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Barry’s Bootcamp is the Madonna of fitness studios. Barry considers himself the inventor of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. 

Under the brand, even “The Best Studio in the World” is trademarked.

Are you ready to find out why? Before you try Barry’s Bootcamp for yourself, read on to learn all you need to know, such as what to anticipate in class, how to dress, and how much it will cost.

What Is Barry’s Bootcamp?

Barry Jay and his business partners, John and Rachel Mumford, established Barry’s Bootcamp in West Hollywood in 1998.

The fitness facilities network provides high-intensity interval programs that combine treadmill activity with strength training.

Every session has the energy and vibe of a club, complete with danceable pop music and alluring red lighting. 

In fact, every Barry’s class across the globe is conducted in a dimly lighted red room that encourages participants to immerse themselves in the thud of the music and concentrate entirely on the workout.

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Where are the Locations of Barry’s Studios?

Barry’s studios can be found in the following countries:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • The United Kingdom
  • Deutschland
  • The Danish Republic
  • The French
  • Italy
  • Mexican
  • Iceland
  • Qatar
  • Republic of Singapore
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • UAE
  • UK

What to Expect from the First Barry’s Bootcamp Class

Most lessons last 60 minutes and have 45 to 60 students, depending on the venue. Because the class is split into two groups, with half starting at a weightlifting station and the other half on treadmills, the exerciser density seems inspiring rather than crowded.

With treadmills and strength stations arranged in tidy rows, that hour of class is used as effectively as the room itself. The exercise starts as soon as the room’s doors shut. 

Because there is no pre-class warm-up, you may wish to do some dynamic stretching before class, even though the first few minutes will be at a lower intensity, to prepare your body for the work ahead.

The time spent on the floor vs the treadmill varies, but both groups spend the same amount of time at each station. Depending on the instructor, you might change stations every three, ten, or fifteen minutes.

But don’t worry; your coach will guide you through each step of the class, advising when to raise or reduce the intensity and when to transfer from a strength station to a treadmill and back. 

Leave the earbuds at home if you want to make sure you can hear them. 

Even though you share stations with another individual, this is not a pair workout.

A rotating schedule dictates which muscles you will exercise each day, influencing the strength circuits. 

Throughout the workout, you will alternate dumbbell, resistance band, and body-weight movements such as burpees, lunges, shoulder presses, dumbbell snatches, planks, squats, and triceps extensions.

On the treadmill, your instructor will guide you through various paces and inclination levels, including sprints, recovery jogs, and endurance pushes. While the exact distance you run is up to you, most participants clock between 2.5 and 3.5 total miles every session.

There’s good news for those who can’t or don’t want to run since Barry’s uses Woodway treadmills designed to have softer impacts than standard treadmills. When enrolling for Barry’s Bootcamp, you may choose the Double Floor option, which will provide you with twice as much strength training and no treadmill time.

Each session concludes with a three to five-minute cooldown that includes stretches like standing forward fold and downward dog to help drop your heart rate.

Specifics of the Exercise

Fitness specialists teach all of Barry’s Bootcamp classes. The focus of your workout will vary depending on the day. The schedule is shown below;

  • Monday is arm and ab day.
  • Tuesday is full body (lower focus)
  • Wednesday is dedicated to the abs, back, and chest.
  • Thursday is Abs and Ass.
  • Tomorrow: Total Body
  • Saturday will be a full-body workout (upper focus)
  • Sunday: Total Body

How Many Calories Does Barry’s Bootcamp Burn?

According to Barry’s, each class may burn up to 1,000 calories. Your body expends a lot of energy every time your heart rate drops after being very high.

According to Gluck, you’ll continue to burn calories after class because of a physiological phenomenon known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). 

But, in the end, how many calories you burn in class is determined by various factors, including your genetics, fitness level, age, weight, and gender.

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Who Is Barry Best For?

Barry’s bootcamp is an excellent class for anyone looking to improve their general fitness and strength because it mixes high-intensity training with strength and cardio.

It is great for the average young worker who only has time to exercise three or four times each week.

It’s also an excellent option for people looking to get back into shape or lose weight. 

You didn’t work out enough, though, if you left class without perspiring or felt your heart rate rise. After all, Barry’s class is not a Hatha yoga or barre class. Therefore, it’s intended to be challenging.

You will determine the speed and weight that seem comfortable for your body, while your instructor will encourage you to do your best and guide you through the lesson.

Barry’s may seem to be intense, and it most definitely is. The intensity, though, is determined by your level of fitness

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How to Dress and Prepare for Barry’s | Reviews

When you come to Barry’s Bootcamp, wear whatever workout clothes and footwear makes you most comfortable for jogging, burpees, shoulder presses, squats, and planks. This most likely refers to clothing that is form-fitting, light, moisture-wicking, and opaque.

Ladies should wear sports bras made for high-impact activities since there will be a lot of running. In terms of footwear, invest in some dependable cross-training or running shoes. 

Don’t forget your water bottle; being hydrated will help you feel and perform at your best.

However, you won’t need much else. Every Barry’s has towels and fully stocked locker rooms with amenities. In addition, each studio features a Fuel Bar where you may buy a smoothie for post-workout recovery.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout at Barry’s Bootcamp

 Arrive 15 minutes early to Barry’s Bootcamp for your first session to meet your instructor, who will go through the timetable and introduce you to the equipment.

If you do not, the studio may give your spot to someone on the waiting list.

Even while you’ll surely want to give it your all, it’s critical to avoid going overboard. You don’t want to start the class so hard that you exhaust your energy and cannot keep the great form for the rest of the course.

Your instructor will give weight and tempo suggestions throughout the class, but you should not feel obligated to go as swiftly or violently as possible.

Finally, before deciding whether Barry’s Bootcamp is a good fit for you, try to attend at least two classes. Because half of the class is working on one thing while the other half is working on another, the lecturer delivers various verbal cues.

It’s normal to feel a little bewildered the first time. After that, you should be able to take it up, and the exercises should feel and look natural.

What is the Cost to Register for Barry’s Bootcamp?

There is a Barry’s Bootcamp near you!

Over the past two decades, this group workout facility has expanded locally and globally, with sites in Australia, France, Qatar, Singapore, and Sweden. 

There are over 60 studios worldwide, and if you live in a large city, there is most likely one near you. 

Although the exact cost of each session varies by region, a single drop-in class usually costs about $30. There are three membership levels: Star (12 classes per month), Icon (16 classes per month), and Legend (18 classes per month) (30 classes per month). 

You may also purchase packages of five classes for about $150, ten sessions for around $300, twenty classes for around $700, or fifty classes for over $1,300. These all expire after a year.

Classes fill up fast, and you know you want to join in on the fun, so visit Barry’s Bootcamp website to find the location closest to you and secure your space.

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At Barry’s Bootcamp, there is HIIT, a strength training that targets specific muscle areas in Barry’s studio sessions. 

Students will alternate floor exercises with cardio activities (such as walking outdoors or on a treadmill, weightlifting, and body-weight drills). These activities build cardiac strength and endurance and burn calories. 

They recommend taking this class only with your doctor’s permission if you have heart problems.



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