Bedford County Public Schools is a school district based in Bedford, Virginia, United States. It serves Bedford County, Virginia, United States.

If you thinking of enrolling your child in a good school in Bedford county, or are you just curious about Bedford county schools and is looking to gain some knowledge? This content would throw more light on what you should expect to see as well as everything you would need to know about Bedford County Schools, its reviews and scholarship opportunities.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get down to it.

Is Bedford county schools Tn a good school?

Within Bedford County Public Schools, 97.3% of teachers are licensed, and 88.9% have three or more years of experience. The student-to-teacher ratio is lower than the state average, at 15:1.

The district has 17 full-time counselors on staff.

In Bedford County Public Schools, 79% of elementary students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and there is no data for the number that tested at or above that level for math.

Also, 81% of middle school students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and there is no data on the number of students that tested at or above that level for math.

The student body at the schools served by Bedford County Public Schools is 81.3% White, 4.5% Black, 8% Asian, 3.9% Hispanic/Latino, 0.3% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 81.3% Native Hawaiian or another Pacific Islander. In addition, 0.1% of students are two or more races, and 0% have not specified their race or ethnicity.

In addition, 89% of high school students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and 82% tested at or above that level. Also, 48% of students are female, and 52% of students are male. At schools in Bedford County Public Schools, 38.0% of students are eligible to participate in the federal free and reduced-price meal program and 1.6% of students are English language learners.

With this data, it can be seen that students in Bedford County are doing above average due to the extra effort put by the county into their educational system.

Bedford County schools is a good school for an average student. If you want to achieve more than average, you would have to aim higher.


Why attend Bedford county schools Tennessee

There are a lot of reasons you should consider going to Bedford County Schools and why Bedford County Schools should be top on your list.

Here are a couple of reasons;

  • Reviews from alumni showed that teachers in Bedford county schools teach like they actually want you to learn it. when your teacher has a one-on-one relationship with you, you would find that it becomes easier to learn.
  • Students in Bedford County schools have an average math proficiency score of 28% and reading proficiency score of 26% (versus the 35% statewide average).  This shows a lot of progress.
  • Schools in Bedford have an average ranking of 2/10, which is in the bottom 50% of Tennessee public schools.
  • It is an above average school.
  • There is a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1.
  • Minority enrollment is 37% of the student body (majority Hispanic), which is equal to the Tennessee public school average of 37% (majority Black). This just shows the enrollment rate is not as high and hence a little competitive.

Is Bedford county schools Tennessee an Ivy League?

Ivy League schools are considered to be the most prestigious of all colleges in the United States. Schools in Bedford County are not regarded as Ivy League schools despite their above-average educational standards.

Bedford County schools Tennessee Ranking

Bedford County has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked schools in Tennessee. The overall testing rank is based on a school’s combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking.

  • High school college readiness- 22%
  • High school graduation rate- 90.4%
  • Best School Districts for Athletes in Virginia- 37 of 131
  • Districts with the Best Teachers in Virginia- 38 of 132
  • Best School Districts in Virginia- 41 of 131
  • Percentage of teachers who are certified (average)- 97.3%
  • Teachers with 3 or more years’ experience (average)- 88.9%

The above rankings clearly show that Bedford county schools are nothing short of excellent in the academic field.

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What is Bedford county schools Tennessee Acceptance rate?

Bedford County school’s acceptance rate was 73.5% in 2020-21, the highest level on record. If you meet the required requirements for Bedford County Schools, you would definitely get accepted.

Of 300 applications that come into schools in DeKalb County, over 220+ are accepted.

To further increase your chances, ensure that you apply to a school with the same requirements that you have.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for Bedford county schools in Tennessee?

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities in Bedford County.

There’s the Ashe Scholarship which provides for scholarship awards based on financial need; Bedford County Human Services Council Scholarship which offers about $500 (fall semester only); Rotary Club Scholarship which offers about $1,000 per year ($500 per semester)

Bedford County offers a variety of scholarships for individuals pursuing certification, degrees, and advanced degrees in the fields of health care, health education, and health administration.

The scholarship program does not fund the first year of general education courses in a four-year degree program.

You must be a resident of the County of Bedford before you would be eligible to apply. The scholarship bodies work closely with education facilities as well as local employers to help students and to retain trained healthcare providers for our community.

 A Scholarship Review Committee evaluates all applications and makes determinations based on criteria and available funding.  Once a scholarship is awarded, you would be notified in writing and the scholarship check is sent to the school where the student is enrolled.

You would be required to submit grades and progress reports to the scholarship committee.  Any change in academic status must be communicated to the scholarship committee.

In addition, you would also be needing;

  • One valid, acceptable proof of residence
  • Parent/Guardian state issued picture ID
  • Birth Certificate or acceptable proof of age document for any kindergarten or 1st grade student
  • IEP for special needs students. This is highly recommended if available

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Bedford County schools Tennessee Admission Requirement

To get enrolled in any school, there are some documents that would be required of you. These are the generally accepted documents in Bedford county schools.

The admission requirements in Bedford County schools and the steps you would need to take are outlined below.

  • Complete the registration form.
  • Obtain all necessary documents.
  • Call the school your child will be attending and find out when is the best time for you to stop by to enroll
  • Visit the school and bring all necessary documents
  • Enrolling parents will need to upload all required documents into Final Forms. 
  • Proof of child’s age- Original or Certified copy of birth record.
  • Immunization status -Written statement by a physician stating that the physical condition of the child warrants medical exemption from vaccinations.
  • Proofs of residency
  • Deed indicating ownership of property within the school district
  • Most current utility bills
  • Documentation from your City Building Department
  • Certificate of residence or Occupancy Permit (Call your city Building Department for the correct form)
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Social Worker ID

You would also be required at your registration appointment to bring along;

  • Completion of the school district’s Pre- Registration Student Form.
  • Picture identification.
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)/Evaluation Report (ER)
  • Withdrawal letter
  • Custody papers. A copy of the court order or custody agreement IS required to be provided if the parents are separated or divorced and the enrolling parent is relying on the order or agreement as the basis for enrolling the child.
  • Transcripts/Report card
  • Custody/Guardianship (provide appropriate certified court journal entry)
  • Divorce decree & shared parenting plan;
  • Guardianship;
  • Court Placement
  • Health or physical examination records.
  • Academic records.
  • Attendance records.
  • Special Education records.

What SAT/ ACT Score is required for Bedford county schools Tennessee?

The average SAT score required for Bedford County Schools has been estimated at 1180 while the average ACT score required has been estimated to be 27.

How much is Bedford county schools Tennessee Tuition?

The local tuition costs about $3,366 while domestic tuition in Polk County Schools costs about $12,272 (2019 -20). This price range is relative and depends on the school you have chosen to enroll for.

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Student Life at Bedford county schools Tennessee

Students enrolled in Thomas magnet, Cascade Elementary school, Cascade middle school will receive transportation. Transportation is not provided for all other School Choice programs. Any student residing within the Bedford County School District may apply for a seat in a School Choice Program.

School hours in Bedford County schools generally begin from 8:00 a.m to 2: 00 p.m through Mondays to Fridays. For high schools, there is usually a lunch break in-between. Provisions are also made for holidays of at least a month, twice times a year.

In Bedford County Schools, everything is done according to the prospective curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thomas magnet, Cascade Elementary school, Cascade middle school

Research has shown that the average graduation rate is 87%

Yes. Bedford has made provisions for free or reduced lunch by 34.8%. There are also provisions for free transportation, depending on the school you choose to attend.

The number of students has been slated at 9555

Research has shown that the average teacher salary is $51,336

Bedford County Schools spend $12,000 per student each year. It has an annual revenue of $116,770,000. Overall, the district spends $5,847.4 million on instruction, $3,869.1 million on support services, and $398.6 million on other expenses.


Good schooling has been linked to higher incomes, better employment options, and increased social supports that, together, support opportunities for better choices.

In attending a good school, you can feel you have more control over your life as a whole. It has also been shown that those who go to good schools like longer. Funny but true.

Hence, before enrolling in Bedford County Schools, ensure to look at the bigger picture. In the end, it all depends on what you want out of it.



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