Study In Canada: International Students Cost Of Living In Edmonton, Alberta

As an international student who desires to study in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, an important factor to consider is the cost of living in Edmonton.

It is one thing to get admission to study and it is quite another to be able to afford living there for the duration of the program. Hence, this article discusses the cost of living in Edmonton, Alberta.

That is why it is important to explore all scholarship options if finances are going to be a challenge. But even with a scholarship, comprehensive knowledge of living costs would be handy.

For instance, making poor choices as far as housing and distance to your campus can quickly exhaust the monetary grant available to you as a beneficiary of a scholarship.

Fortunately, as a fairly decent cosmopolitan city, there are varieties of choices available to students to pick from as far as housing, commuting, recreation and travel are concerned.

Is Canada Safe for International Students?

Yes, Canada has a good reputation as a safe country for international students. Generally, Canada is regarded as the safest place in the world. Canada faces very low crime rates and cases of racial discrimination.

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Its welcoming and non-discriminatory society, quality of education, and less criminal activities make Canada a safe place for international students.

How Much do International Students Earn in Canada?

As an international student in Canada, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during academic sessions and 40 hours during vacation.

Approximately, international students can earn C$8-C$10 per hour and C$400-C$1000 per month if they work as students in Canada.

What is the Cost of Living in Edmonton, Alberta?

In comparison to the rest of Canada, the standard of living in Alberta is generally higher. This is as a result of the higher average wage, lower expenses for things like utilities and transportation, and relatively cheaper housing schemes.

Housing And Accommodation Living In Canada

For an international student, where to live is one of the most important things to consider. Fortunately, this is not a big problem as colleges like the Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) and others provide decent accommodation for international students.

CUE students can take advantage of the on-campus accommodation especially if they are not residents of Edmonton. Currently, the cost of staying on campus ranges from $1900 – about $3000 for shared double occupancy and private single-occupancy respectively. This is paid on a per semester basis.

Costs related to meals and other incidentals are not part of the accommodation cost.

Outside the campus, international students can take advantage of cheap housing costs too that are close to the school. The rents can be as low as $500 per month for places like the Highlands that is less than 1KM from the college.

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Generally, though, the average cost of a studio apartment suitable for students in Alberta is about $1000/month.

Utilities and Sundry Bills in Edmonton, Alberta

Utility bills can range from about $170/month for heating, electricity, gas, etc. to about $70/month for the high-speed Internet of 8 Mbps.

If you need a cleaning, you would have to pay about $25/per hour for the cleaning help

Transportation Living In Canada

Fortunately, there is an international airport in Edmonton to take care of flights in and out of Alberta for international students. There are also several regional airports in the state to serve the needs of various communities.

As far as commuting is concerned, international students are spoiled for choices no matter where they want to go.

If you can afford your own personal car, you can get a liter of petrol for just $1.09. While buying a monthly ticket to use on public transport can cost just under $100.

Hiring a cab for a trip (whether for business or pleasure) within or outside Edmonton cost approximately $20 for every 8 KM.

For other expenses like clothes, medical bills, food bills, and others, check here to see a detailed list of what it takes to live in Edmonton.

The cumulative average cost of living

On average, international students living in Alberta must plan to spend between $1,255 – $1,505 monthly and about $1,5060 – 1,8060 yearly.

Of course, many factors can affect the cost of living in Edmonton, Alberta. So one must be flexible and prudent in handling finances not to overshoot one’s budget unnecessarily.

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Note: All prices are in Canadian dollars

International Students Living In Canada FAQs

Why is Canada best for international students?

Canada is best for international students because of its welcoming and non-discriminatory society, quality of living, and reputation as a safe country.

Can an international student get a job in Canada?

Yes, international students can get a job in Canada if their study permit includes the condition that they can work on or off-campus.
However, you can only work when you start your academic programs and for just 20 hours a week during study sessions;40 during vacations.

How is student life in Canada?

Student life in Canada speaks is great. International students enjoy studying in a world-class university, welcoming society, and benefit from the high standard of living. Also, they enjoy a thriving job market although these advantages are accosted by adverse weather conditions.


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