20 Best Publishing Companies For Authors | 2023

Different types of publishing companies for authors exist, depending on the book’s target market. While most people think of “traditional” publishers as those who print books sold in bookstores, there are also academic and professional publishers and self-publishing platforms.

It takes a lot of effort to write a book. Finding a publisher is more difficult. If you’ve written a book and you’re seeking a publisher, we’ve compiled a list of the best publishing companies that accept submissions. There are over 2827 publishing companies in the United States.

What Do Publishing Companies Do?

Publishers are responsible for much more than just printing and selling books. They oversee the entire publishing process, including author selection and development, manuscript editing, promotion, distribution, and financial administration. Publishers promote authors and books using several methods, including media interviews and book signings. They send out press releases and early copies to journalists. They reach out to book clubs, bookstores, internet merchants, and other book distributors to promote the book.

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How Do Publishing Companies Work?

The first thing to know about publishing companies is that they compensate you for the rights to your work, ideas, and whatever else is stipulated in the contract. This means that the publishing company “owns” your book, and you only receive a portion of the profits (a small, 5 percent -10 percent cut).

The standard procedure is for you, the author, to find an agent. Your novel is then pitched to the publishing company by this agent.

If the corporation loves the premise or even the whole manuscript, they’ll buy the rights to your book through a contract that usually includes an advance and, if they see the potential, a multi-book agreement.

The publishing company then assigns you to an editor with whom you will collaborate to write, revise, and publish the book. Meanwhile, other members of the publishing business work on the book cover, title, and other chores that the writer is not responsible for during the publishing process.

How Do Publishing Companies Make Money? 

They make money by paying you for your ideas, the rights to your work, and whatever else is specified in the contract. The firm owns the book but only shares a fraction of the earnings with you.

What Are Some Good Publishing Companies?

Here’s a list of some good publishing companies:

  • Sterling Publishing
  • Chronicle Books
  • Alloy Entertainment
  • Flashlight Press
  • Baen
  • Free Spirit Publishing
  • Five Star
  • Adams Media

Who Are The Big Five In Publishing?

Choosing the finest among the numerous book publishing firms may seem difficult, as various authors have different preferences. However, we have compiled a list of the big five book publishing companies to ensure you are not disappointed.

  • Hachette Book Group
  • HarperCollins
  • Macmillan Publishers
  • Penguin Random House
  • Simon and Schuster

These are the big dogs, the Holy Grail of publishing honors and recognition.

These firms are exceedingly picky and will only accept offers through a third-party agent. Fiction authors must have remarkable writing talents, and their work must fit the commercial mold of genre fiction. In contrast, nonfiction authors must have a captivating hook, a marketable topic, and a strong author platform even to be considered by big publishing houses.

If you believe your work is Big 5-worthy, you must find an agent to represent you. They’ll assist you in improving your book (if they’re any good), then work their tails off to locate you at a great price. They’re similar to a business manager in that they can contact editors who are otherwise unavailable and negotiate all key contract terms on your behalf–but it’s not all roses.

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Who Is The Best Publisher For First-Time Authors?

The writing market can be intimidating, especially for new authors without a track record of previous publication, so here’s a list of best publishers for first-time authors:

1. Blaze Vox Books

Blaze Vox Books is a publishing house with a history of working with first-time authors. Founded in 1999, Blaze Vox Books represents many books, from poetry collections to children’s books to genre fiction. They take their time to discover new authors and use their expertise to help them get started in the publishing industry on the right foot. They’ve published novels like Dennis Barone’s “Frame Narrative,” Robert Wexelblatt’s “Petites Suites,” and Patrick Chapman’s “So Long, Napoleon Solo.”

2. Baen Books

Baen Books is an adventure and science-fiction publishing house founded by Jim Baen. Paperbacks, hardcovers, and eBooks are all published by this company. They also own and manage their eBook shop, unlike many established publishers. They’ve sold over 2,000 books written by more than 500 authors throughout the world over the years. It is one of the greatest choices for first-time authors because it maintains an open submission process. Timothy Zahn’s “Cobra” and Tom Kratman’s “Training for War” are their best-known works.

3. On Stage Publishing

On Stage Publishing may be your publishing house if you’re a first-time author who’s finished a children’s book. They publish fiction and nonfiction chapter books, middle-grade books, and young adult novels. They do not, however, publish picture books or collections of short stories or poems. They’ve published books, including Jamie Dodson’s “Mission: Shanghai” and Annie Laura Smith’s “Saving Da Vinci.”

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4. Tor/Forge

Tor/Forge is a publishing house that takes pride in having an open submissions policy, which is ideal for first-time authors who have yet to find representation in the business. An editorial team member examines every submission they receive, so first-time authors don’t have to worry about whether or not their work will be considered.

5. Impulse – Avon Romance

Avon Romance is a fantastic choice for a publishing firm if you’re a first-time romance novelist. Avon Romance is looking for contemporary romances, historical romances, erotica, inspirational romances, paranormal romances, romantic suspense, and westerns. They’ve published New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s “Beautiful Sinner,” Jeaniene Frost’s “Shades of Wicked,” and Maya Rodale’s “Duchess by Design.”

What Are The 20 Best Publishing Companies For Authors?

Some of the following publishers are imprints of the “Big 5” publishing houses. Although none of the “Big 5” accept direct submissions, several of their imprints do.

1. Sterling Publishing


They publish a massive variety of adult, young adult, and children’s books and have over 60 years in business and over 5,000 titles in print. Children’s books were published both fiction and nonfiction. They even have an imprint that publishes workbooks and flashcards for preschool through middle school students.

Submission guidelines: They accept submissions from authors through the mail.  Click here for submission guidelines

2. DAW


An imprint of Penguin and a well-known and well-respected publishing house specializing in science fiction and fantasy.

Submission guidelines: Only full-length novels of at least 80,000 words and mail submissions are accepted. Short stories and novellas are not accepted. They demand submissions to be exclusive to them, but if it takes more than three months for them to assess your book, you can submit it elsewhere. Click here for submission guidelines

3. Chronicle Books


Their books are everywhere as they even have international retail stores, and they specialize in children’s books and adult trade (not adult fiction).

Submission Guidelines

Different guidelines if you’re submitting children’s or adult trade, so follow them carefully. They will only respond if interested in publishing. Click here for submission guidelines

4. Alloy Entertainment


They publish up to 12 partial or complete manuscripts every year, primarily in the genres of women’s fiction, young adult, middle-grade, and chapter novels. Because they’re affiliated with Warner Bros., they strive to adapt their novels into films and television shows (e.g., Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries).

Submission guidelines: Verify they are open to submissions, as they sometimes close their doors to unsolicited submissions. They try to respond within 6-8 weeks. Click here for submission guidelines

5. Baen


They solely publish science fiction and fantasy. They are one of the few prominent publishers who would accept full-length manuscripts from authors without an agent. They are one of the most reputable publishers of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.

Submission guidelines: Electronic submission via their submission form is strongly preferred. It takes longer than usual to receive a response (9-12 months). Click here for submission guidelines

6. Flashlight Press


They Publish predominantly children’s fiction picture books aimed at youngsters aged 4 to 8. They only print 2-4 books per year, and they are gorgeously drawn. Many accolades have been given to their firm and individual books. They sell all around the world.

Submission guidelines: They encourage submissions via their site, but you can also email them. Books should be under 1,000 words long, have a global topic, deal with family or social concerns, and fit into their book collection. They will contact you within three months if they are interested. Click here for submission guidelines

7. Skyhorse Publishing


With 15 imprints and a backlist of over 6,000 titles, it is one of the fastest-growing independent publishers in the United States. They publish a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, as well as adult, young adult, and children’s publications. In their ten years of publishing, they’ve had 43 volumes on the New York Times bestseller list. 

Submission guidelines: If they want to view more of your novel, you’ll hear from them within 4-6 weeks. Click here for submission guidelines

8. Free Spirit Publishing


They publish nonfiction books and educational products for children, teenagers, parents, educators, counselors, and those who work with children and teenagers. They publish 20 to 25 new titles annually and have a strong distribution network that includes major trade and library distributors, Barnes & Noble bookstores, Amazon.com, and their widely dispersed mail-order catalog.

Submission guidelines: They’re on the lookout for nonfiction submissions. Proposals are only accepted by mail, and their response time ranges from 2 to 6 months. Click here for submission guidelines

9. Five Star


They accept mystery and western fiction submissions and are affiliated with prominent academic publishing houses Gale and Cengage Learning.

Submission Guidelines: If you don’t have an agent or a published book, contact a general editor ([email protected]) for complete submission criteria. Your name, contact details, and genre should all be included. Only electronic submissions are accepted.

They’ll answer, but it might take a while. For most authors looking for publishing houses, their website is more difficult to navigate, but they also have a Facebook page where you may get more information.

10. Adams Media


Adams Media publishes almost anything. They feature many popular nonfiction books on self-help, parenting, business, cuisine, money, relationships, and pet-raising. They also publish crime, humor, lifestyle, memoirs, inspiration, and other topics. One of the largest publishers that takes book suggestions from first-time authors and those who do not have representation.

Submission Guidelines: You can send your book proposal via email or regular mail, and you will only hear back if they are interested in publishing your work. Click here for submission guidelines

11. Kensington Publishing Corp


They have multiple imprints and are recognized as “America’s Independent Publisher.” They produce almost 600 fiction and nonfiction books each year in various genres, including romance, women’s fiction, African American, young adult and nonfiction, true-crime, western, and mystery. Some bestselling authors from the New York Times have been published.

Submission Guidelines: Examine the areas of interest of their editors and submit to the one you think is the best fit for your work. They will only respond if they are interested. Click here for submission guidelines

12. Beacon Press


They publish serious nonfiction about important subjects, including diversity, religious pluralism, anti-racism, justice, equity, and compassion for all people.

Submissions Guidelines: Only electronic entries are accepted. After examining your inquiry, they will contact you within three weeks if they are interested in seeing a comprehensive proposal. Click here for submission guidelines

13. Black Inc.


They publish many fiction and nonfiction, although poetry and children’s books are not among their offerings.

Submission guidelines

Only Australian writers are eligible to submit, and contributions must be sent by email. They will contact you within 8 weeks if interested in your novel. Click here for submission guidelines

14. Persea Books


Literary novels, creative nonfiction, memoirs, essays, biographies, books on current events, anthologies, poetry, and young adult titles are all accepted. They publish no genre fiction, self-help, textbooks, or children’s books.

Submission Guidelines: You should send in your submissions package by mail. Click here for submission guidelines.

15. BelleBooks/Bell Bridge


BelleBooks began focusing on Southern literature before expanding to include the Bell Bridge imprint, which publishes various genres. They publish children’s literature, fantasy, nonfiction, romance, mystery, and women’s fiction, as well as anthologies and young adult books.

Submission Guidelines: They don’t accept simultaneous submissions unless an agent represents you. The average response time is 3-6 months. Click here for submission guidelines.

16. Seven Stories Press


They publish fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry books on occasion. Random House is a publishing house that distributes books.

Submission Guidelines: You should only send the requested materials by mail. Click here for submission guidelines

17. Jollyfish Press


They publish many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, young adult, humor, romance, and women’s fiction. North Star Editions, Inc. purchased a newer publisher, founded in 2012, and in October 2016.

Submission Guidelines: You should only send your submission via email. They’re About Us page explains what their editors are searching for, which might be useful for authors looking for a place to publish. Click here for submission guidelines

18. Oneworld Publishing


Nonfiction and literary fiction are their specialties. Self-help, biographies, religion, history, business, and other topics are among the many categories available. They publish about 100 books each year on a global scale.

Submission Guidelines: They provide a submission form that authors can fill out and submit. Check to see whether your book fits in with their other titles. Click here for submission guidelines

19. Black & White Publishing


A major independent Scottish publisher that accepts submissions from authors from all across the UK, Ireland, and the world. They primarily publish fiction and nonfiction, with a focus on women’s literature (chick lit, saga, and romance), crime and psychological thrillers, and new adult crossovers, as well as memoirs, sport (particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland), humor, food and drink, and activity books.

Submission Guidelines: They recommend you utilize their online submission form, but you can also send them a letter. If they are interested, you should hear back within three months. Click here for submission guidelines

20. Angry Robot


A well-known adult science fiction and fantasy publisher also occasionally publishes horror. Although it is based in the United Kingdom, it has a large following in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. They’re a subsidiary of Watkins Media Ltd.

Submission Guidelines: They have occasional “open door” periods (every 18 months or so) when they accept manuscripts from authors who do not have agencies. Check their website to see if an open-door period is now in effect. If you have a literary agent or have been suggested to them by an author already on their roster, you can submit them at any time. Only electronic submissions are accepted. They favor adult-oriented literature over junior- or young-adult-oriented books. Click here for submission guidelines.


As an author, you’ll be noticed for being kind and professional in your interactions. Show civility and professionalism in your letters, emails, social media posts, phone calls, and in-person conversations; people will want to do business with you. You can go to the websites of the above-mentioned book publishing houses. Publishing your book with the help of a publisher is one of the options available to you, but it is not the only one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Royalties? 

The writer or copyright holder receives a share of a book’s sales as royalties.

When Do I Start Receiving Royalties?

Except for writers who have received an advance payment, royalties will not be paid until the publisher has deducted the value of the advance from book royalties. At that point, the author will be paid according to the contract agreement.

What Do Publishers Do?

A publisher is a person or group of people who assist in distributing a book to the general public for reading.

What Are The Types Of Publishing?

The types of publishing are; Traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing are the three types of publishing.

How Long Will Authors Continue to Receive Royalty?

For as long as the book is still selling.


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