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Arizona State University Online offers the best programs in the world. Currently, it ranks 10th for offering the world’s best online bachelor’s programs.

Actually, ASU online programs beat many top university offline programs in quality.

While many students still fret about the use of online classes, ASU online has made its asynchronous learning simple with a 247 online support system for students and a central management learning system called Canvas.

Basically, you’ll have access to support and technology that enables rather than hinders your learning.

We have the inside scoop on what it’s like to be in an online class, how long classes take to complete, how much classes will cost you, and the online programs offered at Arizona State University Online amongst others.

Meanwhile, the table of content is below. Stay with us!

Why study at Arizona State University Online Programs

We will basically share testimonials from ASU online students. They will give a more-detailed experiential report. After reading through, you’ll find concrete reasons to choose to study at ASU online.

Students at ASU online learn from some of the brightest intellectuals across the globe. You’ll be part of a faculty that is made up of a number of Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, Fulbright scholars, and Guggenheim Fellows to name a few.

Some of the students have this to say about their experiences with ASU Online.

“ASU Online provided the flexibility I needed to pursue both a venture and higher education. In [Venture Devils], I was surrounded by like-minded students who were all interested in entrepreneurship.”Tyler Fellman, ASU Online student.

Now hear John Misner the president and general manager of 12 News(KPNX-TV) who studied via the Bachelor of Liberal Arts, “the TV station was moving quickly into the digital age at that time, and I was creating a new role in my job. ASU helped me broaden my knowledge. Now, my organization hires about 80 ASU student journalists as interns each year, who work on breaking news teams, write stories, monitor Twitter, and dispatch news crews”.

“My son already has a job lined up, three months before graduation. Many of the journalism grads have jobs upon graduation. That says a lot for ASU,” Misner asserted.

Conclusively, ASU provides a range of free, live online academic support options to currently enrolled students.

Furthermore, 80% of students receive some sort of financial aid while 90% of ASU graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation

Is Arizona State University Online Programs Accredited?

Accreditation validates a school and its programs. Certificates gotten from an unaccredited institution and program is invalid and cannot be used for official purposes.

As a result, Arizona state university online programs are accredited.

ASU Online is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Likewise, they also have accredited all the programs offered at ASU online.

The Higher Learning Commission is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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What is the Ranking of Arizona State University Online Programs?

ASU is ranked one of the best universities in the world and the #1 university for innovation in the U.S. according to U.S. News & World Report. Similarly, US News & World Report, 2022 ranks ASU as a top 10 nationally for best online bachelor’s programs.

These ASU online programs in 2019 ranked as the best online graduate programs; MBA programs: W.P Carey School of Business- sixth. Non MBA: W.P Carey School of Business- sixth. Criminal justice- sixth.

Other rankings include:

  • Best Online Universities in 2022: #20-
  • Top 20 Best Online Ph.D. in Psychology Degree Programs: #3-
  • The 8 Best Online Bachelor’s in Health Education Programs:
  • The 19 best online programs for getting your bachelor’s degree: #9-
  • Top Online Master’s in Public Administration Programs 2022: #7-

Acceptance Rate at ASU Online

The acceptance rate at ASU is 84.8%. This shows that Arizona State University online is not quite selective. In fact, they have an outstretched arm when it comes t granting admission to students.

Although the school has its expected requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, if you meet their requirements, you’re almost certain to get an offer of admission.

What is the Tuition/cost of education for Arizona State University Online Programs?

After reading all the information provided above, the questions in the minds of many people will be: how much does ASU Online tuition cost? We’ve answered that right here.

ASU Online tuition costs range between $561–$1,343 per credit hour. These costs may vary based on your program, transfer credits and course load. See the cost breakdown for different programs below.

  • Undergraduate: $561–$661 per credit hour
  • Graduate: $543–$1,343 per credit hour
  • Certificate: $543–$1,099 per credit hour

Don’t let these costs overwhelm you, ASU has provided a number of ways to tackle college tuition. They suggest you use the tuition calculator to estimate the full tuition. You may also create an annual budget with our worksheet. Again, there are numerous financial aid options and scholarship opportunities.

How does ASU online classes work?

Whether you’re looking to pursue a degree program or take a couple of classes of interest, we’ve compiled what you need to know about online classes at Arizona State University.

ASU Online classes are compressed into two, 7.5-week sessions during the spring and fall semesters, and 6-week sessions during summer.

This operates on a different calendar than traditional on-campus courses, which are 15 weeks in length.

While the courses are condensed to 7.5 week sessions, the students are not completing the courses at the same time. The ASU online program is arranged in a way that students focus on 1-3 classes peach session while completing their degree.

Basically, Arizona State University Online classes/programs take place on Canvas. Canvas is one of the world’s fastest growing learning management systems.

The platform enables students to access coursework and complete assignments on almost any device, from any location around the world, whenever it’s convenient for their schedules.

The ASU Online program alsogives students full access to the online library and 24/7 technology support.

Lastly, since questions cannot be answered live, each online course has a community forum in which questions can be asked for all to see and the tutors proffer answers.

Arizona State University Online Programs

At the Arizona State University Online program, students can earn their degrees completely online from the nation’s most innovative university.

Through ASU Online, students can choose from more than 254-degree programs and certificates in high-demand areas like nursing, engineering, management, architecture, and construction. Art and design, Communication and digital media, Computer science and technology. Cybersecurity. Entrepreneurship and innovation. Geographical sciences and urban planning. Health and wellness, and lots more.

We also offer minors for students who are pursuing undergraduate degrees. Learn more about our online bachelor’s degrees and college minors.

These Arizona state university online programs consists of:

ASU Online Admission Requirements

The general admission requirements for ASU online for all programs including freshman, transfer, graduate students, and others include the follwing.

Make sure to see all the details for specific programs.

  • $70 Online Applications. Apply here. International students  Undergraduate | Graduate
  • Transcripts
  • GPA of 3.0
  • SAT/ACT score. ACT scores 22-24, SAT scores 1120-1180.
  • High school graduates, whether domestic or international students will meet these requirements:
  • English – 4 years (composition/literature-based).
  • Math – 4 years (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one-course requiring Algebra II as a prerequisite).
  • Laboratory Science – 3 years from any of the following areas: biology, chemistry, Earth science, integrated sciences, and physics.
  • Social Science – 2 years (including American history).
  • Foreign Language – 2 years (same language).
  • Fine Arts – 1 year
  • Graduate programs may also have additional application requirements including:
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • GMAT or GRE test scores.
  • Current resume.
  • Short-answer questions.
  • References.
  • Personal statement

Here is a Quick Guide How to Enroll in online school.

Scholarships for Arizona State University Online Programs

There are numerous scholarships for students attending Arizona State University online programs. In fact, every applicant to the school has to fill and submit the FAFSA online for federal aids.

Use the following files to fill out your FASFA application:

  • FSA ID, which you’ll create at
  • Social Security number.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Bank statements.
  • Parent information (if you’re a dependent).
  • W-2 forms and tax returns from two years ago. You may use an estimated income, however, ASU may require you to verify your income.

In addition, there are different ASU Online financial aid services and scholarship opportunities students can apply for.

Interestingly, 80% of students receive some sort of financial aid.

This article has a detailed list of ASU Scholarships: Arizona State University | ASU Scholarships

FAQS on Arizona State University Online Programs

The acceptance rate at ASU is 84.8%.

This means the school is lightly selective. The school has its expected requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores. If you meet these requirements, you’re almost certain to get an offer of admission.

According to its ranking, Arizona state university is a good online school. Here are some of the rankings:

 ASU online programs in 2019 ranked as the best online graduate programs: MBA programs: W.P Carey School of Business ranked sixth. Non MBA: W.P Carey School of Business ranked sixth. Criminal justice: Ranked sixth.’

Additionally, it is the 20th in best online universities.

This is a breakdown of the tuition paid at ASU online

  • Undergraduate: $561–$661 per credit hour
  • Graduate: $543–$1,343 per credit hour
  • Certificate: $543–$1,099 per credit hour


Arizona State University has been named the most innovative university in America. We can likewise say that the ASU Online program depicts this feature. Been taught by the indusrtry best intellectuals, you are assured of a quality education at your convenience.

Therefore, this article has explained all the important information you need to know about Arizona State University online programs, their costs, acceptance rate, accreditation, and lots more. These will come in handy for decision-making.

The World Scholarship Forum wishes you the best!



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