Top 10 Nail Tech Schools Fort Myers | 2022 Requirements

Now might be the ideal moment to start if you want to work or build a career as a nail technician in Florida, often known as a nail specialist, manicurist, or pedicurist.

Statistics show that the number of people who visit Florida is increasing on yearly basis, there may be plenty of opportunities for you to provide services to both locals and visitors.

We decided to do the hard job on the research to help make your experience a memorable one here. So here are the Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Fort Myers.

The best schools to apply for and all requirements needed for your application and everything you need to know about the Nail Schools Fort Meyers.

What To Learn In a Nail Tech School

You’ll primarily learn the fundamentals of nail care and design, as well as details on hygienic practices. Many schools provide information about their courses online.

To learn more about what each program offers, you can also take a tour around the campus in person, or visit their sites.

Nail Tech Programs

The following courses are taught in a nail tech school:


  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Tips for nail design and art
  • Sculptures
  • Wraps
  • Gels
  • Foot and calf massage
  • Security and cleanliness

Study Area:

  • Physiology and diseases
  • Products and chemicals
  • Hygiene
  • Community Health
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Massage technique
  • Technology for nails

Choose a Nail Tech Program Near You

Once you’ve made the decision to become a nail technician, consider these five suggestions to help you choose the best nail tech program:

  • Accreditation

In some states, in order to practice as a nail technician, you must finish an accredited curriculum. It’s crucial to pick a technician program that corresponds to the specifications for the license exam in your state.

  • Loans, Scholarships, and Financial Aids

Financial assistance from the government is not available for all programs. If you require financial aid, look over several programs to discover what grants and scholarships are offered.

Be sure to comprehend the loan payback terms if you borrow money to fund your study.

  • Renewal of Licenses and Ongoing Education

The standards for license renewal and continuing education in your state may differ, so be sure to study them. The prices, timing, and requirements for continuing education vary greatly.

  • Program Organization

Pick a course of study that suits your lifestyle. Your ability to work while in school may be impacted by programs that operate Monday through Friday or exclusively on campus.

  • Services for Finding a Job and Networking

Online Nail Tech School Florida

Check to see if your institution helps place graduates in jobs or provides opportunities for students to interact with mentors.

While training in the upmarket salon Florida Academy, you’ll find your passion! Why attend to school when you can receive your training in a stunning, upscale salon?

You will receive practical, industry-recognized training as a nail technician at Florida Academy’s Redken Premier School, enabling you to:

  • Offer specialized nail services like manicures and pedicures.
  • Learn the newest nail design and artistic techniques to demonstrate your talent.
  • Gain marketing and communication skills while serving clients in Florida

The best beauty experts in Southwest Florida will instruct you as they bring years of practical salon experience to the nail technician program.

You can become ready to start a rewarding new career as a nail technician and take advantage of the expanding opportunities in the beauty industry in as little as two months.

You can apply for your license with the state of Florida after finishing our accredited program and passing the final exam.

This will enable you to provide services to clients in a range of environments, including spas, resorts, nail salons, and hair salons. Nail technicians may work for themselves.

Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Fort Myers

1. American Institute of Beauty

2. Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy

3. Boca Beauty Academy

4. Florida Barber Academy

5. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

6. Palm Beach Academy of Health & Beauty

7. Robert Fiance Beauty Schools

8. Shear Excellence Hair Academy

9. Academy of Beauty and Business

10. Academy of Cosmetology

#1. American Institute of Beauty

American Institute of Beauty is committed to helping its graduates, whether you’re a fresh high school graduate, thinking of changing careers or looking for a brand-new start.

American Institute of Beauty is ready to help you pursue your dream future that you will be proud of.

The school teach its student current techniques that can set graduates up for success in an ever-changing industry!

About School

#2. Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy

The right start will set you up for a future that set you on a successful, and financially rewarding pace.

Make the appropriate school option to advance: Success is a result of small classes and committed teachers.

The wise decision for you to start a fantastic career in the beauty industry is Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy. They offer cosmetology, skin care, nail care, and barbing.

About School

#3. Boca Beauty Academy

Boca Beauty Academy located in Boca Raton, FL, offers online classes too.

This school has 17 qualification programs that they offer, the most sorted for which are the Esthetician License, Cosmetology License and Medical Esthetician.

The time duration for the program ranges from 5 hours to 1 year depending on the qualification, with a median of 6 months to complete the course.

Boca Beauty Academy tuition fee ranges from $2,997 to $15,000 this depends on the qualification your enrolling for.

With a median cost of $8,000.

About School

#4. Florida Barber Academy

Florida Barber Academy is committed to preparing a generation of excellent Barbers/Stylists and Cosmetologists.

With the mind of expertise, and an exciting working environment that allows students to grow and develop in becoming fully licensed.

About School

#5. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

The school offers Barbing, Cosmetology, Skin Care, Massage Therapy, Nail Technology, Dual Licensing, with a maximum number of 1200 Hours of training that last for 5Months.

This is dependent on your qualification. Some have 900 hours with a minimum of 3Months training period.

About School

#6. Palm Beach Academy of Health & Beauty

The school curriculum offers 4 major programs.

The most popular concentrations are Barbering and Hairstyling, Cosmetology, and Medical Assistant.

Esthetics, often known as “aesthetics” or “esthiology,” is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the United States.

Seeing that more people are beginning to give attention to their health and self-care, therefore searching for experts who are committed to helping them in improve their skin.

About School

#7. Robert Fiance Beauty Schools

A full-service student salon, spa, beauty and picture studio, and makeup bar are all available on this campus and offer a variety of services to the general public.

The school is always having many clients, so the students always practice what they are being taught, mostly during Florida’s “In-Season,” and the senior students use the SUMMIT SALON program.

Under the supervision of their instructors, senior students handle all hair, cosmetics, skin, and barber services.

About School

#8. Shear Excellence Hair Academy

The fashion industry is served by a number of programs offered by the accredited Shear Excellence Hair Academy.

School provide programs in barbering, cosmetology, nail technology, facial specialization, and full specialization.

All Programs are taught by dedicated and certified Instructors who will help you succeed by giving you the resources you need along the way.

Shear Excellence Hair Academy offers its students financial aid for all qualified candidates. That is those who meet the requirements for certain of programs.

About School

#9. Academy of Beauty and Business

The number of jobs for hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists is predicted to increase by 19% between 2020 and 2030, which makes all the sense given that influencers are demonstrating what is possible and there is a greater understanding of the demands of skin, nails, and hair health.

You stand the chance to learn more, and also project yourself as an expert because that is what the school intends to bring out of you.

About School

#10. Academy of Cosmetology

Cosmetologists in Naples made $34,310 ($16.49) per year on average, while those in Fort Myers made $32,660 ($15.70) per year on average.

Florida anticipates a 17% increase in the field between 2016 and 2026, which is 8% more than what is anticipated nationally.

To get licensed, the state’s cosmetologists must complete 1,200 hours of training and pass two tests.

About School

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Going through all of these schools, we found out that some provide its student with financial aid and scholarships if they have to know money for their training program.

This makes it very much easy and interesting for those who have the passion to go into the beauty industry but have no financial strength.

We have been able to provide you with this information, and we believe your choice-making now is based on the right information our team has provided you with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Florida?

Students must complete a minimum of 240 hours of instruction in Florida, which must include both theory and practice.
You may complete beauty school in as little as three months, depending on your attendance.

How much does it cost to get a nail tech license in Florida?

The license application fee initial costs is $75

How do I become a nail technician in Florida?

Priorities come first
Possess a valid GED or have graduated from high school.
You must be at least sixteen and above
Complete a nail technician training program at a school with accreditation for at least 240 hours.
Pass all tests.
Then go to the Florida Board of Cosmetology for proper registration.

How long is nail tech school?

The program takes from three to nine months
The majority of nail technician programs last 300 to 600 hours on average to complete.
Depending on your ability to attend school full- or part-time, you may usually finish a nail tech program in three to nine months from the time the program begins.


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