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NIU Student Email Log: How To Use NIU Student Email

Email sends communications within a software network or system from a source between one or more receivers. Email often works in a store-and-forward manner. An email transmitted from one email account to another pass through several systems before arriving at its destination.

For years, universities have used email to communicate with their students and offer services. Additionally, email is crucial to our academic lives since it allows us to share with our classmates, teachers, and the rest of the School.

To fully use all intellectual property rights and benefits at Northern Illinois University, every NIU student should have an NIU student email login account. The article on the NIU Student email login and how to use it explains everything you need to know in simple terms.

Read the article and learn how to use your NIU student email Login account.

What Is A Student’s Email Address?

Each student receives this email address upon registering for college. Because they can’t honestly use their personal email accounts to communicate with college administration, lecturers, professors, etc., students receive this email address.

Many businesses offer discounts on products, while others provide free premium services to students.

To enjoy the benefits of these savings and perks as an NIU student, all you need to appreciate is your NIU student email login account.

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How Do I Get My NIU Student Email Address?

A permanent AccountID (Z-ID), which serves as the NIU student email login account, is given to accepted applicants and students.

Applicants and students can find their AccountID (Z-ID) here if they need clarification.

Your AccountID (Z-ID) activation instructions were sent to you through email. You can get help by calling 815-753-8100.

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Do Students Keep Their NIU Student Email Login After Graduation?

Before graduating, it is advised that all crucial emails and papers be stored in non-NIU resources. 

Contact the NIU Alumni Group at to request a forwarding address if you’d like to keep your NIU student email login address indefinitely.

Why Is It Important To Get The NIU Student Email Login?

Multiple privileges come alongside your NIU student email login. Some of them include:

  • Online courses are available without charge.
  • Free use of streaming tools and material.
  • Software is freely available for you.
  • The ability to use upscale entertainment offerings.
  • Access to tools for graphic design
  • Access to product discounts.

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What Can I Do With My NIU Student Email Login?

Your Northern Illinois University Student email login gives you access to many features. Among these are: accessing account information, Shared Access, checking grades, registering for classes, viewing financial aid, viewing tasks and to-do lists, and more.

With the NIU Student email login, you can accept admission, register for orientation, view your financial aid, view your tasks/to-do list, register for classes, and reserve housing are the next steps. 

The NIU student email login grants you access to the professor and advisor centers and to billing, asset management, general ledger, budget, accounts due, accounts receivable, and procurement.

What Email Does NIU Use?

Microsoft Office 365 is the designated email platform at NIU.

There is an email alias for NIU email addresses. The email alias could be modified and updated, but after that, no one (even you) can use it again or recover it. 

All arriving emails to your former alias won’t be delivered if you change them and won’t be retrievable.

School Employee Email

Your educators and school staff interact with students, mentees, parents, and guardians through the official messaging system known as School Employee Email. Use the NIU Student email login to contact your professors, any other staff member, or employees at the university.

Although email seems less formal than other written communication, the same laws and records requirements apply.

School District employees/authorized users shall use the District’s designated email system, such as Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, for all official emails and emails involving students or student issues.

Every year, all employees and authorized users must acknowledge and abide by the School’s policies and rules regarding properly using computerized information resources, including email.

Is NIU Email Gmail or Outlook?

With the Outlook – client, Outlook on the web, and Outlook for Android and iOS devices, you may use the Northern Illinois University Email.

How Do I Get In Touch With Northern Illinois University?

  • Whether you are a graduate, an undergraduate, or a student from the college of law, you can get in touch with NIU through the following means:
  •, 815-753-0446, or 800-892-3050 for undergraduate students.
  • or 815-753-0395 for graduates.
  • 815-753-8595 or for the College of Law.

School Email List

How Do I Log Into My NIU Email?

Go through your NIU email. It is how NIU administration, as well as faculty, will officially contact you. allows you to access NIU mail online.

How Do I Recover My NIU Email?

Have you lost access to your NIU student email login? Then follow these steps to retrieve it:

  • Open the program, then select “Device Binding.”
  • Choose “Forgot Password?”
  • Use your registered email address or registered mobile number to request a reset code.
  • Enter the code that you were sent by text or email.
  • Change your password.
  • Log in and confirm.

How To Send A Lecturer An Email From My Account?

Most of the time, sending emails to your professors with your NIU student email login is unavoidable, whether it’s to voice a complaint, request specific help, or even submit a project. Foremost, make sure you have his official email address.

Some guidelines might help you professionally contact your lecturer.

#1. Appropriate greeting

Always begin your email with “Dear” or “Hello” and then your professor’s name and position. If you’re unsure of their official title, a safe choice is usually always to use “Professor” after their last name.

#2. Check the course curriculum to find out what their correct name and title is

Refrain from trying to infer the name or position of your lecturer. You may always find it in some of his academic resources and the academic program.

#3. Identify yourself

Even though your professor is aware of the person you are, it always helps to introduce yourself briefly. Giving just your preferred name, the year, your department, and the course you’re taking might provide much background.

Make sure to spell and grammar.

#4. Put a formal bow on it

Include a closing in your email, such as “Best regards,” “Sincerely,” or “Thank you,” and then include your name.

Ensure your NIU email account has a signature that includes your full name, major, and expected graduation year. 

How Do I Send A Student Thank You Email?

Sincere and generously written thank-you letters are crucial in the corporate and academic worlds.

It’s essential to take the time to express gratitude to everyone who supports your professional life, job search, or education. 

Whether a former boss has given you a reference, a business contact has suggested you to their manager, a colleague has assisted you with a project, or a new prospective boss has already interviewed you for a position.

There are a few things you must always include in your thank-you note, regardless of the format you employ.

#1. Be sure to address the person correctly.

Use a formal salutation at the beginning of the letter, such as “Dear Mr. Lastname” or “Dear Firstname.” Use the person’s first name if you are close to them. If not, refer to them by Mr., Ms., or any good title.

#2. Express gratitude

Get right to the point in your note. Thank them in your letter’s first or second sentences so they understand why you’re writing. Include “Thank You” in the subject field of any email you send.

#3. Simple Email Etiquette

Social rules that affect how people communicate via email are included in email etiquette. These suggestions may differ a little depending on the college, the industry, the business, and even the generation. The goal of email etiquette is always to communicate politely and clearly.

#4. Keep your subject lines specific

The subject line is the primary reason most people open emails. Keep your headline actionable, detailed, and precise, especially if the email is for marketing. The subject line “how to compose a suitable email” is preferable to “email writing rules,” for instance.

#5. Punctuate emails properly

Punctuation can be subtle when used appropriately or blatant when misused. Please don’t embarrass your audience; strictly adhere to these guidelines.

There should be a stop, a question mark, and an exclamation point at the end of each line. If you omit the final period, it would appear that your thought was never fully expressed.

#6. Use proper grammar

You’ll inevitably make some errors if you don’t focus on learning grammar. The great news is that you will be satisfied if you minimize common mistakes your receiver will notice.

#7. Eliminate emojis from emails

I can get the desire to punctuate a harsh sentence with a cheerful face or end a joke with a laughing emoji. 

Emojis in the subject line can boost open rates in several businesses. According to 67% of respondents, emoji makes them look nicer, funnier, or more relaxed. But resist the urge except if your receiver has already used one or you are sure it fits your brand’s image.

#8. Keep subject lines succinct and descriptive

Your subject line ought to be succinct and descriptive. The recipient should be able to decide quickly whether they wish to open your communication.

#9. Make a good impression by signing off on emails

The sign-off will complement your email’s tone and substance. This phrase affects the recipient’s perception of you because it is the last thing they read.

If the tone is amusing, finish with a cordial goodbye.

#10. Consider the tone of your email.

It’s challenging to communicate effectively via email. According to research, people vastly overestimate the likelihood that their receivers would effectively discern whether they are being serious or ironic.

They expected recipients to get it correctly in 80% of the cases, while the actual percentage was more like 56%.

Does that imply that 50% of your emails would be misunderstood? No. However, it suggests that you consider your word choice and how others could interpret it.

#11. Don’t use any acronyms.

Acronyms can be confusing to grasp and make you sound too casual. You should always use good English even when writing to a known professional contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NIU allow for co-ed housing?

Single-gender rooms are available in each of the residence halls.

What is the program at NIU renowned for?

General psychology, registered nursing, other health/medical preparatory programs, speech communication and rhetoric, computer science, general marketing/marketing management, mechanical engineering, and operations management are among Northern Illinois University’s most sought-after majors.

Is there a dress code at NIU?

There is no official dress code at NIU. However, employees are expected to present a suitable identity for the university by dressing tastefully. Standards of clothing in the academic world should match those outside the employment setting.

How do I locate my Niu Z ID?

Applicants / Students: To retrieve one AccountID (Z-ID), please enter the private email address you used to submit your application or the one PeopleSoft has on file. If a match is discovered, they shall send you the AccountID (Z-ID) to the specified email address.

What is a Z ID?

Your username on almost all UNSW and CSE-operated platforms is your zID. It starts with a “z” and then has your student or employee ID number.

What makes Northern Illinois University (NIU) special?

The institution comprises seven colleges that award degrees, an enrollment of about 16,000 students, and over 240,000 alums. NIU is one of just two public universities in Illinois participating in the Division I competition of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


Accessing all learning resources is a challenge to attending college. However, you can lower the cost of these services using your NIU Student Email login.

This post on NIU Student Email Login, which focuses on how to use it, is intended to help you manage and gain access to resources that will benefit your career. It also aims to provide the best possible study environment and informational access.

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