from specific pain or stress and experience a healthy lifestyle.

Anyone can become a massage therapist by enrolling in online courses and certifications offered by top institutes. By taking massage therapist courses, you will learn all the essential concepts of massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps relieve muscle tension and also helps rebalance your hormones. When you are stressed, the muscle tightens, and this is where massage therapy helps you relax by increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Nowadays there is a growing demand for massage therapists and there is a good range of income. Massage therapists work in both the hospitality and healthcare sectors. You can also become your boss by starting your own business or practice.

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How long does it take to study massage therapy?

It takes approximately 7.5 months (30 weeks) to complete a full-time program in massage therapy. Also, in some cases, it may take about 12 months (24 months) or more to get a Certificate in Massage Therapy Education.

However, the duration depends on either the number of hours or the credit units of the courses.

For example, it only takes 8 months to complete an 800-hour hands-on massage therapy training course at the National Holistic Institute.

At the National University of Health Sciences, it takes approximately 1 year to complete a 705-hour certification in the massage therapy program.

However, in some schools, it takes longer to complete a massage therapy program. For example, it takes about 2 years to complete massage training at OVCMT.

Additionally, it takes longer to complete a massage therapy program at schools that offer associate degree programs. At the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, it typically takes around 20 months or around 2 years to complete a massage therapy program.

How Much Do Massage Therapy Schools Cost?

According to Natural Healers, the cost of the best massage therapy school ranges from $6 to $17 per hour of tuition, with the average tuition fee being $9 to $10 per hour.

This means that if your state (USA) has no/minimal requirements, you can choose a shorter program that will cost you fewer massage therapy classes.

However, most states with massage eligibility criteria typically require between 500 and 600 hours of massage therapy training. This equates to a tuition range of between $6,000 and $10,000 for your certificate, depending on the school and location.

For example, the National University of Health Sciences charges $14,934 for a 705-hour certified massage therapy program. Also, some programs include the cost of a massage table (about $500) in their tuition, but not all.

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Best-selling Massage Therapy certifications

Let’s take a look at the Massage Therapy certifications that are available for you

1. Kinesio Taping For Massage Therapists Certificate Course

This is one of the top-rated massage therapist courses that includes three hours of on-demand video and an article to make your learning process more enjoyable.

The course will teach you the use of Kinesio Taping and why it is so important to athletes and coaches. Physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors all swear by this amazing therapy.

To complete this massage therapy training course, you will need Kinesio tape.

Course Duration: 3 hours.
Platform: Udemy

2. Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Certificate Course

In this one of the best online massage therapy courses, it will teach you how to do a Thai Reflexology Foot Massage and after that, you can also have your own reflexology business.

You will find out exactly where the reflex points are on your feet and how you can speed them up with Thai reflexology techniques.

This body massage therapy course includes 42 lectures spread over 10 sections with an article and 14 downloadable resources.

You will need a Thai reflexology massager for this class, but it is not essential as there are many other things you can use instead.

Course Duration: 4.5 Hours
Platform: Udemy

3. Massage Therapy

This is one of the top-rated massage therapist courses online to learn all aspects of massage therapy, from the history of massage to the basics of anatomy, physiology, and the basic structure and function of the muscular and skeletal systems of the human body.

You will also learn the basics of different massage techniques and styles, such as massage, reflexology, and more.

The course comprises 3 sections with 30 lectures and is suitable for candidates who want to learn the basics of massage therapy. No previous knowledge is required to take part in this massage therapy training course.

Course Duration: 11 hours.
Platform: Udemy

4. Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists Certificate Course

This massage therapy certification teaches you aromatherapy and the use of aromatherapy essential oils. It is led by Mark Perren-Jones, a board-certified aromatherapist, spa owner, and masseuse. This massage therapy certification teaches you aromatherapy and the use of aromatherapy essential oils.

The course will also teach you the therapeutic properties of common aromatherapy essential oils. In addition, it will show you how to create beautiful essential oil blends for therapeutic aromatherapy.

This body massage therapy course consists of 7 sections with 94 lessons and requires you to have some knowledge of massage.

Course Duration: 4.5 Hours
Platform: Udemy

5. Massage Course, Myofascial Energetic Release, Deep Bodywork

Learn the art and science of massage, assisted stretches, emotional release and awareness, and more, and become a massage therapist under the guidance of an experienced teacher in this excellent online massage therapy course.

The course will help develop your knowledge, skills, and confidence in the field. This massage therapy certification is designed for candidates interested in learning deep bodywork, massage, and myofascial relaxation.

It contains 5 sections with 17 lectures. You must have basic massage techniques to complete this course.

Course Duration: 1 Hour
Platform: Udemy

6. Isla Verde Spa Relaxation Massage Certificate Course

If you are looking for online degree programs or certifications to pursue a career in massage, or want to improve your existing massage skills, this body massage therapy course is for you.

In this course, you will learn how to perform massages with correct body mechanics. You will learn what it takes to perform a massage that provides a great massage experience for a client from the moment they enter your spa or room.

The course includes 71 lectures covering massage fundamentals, techniques, full-body relaxation massage, and much more. You will need a massage table, oils or creams, towels, a pillow, and someone to massage you.

Course Duration: 5.5 hours
Platform: Udemy

7. Acupressure Massage for Health Certificate Course

In this one of the best massage therapists courses, you will learn some most powerful and best acupressure massage points that would help you to treat low energy, headaches, weight loss, and more.

By learning this body massage therapy course, you will be able to treat yourself and others. The course encompasses 2 hours of on-demand video content with 39 lectures and 7 downloadable resources.

 You do not require any tools for this course.

Course Duration: 2 hours.
Platform: Udemy

8. Professional Cupping Therapy Massage Certificate Course

As the title suggests, this is among the best massage therapist courses to learn cupping therapy massage from basics to advanced.

In addition to cupping therapy, in this class, you will also learn clinical strengthening and stretching exercises to help you perform cupping therapy massages on clients.

Ideal for massage therapists and other health practitioners, this massage therapy certification contains 68 lectures divided into 4 sections.

You will need suction cups and any form of lube to perform a cupping therapy massage.

Course Duration: 3.5 Hours
Platform: Udemy

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9. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Certificate Course (6CEU)

In this course, one of the best-sellers for massage therapists, you will learn how to perform a manual lymphatic drainage massage.

The course will help you massage your body yourself with manual lymphatic drainage, perform a rejuvenating facial treatment for yourself and your clients, and help others with sluggish lymphatic systems.

This body massage therapy course is for massage students who enjoy using this powerful technique to expand their skills. The course includes 6 hours of on-demand video content.

Course Duration: 6 hours.
Platform: Udemy

10. Full Body Massage Online Certificate Course

This massage therapy certification will provide you with the relevant skills and massage techniques needed to become a massage therapist.

This is one of the best online massage therapy courses to learn the effects of massage therapy, different types of oils, anatomy of the body, reflexology, and treatment of different parts of the body, including full body massage, Lomi Lomi massage, and Swedish massage.

Course Duration: 20 hours.
Platform: Courses for Success

11. Massage Therapy: Body Massage Therapy

Designed for professionals who want to succeed in the profession, this massage therapy certification will provide you with all the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this field.

The course teaches you the basics of body massage, reception and consultation, anatomy and physiology, treatment room and equipment, treatment techniques, and more.

Upon completion of this outstanding massage therapist course, you will receive a certificate.

Course Duration: 10 Hours
Platform: Reed

12. Massage Therapy, Acupressure Massage Therapy, and Medical Massage Therapy

In this further online massage therapy course, you will learn numerous easy-to-understand, detailed modules designed to give you expert knowledge in massage therapy.

Aromatherapy, acupressure massage therapy, and medical massage therapy. The course is aimed at people who are already working in this field or who would like to expand their expertise in order to sharpen their profile.

Course duration: 27 hours
Platform: Reed

13. Body Massage Therapy

Gain practical knowledge and expertise from industry experts and practitioners and become a massage therapist from these excellent massage therapist courses.

The course will introduce you to body massage, professional standards for holistic therapists, and an overview of massage, reception, and counseling, and prepare you to provide better massage treatment.

If you are a student who wants to learn and live a healthy and balanced life, this course is for you.

Course duration: 10 hours
Platform: Reed

14. Whole Body How to Massage Course by Brian Cavill

If you are ready to pursue online diploma courses in massage therapy, this course is for you. This massage therapy training includes 3 hours of on-demand video and a downloadable resource.

In this one of the best courses for massage therapists, you will learn how to massage the whole body, from legs and arms to the abdomen, chest, and neck.

This course is suitable for those who want to learn massage therapy and sports massage.

Course duration: 3 hours
Platform: Udemy

15. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Certificate Course (5CEU)

This body massage therapy course will give you a thorough understanding of Lomi Lomi massage and what makes it great.

The course explains everything about this massage method, body alignment, postural problems, and much more.

Anyone interested in learning Lomi Lomi massage techniques can apply to this, one of the top-rated massage therapy courses. The course consists of 7 sections with 64 lectures.

Course duration: 6.5 hours

Platform: Udemy


If you want to learn massage therapy, you can opt for these massage therapy courses to build your career in this field. In addition to teaching the basics of massage therapy, these masseur courses will also improve your communication skills, decision making, empathy, integrity, etc.

At the end of these courses, you will have all the necessary skills to become a massage therapist.


Anyone can apply for massage therapists’ courses.

You can get jobs as a massage therapist, beauty therapist, and Kinesiology practitioner after the completion of massage therapists courses.

Most of these massage therapists’ courses are for beginners, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge. You will be taught everything from the basics to the advanced level.

Yes, it is worth pursuing a career as a massage therapist. It offers several benefits, from vast career prospects to high-paying job satisfaction and the ability to help others to make a significant difference in their life.

Not all online platforms offer free massage therapists courses. You have to pay a certain amount of fees for some courses. You can find some platforms that provide free massage therapy online courses, while some offer free trial lessons for a few days.



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