Accredited Automotive Engineering Schools in Texas | 2021

Designing and building an automobile requires creativity and formal training which automotive engineers have. And, to become a certified automotive engineer, students must earn at least a bachelor of science in automotive engineering.

For students in Texas, this article compiles a list of the accredited automotive engineering schools. This compilation is to aid students choose the best automotive engineering program in Texas for them.

Automotive engineering is relatively a new field that offers lucrative job opportunities upon graduation. Basically, most individuals who love designing and building products from scratch may venture into this field.

Following recent trends, the automotive industry seems totally different from what it used to be 30 years ago. The technological advancement in the industry calls for more hands to be on deck.

Hence, earning a degree in automotive engineering may be the right step towards launching a career in the automotive industry. In this article, students will find a list of accredited automobile engineering programs in Texas schools, how much they may cost and a host of other information.

To get an over view of other essential sub topics disccussed in this article, take a quick glance at the table of contents below.

Why Study Automotive Engineering in Texas

Texas is the second-largest city in the United States. It is one of the top choices for international students. Students experience learning in an innovative cultural center to a vast wild landscape that combines sensory and cerebral in an exciting blend.

Studying in Texas offers you an opportunity to learn in state of the arts facilities with courses taught by qualified professional engineers.

Texas automotive engineering programs offer a practical cum theoretical curriculum that allows students to get in-depth education in engineering principles and vehicle development techniques.

Unlike online automotive engineering programs, Texas automotive engineering schools incorporates at least 10 hours long study time in school engineering lab.

At the end of your stay in school, these series of rigorous training culminates to enhance your career. hence, you explore and excel in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, studying in Texas offers you an opportunity to become a beneficiary of the numerous scholarship opportunities.

Some of which are fully funded scholarships exist for both undergraduate and graduate students in the US.

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What Jobs Can I do With an Automotive Engineering Degree in Texas? reports a 4% increase in automotive engineering jobs. Generally, Michigan, California and Texas are known to demand the highest number of automotive engineers.

On, there are over 370 automotive engineering vacancies advertised yearly. In fact, the need for design on the next generation of vehicles such as electric cars and vehicle systems will keep the career in demand.

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Hence, what you can do with an automotive engineering degree is numerous. However, you may consider working for any of these automobile industries as a Diesel Mechanic and Diesel Engine Technician.

  • Love’s Travel Stops
  • Rush Enterprises
  • Texas Trucks Direct
  • All American Diesel Inc
  • Stewart & Stevenson
  • Waste Connections of Canada in Dallas
  • Tom Thumb
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
  • My Mechanic Career

How Long Does It Take to Graduate from an Automotive School in Texas?

How long you spend in a Texas automotive engineering school depends on the program you enroll for. Bachelor of Science program in automobile Texas schools will last for four years.

It takes an average of two years to earn a master’s degree in automotive engineering and an average of five years for a PhD degree.

Most automotive colleges in Texas offer an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology programs. It is usually a 2-year college while automotive certificate program duration ranges from 2 months to 2 years.

In summary, these automotive engineering degrees in Texas usually teach courses that cover engine performance, electrical systems, engine repair, and vehicle maintenance.

What Are the Requirements to Graduate from an Automotive School in Texas?

Well, requirements for an automotive engineering schools in Texas depend mostly on the program.

For instance, while a bachelor of science program in automobile engineering will require students to complete high school with a good GPA, masters degree will require official BSC transcript.

Most automotive schools in Texas offer certificate programs and degree programs. For 2-year automotive technology associate degree, students must complete 60 credit hours. While to earn an automotive technology certificate students must complete 24-45 credit hours.

To graduate from a BSC degree program in an automotive school in Texas, students must complete core course and electives. These course must cover genres of automotive engineering which include:

  • Automotive Engine Performance Analysis
  • Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems
  • Microcomputer Applications
  • Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Advanced Emission Systems Diagnostics and Automotive Services
  •  Battery Systems & Control
  • Automotive Body Structures
  • Vehicle Dynamics.

How Much Does it Cost To Earn an Automotive Engineering Degree?

According to CollegeCalc, it costs approximately $31,798 to earn a BSC in automotive engineering.

Most four-year colleges in Texas BSC programs will cost a total amount of $127,192 to award a bachelor of science degree in automotive engineering.

However, Texas A&M University is on the low end of the tuition range with an average of $750 per semester for residents and $6,060 per semester for non-residents.

 While the University of the Incarnate World on the other end of higher tuition rates of $11,900 per semester. While this may appear expensive, students should endeavor to apply for scholarships and grants for engineering students to aid curb financial commitment.

Also, the Society of Professional Texas Engineers is one of the few professional bodies that award scholarships to deserving students.

Students can benefit from scholarships for undergraduate and masters students to pay off tuition at automotive Texas schools.

Engineering Students can benefit from these Fully Funded Engineering Scholarships.

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How Much Do Automotive Engineers Earn in Texas?

Basically, earning as an automotive engineer in Texas means you have been certified as a professional engineer. To achieve this feat, you must have completed at least a bachelor of science program in automotive engineering.

Upon graduation, you should sit for the NCEES Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam. Once you pass, you must earn a license from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

In Texas, you are qualified to earn the stipulated average salary for automotive engineers. Graduates from 2-year automotive schools may work at repair shops, automobile dealers’ stores and gasoline stations. While automotive engineers may venture into automobile industries or manufacturing companies across the states.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that annual pay for automotive mechanics and technicians was $40, 710 in 2018.

Generally, salaries in Texas range from $54,500 to $140,000 per year, according to O*Net. However, automotive engineers (PE) earn an annual pay of $86,500 on average.

Best Accredited Automotive Engineering Schools

Texas is home to quite a number of engineering schools that are globally recognized. A few of them offer mechnaical engineering degree programs.

Mechanical Engineering is a broader discipline of which automotive is a subset. Hence, most universities in Texas do not offer automotive engineering as a Four year BS degree, rather as a genre of mechanical engineering.

As a 4 full year BS degree, The University of Texas at Arlington and Northwood University-Texas offer an ABET-accredited automotive engineering program.

1. The University of Texas at Arlington

Accreditation: ABET

Number of programs: 2

The University of Texas at Arlington offers two automotive engineering programs. Through its Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, the Arnold .E Petsche Center offers a graduate certificate and undergraduate certificate automotive engineering programs.

Undergraduate Automotive Engineering Certificate program Overview

The curriculum is practically designed to confirm the students commitment to the discipline. Upon completion, the Certificate in Automotive Engineering is awarded with an undergraduate degree.

This simply means student who enroll for this auto mechanic program earn a certificate alongside a bachelor of science degree. T

o get started, simply click the button below to visit the schools for admission requirements.

Graduate Automotive Engineering Certificate Program Overview

University of Texas at Arlington offers a graduate certificate program in automotive engineering. upon completion, certificate are awarded alongside a Master’s degree.

Basically, students will learn from being a contributing team member of a student design competition.

Interestingly, students who just want to earn this degree certificate can simply apply as a non-degree-seeking student at the University of Texas at Arlington.

2. Northwood University-Texas

Accreditation: ABET

Number of programs: 2

Northwood University in Texas offers 2 automotive BS programs. These programs are geared towards aiding students understand the management skills required to succeed in the automotive industry.

Automotive Marketing and Management BS Program Overview

The program curriculum is designed to aid students have a successful career in a rapidly changing automotive industry.

It culminates the right skill set and the right mindset into a study process that guides students to think creatively, take calculated risks, adapt to change and better opportunities.

Classes are usually taken by professors who create real-world experience in a conducive environment to aid students understand the world graduates thrive in.

Graduates from this automotive school in Texas earn an average of $76,500 in the early years of their careers.

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Click the button below to get detailed information on the number of courses students will take and in-depth knowledge of what will be learned in each.

Automotive Aftermarket Management BS Program Overview

This bachelor of science program is designed to aid studnets have opportunities to paticipate in events once students start taking courses in their majors.

Obviously, the fact that there are more old vehicles on the road today and the high demand for customizing cars fuels the enormous opportunities that await graduates with a degree in the aftermarket auto industry.

This program will help develop the right skills need to succeed in this field. With a 100% employment rate and an average starting salary of $62,625, it is safe to say that this automotive school in Texas has done well in this field.

Interestingly, in the course of this program, students enroll for internship opportunities with big-name companies, such as Vipar, Heavy-duty, Delphi, Edelbrock, Federal Mogul, Tenneco, and NGK.

To get started or request information from the admission office, click the button below.

Automotive Engineering Schools in Texas FAQs

What colleges teach automotive technology in Texas?

Lincoln College of Technology, Amarillo College – Russell Hall, and Texas State Technical College are some of the colleges offering automotive technician programs.

Is there an automotive engineering degree?

Yes, Automotive engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering that concerns the design, development, and manufacture of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles. Most universities offer it as a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering.

What is the salary of automobile engineers in Texas?

While average salaries in Texas range from $54,500 to $140,000 per year, automotive engineers (PE) earn an annual pay of $86,500 on average in Texas.


Becoming an automobile engineer means completing an undergraduate degree program in automotive engineering. However, choosing the right program may appear as a herculean task.

This compilation of the best accredited automotive engineering schools in Texas from WSF team reviews all programs.

With this, you can easily choose the right program for you to earn an automotive engineering degree. Indivduals who are not looking to earn a degree may also consider these automotive technician colleges in Texas.

It is important students confirm the accreditation of any program before enrolling. Hence, the schools in this list offer accredited automotive engineering programs that will prepare you for a career in the automobile industry.



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