Best Nail Tech Schools in Woodruff, Wisconsin | Requirements

Launching a nail tech career in Wisconsin starts with taking suitable courses that combine creative skills and technical knowledge. Studying at one of Woodruff, WI’s best nail tech schools in 2022 is a great way to kickstart this journey!

A nail tech’s life is fun and exciting, considering the flexibility that comes with it and the whooping pay.

In addition, the projected demand for nail techs is expected to increase by 22% from 2021 to 2031, says BLS. So, this is enough financial security for individuals that want to launch a nail tech career.

And if you’re thinking of launching a nail tech career in Wisconsin, understanding the fundamental aspects of the preparation process can help you decide.

First, you must understand what this career path entails, the schools to attend, and their requirements. And this guide explains the best nail tech schools in and near Woodruff, WI, in 2022, alongside their requirements.

Let’s sail together!

What Does a Nail Technician Do?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a nail technician shapes, cleans and beautifies the fingernails and toenails. These manicurists and pedicurists also advise their customers about how to care for their nails.

Furthermore, they might serve as listening ears during customer sessions, especially when the customer is experiencing some hardship.

Nail technicians can boost a person’s self-confidence through their work and encouraging words too. After all, who doesn’t walk taller when they have their nails made?

Why You Should Consider a Career in Technology

In addition to the increasing number of nail tech roles, there are other reasons why being a manicurist & pedicurist is an excellent choice.

One of them is constant income. Truthfully, nail specialists have limitless income potential. However, this depends on how much they are willing to work.

Generally, for nail technicians, the more you work, the more you’ll earn. Besides, here are other reasons you should consider being a nail specialist:

  • You’re independent. Being a nail specialist allows you to work independently and set your working hours. If you establish a salon for yourself, you can employ someone to manage it.
  • It allows you to flex your creativity. Nail technology requires creativity, which makes you flexible with your creativity daily.
  •  Avoid student loans. Because of the low cost of nail tech schools, you may not need to apply for student loans, unlike college students. Therefore, you won’t be saddled with the responsibility of repaying loans after graduation.
  • You’ll meet people and make friends. Besides befriending other people who work at your salon, you’ll also befriend your clients over time.

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Nail Technician?

All US states require you to earn a license to work as a nail tech. And to be eligible for the state’s exam, you must participate in an apprenticeship or go through a formal training program.

Meanwhile, the state’s requirements determine the training duration for a nail tech program. In this case, Wisconsin requires 300 hours for training.

A school’s location in a state also plays a role in determining the duration of a nail tech program. Furthermore, your training format—full-time or part-time can determine how long you will spend during your training.

Ultimately, you should expect to train for at least a few hundred hours and weeks.

What Are The Requirements of Nail Tech Schools in Woodruff, WI | 2022?

Whether a customer wants nail art, a complete set of acrylic nail tips, or wants their nails polished, you can do that as a nail technician. However, this is not possible if you don’t have a Wisconsin nail license.

Nail Tech Schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022 and the entire of Wisconsin require at least 300 hours of training for at least over seven weeks.

And to qualify for a license, you must have a high school diploma. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board regulates the process of acquiring a license.

This board decides on the required tests, training hours, and the renewal timeline for your license. But before getting a license, you must first attend one of the accredited nail tech schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022.

Then, apply for the training program, which should involve practicals and theory. In addition to preparing you for a career in nail technology, the training should also prepare you for the Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board exams.

After your training, you can proceed to apply for your licensure.

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Overview of The Best Nail Tech Schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022

Here’s a roundup of the best 2022 nail tech schools in and near Woodruff, WI.

  1. Nailology Salon and Academy
  2. State College of Beauty Culture
  3. Academy of Beauty Professionals
  4. Professional Hair Design Academy
  5. VICI Beauty School
  6. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture
  7. Elite Nail School
  8. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness
  9. The Salon Professional Academy
  10. Advanced College of Cosmetology

What Are The Best Nail Tech Schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022?

Here, we explore the best nail tech schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022.

1. Nailology Salon and Academy

Among the nail tech schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022 is the Nailology Salon and Academy. It is a blend of a full-service nail salon and a beauty school.

The Nailology Salon and Academy provides manicures, pedicures, nail art, acrylic dip, and standard polish.

It also gives personalized nail tech training to interested students. And this training aims to prepare students to pass the Wisconsin State Board Exam.

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2. State College of Beauty Culture

State College of Beauty Culture is committed to preparing you to pass the State Board Exam. In addition, it gives you the essentials to build a lifetime career in esthiology, nail technology, or cosmetology.

So, if you’re passionate about the nail industry, then the nail technology program at State College of Beauty Culture is right for you!

The following are the nail technology courses you will learn at the State College of Beauty Culture:

The nail tech program at State College of Beauty Culture is a 300-hour part-time program. You’re expected to attend classes 20 hours a week for 15 weeks.

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3. Academy of Beauty Professionals

The Academy of Beauty Professionals is available to individuals desirous of a nail technology career.

It is one of the best nail tech schools in 2022 near Woodruff, WI. Furthermore, the Academy has branches in Appleton, Green Bay, and Madison, Wisconsin.

In addition to learning in 15 weeks, its nail tech training is hands-on in a spa/salon environment and will begin in your second week of class.

At the Academy of Beauty Professionals, the nail tech program is divided into three sections—practical, theory, and professional. With this, you will confidently graduate as a nail technology professional.

They also provide flexible learning schedules and payment plans; thus, you don’t have any reason not to pursue your dream career.

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4. Professional Hair Design Academy

Professional Hair Design Academy (PHD Academy) prepares you to display your skill and creativity to prospective clients as you learn about pedicures, manicures, artificial nail products, and extensions.

Besides their nail tech program, they offer cosmetology and massage therapy courses. Furthermore, the PHD Academy’s nail tech training covers product knowledge, proper cleaning practices, guest service experience, and business strategy.

Here’s what you will benefit from PHD Academy’s nail tech program:

  • Small class sizes to enable personalized training.
  • Their curriculum covers communication, business tactics, and guest service techniques.
  • Guidance and lectures from industry experts.
  • State-of-the-art strategies for nail care and standard nail chemistry knowledge.
  • Immediate job placement in popular salons.

Additionally, their program length is 300 hours. And we like that this school offers immediate job placement, which makes it earn a spot on our list of the best 2022 nail tech schools in Woodruff, WI.

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5. VICI Beauty School

VICI Beauty School provides esthiology and cosmetology programs. Their cosmetology program covers hair styling, hair color specialist, sales rep, salon management/ownership, nail care, etc.

Furthermore, this course involves 1,800 hours of extensive practical training to understand beauty and wellness better.

It might interest you that the VICI Beauty School uses its innovative LAB (Learn About Beauty) curriculum to teach students.

LAB is an integrated learning experience for you and the beauty industry. And upon completion of the nail tech program, you will be adequately prepared for the Wisconsin cosmetology practitioner licensing exam.

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6. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

If you want to enter the beauty industry, you might have thought about attending a beauty school. 

Thus, Tricoci University Beauty Culture is one of the best nail tech schools near Woodruff, WI, that can help you launch a nail tech career in 2022.

This university educates you with the latest techniques using a comprehensive, practical, scientific curriculum.

Furthermore, education at Tricoci is accessible with a flexible lecture schedule. Therefore, your schedule can work for you instead of the other way around.

Tricoci stands out for its flexible class schedules, making it among the best nail tech schools near Woodruff, WI, in 2022.

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7. Elite Nail School

Acquiring a new skill requires attention to detail and constant practice. So, becoming a professional nail tech needs a solid partnership between the instructor and the student.

And Elite Nail School offers extensive practical training that dips your toes into a natural salon environment. Additionally, its exclusive approach provides a solid foundation that you can keep building upon as you develop your salon skills.

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8. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness nail tech program goes beyond just painting nails. Its curriculum concentrates on the care, craft, and maintenance of beautiful nails to make your clients feel and look beautiful.

With 300 hours of training, you will learn the basics of manicuring, pedicuring, safety sanitation, and acrylic application.

In addition to preparing to pass the licensure exams, they educate you on the anatomy of nail, hand, and foot care alongside business development skills to help you build a sustainable career in the beauty and wellness industry.

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9. The Salon Professional Academy

Without mentioning The Salon Professional Academy, we cannot discuss the best nail tech schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022. It’s a place to discover the artistry and beauty of nails through their manicurist program.

With its small classes and experienced educators, the school prepares you for licensure and job placement in one of the leading spas or salons.

In addition, The Salon Professional Academy’s curriculum blends the fun, creative side of the beauty industry with business skills such as networking, client communication, and retail sales.

Here’s what you should expect to learn in their nail technology program:

  • Chemistry of nails
  • Communication and business skills
  • Basic nail care
  • Advanced techniques—artificial nail products such as acrylics
  • How to use specialized equipment

Finally, you can decide to register for the program alone or combine it with a cosmetology/aesthetics program. Whichever way, it’s still an excellent way to add in-demand services to your skillset.

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10. Advanced College of Cosmetology

This school is committed to student success by developing professionals through personalized, innovative education in an inspiring and creative environment.

In addition to its exclusive and small enrollment, the Advanced College of Cosmetology uses the 21st-century curriculum.

And with this approach, you will understand better what you’re being taught while keeping a high level of motivation and interest.

Upon graduation, you will be acquainted with the latest techniques, trends, and technologies to prepare you for a successful career.

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Though there are not many nail tech schools in Woodruff, WI, there are several other schools in Wisconsin. And we have mentioned them in this guide.

We hope this will lessen the hassle of finding nail tech schools in Wisconsin. And before deciding on which school to attend, ensure you look through all of them and pick the one that suits you best.

Meanwhile, you must understand that you cannot practice a nail tech career in Wisconsin without getting a license.

So, ensure you make arrangements to write the Wisconsin State Board of Cosmetology exams upon graduation from a nail tech school.

FAQs On The Best Nail Tech Schools in Woodruff, WI, in 2022

What do you call a person who does hair and nails?

A Cosmetologist. Cosmetologists are professionals in applying cosmetic procedures, therapies, and treatments to enhance a person’s outward appearance. They also implement cosmetic treatments on people’s hair, nails, and skin.

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Wisconsin?

It will require at least 300 training hours in not less than seven weeks and not more than 20 weeks under the supervision of a cosmetology or manicuring instructor certified by the Wisconsin State Board of Cosmetology.

How do I renew my Wisconsin nail license?

To renew your Wisconsin cosmetology license, you must fill out the renewal application, pay the fee, and send proof of your continuing education units to the Wisconsin State Board of Cosmetology. In addition, if applicable, you should also make changes to your personal information, including your address and residency status.

How do I report unlicensed nail techs in Wisconsin?

You can contact the office by calling the Wisconsin State Board of Cosmetology’s phone number, 608-266-2112, or 877-617-1565. Meanwhile, their fax number is 608-261-7083.

You can report any of the following cases:
Malpractice or incompetence.
Unlicensed person.
Sanitation regulations.
Deceptive statements.
Violations of health.
False advertisement.
Filing a Complaint.

What can estheticians do in Wisconsin?

You must complete 450 esthetician courses and training hours to qualify for a Wisconsin esthetician’s license.

Meanwhile, the practical skills training will cover the following:
Applying makeup
Facial—skin cleansing
Applying masks
Manipulations on necks, faces, and shoulders
Eyebrow tweezing and waxing
Basic facials



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