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12+ Best Nail Tech Schools in Indianapolis in 2023

There are numerous nail tech schools in Indianapolis, and searching for the best one for you can be overwhelming. This article is written to take the burden off your shoulders.

The world of nails is fascinating, and you can get a degree. Becoming a nail technician is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a career in the beauty industry. The field is rapidly growing and offers many job opportunities. You can work at salons and spas or even open your own business.

Nail tech schools are an excellent option to enter this exciting field of work.

The best way to become a nail technician is by enrolling in an accredited school that provides quality educational programs that prepare students for professional careers as nail technicians. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best nail tech schools in Indianapolis that offer hands-on training and practical experience.

Whata are the Licensing Requirements for a Nail Tech School in Indianapolis?

In Indiana, aspiring nail technicians must finish 450 clock hours at a school that has received state accreditation and complete the state board exam.

Students must be well-versed in the technical specifications for nail care and fundamental sanitation and safety procedures because the state test consists of a written and practical assessment.

Since the test can be retaken, students don’t have to worry about failing the first time. However, since the testing expenses must be paid for each attempt, it’s best to ensure you can complete the first time with a decent program.

The state will ensure that students requiring special accommodations have the support and access they need to complete the test.

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What are the Training Requirements for Nail Tech Training in Indianapolis?

To guarantee that students are prepared to pass state tests, basic training programs must cover the following classes:

  • Simple pedicure and manicure methods,
  • Reliable chemistry
  • Customer service and guest pleasure,
  • Fundamental business management
  • Sculpting,
  • Sanitation and safety,
  • Practical instruction
  • Getting ready for state exams.

Prospective students should confirm that the schools they are considering offer courses that cover these fundamental necessities and the most recent nail art and fashion trends.

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What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Indianapolis in 2023?

Here is a list of the best nail tech schools in Indianapolis in 2023:

  • PJ’s College of Cosmetology
  • The Salon Professional Academy
  • Harrold Beauty Academy
  • Kaye’s Beauty College
  • Ravenscroft Beauty College
  • Ideal Beauty Academy
  • Rudie’s School of Beauty Culture
  • Textures Institute of Cosmetology
  • Vincennes Beauty College
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture
  • Nail Tech Schools Near Indianapolis
  • Don Roberts Beauty School
  • Aveda Fredric’s Institute Indianapolis

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1. PJ’s College of Cosmetology

This is one of the best nail tech schools in Indiana. In addition to imparting the knowledge required to become successful, independent, and in demand in the cosmetology profession, PJ fosters a sense of self-worth and a flair for creativity in its students.

Haircutting is a significant component of the curriculum because all of PJ’s alums find employment in the field after graduation, making it a popular talent.

There are financial aid options. It is best recommended for students who want to develop a strong feeling of community and expertise in their chosen fields.

This school provides training for two licenses, including the Indiana Esthetician License and the Indiana Nail Technician License.

Attending PJ’S College of Cosmetology is said to have several advantages, with excellent teachers, hands-on training, and fantastic professional preparation, and it’s affordable too. 

Their tuition fee is $15,100, and their kit cost is $2,375. The length of the nail tech program is 14 months. 

Visit School 

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2. The Salon Professional Academy

Even though they are only at the start of a long career full of opportunities and creativity, TSPA believes it is imperative to assist students in fulfilling their full artistic potential.

They follow a curriculum collaboratively developed by New York City’s famed Redken 5th Avenue salon. It is one of the best nail technician schools in Indianapolis. 

This program gives students the technical know-how and marketing, business, and guest service skills to better prepare them for a career after graduation. This method lessens or does away with the requirement for an “apprentice” term in salons and can give graduates a competitive edge in the market.

No other Indiana institution uses this cutting system may be one of the factors influencing TSPA grads’ 80% employment rate. High on-time completion rates and the school’s outstanding career services section, which show that its graduates complete what they start, may also play a role.

The best floor in the state is the elegant, traditional Academy floor. Both business and fashion courses are provided at the institution. Scholarships are offered to eligible students.

Their students, recent graduates, and staff strive daily to provide visitors with a relaxing and memorable experience. While receiving individualized guidance from highly skilled personnel, you will apply technical skills to actual clients.

Along with developing your talents in wellness and beauty, you’ll also gain knowledge in customer service, interpersonal and group communication, and business management.

Their tuition fee is $14,590, and their kit cost is $2,000. The duration of their program is 11 months. 

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3. Harrold Beauty Academy

The duration of their program is ten months, their tuition fee is $12,650, and their kit cost is $1,150. 

The fourth generation of the family is currently in charge of the well-known, family-run Harrold Beauty Academy. It is one of the best nail technician schools in Indianapolis. I

Due to its 86 percent job placement rate and low student loan debt rates, it is a fantastic choice for thrifty students even though the school offers below-average tuition costs.

The university does not discriminate in its admission, hiring, or graduation practices based on color, sex, race, age, ethnic origin, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation, and it also does not enroll or admit students who are already enrolled in or accepted to another institution that offers comparable academic programs.

This institution provides instruction for two certifications, including the Indiana Cosmetology License and the Indiana Cosmetology License (Esthetics).

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4. Kaye’s Beauty College

This nail tech school in Indianapolis has a high rate of on-time completion. When their students graduate, they are thoroughly knowledgeable about the newest hair styling methods.

The school places a strong focus on personalized training. 

Their tuition fee is $15,685, the price of their kit is $1,940, and it will take 12 months to finish your program.

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5. Ravenscroft Beauty College

This is another excellent nail tech school in Indianapolis that will interest you. From Ravenscroft’s 50 years of expertise and curriculum, students can benefit from in-class learning with real-world application to educate the full spectrum of cosmetology abilities.

Even though this school’s tuition is less than the national average, they offer excellent value.

Their kit cost is $1,500. You will need to pay $13,050 as tuition fees. You will be required to complete this program in one year.

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6. Ideal Beauty Academy

Their tuition fee is $12,850, the cost of their kit is $1,680, and their program lasts for 11 months. 

Due to the high proportion of graduates who completed their programs on time, below-average tuition expenses, and low median student loan debt, Ideal Beauty Academy got into our list.

The school’s programs are meant to educate and encourage students to become professionals and give them the skills necessary to be eligible for state-issued cosmetology licensure.

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7. Rudie’s School of Beauty Culture

In Indianapolis, the nine-month program is the shortest, and 85% of students complete it on time. Rudie’s School of Beauty Culture provides students with practical training, study time, and on-the-job training, all of which help students catch up rapidly.

About 83 percent of grads find employment right away after graduating. It is among Indianapolis’ top schools for nail technicians. 

The program duration is nine months, the cost of their kit is $1,599, and their tuition fee is $15,630. 

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8. Textures Institute of Cosmetology

This is one of the best nail technician schools you can attend in Indianapolis. 

The Institute provides the same state-of-the-art education as other cosmetology schools. Still, it goes above and beyond to interact with and establish ties with organizations like the Indiana Black Expo to ensure that students are drawn to and exposed to the real world.

High ratings include an on-time completion percentage of 75% and an employment rate of 89%. Business training is a part of the tuition fees at Textures. Scholarships and VA benefits are both acknowledged in this school.

You will pay $14,800 as a tuition fee. The cost of their kit is $700, and their program duration is 19 months. 

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9. Vincennes Beauty College

In addition to charging one of the lowest tuition of any school on our list, Vincennes University is the only school to meet all three criteria for a perfect score:

  • A completion rate of 75%
  • A job placement rate of 96%
  • Low median student loan debt

It is one of Indianapolis’ top nail technician schools.

Because it incorporates business skills into its curriculum, this school has a lot to offer.

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited Vincennes University (HLC). This school offers one certification, with Cosmetology License receiving the most reviews.

Their tuition fee is $11,075. The cost of their kit is $1,100. The duration of their program is one year.

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10. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

The availability of options for each student’s circumstance is a top concern at Tricoci University. Tricoci University provides a path to cosmetology, regardless of whether you have just graduated from high school and are struggling to get started or have been in a job you detest for years.

Services for job placement are available for graduates. Numerous grants and need-based scholarships are additionally available to motivate qualified candidates. VA benefits are also accepted.

Their tuition fee is $17,250, the cost of their kit is $2,950, and this program lasts for one year.

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Nail Tech Schools Near Indianapolis

11. Don Roberts Beauty School

For about $9,000, Indiana’s Don Roberts Beauty School assists its pupils in completing the 450 hours of training mandated by the government.

All of the required books and tools are included in the price of their education. Prospective students seldom have to wait too long to begin their training because the institution offers enrollment all year long and quarterly classes.

Since one program can only be enrolled at a time, those who wish to pursue additional cosmetology education should generally finish this one first since it is among the simplest and quickest to finish in Indiana.

Any additional courses students desire to enroll in at the institution will accept credits from other programs.

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12. Aveda Fredric’s Institute Indianapolis

The Aveda Fredric’s Institute was established to produce some of the most prominent businesspeople in whole body wellness, makeup, hair, skin, and nail esthetics.

Only those alumni of the Aveda Fredric’s Institute Esthetics Program in Indianapolis who are in good standing are eligible for the manicuring program, which is provided without additional cost (aside from student kits and books).

Aveda Fredric’s Institute can help you prepare for a fascinating future in nails. Our program’s nail training emphasizes the use of pure flower and plant essences. You will be prepared to take the state license exam in Indiana once you have finished.

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To become a nail technician, you must enroll in a good nail tech school that can help you learn all the skills you need.

There are different types of schools to choose from, but it is crucial to find the one that fits your needs and schedule. Nail tech schools can range from hands-on classes with other students to online courses with little interaction. Consider what you want out of the school before choosing one.

When choosing the best nail tech school in Indianapolis, look for one with quality training and a good reputation among its graduates. An outstanding teacher will make all the difference when learning new skills and techniques.

They should also be able to answer any questions about their program or any concerns that may arise during your studies.


What is the best nail tech school in Indianapolis?

PJ’s College of Cosmetology
The Salon Professional Academy
Harrold Beauty Academy
Kaye’s Beauty College
Ravenscroft Beauty College
Ideal Beauty Academy
Rudie’s School of Beauty Culture
Textures Institute of Cosmetology
Vincennes Beauty College
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture
Nail Tech Schools Near Indianapolis
Don Roberts Beauty School
Aveda Fredric’s Institute Indianapolis

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Indiana?


To be eligible to apply for a license, you must have completed a 450-hour nail technician training course in Indiana. You must mark the renewal notice on your calendar after passing the necessary exam and earning your nail technician license.

How long is nail tech school?

Ranging from three to nine months

Most nail technician programs last 300 to 600 hours on average to complete. Based on your capability to attend school full- or part-time, you may usually finish a nail tech program in three to nine months from the time the program begins.

How long does it take to be good at doing nails?

What is the length of training to become a nail technician? You’ll need to complete 300 and 600 hours of training, and nail tech programs typically last between 3 and 9 months. However, the quick answer is that there isn’t a predetermined amount of time for training to become a nail technician.



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