15 Best Nail Tech Schools In Missouri | Requirements

So often, people make nail tech career decisions based on influence; it could be peer group or family interest, but whatever reason, it is quite a good one. Becoming a Nail Technician it’s quite an exciting career path.

As you grow your business the way you want to, it enables you to be imaginative, passionate, and savvy. You are free to use your imagination, giving you a great chance to interact directly with clients and design and forge your career path.

Choosing the best school could be very stressful, so you don’t need to get your mind worked up.

This article provides all the information on the 15 Best Nail Tech Schools In Missouri, their requirements, how to apply, and all the necessary information. Let’s get down.

Who Is a Nail Technician?

An individual who grooms and maintains a client’s fingernails and toenails is known as a nail technician.

They offer clients manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, callus removal, cuticle grooming, synthetic nail treatments, and the application of nail polish.

Additionally, nail technicians can use an airbrush, a paintbrush, a stencil, or stamping to apply designs to the nails.

Before beginning any treatment, a nail technician will frequently have a consultation with the client to look for any indications of skin issues, physical abnormalities, or nail diseases.

They will also advise the client on taking care of their hands and nails and suggest nail care products.

What are The Responsibilities Of a Nail Technician?

A nail technician is trained in moisturizing hands and feet, removing dead skin cells from these areas, and cleaning, filing, and grooming fingernails and toenails. They teach the cutting and removal of the cuticle.

Nail technicians can add acrylic nails, gel covers, or a silk strengthener to treat the hands and feet’s natural nails.

Following these procedures, the nails can receive a straightforward polish application, a French manicure, or a decorative airbrush design.

Where Does a Nail Technician Work?

They work in spas, nail salons, and salon studios. They can choose to work for other people or themselves.

They perform excellent manicures and pedicures, install artificial nails, and suggest various nail patterns and art to the customer.

How To Become a Nail Technician In Missouri

The first step to launching a successful career in nail technology is enrolling in a Missouri nail tech school. After contacting the schools listed below.

Then you can visit programs to examine how they operate, what resources they offer for learning, and how big their classes are.
The following essential subjects take up most of the time in accredited Missouri schools.

Subjects Covered in Missouri Nail Technician Programs
Massage of the hands and arms
Leg and foot massage
Retail management
Sanitation and sterilization
Biology and anatomy
State law Use of chemicals

To become a certified and licensed nail technician In Missouri, you must complete either 800 apprentice hours or 400 hours of education.

You need to complete one continuing education hour to renew your license. In Missouri, a manicurist can expect an average pay of $24,180 ($11.63/hour).

State Licensing Conditions

To obtain a nail technology license, you must complete either 400 hours of education or 800 hours of apprenticeship.

A significant component of being a certified nail technician is completing your training.

The Missouri Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners oversees this procedure.
They need 400 hours of schooling, which a full-time student would be able to finish in a few weeks.

You must pay a $250 application fee and pass two licensure exams before submitting your application documents. You can obtain your initial full practice license and start working once these conditions are satisfied.

Here Is a List Of The 15 Best Nail Tech Schools In Missouri

  1. Academy of Salon Professionals
  2. Central College of Cosmetology
  3. City Pointe Beauty Academy
  4. Crave Beauty Academy
  5. CTC Nail Tech Program
  6. Evolve Beauty Academy
  7. House of Heavilin Beauty College
  8. J. Larae’s Academy Of Beauty Arts
  9. Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science
  10. Neosho Beauty College
  11. New Dimensions School of Hair Design
  12. Renaissance Beauty Academy
  13. St. Joseph Beauty University of Hair and Nail Design
  14. Central College of Cosmetology
  15. Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science

1. Academy of Salon Professionals

The Academy of Salon Professionals has devoted and skilled instructors, enthusiastic and motivated students, and a cutting-edge, youthful client.

All cosmetology, barber, and esthetics students are moulded and inspired by educators so they can succeed as professionals in the workforce.

Students can gain valuable hands-on experience working with clients in a beautiful environment at a contemporary hair salon in Sedalia, Missouri.
The classes take a maximum of 11 months. Learn more.

2. Central College of Cosmetology

Central College of Cosmetology
Central Cosmetology In St. Robert, Missouri, is a for-profit institution.

The school has an average of 58 undergraduate students enrolled; it is a small institution.

The acceptance rate for Central Cosmetology is 100 percent.
Cosmetology, nail technology, cosmetology instruction, and salon management are popular degrees.

Salem College of Hairstyling and Central College of Cosmetology both work to produce professional graduates in their respective fields of study who can fill hiring demands.

Graduates must possess technical qualifications and retail, customer service, communication, and company development skills.
Learn more

3. City Pointe Beauty Academy

The Academy provides a range of courses to help you advance your professional abilities while learning about the salon industry.
Instructor Training in Nail Technology (Manicuring)
Massage Therapy

To Apply, Follow The Instructions Below
Send City Pointe Beauty Academy your high school and post-high school transcripts on request.

Download the enrollment application, fill it out, and mail it in. You can also apply online.
Plan a visit, get to know the staff and students, and discover the programs.
Pay your enrollment fee and sign your enrollment agreement.

4. Crave Beauty Academy

Crave Beauty Academy, with campuses located in Wichita, Kansas, and Ballwin, Missouri, is a cosmetology school that assists students in embracing novelty and excitement.

The cosmetology training programs are all created to support students in becoming competitive and prosperous beauty professionals.
Learn more

5. CTC Nail Tech Program

This school offers various programs: Cosmetology School, Esthetician School / Skin Care Training, Nail Technology Programs, Makeup Artistry Programs, and Barber School.

The beauty sector is expanding quickly. Finding the beauty school and of your desires is ideal right now!

CTC Nail Tech Program has all the resources you require to find the ideal profession in the beauty industry suitable for you.
Learn more

6. Evolve Beauty Academy

Evolve Beauty Academy is an institution located In St. Clair, Missouri.
The school is a for-profit university. It is a small growing school with an average number of 30 undergraduate students enrolled.

The acceptance rate is 100 percent. Only Cosmetology is an effective program that is available.

You will study the science of cosmetology during your course, which covers anatomy, chemistry, and sanitation.

The cosmetology arts, such as hair cutting, dyeing, styling, chemical texturizing, and much more, will be taught and practised among these.
Learn more

7. House of Heavilin Beauty College

Are you seeking a reputable beauty college in the Kansas City Metropolitan region that will assist you in realizing your dreams?

The House of Heavilin Beauty College is the only place to go! The school has aided its students in achieving academic success for over 60 years.

The college provides instructions for different programs like cosmetologists, estheticians, or nail technician programs.

The school instructors are committed to providing a thorough education to position you for success.
Learn more

8. J. Larae’s Academy Of Beauty Arts

To satisfy the goals of raising and raising the standards in the cosmetology field, J.LaRae’ does its best to teach the most current and up-to-date programs.

The team works hard to see that cosmetology education is valuable, engaging, and FUN while fostering the students’ intellectual, moral, and aesthetic growth.

After completing the program curriculum, students must take the State of Missouri Test for Licensure.
Learn more

9. Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science

A comprehensive cosmetology, hairdressing, and manicuring school are available through Merrell University.

The program time duration is 12 months (about 50 weeks), 30 hours per week. The program is full-time and lasts at least 1500 clock hours.

The student will acquire the technical skills and academic theories necessary to satisfy the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology’s requirements for licensure, land an entry-level job, perform cosmetology services provided in a full-service salon, and be able to support themselves after completing the course.

There are other options to own a salon, engage in sales and marketing, work on platforms, teach, and specialize as a manicurist or stylist.
Learn more

10. Neosho Beauty College

School provides instruction on the fundamentals of manicures, which includes a fundamental comprehension of the science behind developing hands and nails and a thorough examination of the items employed in their upkeep.

Neosho Beauty College offers the practical experience required to realize objectives through student salon services, real-world projects, and weekly assignments.

They help students prepare for graduation requirements, licensure exams, and careers in the workforce.

learn more

11. New Dimensions School of Hair Design

Creating gorgeous skin, nails, and hair is only one of the many things accomplished at the New Dimensions School of Hair Design.

The school offers a setting where aspiring stylists and cosmetologists can enter the field, launch a prosperous career, and create lifelong memories.

Joplin, Missouri, cosmetology school known among Southwest Missouri salons, spas, and beauticians.
Learn more

12. Renaissance Beauty Academy

MO. Renaissance prides itself on the excellent jobs they provide and instructional beauty classes that help aspiring beauty professionals get their cosmetology license.

Renaissance Beauty Academy strives for perfection. Students that are under supervision complete all tasks.

The school has flexible schedules, low tuition rates, and extensive instruction in the most current, best-quality tools and methods that the students appreciate.
Learn more

13. St. Joseph Beauty University of Hair and Nail Design

After completing our programs, students will be ready to take the State Board Exams.

To guarantee that students are prepared to accept entry-level positions after licensing, learning through in-class learning, and skills training.

The St. Joseph Beauty University of Hair and Nail Design offers two main programs: Hair Services and Nail Services.
Learn more

14. Central College of Cosmetology

The ideal moment to enter the cosmetology industry may be right now.

Central College of Cosmetology is interested in giving its students the required knowledge on cosmetology, nail tech, skincare and esthetics, makeup, etc.

The number of jobs for hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists has been predicted to increase by 19% between 2020 and 2030.

This makes more sense, given that influencers are demonstrating what is possible, and there is a greater understanding of the demands of skin, nails, and hair health.

Learn more

15. Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science

This course covers the theory and practices of aesthetics and manicures through the school’s CIDESCO Accreditation.

The school is committed to professional esthetics excellence, highlighting and promoting instructional excellence and the expansion of the sector through professional performance.

The course’s material is taught for ten months, roughly 38 weeks. Classes are held from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

The course requires at least 1125 clock hours of full-time study.
Learn more

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Going through these different schools, we find out one unique thing about them all; these schools are all offering financial aid for its student.

They offer online classes that make it easy for those whose time schedules are very much tight.

You have the privilege to choose the school that suits your career pursuit.

We have given you the information on the 15 Best Nail Tech Schools In Missouri and their Requirements.

We believe it is easier now for you to make your decisions.


How Long Does it Take to Become a Nail Tech in Missouri?

Students in the Nail Tech program must complete 400 client contact hours to be eligible for a Missouri license.

With this certification, students can work as nail technicians in various settings, such as spas, resorts, and even on their own.

How do You Get a Nail License in Missouri?

They require 400 hours of instruction, which you may be able to accomplish in a matter of weeks as a full-time student.
When you submit your application materials, you must pay a $250 fee and take two licensure examinations.

You can obtain your initial full practice license and start working once these conditions are satisfied.

How Much do Nail Techs Make in Missouri?

As of September 26, 2022, Missouri’s average Nail Technician pay was $20,691, although the normal range is between $18,287 and $23,860.

What School is Best For Nail Technicians?

It all depends on what you want. If you want to specialize in a particular field like cosmetology, all you need do is look out for the best schools that offer cosmetology.

You chose a school based on your career choice as nail technicians in a variety of settings, such as spas, resorts, and even on their own.

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