What is the PARCC Test ? Success Tips and Sample Questions

The secret to any exam success is adequate preparation. Whether you are taking the PARCC Test, SAT, or Act test, you need tips, study guidelines, and other relevant materials to aid in your preparations.

In this article, you will discover the PARCC success tips and also access sample questions. This will enable prepare for your PARCC test.

The primary purpose of PARCC is to provide high-quality assessments of students’ progression toward High school readiness and success.

So, there is a need to put in maximum effort towards the Parcc test prep. If I were you, I’ll take advantage of this article and get enlightened on the facts and logic behind the test.

What Does PARCC Test 2023 Stand For?

The acronym PARCC denotes Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. PARCC is a consortium of states working to create and deploy a standard set of K–12 assessments in Mathematics and English.

What States Require the PARCC Test? 

There are currently 20 states involved in the PARCC consortium. However, the educational leaders from these states along with test developers, work together to create the new computer-based English Language Arts and Math assessments.

Some of these states include the following;

  • Colorado
  • Washington DC
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Rhode Island

What Is The PARCC Test Used For?

Since you understand the PARCC practice test is and the states that require the test, it is important you understand what the test is used for and why it should be encouraged.

  • PARCC is aligned with the state’s new academic standards that guide what and how your children are taught in class.
  • It provides important information about your child’s progress.
  • The PARCC reports the breakdown of each subject tested into different categories of skills and shows how well your child performed in each.
  • PARCC helps you and your child’s teacher understand where your child is doing well and where he or she needs more support.
  • It helps identify where your child has mastered content so they can provide more challenging work to keep him or her engaged and progressing.

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How Long Is The PARCC Test?

It takes a lot of time to prepare for the PARCC test. In the preparation stage, the time you put in determines the outcome of your results. No matter how long you prepare for this exam, ensure that you are not just staring at your books.

Make sure you are studying quality. In fact, no time is too long a time. Your goal should be to cover all the requirements for the test. Well, the dates for the 2023 PARCC assessment administration vary based on the state and school district.

PARCC Test Prep And Success Tips

Just like every other test, the PARCC test prep requires time and effort. Although a lot of the work you need to do in preparing for the test happens in school, it is best to prepare your kids, and it is also important you know the basic tips and logistics of the test.

  • Purchase the relevant materials and study guide.
  • Order Practice Tests materials; The first time students see PARCC shouldn’t be the first time they take PARCC.
  • Know Your Resources.
  • Simulate PARCCs Testing Environment with Google Apps For Education.
  • Work Smart and avoid every form of distraction.

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Who Takes The PARCC Test?

The US Department of Education awarded assessment funds to the PARCC consortium Race to help in the development of the K–12 assessments.

Basically, the PARCC assessment covers two courses, including English language arts/literacy and mathematics, for students between Grade 3 and Grade 11. 

However, PARCC included educators in the development of its assessments and consulted more than 200 postsecondary educators and administrators in development assessments.

PARCC Practice Math Test

Parcc test prep comprises different subjects, including maths, social studies, English, and others. These tests are Computer-Based Practice and have their respective scoring capability built into the tool.

Additionally, the PARCC math test typically contains about 20 questions to answer in 60mins. You can access the sample questions as contained in the latter part of this post.

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PARCC Practice Test Samples

The sample practice tests for each grade level of the assessment are available below for you to use to familiarize yourself with the kinds of items and format used for the assessment. Attempt all questions.


1. If Lynn can type a page in p minutes, what piece of the page can she do in 5 minutes?

A) 5/p
B) p – 5
C) p + 5
D) p/5
E) 1- p + 5

2) If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hours, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?

A) 2 hours and 24 minutes
B) 3 hours and 12 minutes
C) 3 hours and 44 minutes
D)4 hours and 10 minutes
E) 4 hours and 33 minutes

3) Employees of a discount appliance store receive an additional 20% off of the lowest price on an item. If an employee purchases a dishwasher during a 15% off sale, how much will he pay if the dishwasher originally cost $450?
A) $280.90
B) $287.00
C) $292.50
D) $306.00
E) $333.89

4) The sales price of a car is $12,590, which is 20% off the original price. What is the original price?
A) $14,310.40
B) $14,990.90
C) $15,290.70
D) $15,737.50
E) $16,935.80

5) Solve the following equation for A: 2A/3 = 8 + 4A
A) -2.4
B) 2.4
C) 1.3
D) -1.3
E) 0

6) If Leah is 6 years older than Sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 14
D) 19
E) 21

7) Alfred wants to invest $4,000 at a 6% simple interest rate for 5 years. How much interest will he receive?
A) $240
B) $480
C) $720
D) $960
E) $1,200

8) Jim is able to sell a hand-carved statue for $670, which was a 35% profit over his cost. How much did the statue originally cost him?
A) $496.30
B) $512.40
C) $555.40
D) $574.90
E) $588.20

9) The city council has decided to add a 0.3% tax on motel and hotel rooms. If a traveler spends the night in a motel room that costs $55 before taxes, how much will the city receive in taxes from him?

A) 10
B) 11 cents
C) 15 cents
D) 17 cents
E) 21 cents

10) A student receives his grade report from a local community college, but the GPA is smudged. He took the following classes: a 2-hour credit art, a 3-hour credit history, a 4-hour credit science course, a 3-hour credit mathematics course, and a 1-hour science lab. He received a “B” in the art class, an “A” in the history class, a “C” in the science class, a “B” in the mathematics class, and an “A” in the science lab. What was his GPA if the letter grades were based on a 4-point scale? (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
A) 2.7
B) 2.8
C) 3.0
D) 3.1
E) 3.2

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  1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    This paragraph appears in which historic document?

A) The Declaration of Independence
B) The Freedom of Information Act
C) The Mayflower Compact
D) The Magna Carta
E) The U. S. Constitution

2. What does the acronym NAFTA stand for?

A) North American Federal Tariff Association
B) North African Free Trade Agreement
C) Non-American Final Territory Agreement
D) North American Free Tariff Agreement
E) North American Free Trade Agreement

3. Women, such as Susan B. Anthony, fought for suffrage and were finally successful in 1920. What does suffrage mean?

A) Right to free speech
B) Right to get an education
C) Right to vote
D) Right to work
E) Right to get divorced

4. Supply and demand are two important factors that influence the market. Supply means the amount of a specific product or service available.

Demand refers to the amount consumers want to purchase that product or service.

Both of these factors influence the price of goods. For example, if there is a large supply of a product that few people want to buy, the price of that product will go down.

As the price goes down, demand usually increases. Eventually, a balance between the two factors is reached, and the optimal price for that product or service is determined. At that point, the supply and demand have reached equilibrium.

If the supply of a product is limited, but demand is high, how would the price be affected?

A) It would go up
B) It would go down
C) It would stay the same
D) It would fluctuate
E) It would reach an equilibrium


Search for grammatical errors in the underlined sections of the following sentences and select the option that best corrects them. If there is no error, choose option A.

  1. Everyone, in the bank-including the manager and the tellers, ran to the door when the fire alarm rang.
    A) tellers ran
    B) tellers: ran
    C) tellers, had run
    D) tellers-ran
    E) tellers’ ran.”

2. To no one’s surprise, Joe didn’t have his homework ready.

A) no one’s surprise
B) no ones surprise
C) no-ones surprise
D) no ones’ surprise
E) no one’s surprise

3. If he had read “The White Birds,” he might have liked William Butler Yeats’s poetry.

A) would have read
B) could have read
C) would of read
D) could of read
E) had read

4. After the hurricane, uprooted trees were laying all over the ground.

A) were laying
B) lying
C) were lying
D) were laid
E) was laid

5. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), the great transcendentalist philosopher, wrote in his essay “Self-Reliance” about the need for an individual to develop his capacities.

A) essay “Self-Reliance.”
B) essay, “Self-Reliance.”
C) essay: Self-Reliance
D) essay, Self-Reliance
E) essay; “Self-Reliance.”

6. The recently built children’s amusement park has been called “a boon to the community” by its supporters and “an eyesore” by its harshest critics.

A) and “an eyesore” by its harshest
B) and “an eyesore,” by its harshest
C) and, an eyesore, by its harshest
D) and an eyesore-by its’ harshest
E) and-“an eyesore”-by its harshest

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Drawbacks To PARCC

There is much debate about the pros and cons of the PARCC practice test. While most people say the test should be encouraged, some believe PARCC shouldn’t be mandatory.

According to freshman Savanah Ardrey, ”Those who have studied and want to take their academics to another level should be able to. Those who don’t want to shouldn’t be required to,”.

Here are some of the reasons why people conclude that the PARCC test should be scrapped or, better still, optional.

  • Most teachers spend time preparing for the PARCC practice test could be learning new material, doing projects, and many more.
  • Freshman Julia Hackney says, “PARCC doesn’t accurately depict the value of classroom education and forces teachers to teach tests instead of unique lessons,”
  • Most parents see the PARCC test as an infringement upon local school curriculums and their budgets.
  • Students are subjected to a lot of pressure to do well in these exams.

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PARCC is an extension of regular classroom instruction. The PARCC test helps students experience and engage in real-life texts to solve meaningful problems based on high-quality classroom work.

These assessments are also used to help students and parents determine if they are truly prepared. In addition, the tests are further used to assist teachers in developing curricula in compliance with the Common Core State Standards.

FAQs For Parcc Practice Test In 2023

How many questions does the PARCC practice test have?

The PARCC practice test contains a total of 43 questions.

How can I determine class placement in local schools?

Local schools may use PARCC results as one of several measures to determine class placement, such as in a gifted program.

What is the range of the PARCC scale score?

The PARCC scale scores range from 650 to 850 for all tests.


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