15 Best CyberSecurity Jobs in the World

The creativity of individuals or businesses and the top-rated companies in the world can be undermined. They can be forgotten if some measures are not taken to protect their network, confidential information, and devices from external sources or threats. This article explores the 15 best cybersecurity jobs in the world in 2023.

The process of enhancing the company’s IT system is called Cyber Security. 

Cyber Security is a process whereby information, credentials, and devices are protected and prevents potential breaches to the network.

The primary role of Cyber Security is to understand the company protocols and IT system and also be available at all costs in case there is any threat to the network.

What Are Cyber Security Jobs?

Wished you were working in organizations that deal in Cyber Security? Well, here is the good news, Cyber Security has rooted all around as the career has a lot of fields in it.

Each field in this career is important and valued together. Just like other fields in each career that link up with each other, so does Cyber Security.

Here are some of the jobs you can find in Cyber Security.

  • Instructors
  • Systems Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • IT Application Security
  • Risk Manager
  • IT/Cyber/Security Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Consultants

And many others.

Is Cyber Security A Good Career?

Cyber Security Is considered as the only career that is capable of going through 100s of years to come.

Not only is this possible but the demand for the career is becoming huge that in every starter organization, a Cyber Security Analyst or Expert must be involved in the upbringing of the organization.

Yes. Cyber Security is seen as the only career that is considered worth in the IT industry. Every Field in the IT industry is linked to Cyber Security.

Why Pursue a Career In Cyber Security?

Not everyone knows the advantage of Cyber Security. In the environment well, some do know few things about it like they protect the internet or an organization from fraudsters, prevent fraudulent activities among individuals.

But what they do not know is that being a Cyber Security Analyst expert or anything relating to Cyber Security is like having the most important job in the world and practicing the best career ever.

Cyber Security experts are respected, given accolades after doing a great job, and also enjoy special benefits than others. 

Above all, cyber security is considered as a good career because of it contributions to the environment. Cyber Security has a huge impact on the internet.

How Much Do Cyber Security Workers Make?

The experience takes it all.  In every career, there are skillful workers who are also called professionals, novice or newbies workers, veterans who are like the makers of the career and know the in and out of the career.

Cyber Security Workers’ salaries are not the same anywhere. Each field has its own level of expertise thereby creating gaps between them.

For instance, cyber security analysts can be earning more than a Security Analyst or security architect. Also, a Cyber Security Worker in Cizar Ltd can earn 000 annually while another Cyber Security Worker on the same level and experience in another company can be earning 000 annually. (magicjudges.org)

Companies defer from companies, private organizations defer from government organizations. The average Cyber Security Payout is between $5000–$170000.

Is Cyber Security A Stressful Job?

Well, depends on how you say stressful though.

Every career has its own bad and good sides. The good side of a career can be the bad side of another career. Also, passion for a career is not left out.

If you have a great desire to go for a particular career then you should be ready to face anything that is related to it.

Cyber Security workers are known for their speedy contributions to an organization than any other career apart from the health industry.

In case of any external threat or breach, they must always be available to fix the problem, solve it and prevent any other reoccurrence later on. They are considered as a 24/7 magnet.

What Jobs Can I Get With A Cyber Security Degree?

The future of Cyber Security Is bright. There is a rapid flow of knowledge In IT and Technology skills are Improving daily.

With the development of new tactics and projection of more job openings, Cyber Security has a growth of about 5–9% In the IT industry than any other Job path.

There are many Jobs you can get in this career with a Cyber Security degree. Here are some

  • Security Analyst
  • Security Specialist
  • Systems Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Consultants

The above mentioned are some of the Jobs you can get. There are still many but all are connected to Cyber Security.

What Are the 15 Best Cyber Security Jobs in 2023?

Technology Is the most expensive asset In the world. With the world becoming digitally advancing,  everything is made easy and also everything is hard.

Cyber Security plays an important role in businesses and organizations. Here is a list of the best Cyber Security Jobs In 2023.

1. Blockchain Developers

BlockChain Developers develop Innovative Systems as a method to combat challenges like Cyber crimes such as hacking.

They ensure a safe digital transactions and also storing of block chain data using secure methods like cryptography.

They are often known to be equipped with knowledge In programming languages. Important skills needed for blockchain developers are web development, Cryptography, blockchain Architecture, and Data Structures.

Average Annual Salary: £69000
Best State: New York
Best Country: Singapore

2. Network Engineer

Network Engineers perform the role of Installations and the maintenance overview of network components like routers and cables.

They also monitor network activity, set up firewalls, configuring systems. The more reason why they are technical experts is that they must always be available at all costs. 

Average Salary: €52,500 
Course to take on: Network Defence Management Overview and Basics of Network Security.
Best State: Nebraska
Best Country: United Kingdom

3. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts monitor systems and networks, give an overview of what is going on In the IT world. They detect threats, protect IT Infrastructure from criminals activity.

Also, they ensure sensitive Information is protected. Also, ensuring that policies are followed.

The role of an Information Security Analyst is highly technical. They are generally called The Security of the Internet.

Course to take: Information Security Management System ( ISMS) 
Average Annual Salary: €63,250
Best State: Delaware
Best Country: United Kingdom

4. Cyber Security Project Manager

Cybersecurity Project Managers manage the security systems that protect the organization’s employees, Safeguard assets and data.

They ensure targets are met In a specific time and manage the laid down budget.

They work hand In hand with other cyber security Specialist In Projects to ensure a safe Implementation of the work given. 

Course to take on: Project Management
Average Annual Salary: €56, 642
Best State: Maryland
Best Country: Russia

5. Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber Security Consultants can work Independently or Choose to work In a company.

They help Organizations, Improve their Cyber Security Measures. They analyze business solutions and see where they can be of use.

They train staff in the organization. There is always something peculiar about Cyber Security Consultant

  • i) They can work In many Organizations
  • ii) They are mostly Independent. 

Best State: Deleware
Best Country: United Kingdom
Average Annual Salary: €64,945

6. Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers assess the security of computer systems. They place prevention measures to prevent hackers from gaining into the Organization System. 

They carry out advanced checks on a company’s system. This makes Ethical Hackers be in high demand.

They work as Information Security analysts or any other Cyber Crime Specialist to safeguard the organization’s systems.

Best State: New York
Best Country: Romania
Average Annual Salary: €45,100
Course to take on: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

7. Chief Information Security Officer ( CISO)

This is a major role and also a senior level. This Job require lots of experience and also they must cover some of the cyber security Jobs.

The CISO Is responsible for recruiting of IT personnel and having close connections with team leaders. They are one of the Respected figures In the Organization because of their level of experience and mode of entry In IT.

Also, the CISO is charged with the responsibility of the whole security operations such as Design, Strategy, Development, and regulations of an organization. 

Pay – Depends on the seniority and the organization.
Average Annual Salary: €127,590.
Best State: Delaware
Best Country: India

8. Digital Forensic Analyst

Digital Forensic Analyst basically investigate Cyber crimes. They work hand In hand with the law enforcement agencies.

Also, they analyze, suggest, and investigate digital crimes, for example online scams, hacking, Illegal practices. They are also Involved In the Investigation of data on devices.

Course to take on: computing techniques and software, Knowledge of operating systems.

Average Annual Salary: €33,960
Best State: Neva Ne
Best Country: USA

9. Security Software Developer

A Security Software Developer is someone that design, implement and test also change existing programs, upgrades and integrate new security protocols into the system or old applications.

Basically, they develop codes, create software, and enhances them, while they work In teams.

Course to take on: Software Development with Python and Java. Programming and Development. 
Average Annual Salary: €53,760

10. Security Architect

Security Architects are In Charge of the IT Security Infrastructure. They are responsible for creating and designing of security for a system.

Equally, they develop architecture patterns and suggest new security measures. At the same time, they educate IT staff on security policies and make suggestions to stakeholders.

Courses to take on: Information Security Design and Development.
Average Annual Salary: $82, 692.
Best State: California
Best Country: USA

11. Malware Analyst

Malware Analyst identify software products. They prevent any occurrence of malicious software threats.

Also, they are Cyber Security Professionals that help organizations to detect and mitigate intrusions. This Job role takes on an increase of $157,000. Skills, Education, Experience and most especially where they work. 

Average Salary: $93,000
Best State: Washington
Best Country: USA

12. Penetration Tester

Who Is a penetration Tester? They Design tests to check out security vulnerabilities and also Cyber Security effectiveness. This role is In high demand so their annual pay rise Up over time.

Average Annual Salary: $140.000
Best State: Washington
Best Country: USA

13. Security Director

Security Director implement IT security Protocols. They ensure a safe guard of resources In the organization.

They assist Law enforcement on any Issue relating to IT. They create awareness of Cyber crime and place measures on how to combat them.

Depending on their level of experience, security Directors make up to $157,470.

Best State: California
Best Country: Venezuela

14. System Engineer

System engineer basically help In the coordination of teams, evaluation and testing for the Development of Design and manage composite systems.

They are the engineering team In the organization that plays a vital role In the Integration of management tools.

Average Salary: $50,300 to $105,192.
Best State: Texas
Best Country: Canada

15. Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialist manage security measures and develop Stages of software systems, Data and networks centers.

Also, they monitor and imment attacks and search for vulnerabilities In software and hardware. This job entails lot of responsibilities.

Average Annual Salary: $81,972 to $156,000.
Best State: Delaware
Best Country: Russia

What Are The Best Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs?

With an average pay of $91,753 per year, entry-level Cyber Security Jobs are paid based on the path you follow. A entry-level Cyber Security Analyst can earn more than a entry-level Cyber Security Architect. Here are some entry-level Cyber Security Jobs.

  • Security Specialist
  • Cryptographer
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Auditor
  • Forensics Expert
  • Incident Responder

and many others.

How Do I Get A Job In Cyber Security With No Experience?

  • Check out the Job role.

Are you fit for the Job? Do you have the capability to handle it and do what It takes. If yes, You can start a career In It and If no, check out what you are good at. 

  • Take IT training courses and get Certifications from them.

You can check out Udemy, Coursera, and other Professional sites that offer what you want. Earn professional Certifications from them.

  • Network

This is the main idea of with no experience. Networking Is a useful entity that can be used professionally If It is done in a proper way.

  • Be of a high Intellect

Think outside of the box. Don’t wait still you find something Stressed out and out of ideas. Make use of every resources you can find.

  • Be catchy on Technologies
  • Ability to work creatively
  • Strong Communication Skills

How Do I Get My First Cyber Security Job?

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree In Computer Science or In a related field.
  •  Have key knowledge of Firewalls and know the basics of IT.
  • Knowledge in Language/tools like Java, Node, Ruby , C++ and Power shell.
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Knowledge Of the Cyber Security and hacking tactics

What Qualifications Are Needed To Work In Cyber Security?

It is very much possible to move from one job to another in cyber security as they are all connected.

Depending on their popularity the one you prefer In some cases may appear easy as you think but it is not.

Cyber Security Is broad and It Involves acquiring skills, certifications in pursuing a career In It. You can check out the following degree Subjects as It could give you your career path. 

  • Cyber Security
  • Forensic Computing
  • IT
  • Network Engineering

And STEM subjects like Mathematics, physics chemistry.

Here are a few Qualifications that are made available In Cyber Security.

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP)
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner ( SSCP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)


What are the best jobs in cybersecurity?

Security Specialist
Security Architect
Forensic Expert
Security Auditor
Security Analyst
Incident Responde
Cyber Security Analyst
IT Application Security
Risk Manager
Information Security Analyst
Security Architect
Systems Engineer
Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP)
Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
Certified Information Security Manager ( CISM)

Is cybersecurity a respected career?

Yes. Cyber Security is well respected.

Do I need a degree to work in cybersecurity?

Not necessarily a degree, you can earn a Certification In areas that involve Cyber Security or IT.


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