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The Ohio Department of Higher Education is happy to announce that they are currently accepting scholarship applications for the war orphans scholarship for undergraduate students of Ohio.

If you meet the requirements of this scholarship, waste no time sending in your application for the war orphans scholarship 2023 as this could be the opportunity you are hoping for.

Just take your time and go through this article, the World Scholarship Forum has arranged every detail you need to be a participant in the War Orphans Scholarship.

About The War Orphans Scholarship

The war orphans scholarship program awards tuition assistance to the children of deceased or severely disabled Ohio veterans

who served in the armed forces during a period of declared war or conflict. The benefits of this program may be used only for undergraduate study. Scholarship benefits cover a portion of instructional and general fee charges at two and four-year public institutions and a portion of these charges at eligible private colleges and universities.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education is a Cabinet-level agency for the Governor of the State of Ohio that oversees higher education for the state.

All You Need To Know About The War Orphans Scholarship

Level/Field of Study

The War Orphans Scholarship may be used only for undergraduate study.

Host Nationality

The War Orphans Scholarship 2023 is hosted in the United States. If you are an international student seeking scholarships to study in the United State of America, you can find such in Study in the USA category.

You can also check out other Study Abroad scholarships available for you irrespective of where you are coming from.

Eligible Nationality

The War Orphans Scholarship 2023 is open to U.S Citizens.

Scholarship Worth

Students attending Public Institutions will be funded 100% of tuition and general fees, and students attending private institutions will receive an annual award amount of $5,667 for the year.

Eligibility For War Orphans Scholarship 2023

  • To receive War Orphans Scholarship benefits, a student must be enrolled for full-time undergraduate study and pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree at an eligible Ohio college or university
  • Ohio residency is required
  • Applicants must be under the age of 25

Time needed: 30 minutes

Interested candidates can download the Application form through the specified link

  1. Supporting Documents:

    Attach a copy of the war service record. Do not submit originals.
    Attach a copy of the Veteran’s Administration disability rating if applicable. Do not submit originals.
    If you have attended college, include a copy of your current grade point average.

  2. Submitting Details:

    The completed form and required documents must be sent to:
    Amber Brady, War Orphans Scholarship Board,
    Ohio Board of Regents,
    Office of Financial Aid,
    25 South Front St., Columbus, Ohio 43215-3414.

FAQS on Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program

Can Ohio War Orphan Scholarship Program benefits be used for graduate study?

No. The benefits of this program may be used only for undergraduate study.

What GPA does an Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program recipient have to maintain in order to remain eligible for benefits?

By the end of the first year under the program (two semesters or three quarters), recipients must establish a 2.00 or better cumulative GPA. In order to retain eligibility, they must maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA for the balance of their undergraduate studies. The exceptions once again for this are Freshmen, Transfer, or First-Year Scholarship recipients.

How many Ohio War Orphans’ benefits be used?

These benefits may only be applied toward tuition and general fees

How many terms of eligibility does a student have under the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program?

Students may receive benefits covering a maximum of 15 quarters or 10 semesters.

If I have already been receiving the War Orphans Scholarship, do I need to reapply?

No, you would only need to complete the application one time unless your scholarship has been unused for more than one academic year.

How do I transfer institutions or update my information in the system?

Simply email the WOS program manager your request about the institution you are transferring from and the institution you would like to transfer to and any other pertinent information you need to be updated. Also, please make sure to include your full name.

How do I know if my application was received and if I am eligible?

You can call or e-mail the WOS Program Manager to make sure your application was received.  Please note that as the application deadline nears, it may take a few days to receive a response.

How do I know if I am eligible?

The WOS program manager will reach out to any student who has sent their information in before the May 15thdeadline to let them know if they are eligible or not. Award notifications will be emailed to the student at the beginning of August.

What if I’m not eligible or my application is incomplete?

If eligibility criteria have not been met, the WOS program manager will notify you of your ineligibility.  If your application is incomplete, you will receive a request for additional information.  

What documentation do I submit?

You will need to submit the War Orphans Application which you can be found on this page. Please complete the application in full, sign it, and have it notarized. Attach a copy of the parent’s DD214 and a Summary of the Benefits/Verification Letter.
Please, if possible, do not send the entire Disability Rating Evaluation packet. The only thing needed to verify from the packet is the overall disability rating percentage/ or combined evaluation.

If one child is already receiving the scholarship and my other child is now applying, do I need to submit the application and all other documents? 

Yes. There is no way to automatically link information and due to sensitive information being given, it is best to keep all applicant information separate.

How long can I use this scholarship?

The WOS scholarship can be used for a total of 10 semesters or 15 quarters.  

What if I have a learning disability?

If a student has a learning disability, they would be eligible to receive the scholarship for 20 semesters and 30 Quarters.

How does the War Orphans Scholarship process work? 

Once a student completes their application, it is then approved and entered into the system.

The student will receive an award notification by email or mail, at the beginning of August, letting them know how much WO Scholarship funding they are able to receive.

At that point, the student’s school will be in contact with the WO Program Manager 15 days into the term to request funding electronically be applied to the student’s account for tuition and fees. 

When does the Board meet to determine awarding amounts?

The Board meets on the last Wednesday in July every year. Also, please note that if you are receiving other aid, you can only receive up to the remaining amount of tuition and fees.

Do the War Orphans Scholarship cover tuition and fees for summer classes?

The War Orphan Scholarship covers summer term tuition and fees, but not until late August/early September.

Therefore, students taking summer classes need to contact their school’s financial aid office for information on payment processing and how to handle any balances incurred until the time comes for the school to request payment.

Also, students must maintain a full-time course load during the Summer term and have already been receiving the scholarship in order to receive funding.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is July 1 of each year.

Visit Application Link

Contact Information:

For more information, contact Amber Brady at (614) 752-9528 or

For more information, contact Ramah Church at (614) 752-9528 or [email protected].

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