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What you will find in this article is the list of the best LSAT Prep Courses that are effective and proven courses for your best LSAT prep course online.

The issue is deciding if you have what it takes to be a lawyer, not if you can enter a 4-year university. Although the powerful players are in the test preparation scene, the LSAT is a different ball game with different rules.

Most of these LSAT courses tend to be free online courses or quite affordable.

If you want to be successful in the LSAT online course and enter a great law school, you will find the tricks here.

Best Online LSAT Preparation Courses

Choosing the best online LSAT prep course is a very important decision that plays an important role in assessing the LSAT and in the law school of your dreams.

You will spend countless hours studying. Therefore, it is crucial to find the LSAT Prep material that best suits your style and learning background.

Here’s the good news: We have personally researched and reviewed all the main LSAT prep courses online to make it easier! The list below will help you choose the course that best suits your needs.

Best LSAT Prep Courses and Study Materials

Choosing the best LSAT Prep course that will prepare you to take the right exam and enter the best law school of your dreams is a daunting task. Many companies offer LSAT study guides. How can you be sure that you have chosen the best?

Well, here is a tip. You should focus on yourself and think about the best way to learn before considering different options.

Instead of seeing what course most functions have, you should ask yourself what functions interest you the most. And also help you study and be very much productive.

If LSAT review courses do not have the features that interest you most, it will not help you much. Also, it does not matter that an evaluation course is very popular. The only thing that matters is how it will work for you.

You should find a prep course for the LSAT exam that matches your learning style. As well as study habits, schedule, and budget.

After all, you will probably have more than 100 hours to study for the entrance exam at the law school. You need a study guide that will accelerate your study time and reduce your study hours, not increase them.

That’s why we created this resource. We have reviewed the best LSAT prep courses, so you can easily explore the different courses. Also to see which one best suits your personality and learning style. See the comparison of LSAT prep courses below.

#1. LSATMax Prep Course

LSAT Max is a free download application that gives you access to much free content. Such as video conferences, logic games, and many practice questions!

The application is completely free to download and use. Also, it gives students the opportunity to prepare for the new digital LSAT.

Whether they install it on an Apple or Android device. However, the true strength of the LSAT Max system lies in its comprehensive course of LSAT studies.

It contains more than 70 hours of video conferencing. As well as a set of digital and printed LSAT Prep books and more than 8,200 questions of previous admission exams.

You can exercise with 81 full-length LSATs in the application, as well as in printed form. This is the perfect class for those who have a busy schedule and want a course designed specifically for a mobile device. It is a very modern course, unlike some of the oldest.

The best thing about LSAT Max prep course is that it is the only preparatory course that offers permanent access at a reasonable cost. You do not have to worry about paying extra fees to renew your study material with this one!

LSATMax Prep Course fee

Compared to the competition, LSATMax Prep courses are affordable. In addition, there is a wide variety of packages and 0% financing for all budgets.

The LSAT Max prep course application is free, with limited content, and you can customize your course according to the practice you need. Lifetime access courses range from $749.99 for the Pro Course to $949.99 for the Premium Edition, while the monthly Pro Subscription is $199/month.

Course Website

#2. Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course

Alpha Score LSAT Prep offers an affordable review online course that explains concepts through animated tutorials, videos, and personal tutoring.

They offer some of the most detailed and useful explanations of all the courses. They guide you in detail in the previous LSAT questions. So you can learn to analyze the question and understand the correct answer.

This is extremely useful because it helps you understand how the questions are asked and what answers the test designers are looking for.

As an Alpha Score student, you will have access to your instructors. You can contact them directly and ask for help about a question, concept or general topic. They are proud of their passion for teaching and will help you succeed in every way possible.

This Alpha Score LSAT Prep course includes more than 60 complete practice exams. Not only but also 50 hours of videoconference and a set of digital and printed manuals. All these materials are available on any device for an initial period of 12 months. You can renew them for longer if you need them.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course fee

It is always good to find an excellent affordable course. Alpha Score offers a range of study materials at a fair price. With a few hundred dollars less than the competition, it’s worth using AlphaScore to complete another LSAT review course you’ve already purchased, even if it’s a complete LSAT review course!

Course Website

#3. The Princeton Review LSAT Course

The Princeton Review LSAT  is one of the most respected LSAT exam preparation courses due to the quality and richness of its materials. This preparation company has developed study guides for more than 35 years and currently offers several packages.

They offer everything from online self-study courses to private tutoring.

The self-study course gives you access to all your study material, including 150 hours of video conferencing. Not only but also on-demand courses, an easy-to-use online interface, and 6 full practice exams. This is great because it gives you the opportunity to study at any time and anywhere with the same materials.

The combined Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course gives you access to the same material online but also allows you to attend 30 hours of live training. This is very good for students who want more explanations and want to be able to ask questions in a real environment.

The Ultimate Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course includes the same functions as the previous ones, as well as 84 hours of live instruction. This option is ideal for students who want even more in-person. And live lectures to really understand the content and improve their reading comprehension.

These materials are excellent, but they are not mobile and do not last long. Your online access is limited to 3 months. If you need more time, you can always renew your course.

Course Website

#4. Kaplan LSAT Prep Course

Kaplan LSAT Prep has been manufacturing study materials to enter law school for decades. Similar to the Princeton Review, this online course offers some different options that work well for different types of students.

Your most popular course is a class in the classroom where you go to university or some other place near you and attend lectures. Some students think that this is painful because they have to follow a strict program of studies, others prefer it because it keeps them on the right track.

This Kaplan LSAT Prep course includes seven live sessions of four hours live with LSAT instructors. As well as unlimited access to The LSAT Channel and three practice sessions in the LSAT classroom.

If you do not have a conference room near you or if you simply do not want to drive somewhere every day. You can choose the online option that allows you to attend conferences virtually.

This gives you the benefits of live online conference planning, but without the travel requirements. This course includes seven 4-hour reading sessions and three practice sessions in the LSAT classroom.

Finally, the free course is ideal for students who simply want to follow their own pace and not attend conferences. This includes more than 70 hours of videoconferences and 40 episodes archived from The LSAT Channel.

Whatever the study material is chosen, you will have access to more than 80 previous LSATs. The questions library that contains each REAL LSAT prep sample questions, and the manuals that contain detailed explanations. These documents are not accessible on your mobile device and are only accessible for one year.

Course Website

#5. Magoosh Prep LSAT Study Materials

Magoosh Prep LSAT is a relatively new company that offers introductory courses for admission to law schools. But that does not mean that your material is not good.

It is a very affordable option that gives you access to more than 50 hours of video conferencing, email assistance for the instructor and questions related to previous exams.

The videos cover all the concepts of the exam, as well as the pitfalls in which many students are trapped. After all, understanding information is only half the job. You must also understand how to pass the test.

Magoosh Prep LSAT offers tons of test strategies that will help you understand how to read the questions and how to answer them. It is a simple course designed to be compatible with mobile devices so you can access them from anywhere.

This Magoosh Prep LSAT course may not have all the striking features of other courses, but it has everything you need to improve your LSAT score. This is by far the best value and comes with full money back guarantee. If you do not like it, you get a full refund. No questions. You can not go wrong with that!

Magoosh Prep LSAT Course fee

In terms of value, you will not find a cheaper option that meets the needs of the key areas you need to pass the LSAT. Do not skimp on the evaluation documents simply because you pay a little less for this course.

Course Website

#6. Blueprint Online LSAT Prep Course

Blueprint makes our list of the best LSAT prep courses the most innovative of the 10 courses you will find in this list of the best LSAT prep courses. In person and online upon request, both courses use online resources, as well as the Blueprint application.

This is what you will get if you go to the Blueprint online course: the online courses include 16 lessons, 3 synthesis workshops, and 3 advanced clinics. The lessons are covered in animated videos that total about 88 hours.

The animation allows Blueprint instructors to identify concepts that are more visually understandable. Even if it is prerecorded, you have time to work on the exercises and synchronization exercises at the end of the course.

In addition to the interactive video lessons, you can access the iOS Blueprint application. In this application, you can access your MyBlueprint page, which provides explanations about all the questions of your task, as well as practical exams.

The explanations can be heard through audio, video or read a detailed text. The application allows you to practice answering questions. If you make a mistake, you have the option to see the correct answer or try again.

You can request “suggestions” to help you find the right answer without revealing everything at once. You can access advanced analytics in the application, which indicates your strengths and weaknesses according to practice.

Course Website

#7. TestMasters LSAT Prep Course

The writer of the PowerScore Bible trilogy LSAT and PowerScore founder, David Killoran, also co-founded TestMasters! It’s fair to say that when it comes to the best LSAT preparation courses, we like to keep it in the family. In general, I would say that you should stay away from a company that offers several types of test preparation, as it may seem more general than specific.

But in the case of the Testmaster LSAT Prep Course, they really offer an excellent LSAT prep program that we have listed in our best LSAT prep courses for the current LSAT practice.

Testmasters’ live and online course options offer 9,000 official LSAT practice questions so you can practice problems similar to those you encounter on the day of the exam.

The online and live course offers 160 hours of instruction. The difference lies in the way it is delivered. The online course provides Robin Singh with 160 hours of the instructional video, while classroom instruction has 60 hours of classroom time and 100 hours of online time.

Similarly, the live course will have six full supervised exams that you will pass in realistic conditions, while these official supervised exams do not appear in the online LSAT prep course offered by Testmasters.

The LSAT Prep Testmasters Live Course is only available in some cities and not very often. If you are lucky enough to be near one of these metropolitan areas where a course is held. You can take advantage of some of the offers of the Testmasters Live class that you can not find in the online course.

You will receive a 550-page LSAT prep book with 1500 practical LSAT questions. Each lesson is accompanied by tasks that you will have to finish at home to reinforce the key concepts learned in class.

Course Website

#8. PowerScore LSAT Prep Course 

Unlike 7Sage, which offers only one online option on demand. Also, PowerScore offers several types of LSAT Prep courses according to your preferences for learning style, time and level of progress. The 5 types of courses offered are in person, online, on demand, accelerated and advanced.

If we had to choose a course type, it would be the LSAT prep course in person. This course option offers 64 hours of classroom instruction taught by instructors with at least 170 points on an official LSAT.

In addition to these class hours, you will also have access to your on-demand videos totaling 45 hours of online classes.

In my opinion, the real attraction of this course in person are the four supervised LSAT tests that simulate the actual conditions of the day of the test. These tests are all official LSAT prep tests and will be administered by a supervisor in time conditions.

This is a very interesting opportunity to understand how the LSAT feels, directing it to other students and in a classroom, as well as the additional step that PowerScore takes to take an exam.

Complete second, third and fourth test. This ensures that you have no questions about the correct answers and that you have the opportunity to learn more about your mistakes.

When you sign up for one of PowerScore’s in-person classes, you will review four complete books created by PowerScore.

Course Website

#9. 7Sage LSAT Prep Course

A friend recommended me to 7Sage and I tried it. The initial perception that you may have when you visit the 7Sage website is that it seems a little outdated. But, as the saying goes, you can not judge a book on its cover.

The founders of 7Sage, JY, and Alan, are graduates of Harvard Law School, whose mission was to provide effective preparation of LSAT at a pace that makes it more accessible to all.

What do you get with this course? The main attraction of these courses is extremely useful and detailed JY videos that work through complete lessons, as well as thousands of real questions about LSAT.

Some of these videos last only a few minutes, while others of JY that work with logic games can detail more than 15 minutes to draw a game board and answer questions.

Speaking of game boards, 7Sage has completely revolutionized the logic game preparation stage by sharing the explanations of each logic game in each LSAT played.

By working in the LSAT program, you can define your own customized curriculum based on the date of your next test and the analyzes will tell you what to focus on.

Depending on the course you choose, you will get between 10 and 16 printable LSAT exams, along with explanations.

When I took this course, I simply bought the lower preparation of LSAT Starter and was satisfied with the amount of content and content of the course.


You can see for yourself that your fees start at $179 and have a cap of $749.

Course Website

#10. Manhattan Prep Live Online LSAT Prep

The LSAT Prep Live Online Manhattan Prep presents our list of the best LSAT prep courses for the live online category because it covers the same complete program that the in-person course would offer you, with savings of almost USD 300.

Live LSAT prep course instructors in Manhattan are 99th percentile markers (more details on the LSAT percentiles). With such a small class size, instructors can customize the exercises in the classroom to suit their personal skills.

In the same way, with this more personal and intimate classroom, the instructor can challenge the students progressively, depending on the progress of their progress.

Unlike the conventional classes, you’ll probably find once you’re in law school, these Manhattan prep courses are workshop-style, which means that small group work and individualized exercises can focus on the learning and higher level topics.

The standard online course that is enrolled will meet once a week for 3 hours, for a total of 10 weeks. There are 30 hours of live classes online.

In addition to these 30 hours of live online lessons with your instructor, you will also have access to your Live Interact course. Which is an on-demand course that allows you to watch video lessons for independent learning?

Included in the online course, you will also receive a copy of the Manhattan Prep Fifth Strategy Guidelines, 2 official LSAC Practice Books and access to all previous LSAT exams.

Course Website

Current Discounts on LSAT Courses

Trying to choose the best LSAT prep course can be daunting. There is a lot of information to digest on the Web and many LSAT prep courses to choose from. We have done the work to facilitate the selection process.

The difference between passing or failing the LSAT exam depends to a large extent on the preparation of your LSAT prep course. The use of LSAT review courses that do not fit your learning style may result in lower or even lower test scores, resulting in additional time and exam costs. We are here to make sure this does not happen to you!

We have reviewed and reviewed all online LSAT review courses below so you do not have to! The comparison chart will help you determine which LSAT course will best suit your needs.

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Now that you’ve found the best places to prepare for your LSAT Prep courses, you no longer need to be scared.

Just pick any of the prep courses and get into the best shape for your examination.


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