5 Top Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad with Erasmus 2023

Nothing beats the joy of studying abroad, experiencing a new culture, and learning a new language.

This is possible when you Study Abroad with Erasmus. In addition to the tip of the iceberg above, this article explains the top 5 reasons you should study abroad with the Erasmus program.

Erasmus program scheme allows students to study in another European country for three and twelve months. During this period, beneficiaries get financial assistance to further their education.

Though this opportunity exists, many European students are skeptical about the benefits of studying abroad. Hence, this article expounds on the top 5 reasons why you should study abroad with Erasmus.

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What is Erasmus Programme?

The European Union employs the Erasmus program to support education, training of youth, and sport in Europe.

Over 4 million Europeans get the opportunity to study, train, and gain experience abroad with this program.

The Erasmus scheme is an EU-funded program that organizes students’ exchanges between over 5,000 higher institutions. The exchange is geared towards allowing Erasmus students to experience global education.

In a nutshell, Erasmus programmer is an exchange program that has existed since 1980 that allows students to study at universities in the EU member states for set periods.

How Does the Erasmus Program Work?

The Erasmus program allows eligible students to move freely between registered universities and institutions.

The aim is to allow students to experience learning in a new culture, within a new environment, and using a different teaching method.

How Much Money Do You Get From Erasmus?

Depending on the country and length of the exchange, Erasmus students get between 360 and 460 euros per month.

Getting an exchange place as part of the Erasmus program qualifies you for this grant.

Who can Apply for Erasmus?

Only students in their second year of study in a higher institution can apply for the Erasmus program.

While some aspects of the program are reserved for students based in EU countries, students from non-EU European countries can also apply for this opportunity.

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad with Erasmus

It is predominantly clear who should study abroad with Erasmus, the following reasons are why you should harness this opportunity:

#1. To Travel, Live and Discover a New Place

This is one of the reasons to choose an Erasmus Mundus program for your study abroad. If you ask anyone what they enjoy doing in their spare time, I guarantee that traveling is the most common answer.

Can you blame them? It’s probably part of the answer you would have also given yourself. After all, who doesn’t enjoy seeing new places, discovering new cultures, and making new friends worldwide?

But, there is either no perfect time or financial flamboyance to experience this bliss. Basically, you might find yourself stuck into a routine or another, not being able to leave because of work, not having enough money to do it, being held back by a family, and so on.

So you should take advantage of the opportunity to travel and gain international experience whenever you can; the earlier, the better!

Check out some popular countries for the Erasmus exchange program according to Erasmus Student Network and the European Commission:

#2. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is one of the benefits of the Erasmus program. Although the whole point of the Erasmus scheme is that you don’t have to know other foreign languages apart from English (since Erasmus courses will be taught in English), living in a foreign country for a while is a chance to enhance your language skills.

Universities will offer language classes to international students; you can often attend these classes for free.

Additionally, you can learn by yourself by simply communicating with local people or asking your peers to teach you their native language. In exchange, you can teach them your native language as well if they’re interested.

Examples of universities – part of the Erasmus Mundus partnership program:

#3. You get financial support during your Erasmus

This is an important aspect not many students know about. This is one of the benefits of the Erasmus program.

All Erasmus students receive a study grant. The amount usually depends on your home country and the country of destination, based on average estimates regarding living costs in a specific country.

Normally, this grant won’t cover all your expenses, but it is a great help that will make your Erasmus period quite an affordable study experience.

#4. Upgrade your CV

This is one of the reasons why you should choose and study abroad with an Erasmus Program. From an academic point of view, Erasmus programs offer you an additional educational and cultural experience you wouldn’t otherwise be able to gain.

You might have heard this too many times, but it does enhance your CV and look great in it, as many employers will choose graduates with some kind of international experience.

If you undertake such a program, you will have wider employment opportunities after graduation.

#5. Rediscover yourself

Self-discovery is one of the reasons why you should choose and study abroad with an Erasmus Program.

While studying abroad, you will be part of a new society where you’ll discover new habits, learn new things and re-educate yourself.

So the person you’ll become will be more open to new, more tolerable, and generally more appreciating life. Because Erasmus is much more than just studying abroad and discovering new people; it’s about rediscovering a better version of yourself.

Studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity!

There is an incredibly big list of reasons you shouldn’t have second thoughts about taking the plunge and studying abroad.

First of all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as this is one of the few moments in life when you’re being offered the freedom to travel without being questioned and doubted about your reasons to do so and also be offered financial support.

Being an Erasmus student has lots of advantages, one of them is being able to move from one country to another without anyone taking a second look at your nationality.

Study Abroad With Erasmus FAQs

Which countries are part of the Erasmus Mundus Program?

Member countries of the European Union are involved in Erasmus. Below are some of these countries:
Czech Republic

Who receives the Erasmus Mundus Programme?

Erasmus Mundus Programme is awarded to Master’s students for a 2-year program. On the contrary, Erasmus+ Scholarship is an exchange program between 2 universities within the Erasmus+ framework.

How many times does Erasmus Mundus Programme allow sudents partici[

The new Erasmus program rule allows students to participate in the exchange twice. However, this must be done in BA studies and once in MBA studies.


The Erasmus program allows you experience learning in a totally different environment. This article states in detail 5 reasons to study abroad with Erasmus.


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