Tips on How to Write on Essay on Water | Full Guide and Sample

For all living things, water is a basic requirement. Most life forms will vanish if there is no water. Water is extremely important to life because it makes up about 80% of the human body. Regular and adequate hydration is necessary for the body to function healthily. In addition, water is required to keep oneself and their belongings clean.

Humanity is now at a crossroads because of reckless resource exploitation. The amount of water that is readily available has been steadily decreasing. The pollution of the river and other water sources by factories and human civilization renders the water unfit for human consumption.

When it was discovered that the water supply was insufficient, a discussion about the careful use and conservation of water erupted, reiterating the significance of water in human life.

Since water is a vital component for maintaining life, including human life, we must recognize its significance and take all reasonable precautions to protect all water sources. Aside from that, it is our responsibility to conserve the water we have. In addition to avoiding depleting the present reserves, we must work to improve the conditions for water sources to be replenished.

Tips on How to Write an Essay on Water

Some people find it easy to just sit down at their computer, turn on their computer, and start typing. Nevertheless, successfully writing an essay requires a lot more preparation. It is a good idea to adhere to a few crucial measures when writing an essay.

For instance, you ought to generally:

  • Step 1: Research the topic
  • Step 2: Develop a thesis
  • Step 3: Outline
  • Step 4: Write the essay
  • Check spelling and grammar

1. Research the topic

To produce a quality essay, you will need to conduct some research. If you want to learn more about water, visit a library or do an online search. Interview potential subject-matter authorities.

Maintain organization in your study so that you can easily refer back to it. Additionally, this makes it simpler to reference your sources in your final essay.

2. Develop a thesis

The essential idea of your essay is expressed in your thesis statement. In essence, the essay’s thesis can be expressed in one word. Your thesis statement can be “Importance of water,” for instance. Then you may utilize this as the foundation for the rest of your essay, keeping in mind that every point you make must ultimately point back to your main thesis.

Typically, your thesis should be stated in the opening paragraph.

The thesis statement should also be broad enough so that you can talk enough about it without being too broad to avoid being thorough.

3. Outline

Outlining your topic for your essay is the next step. The skeleton of your paper should therefore be drawn, in essence. Making an outline can help to guarantee that your work is coherent, well-organized, and logical.

  • Background material and an intriguing introduction: How to introduce your topic to the readers should be your first priority. It is essential to grab the reader’s interest right away.
  • A review of the literature: If you’re composing a research report, you will require it more than anything. Make a brief summary of the writings that have already been done on your subject.
  • Logical arguments: Ensure that they support the thesis statement and are worthwhile. Keep in mind that every argument needs to be supported by credible evidence.
  • A conclusion is a capstone. The issue should be addressed in the beginning and logically resolved.

4. Write the essay

Writing can begin once you have a plan. Use the outline as a guide as you write, filling in the blanks to produce a complete, well-organized essay.

You should revise and edit your essay to make sure that it is written and formatted according to your specifications. As a reminder, keep in mind the following:

  • For the sake of coherence, organization, and clarity, revise.
  • With the data from your paragraphs, you adequately support your thesis. There needs to be a topic sentence for each paragraph. The paragraph’s opening line, which summarizes what the remaining sentences will cover, is its most crucial clause.
  • Ensure that everything works together. The use of transitional phrases will be crucial as you write. Every paragraph is held together by transition words, which also keep the essay from sounding disconnected. Even a list of transitional words can be used to jumpstart your writing.
  • Review your introduction and conclusion.

5. Check spelling and grammar

Although the essay is now drafted, you’re not quite finished. Examine your writing once again for errors and typos.

  • Check your work for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Verify your work for spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues. It is not always accurate to rely on spell check to catch all mistakes. It’s possible to misspell a word occasionally while still getting the intended meaning, as when you spell “from” as “form.”
  • Quote marks are another frequent source of anxiety. Citing your sources correctly and concisely is crucial.
  • The distinction between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing is something else you might want to think about. Text passages that exactly duplicate an original work of literature are not to be quoted. For lengthy passages of another person’s writing that you want to translate into your own words, use paraphrasing. The important ideas from someone else’s material are translated into your own words through summarizing.

Essay on Water 200 Words – Sample 1

The most crucial factor for the continued survival of life on earth is water, the universal solvent that saves lives.

Liquid, solid, and gaseous phases are the three that water typically exists in. For the survival of the human race, all three types of water are critical. As a finite resource that cannot be replenished, water is running out much more quickly than it can be replaced. The atmosphere’s healthy water cycle is the only source of drinking water replenishment and regeneration. 

Humans must learn to use resources like coal, gas, and forests wisely in order to preserve the water cycle, as well as how to do so without endangering the cycle of life.

Since water is essential for all life forms, including both terrestrial and aquatic organisms, it is everyone’s right to use it. However, people shouldn’t be selfish in their desire to do so.

The actual water cycle has been impacted by the haphazard construction of dams and artificial reservoirs, as well as by human interference with nature. In many places of the world, this has caused severe drought and flooding.

We should all work together to use water wisely, refrain from interfering with the natural cycle of life, and let nature flourish on its own.

Essay on Importance of Water – Sample 2

On Earth, there is a plentiful supply of water. It exists both above and below the surface of the Earth.

On the surface of the Earth, there are rivers, ponds, seas, and oceans. The high heat of the Sun causes the surface water to evaporate. It is moved around in the atmosphere and condenses into clouds that eventually burst and fall as rain on the Earth’s surface.

As a result, the water cycle, a natural process that occurs continuously, replenishes the water that evaporates. This keeps the ecosystem in check and improves the quality of life on our planet.

While there is the abundance of freshwater on Earth, its presence is highly limited and is steadily declining. The fact that the water on Earth is becoming contaminated by numerous human activities and ignorance is sad but real. As a result of home and industrial waste pollution, fresh water supplies are being depleted.

We need to educate ourselves on the value of water in our lives and the need to preserve it. We may prevent water waste in numerous ways, including by taking shorter showers, watering plants with RO waste, cleaning cars with a damp cloth rather than a hose, and many other straightforward methods.

To collect rainwater, we must also employ a technique called rainwater harvesting. We can help to save water in this way.

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Essay on Water for Class 12 – Sample 3

Water is undoubtedly one of the most elusive substances in the universe. According to research, only the Earth contains water. Our planet supports life because of this. Water abounds in great quantities on Earth, also called “The Blue Planet.” Water encircles the earth’s surface to a degree of about 70%.

The world is covered in water, as is common knowledge. However, we can actually only access and use a very small portion of the whole. Humans abuse it irresponsibly as if it were completely worthless. However, the duty to save water and raise awareness of the issue has now been placed on us.

Water makes up about 70% of the human body. We must provide the body clean, fresh water in order for it to be healthy and function properly. After oxygen, this is what life needs the most. It regulates our body’s temperature and helps the body do specific metabolic functions.

Additionally, water provides oxygen to the blood and aids in digestion. When it comes to our daily lives, we use water in all facets of them. from tooth brushing to floor cleaning, meal preparation, and electricity production, among other things.

Water is an essential requirement for practically all living things on Earth, from insects to the world’s largest organism, the blue whale. It aids in the management of their expansion-related activities. Animals, plants, and humans all need water to survive. It occasionally functions as a natural cure in animals.

Water is necessary for plants to transport nutrients to all of their parts. Additionally, they prepare their food in an environment that includes water, carbon dioxide, and sunshine. Water is only responsible for the lush vegetation that gives the world its lovely appearance. It was not possible without water.

All living things are interdependent, as we are aware, and this system is referred to as an ecosystem. The ecosystem’s balance is helped by the presence of water. It first aids in plant growth because plants are where the life cycle begins. Everything in nature develops in cycles.

Water’s primary functions include promoting the growth of plants, giving inhabitants within it a stable home, or acting as a temporary residence or breeding ground for numerous insects, amphibians (such as frogs), and other water-born animals. likewise to provide the minerals and nutrients needed to support physical life.

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Essay on Water for Class 1 – Sample 4

Water is a fundamental requirement for all types of life on Earth. It is reasonable to suppose that the water present beneath the Earth provides the sole means for life to exist. This universal solvent is one of our planet’s most important resources. It is impossible to live without water. 

After all, it occupies around 70% of the planet. Despite its immense abundance, water is little. Water is scarce while being abundant. Since it cannot be regenerated, it must be used with extreme caution. We also need to understand that not all the water is safe to eat, despite the fact that there is a lot of it. Every day, water serves a number of very important purposes for us.

Our existence is based on water. The human body needs water to survive on a regular basis. While humans can go a week without food, we cannot even go three days without water. We also have 70% water in our body fluids. Thus, our bodies are better able to function normally. 

Additionally, inadequate water supply or consumption of contaminated water causes serious health problems for people. Therefore, the water we drink is extremely important for both our physical health and fitness.

Additionally, we cannot perform our daily activities without water. Whether we are planning to brush our teeth first thing in the morning or prepare our meals, it is equally important. In this home usage of water, we rely heavily on this clear chemical.

Essay on Water for Class 10 – Sample 5

Life depends on water. It is one of the most priceless and significant resources that supports life. Water makes the world livelier, greener, happier, and growing. It is true that life on this planet cannot exist without water. Fortunately, there is an abundance of water in our world. The earth’s surface is covered in water to an extent of about 71%. All living things depend mostly on the water for their survival.

In essence, life depends on water. Every living thing on this earth is dependent on water. We have access to water from many different places, such as rivers, oceans, lakes, streams, groundwater, rain, etc. Water is poured down on the soil during the rainy season to make it lush and beautiful.

One significant source of water is groundwater. There are many techniques to pump water out of the earth, including drilling wells, setting up hand pumps, using tube wells, etc.

Water is a vital component of life. Water is fundamentally required for a variety of uses, including agriculture, industry, drinking, cooking, washing, and more. We use water at home for several domestic tasks in addition to drinking it. We use it for washing our automobiles, utensils, clothes, and other items in addition to bathing.

Our health essentially depends on having access to clean, pure water. Multiple diseases can affect human health if there is poor sanitation and dirty drinking water. Clean drinking water is crucial to human life for this reason. Water is the only resource required for the agricultural system. For our daily lives and the health of our nation’s economy, it is crucial. Agriculture uses over 70% of the water we have.


Although there is a lot of water on the planet, it should be understood that there are limits to how much of it may be used for various domestic purposes, industrial use, and agriculture.

To make sure that it reaches everyone and is available in sufficient amounts for our future generations, it is essential to use it wisely. In order to save water and allow it fairly to various territories, the legislature must employ strong procedures. To prevent energy from being wasted, the general populace must, however, use it wisely.

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FAQs on Essay on Water

What is water short essay?

In order to survive, we need water. Nobody could survive without it. Life needs water to exist. It is an odorless, tasteless, and translucent chemical compound. It serves as a fundamental component of lakes, streams, and oceans. All living things’ fluid is known as this. For all forms of life, it is necessary. Even our bodies, which are 90 percent water. The element water is present in all living things.

Why is water important to us?

Our body benefits from drinking water in the following ways:
Ensure a constant temperature.
Joints with lubricant and padding.
Keep your spinal cord and other delicate tissues safe.
Utilize urination, sweating, and bowel motions to eliminate waste.

Why is water important to us essay?

Water is necessary for sustainability and an integral aspect of existence. Water is special because it resembles the density of cell protoplasm, which aids the body in performing various metabolic activities and controlling body temperature. We all know how important water is to our nutrition. There is water everywhere, and both our planet’s life and that of its inhabitants depend on it.



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