15 Best Personal Finance Classes Online For Beginners & PROs 

Having basic personal financial skills is one of the essential things you can do to live a healthy, happy, and secure life.

Personal finance involves saving, spending, and investing your money. While this is not taught in the traditional school setting, mastering the act of personal finance is one tool that helps you navigate through life better.

According to Investopedia, personal finance is about meeting personal financial goals, whether it’s having enough for short-term financial needs, planning for retirement, or saving for your child’s college education. So, to make the most of your income and savings, you must attend personal finance classes online to gain the acumen to be financially literate enough to distinguish between good and bad advice and make smart decisions.

In addition to reading personal finance books, attending online classes will go a long way to enhance your financial life. Grab hold of this opportunity today.

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Can I Take Personal Finance Classes Online?

You can take personal finance classes online via any of the e-learning platforms like Coursera, Alison, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. While some personal finance classes require a fee, some come for free too. Nonetheless, each online personal finance class attended generally offers a high return on investment if you apply the information you learn to improve your finances.

The best personal finance classes online offer the opportunity to learn from trained experts who are grounded on the fundamental principles of managing personal money. To take the best out of the lessons, it’s best you put into practice all you’ve learned.

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Personal Finance Classes?

Regardless of the career, you are pursuing, our lives are all influenced by money and the ability to master how to use money goes a long way to determine our level of financial progress.

The following are the benefits of taking online personal finance courses:

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#1 It helps you meet your money needs

Taking a personal finance course gives you a broader perspective on how money should be spent. This knowledge gives you the ability to establish a plan that suits your income level as well as help you create a financial future goal.

#2 It helps you easily manage your income

If you fail to plan your income, you will always end up overspending. With the knowledge of personal finances, you will be able to manage your income effectively. By so doing, you will spend on what is necessary then save and invest the rest.

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#3 It teaches you budgeting, spending, and saving

One of the things attending personal finance classes does to you is that it shapes your knowledge of budgeting, spending, and saving. If you are used to running out of cash after any slight spending or taking up the wrong investment ideas, then your knowledge of how money works is faulty. As such, personal finance skills help you to understand how much you earn, what are your monthly expenses, and help you to budget within that income.

#4 It offers a better financial understanding

Another key benefit of attending personal financial classes online is that it provides a better understanding of your finances. This is usually achieved when you put in place measurable goals, understand the effects of decisions and learn to measure results on intervals.

#5 It raises your standard of living

When you know how best to manage money, your standard of living increases and gets more secured. The more you plan for your finances, the more your savings will be. What this entails is that having your expenses all planned leaves more to be saved and invested.

#6 It helps you grow your assets

Knowing how to grow your assets and cancel out some liabilities is one of the benefits attending an online personal finance class affords learners. When you know and recognize the value of assets, the level of possible financial burden depletes as you grow your assets.

#7 Keeps you off unmanageable debts

Being overly in debt has always been more counterproductive than productive. Therefore, managing your debt in a way that guarantees no harm to your future is vital. Attending an online personal finance course demystifies and makes known the idea and concept of managing debts.

What Are The Best Personal Finance Online Courses?

Our list of best personal finance classes online was curated based on ratings, reviews, price, and course outline. Take the first step to becoming a financial expert by going through the list below.

#1 Personal Finance Professional Certificate – edX

Cost: $537.30

The Personal Finance Professional Certificate is designed for individuals to build financial literacy. In this online personal finance program, you will gain the basic building blocks relevant to secure a foundation for your future. This course is designed for the beginner to the pro learner.

Indiana University offers this professional certificate in personal finance course.


#2 Managing personal cash and credit – edX

Cost: FREE

Through this course, you will gain both practical bits of knowledge of core concepts of cash and credit, and achieve a broader view of how personal managing personal cash and credit contribute to a successful and fulfilling life.

The course will also help you discover the five c’s of credit, how to improve your credit score, and how to determine if a line of credit is right for you. Additionally, it prepares you to choose the right financial institution for your specific situation, evaluate cash management products, and use credit wisely.

This online personal finance course is offered by Indiana University.


#3 Financial Literacy – Alison

This free online financial literacy course will teach you tricks and techniques which you can use to help manage your finances better. Did you know that 40% of credit card holders do not pay all their debt each month and get punished for it? Poor personal finance management can severely affect your life and credit rating. This course will also teach you about saving money, budgeting, dealing with debt, insurance, and retirement planning.


#4 Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts – Alison

Cost: FREE

This personal finance class online teaches how to manage and prioritize. When a serious financial problem arises in life, most people resort to getting a loan. If not well managed, these loans can result in debt piling up over time, and eventually becoming unmanageable. This is an extremely stressful problem, but also one that can be prevented and helped by some sound financial planning. In a clear and simple manner, this course is designed to teach you some great tips for alleviating and managing your personal finance debts.


#5 Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making -edX

Cost: FREE

In this introduction to finance course from Michigan learn to apply frameworks and smart tools for understanding and making everyday financial decisions. It makes use of real-life instances to make you understand the fundamental aspect of personal finance.

This online course is offered by the University of Michigan.


#6 Transform, Grow and Innovate in Finance – Alison

Cost: FREE

This free online personal finance class will teach you about how you can transform and develop financial business through the stages of personal finance transformation, people finance transformation, process finance transformation, and systems finance transformation. You will also learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business and plan a strategy for success. This way you can help your organization achieve a fruitful finance transformation.


#7 Financial Freedom – Alison

Cost: FREE

In this online personal finance class, learners are taught how to stay on top of their finances. The free online course teaches how to design, keep to priorities, and set goals that will help you manage your personal finances. It will also teach you how to avoid common financial mistakes and misunderstandings, and help you save for a more secure future.

You will also cover the subject of giving to charity and making the most of unemployment. In addition, you will learn about mortgages and how a mortgage is paid.


#8 Understanding Risk and Reward in Finance – Khan Academy

Cost: FREE

This personal finance class gives learners an understanding of risk and reward in finance. It goes on to highlight the different types of investments open to your business. So, if you wish to go deep in the knowledge of risk, reward and investment, take this course now.


#9 Financial Planning for Young Adults – Coursera

Course: FREE

Financial Planning for Young Adults (FPYA), developed in partnership with the CFP Board, is designed to provide an introduction to basic financial planning concepts for young adults. The FPYA course is organized across eight separate modules within a 4-week window. Topics covered include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing, and credit. Because financial planning is such a personal topic, you will be encouraged to define your own financial goals and objectives while we discuss concepts and provide tools that can be applied in helping you reach those goals.

This financial planning course is offered by the University of Illinois.


#10 The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization – Coursera

Cost: FREE

This specialization is meant for anyone looking to take control of their finances. Through these five courses, you will cover a variety of personal finance topics, including budgets, investing, and managing risk. The readings, videos, and activities presented in the class will prepare you to understand the current state of your money, as well as take actions to work toward your financial goals.

This online class is offered by SoFi.


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#11 Personal & Family Financial Planning – Coursera

Cost: FREE

This free personal finance online course addresses many critical financial management topics in order to help you learn prudent habits while as a student and all your lifetime.

This free online personal finance course is offered by the University of Florida.


#12 Risk Management in Personal Finance – Coursera

This financial literacy course is aimed at those who want to understand more about how they can protect their finances from unexpected events. The course covers the role insurance plays in your financial plan, including what kinds of insurance to explore, how to determine how much insurance you need, and how different kinds of insurance works. The course includes life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance. You will also learn about estate planning, including the documents involved and special considerations for new parents.

Lastly, this course helps you understand how protecting your money is an important part of financial planning.


#13 The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect and Make More – Udemy

Cost: $17.99

This personal finance course teaches how to analyze and significantly decrease your personal expenses so your net worth increases significantly in the long run. At the end of the course, you will master the act of smart savings.


#14 Personal Finance Masterclass – Easy Guide to Better Finances – Udemy

Cost: $13.99

This online personal finance course will teach you how to master your money, grow your income, reduce your debt, budget the smart way, invest your money, and much more. At the end of the online course, you will master your own finances, increase your income by a great margin, and a whole lot more. Get started now!


#15 The Core Four of Personal Finance including Recession Basics – Udemy

Cost: $13.99

The onslaught of Covid 19 left a negative impact on the global economy, leaving us with a global recession. This course provides learners with the best ways to prepare and tackle the recession. It further goes on to carefully explain the core four pillars of personal finance.

At the end of this personal finance class online, you will know how best to get your personal finance under control and navigate during times of uncertainty.


FAQs On The Best Personal Finance Classes Online

Where can I take personal finance classes?

You can take personal finance classes online via any e-learning platform like Coursera, Alison, Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

What is personal finance?

Personal finance has to do with meeting personal financial goals, whether it’s having enough for short-term financial needs, planning for retirement, or saving for your child’s college education.

Are there free personal finance courses online?

Yes, there are free online personal finance courses on Coursera, Udemy, Alison, and edX.

What does personal finance involve?

Personal finance is a term that represents managing your money as well as saving and investing.


To improve how you make decisions about your money and other resources. Learning the fundamentals of personal finance is paramount. Through our list of personal finance classes online, you will find courses that will help you build a financially stable future.


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