How can I get a Masters Degree in Computer Science in Canada?

Getting a master’s degree in computer science from a foreign university has been the dream of many students. As a bachelor’s degree holder seeking to get a master’s degree in computer science, have you considered Canada? If yes, the main contention will be how to go about it.

We have answered all the questions that will enable you to know how to go about getting a masters degree in computer science, to knowing the prospects if you study it and even the best schools to get a masters degree in computer science in Canada that will be recognized anywhere in the world to give you a fat salary.

No one wants to go through the pains of studying without a salary commensurate to the efforts he put. We are here to help you get better. Shall we begin?

Statistics have shown that thousands of students go to Canada yearly to study. Computer science is one of the most popular courses they study because Canada has a very friendly study environment.

Most importantly, Canadian education has a very strong research curriculum. This makes it very crucial for students in computer science. Computer science is not a theory-based course, it requires lots of research and practicals.

Why Study Computer Science in Canada?

As mentioned earlier, Canada is one of the best places to study for international students.

Computer science, software and IT are one of the hottest jobs in Canada. You can easily get a job as an immigrant. So international students are actually very lucky. IT professionals and software engineers have turned out to be among Canada’s top 10 most in-demand occupations in 2018.

Actually, after studying computer science as a master’s program, you can choose to specialize in many fields. You can become a data analyst, information security, and others.

From 2018 data, there were jobs in project management, software engineering, web development, program analysis, and java developer.

Basically, in 2019 there are over 11,500 new jobs in the technology field. In essence, it shows that you will get a job after you finish your schooling.

If I were you, I will grab this opportunity with open arms.

If you can, we will advise you to go for a full-stack developer. They are the most wanted developers, according to Randstad.

According to them in 2019, their salary is between $85,000 to $ 101,000.

How long will it take to Study Computer Science in Canada?

Before we actually go into a master’s degree, let’s just talk a little about the undergraduate degree in computer science.

The bachelor’s degree in computer science takes usually takes about four years to complete.

The master’s degree in computer science may take an additional year or two of course work.

However, in earlier posts, we told you that some Canadian universities have what is called an accelerated stream system. This makes their schooling very fast.

So, in a Canadian university, you can actually complete both the undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer science within 5 years.

Even the best universities in Canada for masters in computer science are actually under the accelerated program study within 5 years.

Masters in computer science cost?

We know that different schools have different tuition fees. Each school system has a set of rules and reasons why they set these fees.

But, generally, a master’s degree in computer science in any Canadian university can cost an average of CAD 8000 and CAD 18000 yearly.

Since we are talking about cost, the amount you will probably pay for your housing and accommodation will also be around CAD 14000 and CAD 16,000.

So, as an international student that wants to study computer science in Canada, you should actually save up some money to be up to the amount we listed so that you will not be stranded in Canada.

Also, there are some Canadian scholarships for computer science students you can apply for in school to help you out with the fees.

What is the Salary of a Computer Science Master’s degree holder in Canada?

Typically, the salary of anybody that has a master’s degree is higher than someone just with a bachelor’s degree.

It is the same in Canada, and in other places in the world.

According to research, Computer science is the eight highest paying job in Canada.

So, we expect the salary to be relatively high compared to other fields that rank lower.

Actually, the average salary of a computer science graduate is around $68,280 every year. However, the entry-level salary can be as low as at $24,480 per year.

According to Ransand in 2019, their salary is between $85,000 to $ 101,000. This is for master’s degree holders.

Here is a strong reason to start planning your Computer science Ms trip to a Canadian school.

One year masters in computer science Canada

So many of us will be wondering what studying for 1-year master’s degree in Canada means. Here it is.

There are some master’s degree programs that stay for only one year. Computer science is one of them.

However, there are some countries that run their own for more than one year. Here are universities that offer 1-year master’s in Canada.

Here is a list of them:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill UniversityUniversity of Winnipeg
  • Ivey Business School at Western University
  • Westford University College

List of Best Schools in Canada to study Computer Science for a Masters Program

Although many universities in Canada that studies computer science. Many of them also offer an MS in computer computer science.

However, we have listed the 10 best Universities in Canada for master in Computer Science. They are;

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • The University of Waterloo(The University of Waterloo is one of the best schools in the world for computer science)
  • Carleton University
  • Montreal University
  • McGill University. …
  • The University of Alberta
  • Simon Fraser University
  • McMaster University.
  •  University of Ottawa

Before we go into the universities proper, it is important we note that these universities are not arranged according to the best and least good.

We have merely outlined them and will allow you to make the decision on which one to attend.

#1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is among the best 25 schools worldwide for computer science.

U of T masters in computer science can be done as a part-time or full-time program. For full time, it will take 3 years. The part-time takes 6 years.

This is because the course is purely research-based and methodology. Once you graduate, you can formulate and proffer solutions in the field.

The tuition fee is $6,100. In addition, you have to pay the graduate fee and other auxiliary fees. The additional costs for those entering in 2022/2023 have not been determined by the school just yet. That is why we haven’t written about it.

The amount listed below is only for tuition. More comprehensive fees are here but just the estimated amount, not the actual amount.

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#2. University of British Columbia

This university is one of the best in computer science. It has very beautiful campuses. There are 2 of them actually.

They offer computer science and data science. They are different courses.

Here is a breakdown, not UBC tuition. Also, note that the tuition fees I listed below can be changed by the school. Actually, they are reviewed every year. And this is for the Computer science masters program.

Application Fee$106.00$168.25
Installments per year33
Tuition per installment$1,698.56$2,984.09
Tuition per year
(plus annual increase, usually 2%-5%)
Int. Tuition Award (ITA) per year (if eligible) $3,200.00 (-)

#3. University of Waterloo

This school is maths oriented. They have a faculty in it called Master of Mathematics in Computer science.

Here are a few areas you can specialize in computer science: Cryptography, Security, and Privacy, Scientific Computing Software Engineering, Systems and Networking, and many others.

A master’s in computer science basically takes 2 years.

You can obtain a scholarship worth up to $12,000 for the master’s in maths in computer science.

#4. University of Montreal

Masters program in computer science in this school can be a thesis option or a supervised internship that is done in a company where you submit a report at the end.

So, any student who wants to be working then use the work as a school program will consider going here. Using one stone to kill 2 birds.

Moving on, an international student must go for a full-time program unless he has a work permit.

The tuition fee for international masters in Montreal $8,186 per session and $425 per thesis session.

#5. McGill University

The tuition fees at McGill university is CAD $8,400 per term.

A master’s program in computer science is either a thesis and a non-thesis option.

If you do well in masters, you can apply for an accelerated system for your Ph.D.

The school tuition fees are CAD $8,400 per term.

#6. University of Alberta

In the university of Alberta, the master’s program is thesis-based and coursework-based.

One advantage of going to Alberta for masters is that if you have excellent results, you may proceed to do your Ph.D. even without completing the M.Sc.

Top 5% of applicants to Alberta will receive full funding.

#7. Simon Fraser University

The university teaches it as Computing science.

Recently, the school of computing science has been ranked among the top 50 and top 75 computer science departments in the world.

#8. McMaster University

Mcmaster university not just offers you student admission, they also choose the type of program you learn. It can be a thesis option or a coursework-and-project option.

Students that learn the course and project work is expected to finish the program in 16 months and for the thesis 24 months.

They are among those that offer computer science Msc for a very short time. The time is between 1-2 years.

Their school fees are CAD $ 18,000 every year.

They have a scholarship for a master’s program. Masters thesis-based students are offered financial aid packages of $18,000 to $19,000 per year for two years.

#9. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa offers a master’s in computer science both full-time and part-time. The full time is for 2 years.

As a student, you can actually apply for a joint program between Ottawa and the University of Carleton.

If you are an excellent student, you can actually fast-track your masters into a Ph.D. program.

The tuition fee is around €11,767 per year

Check out some undergraduate scholarships for computer science

#10. Carleton University

The University of Carleton master’s program is actually a joint program with the University of Ottawa.

When studying computer science in Carleton, you can specialize in Algorithms and Complexity, Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Systems including HCI, Software Engineering and Data Science, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Information Systems Security and Applied Cryptography and Bioinformatics and Biomedical Computing.

The program is for 2 years.

Masters in computer science in Canada requirements

We have the general requirement every school in Canada requires for a master’s program.

The Majority of the universities in Canada expect the applicant to have 16 years of education or a four- year Bachelor’s degree.

However, students that have completed their Master’s degree after a three-year Bachelor’s are also eligible to apply for admission to Masters at a Canadian university.

  • School transcript
  • TOEFL or IELTS score
  • Need to Contact Potential Supervisor before Application
  • Study permit: Apply for the Student Permit with Citizenship and Immigration Canada by May or June. It generally takes about a month for the study permits to be processed.
  • GRE mandatory for international students (who didn’t complete Bachelors in Canada) | Minimum 162 in Quants
  • 60 – 90% in Bachelors
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of purpose

In the same vein, not all schools require all. But as an international student, you should have all the requirements of the school you want to study in.


One of the important reasons students choose Canada for a master’s degree in computer science is because the schools are all cheaper than the USA.

History has also shown that they offer the best computer science programs in the world.

We have listed some of the best schools, and it is your right to choose the ones you want. We wouldn’t want to interfere in that right.

Read slowly and choose the ones that best suit you.

The acceptance rate for most of the schools is high. So, do not be afraid you will be accepted.

They will also give you financial support to reduce the tuition burden.

We wish you all the best!



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