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Getting a university degree is one of the best ways to advance your career. And online colleges have made higher education more accessible than ever, especially with the arrival of the best online schools in South Africa.

Some of the world’s best academic and professional programs are now within reach. You can now find a balance between the competing demands of life, such as work and childcare while completing your education online.

What do I benefit studying in Online Schools in South Africa?

Online Schools in South Africa allow students to follow courses through an online learning management system. Online courses offer flexibility for non-traditional students who have obligations outside of school, such as starting a family or working full time.

Although a major advantage of an online university or university is the fact that you can take courses anywhere in the world, most online students take classes from a school within 100 miles of where they live.

Online programs offer a lot of flexibility, but registering with an online study program close to home can offer major benefits.

If you sign up for an online program close to home, you can save money with in-state tuition, easily access campus resources such as libraries, gyms, or personal office hours with professors, and you can access hybrid programs for which you Spend money on campus for some time in addition to the online curriculum.

Low tuition fees and time flexibility are the most important advantages of a distance bachelor. It is the perfect way for students to reduce their expenses.

Online bachelor courses include the ability to teach in the evenings and at the weekend, ideal for adults looking for a career change or for high school graduates looking for an early start.

Whether it is completely online or requires regular campus meetings, most online bachelor courses offer virtual classrooms, teacher support, and student study groups.

About South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. It has the strongest economy in Africa and has an internationally strong higher education system. The executive capital is Pretoria, although Bloemfontein is its judicial capital and Cape Town is the legislative capital. The largest city is Johannesburg.

Here are the best online school in South Africa.

#1. THINK Digital College

THINK Digital College is the first virtual school in South Africa to offer both the CAPS and Cambridge curriculum. The mission of THINK is to incorporate good pedagogy (the art and science of learning) and the latest technology to promote creativity, growth, and learning.

THINK strives for excellence in education through an individual and holistic approach and to create a love for our students’ learning. We offer CAPS and Cambridge focused curriculum in an integrated, engaging and effective way.

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Our goal is to produce young adults who are innovative, creative and independent in their thinking, who have courage, perseverance, and resilience and who believe in themselves and their potential.

Official Portal: https://thinkdigitalcollege.co.za/

#2. ISBerne Online School

The ISBerne Online School is the ideal choice for anyone looking for proven, flexible, top-quality online middle or high school.
In collaboration with leading international education providers (such as K12 Inc and Pamoja Education) to offer ISBerne Online the best possible online education, ISBerne Online offers consistent, fully accredited, personalized middle and high school opportunities for students aged 11 to 18/22 years old in South Africa and the rest of the world, wherever in the world.

Official Portal: https://isberneonline.com/

#3. Hatfield Christian Online School

Hatfield Christian Online School (HCoS) originated from the good educational tradition of Hatfield Christian School (HCS) in Pretoria.

HCS has been successfully training young South African’s since 1985. Committed to community and nation-building, we want to embrace the global culture of flexibility and access to learning through technology.

With HCoS we can help schools with the challenge of insufficient resources. It is also a way to expand our student community by offering a solid education to students outside Pretoria or those who do not go to campus buildings for various reasons.

The online system offers these students and their parents the freedom to register at home and manage their own learning environments.

Parents can rest on the fact that specialized teachers who have followed the students through their studies are well trained. Contact sessions, regular evaluations, and reporting are built into each course.

Official Portal: https://onlineschool.co.za/

#4. Virtualschools.co.za

Virtualschools.co.za was founded in South Africa in 2013. We aim to be the leading provider of standards-based home education solutions in South Africa for grades R-12.

Virtual schools offer a refreshing alternative choice for students of the digital age. We have put together various blended learning solutions for grades R – 12. All our solutions fully comply with South African curriculum standards (CAPS).

Official Portal: http://www.virtualschools.co.za/

#5. University of the Witwatersrand Online School (Online Wits)

The University of the Witwatersrand offers suites of online postgraduate courses from the Business School and School of Governance. Join the prestigious online Wits network and work with like-minded and progressive professionals to speed up your management career.

Through our online courses, you are fully supported by expert teachers to help you achieve academic excellence.

These courses are meant to give you the chance to study at your own pace. Courses are equivalent and have the same admission requirements as those offered within the Postgraduate Diplomas at the Wits Business School and School of Governance.

The online learning experience of Wits offers the opportunity to continue your career with professionally-oriented short courses that offer you skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately to work.

Official Portal: https://online.wits.ac.za/

#6. CambriLearn

CambriLearn is an online homeschooling platform that offers both the International British and CAPS curriculums for students in South Africa. The platform offers direct access to teachers, online forums where students can connect, live and recorded lessons, and access to past learning materials for students who struggled with portions of the work.

Parents can also keep track of their children’s learning progress on the system’s Student Tracker to ensure that they stay up to date with the coursework and are ready for their exams. Students who enrol at CambriLearn enjoy unparalleled flexibility to learn at their own pace.

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CambriLearn’s courses are also accredited with Cognia, the largest accreditation system for educational institutions in the world. This translates to superior quality course content that helps our students flourish.

#7. University of Johannesburg Online School

The University of Johannesburg is pleased to offer a series of first-of-their-kind, fully online programs that can put your career on a dynamic path of growth.

UJ’s very best, fully online programs offer many benefits to individuals who want to further their career by balancing personal obligations.

With 6 start dates per year, no travel required, and a pay-per-module tuition structure, UJ’s format offers working professionals an easy and accelerated opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills in various industries and public services.

Our online programs have been carefully designed to enable students from all walks of life to obtain an accredited university qualification.

Official Portal: https://online.uj.ac.za/

#8. Stellenbosch University

The University of Stellenbosch offers online masters in public and development management, such as the Public Administration (MPA) program that focuses on the needs of people in a public sector leadership position.

They also offer academic certificate programs and short courses through lectures and interactive telematic education.

Official Portal: http://www.sun.ac.za/english

#9. Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)

Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) offers an online Business Administration program designed to produce progressive managers and leaders prepared for business and industry in the context of emerging and dynamic markets.

The flexible program enables working professionals to experience high-quality education while still achieving their professional goals.
Our MBA program provides graduates with extensive and advanced theoretical knowledge and applied skills in key areas of business and management.

Official Portal: https://www.mancosa.co.za/

#10. Regent Business School

Regent Business School offers an online Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management, an undergraduate qualification that provides an overview of management practices in a national and international context.

The program is aimed at developing conceptual understanding, synthesis, and application of management and management theory for students who want to move on to management careers.

It is also aimed at equipping qualifying students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to perform effectively in a Human Resource Management role, as well as with a suitable knowledge base in preparation for further learning.

Official Portal: https://regent.ac.za/

#11. University of South Africa

The University of South Africa (UniSA) is the largest open distance and online education institution in Africa and the longest-established dedicated distance learning university in the world.

UniSA enrolls nearly a third of all South African students. UniSA offers an unparalleled range of study choices, ranging from short courses and certificate programs to three- and four-year degrees and diplomas.

As one of the leading research institutions on the continent, our research efforts have earned us numerous awards, recognition, and awards.

Official Portal: https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/corporate/default

Cost of studies in South Africa

In December 2017, former President Jacob Zuma announced that all tertiary education would be free in South Africa. In the year that there is confusion about how and when this change can be implemented, the current National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) remains in force.

This means that the payment of university fees is still an important consideration for many South African students, whose costs are expected to rise in the coming decade.

Students can expect R64,200 for the first university year in 2021 – on average. This is expected to rise to R107,600 by 2025 and to R165,600 by 2030.

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The costs apply to first-year studies before 2021 and only serve as an estimate and exclude other costs, such as study books, travel, and residency.

The costs include the following undergraduates:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom);
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA);
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc);
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB, undergraduate);
  • Bachelor of Science / Engineering (BEng).

The costs are usually calculated per module that is required to obtain the credits of a certain degree. The costs below, therefore, give a broader idea of ​​the costs of a single academic year instead of a comprehensive overview.

Where ranges are given, the average amount is taken. For institutions where no Bachelor of Engineering is offered, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering is offered.

Some universities calculate their fees per module, need a student registration or have not provided an estimated degree value at the time of publication.

No need to worry about the high tuition in South Africa. Just click on the link to access the Low Tuition Universities in South Africa.


All in all, Online schools in South Africa offer many opportunities for career development. The fully online study at its own pace offers working students the necessary time flexibility to keep work and studies in balance.

Using the latest developments in communication technology, online masters open the way to new business opportunities by building student networks with common goals.

Online studies offer lower tuition fees, while content quality and teacher involvement are maintained as campus master programs. You can also take advantage of the Scholarships for South African Students by clicking on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study online in South Africa?

You can get an online degree in South Africa from Virtualschools, University of the Witwatersrand Online School (Online Wits), University of Johannesburg Online School, Stellenbosch University, Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA), Regent Business School, and University of South Africa.

Which is the first online school in South Africa to offer CAPS and Cambridge curriculum ?

THINK Digital College is the first virtual school in South Africa to offer both the CAPS and Cambridge curriculum.

What is the first online school in South Africa?

Honestly, University of South Africa (Unisa) is the largest open distance and online education institution in Africa and the longest-established dedicated distance learning university in the world.

What is the cost of an online degree in University of Cape Town?

Honestly, a B.A degree costs R56,320, B.Com degree costs R68,135, B.Sc degree costs R62,186, LLB degree costs R57,278 and a B.Eng degree costs R64,490.

We hope this writing provided your scholarship necessities. Please share with your friends and leave your question or response on the comment box for us to serve you better.

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