Best Nail Tech Schools in Butte, Montana | Requirement

Healthy and clean nails are very adorable. But with a career in nail technology, you can make more than $15 per hour by taking care of people’s nails. In the city of Butte, MT, you can find the best nail tech schools in 2022 where you can acquire this expertise.

Furthermore, nail technicians make money from creating nail art alongside the tips they receive from clients. A career in nail technology also allows you to meet different people while enhancing their beauty.

If you live in Butte, Montana, and want to pursue a career in nail technology in 2022, you will start by enrolling in one of the best nail tech schools.

To help you with that, we have provided the essential information and requirements you need to begin a nail career in Montana. So, grab some popcorn, sit, and read through!

What is Nail Technology?

Nail technology is a field that involves using various tools, techniques, and products to treat and care for nails while also making them look beautiful.

The nail technology field involves performing cosmetic beauty treatments for hands, fingernails, feet, and toenails. Generally, nail technology involves manicures and pedicures.

Additionally, nail technicians use decals, lotions, acrylics, gels, and other products to treat and care for the nails.

What Equipment Do Nail Technicians Need?

The equipment you will have as a nail technician will vary. Beginners only require a few tools to begin. But as you advance, you’ll build a collection of tools, gadgets, and gizmos.

Meanwhile, here are the essential equipment nail technicians need:

  • Various types of nail
  • Cuticle oil
  • Nail files
  • Glue
  • Cuticle clippers
  • Nail clippers
  • Buffers
  • Sanitizers 

Where Can a Nail Technician Work?

If you would love to paint nails and care for the general well-being of people’s nails, a career in nail technology is right for you. However, you might be thinking, “where can I work as a nail technician?”

The simple answer is that you can work wherever you like or even become self-employed. Here’s a list of places you can work as a nail technician:

Spas or salons

The spa or salon is one of the most popular places where nail technicians work. These businesses provide many services, and manicures and pedicures attract clients.

Moreover, you can find spas and salons everywhere. So, it won’t be hard to find if you would like to work at one. You can search online or walk in if you see a sign in the window.

Specialized salon

There are many specialized salons where you can work too. These salons perform only manicures and pedicures.

Knowing how much attention people give to getting their nails done, it shouldn’t be hard to find a specialized salon that’s hiring. So, check online or at your local nail salon if they posted openings seeking new employees.

At a resort or on a cruise ship

Yes, people also get their nails done while on vacation. Some people even look forward to it because they want to be pampered.

Many resorts and cruise ship lines provide manicure and pedicure services. And resorts often advertise online for nail technicians. So, look up the website of cruise lines to check if there are any vacancies.

Community college or beauty school

The community colleges and beauty schools that train nail technicians also need qualified nail technicians as instructors to teach students.

To become a nail tech instructor at a beauty school or community college, you need specialized training. After completing your courses, look up the websites of community colleges and beauty schools for job openings.

Travel as a sales rep

Salons, spas, and nail polish manufacturers need sales reps. You’ll agree that no other person will sell manicure and pedicure products and nail polish better than a qualified nail technician.

The company will train you on its entire line to sell these products. Furthermore, being a sales representative will require that you travel. When a sales rep comes to your school or salon, ask them about job opportunities.

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What Are The Requirements For Becoming a Nail Technician in Butte, Montana?

A nail technician can work in different settings. But before that, you need to meet specific requirements. Most states require that you be at least 16 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in a nail tech school. The same applies to nail tech schools in Butte, MT, in 2022.

In addition, being a nail technician in Montana requires you to complete at least 400 hours of training at an accredited school. Then, you have to complete an apprenticeship or nail technician program and pass an exam to get licensure. 

Typically, it will require a year or a few months to complete this program. Additionally, you must be licensed to practice legally in your state.

How Much Does a Nail Tech School Cost?

How much a nail tech school costs varies by school—the variation results from the number of hours each state requires for nail technician courses. In addition, different schools require different kinds of tools from their students for the program.

Location is also another factor that determines the cost of nail tech schools. For example, online nail tech schools in large metropolitan areas like California, Los Angeles, and New York will cost more, unlike the ones in rural areas like Minnesota.

Furthermore, the type of training you choose will also determine how much you will pay for a nail technician school. If you pick a comprehensive cosmetology program, you will pay higher than someone who chooses just a nail tech program.

So, when discussing with admissions specialists before registering in one of the nail tech schools in Butte, Montana, in 2022, ask them about the tuition cost. Also, about the cost of textbooks, gel nails, polishes, chemicals, or other nail care products you will need during the training.

However, the average price for an online nail technician course of 300 hours to 600 hours should be between $3,000 and $5,000. This price covers textbooks and other supplies. But some schools might charge between $5,000 and $9,000.

How Much Do Nail Technicians Earn?

Reports from assert that the national average base salary for nail technicians is $55,104 per year. However, keep in mind that individual salaries for nail technicians differ based on where they work.

Other factors that affect a nail technician’s salary include experience, education, and location.

What Are The Best Nail Tech Schools in Butte, Montana, in 2022?

We have compiled a list of the best 2022 nail tech schools in Butte, MT. Sometimes it can be hard to choose the right school. So, we suggest you consider each school before deciding which one to attend.

  1. Butte Academy of Beauty Culture
  2. Academy of Cosmetology
  3. Crevier’s Academy of Cosmetology Arts
  4. Bitterroot School of Cosmetology
  5. Montana Academy of Salons
  6. Rituals Cosmetology Institute
  7. Montana Beauty Institute
  8. Studio Beauty School Missoula

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1. Butte Academy of Beauty Culture

Butte Academy of Beauty Culture stands out as one of the best nail tech schools in Butte, Montana, in 2022. The school trains students in four courses and offers training for three qualifications: Montana Cosmetology License (Esthetics), Montana Cosmetology License (Hair Design), and Montana Cosmetology License.

Furthermore, you can expect to complete your training in 3.1 to 6.5 weeks, depending on the qualification. The Academy also has good teachers and a positive learning environment. Then they offer hands-on training and helpful career services.

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2. Academy of Cosmetology

Academy of Cosmetology’s open-plan, elegant-looking salon space at their Bozeman campus offers a conducive learning environment. The school educates students on nail care (manicuring and pedicuring) alongside other cosmetology courses.

Their classes also include lectures on business skills, giving you a solid base in all aspects of spa and salon operations. We also like that this school has a job placement rate of 95%, which has earned it a spot on our list of the best 2022 nail tech schools in Butte, MT.

Finally, it also has one of the lowest tuition rates in Montana.

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3. Crevier’s Academy of Cosmetology Arts

Crevier’s Academy helps its students turn beauty with glamor into a career. It combines cosmetology and nail tech training with extensive business classes to give you the tools required to own or manage a salon.

Furthermore, with its 80% job placement rate, you won’t find it hard to secure a job after graduation. At Crevier’s Academy, you will learn an in-depth, advanced nail technology system beyond state minimum requirements.

In addition, its tuition rate is below the state average. Thus, it’s a cost-effective option for you.

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4. Bitterroot School of Cosmetology

The Bitterroot School has a lot to live up to as one of the best nail tech schools around Butte, Montana, in 2022. This lovely Bitterroot Valley school succeeds with a high percentage of on-time graduations and an employment rate of 89 percent!

Students can find employment after graduation with the aid of its career services department. In addition to teaching beauty programs like nail technology and cosmetology, the school teaches business principles.

So, this gives you a firm foundation in understanding the know-how of running a real-life salon or spa. Additionally, the cost of tuition is below the state average. Thus, it’s very affordable for every student.

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5. Montana Academy of Salons

The Montana Academy of Salons is committed to the success of its students through a creative, inspiring, and innovative learning environment.

It has a massive salon space that’s above average and equips students with relevant business skills. These are qualities that most beauty schools do not pay attention to.

Furthermore, the Montana Academy of Salons offers job placement opportunities to its graduates and scholarships to qualified candidates.

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6. Rituals Cosmetology Institute

This is also one of the best nail tech schools in 2022 around Butte, MT. It aims to train students to pass the Montana State Board Exams and gainful employment in their field.

Furthermore, their cosmetology course covers nail technology. And they offer you professional, quality education and collaborate with like-minded individuals seeking to pursue a career in cosmetology.

Rituals Cosmetology Institute challenges students to be productive in a salon environment as they work toward excellence.

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7. Montana Beauty Institute

The Montana Beauty Institute offers students advanced-level training in technical skills. They also teach the fundamentals you need to succeed as a trained nail technician.

Their small classes give room for personalized training, thus allowing you to understand better what you’re learning. Furthermore, they have experienced instructors and curriculums specifically for your chosen program.

In addition, educators at Montana Beauty Institute are passionate about guiding students to pursue a career in the beauty industry. And each course is designed to prepare you for the state licensing exam.

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8. Studio Beauty School Missoula

Studio Beauty School was established in 2008 and had since been providing an alternative to the stereotypical beauty school.

Their motto, “Students First. Salon Second,” indicates how much importance they give to their students. 

Therefore at Studio Beauty School Missoula, students come first, and salon duties come second. This makes it stand out as one of the best nail tech schools in Missoula in 2022 (near Butte, Montana).

Studio Beauty School Missoula aims to keep up with this form of education. They teach social, practical, and business skills to build effective businesses and desirable employees.

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Now that you know the requirements to pursue a nail technology career in Montana, your enrollment process will be more straightforward. 

The best 2022 nail tech schools in Butte, MT, cover topics like sanitation, business tips, anatomy, and state regulations in their nail technology program.

This training also involves hands-on and theory aspects. So you’re sure to master the skills you’re learning.

Additionally, ensure you inquire further about these schools from an admissions specialist before enrolling.

FAQs On The Best Nail Tech Schools in Butte, Montana | 2022

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Montana?

To be eligible for a nail technician license in Montana, you must complete at least 400 hours of training at an approved school.

How do I transfer my nail license to Montana?

Before you transfer your cosmetology licenses to Montana, you must pass the national NIC write and practical exams and have an active license from your home state. If you haven’t passed the national exams, you will need to do so before transferring your license to MT.

Do you need a license to do nails in Montana?

You must apply for licensure as a manicurist in Montana after successfully finishing a recognized program.

To qualify for a manicurist license in Montana, you should be at least 18 years of age and able to show proof of your age. Also, you must be a high school graduate.

What can estheticians do in Montana?

They can work in one of Montana’s leading resort spas or salons by performing services like permanent cosmetics, specialty body services, microdermabrasion, facials, waxing, and makeup.

What is an esthetician vs. an Aesthetician?

Generally, estheticians primarily perform cosmetic treatments, while aestheticians’ roles are more medically inclined.

Because of this difference, aestheticians’ titles can also include medical, clinical, or paramedical. But, these roles, tags, and duties can vary by state.

You must apply for licensure as a manicurist in Montana after successfully finishing a recognized program. 

To qualify for a manicurist license in Montana, you should be at least 18 years of age and able to show proof of your age. Also, you must be a high school graduate.



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