Skoolified | Latest School Management App

Are you an educationist, school administrator, or school owner? The school management has just been digitized.

Your school management and operations can now be made easier through Skoolified, the latest, top-notch, and concise automated school management application.

This is an opportunity to take advantage of modern technology and take your school management to enviable heights.

About Skoolified Management App?

Skoolified is an automated and powerful school management application hosted on a cloud server that helps school administrators effectively manage their school operations

Skoolified is a smart, easy-to-use, and efficient web application/school management website that allows school owners to effectively manage their schools.

Skoolified’s goal is to bring technology to millions of students while giving school owners the opportunity to work less, manage their school, save money and earn money at the same time

Does Skoolified have any benefit?

With this web application, school owners can manage their daily school operations stress-free, even in their absence, because the application is a web-hosted hosted cloud application. The benefits of using Skoolified include the following.

  • Free functional website and marketing for the schools
  • Immediate SMS delivery
  • Online homework with an automated marketing scheme
  • Online exam and test
  • E-Library
  • Accounting, E-Invoice, and Smart E-Wallet Credit
  • Behavioral analysis and report including the electronic presence
  • Result compilation and much more

Who is Skoolified meant for?

Skoolified is intended for public and private schools, especially for primary and secondary education. This web application can be simplified to make public and private schools visible on the Web and visible to the public.

This means that all schools that create an account on our platform will immediately have a free website of different types using a sub-domain.

You can get more information on how to create an account through the following link

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How does Skoolified Management App Work?

Skoolified works in a simple and structured way and is today the perfect education application on the internet. It promises to help enlighten children through computer programming.

You can also access the complete tutorial on how to use Skoolified through the following link

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How much does it cost?

Skoolified is FREE if you only need one website for your school, but if you need a complete school portal for more than 5 students. You have to pay N200 for Nigeria and other countries $1.

Impact of Skoolified

Skoolified for Parents and Students

Skoolified invites parents to positively participate in their school ward operations. This gives them more time and strength to remain connected to their children’s everyday experiences in separate schools efficiently. They take part in:

  • Review of behavior report and view
  • Skoolified sees and supports children with the homework that strengthens the relationship between them and their parents.
  • Get informed of the current incident in the school via SMS.

Skoolified for Teacher and Parent

Skoolified empowers teachers and parents to collaborate to ensure that students get the best education

  • Automatic mark generation and compilation
  • Smart result compilation and processing. Empowered with online examination and homework, the compilation is made easier.
  • Better insight into, and control over school activity with ease
  • Easy access to results to a student to parent, teacher, and school directors
  • Easy pin generation to check results

For Student and School

Skoolified features aim at reducing workload while increasing efficiency.

  • Replace paperwork with cloud technology to improve performance and efficiency in the data processing.
  • The organization is our sole key. Records are stored, processed, and organized in the purest way.
  • Better insight into, and control over school activity with ease.
  • Super fast search tool to enable data retrieval at ease.
  • Increase revenue from I.C.T development.
  • On-demand online payment processing.

Do we have a partnership program?

YES! We offer our partners 28% of all profits made by our platform when instructing a school to use and pay for our system. The profit of 28% is valid for a lifetime, as long as the school continues to use our platform

To get more information about the partnership, click on the link

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You get more information about how to create an account with skoolified by clicking on the page link below

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