10 Best Tools For Hanging Pictures 

Using the best tools for hanging pictures adds convenience to the process of hanging pictures on a wall.

Pictures store a lot of memories and therefore, we often hang them on the wall or on tabular furniture. You must use picture-hanging tools to neatly position your photos on the wall.

Those who use picture-hanging tools all agree that it improves the home decor much more than using crude instruments to hang your pictures on the wall.

Have you been looking for new picture hangers, or would you like to replace the ineffective ones you already have? 

Look no further! In this article, you will get to know the 10 best tools for hanging pictures in 2022.

But first, let us consider why you need a tool for hanging pictures and the various types of picture hanging tools, and what desirable features make a picture hanging tool ideal.

Let’s dive in! Meanwhile below is our table of content.

Why do you need a picture hanging tool?

Whether it’s your home, a rented apartment, or an office, you will surely feel like hanging a few pictures to add life to the interior decor of the place. Ordinarily, no one is able to hang a picture on a flat wall without any assisting hanger or nail. The same can be said for canvas prints, paintings, mirrors, and some other similar items.

Unless it’s wallpaper, you are bound to require some sort of picture hanging tool. Many people do the customary nail-to-the-wall style and hang their pictures right away. However, picture hanging tools are necessary to do a neat and efficient job of placing your photos at the right angle, height, and alignment on the wall of your room. But it is oftentimes the best tool for hanging pictures that excel at it the most.

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Types of picture hangers

1. Sawtooth hangers

Sawtooth hanging tools are the commonest types of picture hangers. There are usually screwed at the center of the back of your picture frame and they conveniently attach to the nail on the wall. This way they create a little gap between the picture and the wall.  

2. Hook and nail hangers

Using hook and nail as picture hanging tools is not something new. It is common practice. To use it, you will nail the small metal hook into the wall if it’s a plywood or wood wall alternatively, you will drill the hook and nail it into the wall if it is made of concrete or brick.

3. French cleats

French cleats have two pieces that slide together to hold the picture in place. The first piece is installed at the back of the picture whereas the second one is installed on the wall.

4. Wall anchors

These are meant to hold the nails tightly to support the hanging picture or a sawtooth hanger. Some people may underestimate wall anchors as there are minor wall hanging tools. However, they add to the wall decor and prevent the ugly damage from a worn-out or falling hanger.

5. Picture hanging hooks

When speaking about picture hanging hooks, monk hooks, steel hanging hooks, screw eyes, and monkey hooks are some of the hooks that come to mind. Do not worry if you’re not familiar with the names, there are commonly used to hang pictures, paintings, and a few home accessories. 

6. Ring hangers

Picture wires are used concurrently with ring hangers. Ring hangers, on the other hand, can bear heavyweight picture frames. There called ring hanging tools because of their various sizes and shapes oriented toward the ring structure. The most common type is the D-ring hangers. 

7. D-ring hangers

The D-ring hangers will hang your photos firmly against the wall. There are used with hooks and nails in a two-piece format – one to the picture frame and the other to the wall. This principle operation works in the same way with the majority of picture hanging tools commercially available.

8. Dual Head Picture Hangers

Dual head picture hangers are designed to be used concurrently with sawtooth or ring hangers. The nail piece that burrows into the wall creates minimal damage to the wall. The dua heads provide sturdiness to your hanging photos. 

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What makes a picture hanging tool ideal?

You will no doubt agree that there are several types of picture hanging tools in addition to the ones listed above. There are many picture-hanging tools in the market, even a particular type may have different brands. So how did you know the best tools for hanging pictures? How do you know which is best suited for you to use on your wall before hanging your photos? Below are 5 factors that make a picture hanging tool ideal for you. 

  • — Easy to install/uninstall

A typical picture hanger should not take more than 10 minutes to install. Installation can be done in 3 simple steps (1) place the hook in the center of the backside of the picture frame. (2) neatly drill the nail into the wall with a hammer or drilling machine. (3) hang and level the picture in the right position and alignment. Removing the picture should be the easy reversal (vice-versa) of the 3 steps.

  • — Sturdiness

An ideal picture hanging tool must have a strong hook, nail, and hanger hardware. Since it is holding the weight of a picture, painting, mirrors, and even flat-screen TV, it has to be sturdy. Therefore, sturdiness is marked good for the best tools for hanging pictures in 2022. 

  • — Versatility 

A perfect picture hanger should have multiple functions. That is, it should be able to hang not only pictures but mirrors, canvas paintings, and televisions. This versatility is desirable for all commercially sold wall hangers.

  • — Accuracy

All hanging items should be accurately placed in the right spot and alignment. Ideal picture hanging tool kits come with measuring rulers to ensure accuracy before the hole is bored on the wall and the picture is hung.

  • — Effect on wall/Appearance to decor ratio

A good picture hanger will have little effect or daint on the wall when misplaced or unhung. It will have a good appearance that will improve the home decor rather than ruin it. 

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How Should You Choose the Right Types of Picture Hanger?

Now that you have known the qualities of an ideal picture hanging tool, how should you choose the right type of picture hanger? When choosing the right type of picture hanger, you should bear these 3 main factors:

The type of walls you have

Wooden or plywood walls have certain advantages and disadvantages in comparison to brick or concrete walls. Wood walls can be drilled easily, and the hangar can easily be supported with an extra nail. This means that you easily correct any mistakes you make when fixing the picture frame hanger on wood than on concrete walls. Moreover, these wooden structures are also less stable – aged wood may tear, and the area holding the hangers may get loose.

The type of frame you are hanging

Typically, a thinner frame will go well with an invisible picture hanger. And so you should choose a small or invisible picture hanging tool for a light-colored or thin picture frame. On the other hand, a thick frame or vintage photo design will look okay with a visible bow or piece of rope as part of the style of the picture hanger. In addition, thin, borderless frames will perhaps go well with a monkey hook wire or on a nailed-on hanger. 

The weight of your item

The right type of picture hanger as aforementioned should bear more weight than that of a framed picture. Why? Because it will mean that you can use it for hanging a big mirror or heavy painting if you so wish it. If you plan to hang one or more of these heavier items, you should buy a resilient picture hanging tool. 

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10 Best Picture Hanging Tools

1. DEKAVA – Leveling All-In-One Picture Hanging Tool Set

This is one of the best picture-hanging tools on the market. It comes as a toolset or kit. The tool is quite versatile hence the title “Dekava All-in-one”. You can use it to hang a wide range of items from pictures to wall clocks to mirrors. This product is well-rated (overall 8.8/10) on many review websites and eCommerce stores.

If you ever thought of a multifunctional picture hanger, then look no further. Included with the picture hanging tool is a set of 200 hangers that can be used for installing both lightweight and heavy objects. The layering of this full kit (i.e. built-in level) is just suitable for any user.

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2. Hang-O-Matic – Compact Sliding Pins Picture Hanging Tool

This picture hanging tool is very practical and can be used to install picture frames, mirrors, and even TV. Hang-O-Matic is small in size, and this makes it easy to store or transport to the location you want fixing. Another advantage of this product is that it is extremely easy to use.

Inexperienced homeowners can install a picture on their own with the compact sliding pins picture hanging tool. It features a built-in level, as well as a measuring tape in case needed during the process of installment on the wall. 

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3. Crescent Creative – Universal Picture Hanging Tool

Crescent Creative Products produce this easy-to-use picture hanger. It is the perfect professional picture hanging tool with a level, 36-inch length, and is available mostly in black color. It is suitable for hanging picture frames on the wall. The biggest upside of this product is that there’s nothing complicated about its usage – it is super easy to use. In summary, the Crescent Creative universal picture hanging tool is one of the best tools for hanging pictures in 2022.

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4. Cinsey – Multifunctional Non-Slip Picture Hanging Tool Kit

This is one of the best multipurpose hanging tools out there. It features four extending feet that help ensure that this picture hanging tool doesn’t scratch your wall when you use it. This picture hanging tool has a simple design, but many functional uses. It can hold televisions, clocks, mirrors, and decorative art pieces in addition to framed pictures. It has a built-in level, measuring ruler, and marker. 

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5. Go Hang It! Pro, 

This is claimed to be the original all-in-one picture hanging and leveling kit in the industry. The team at WorldScholarship might even get sued for not putting it at number one on our list. It is one of the best budget-friendly picture hanging tools.

It features easily hang sawtooth or wire hangers. The kit includes a hardware case with an 85-piece kit of picture-hanging essentials. Some professionals love it and can easily take it from one place being that it is a professional-grade picture hanging kit.

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6. PairMount – 45 lb | Picture Frame Hanger Tool 

This is one of the best economic picture hangers because it’s good value for money. It typically comes with picture hangers of 12 Packs, all patented with industry-exclusive top-dual hooks. It can carry large or heavy picture frames and other items such as television, clocks, and cabinets. PairMount picture frame hanger is stable and straight which makes it one of the best yet underrated picture hanging tools. 

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7. Hecho – Assorted Picture Hanging Kit 

This is quite a unique picture-hanging tool in 2022. Hecho picture hanging kit features a 220-piece assortment with wire, picture hangers, nails, and hooks. This kit can be nicknamed the ‘Hardware for Hanging Picture Frames’ because of its structure.

A unique picture hanging kit like this also comes with unique abilities. It can hang more than just photos/framed pictures but other moderate-weight items such as clocks, shelves, cabinets, and TV. it is made to be convenient for storage as you can fold it after getting rid of the hanging items on it. 

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8. Picture Hang Solutions – Heavy Duty Picture Hangers 100 lbs 

If you want a heavyweight picture hanging tool, then you should get this one made by Picture Hang Solutions. It has a retail pack of 10 hangers, nails, and OOK picture-hanging hooks.

This picture hanger can carry up to 100lbs capacity which implies that its function is not limited to framed photos alone. Fullscreen TV, wall clock, decoder, or game unit can be hung on it. This heavyweight picture hanger anchors your pictures perfectly in plaster, wood, and most finished wall surfaces. 

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9. Yellow Paw – Picture Hanging Hooks 

There are not many picture-hanging tools that are easy to install and sturdy. But this tool is reportedly easy to install, easy to use, and sturdy. That is typically expected from picture hanging hooks/picture hangers with nails. Yellow Paw has a 200 pack of picture hangers with overall 30lb Strength. Some professionals love it and can easily take it from one place being that it’s a professional-grade picture hanging kit.

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10. Command – Easy to Open Packaging | Picture Hanging Tool

This is one of the best tools for hanging pictures in 2022. Command wall hanger features large picture hanging strips, with 14 pairs of picture hangers and 16lbs max weight recommendation. It is available mostly in white color and like other picture hanging tools listed above, it improves the interior decor of your living room.  

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What are the rules for hanging pictures?

There are the 3 simple rules experts say you should bear in mind for hanging pictures. These rules aren’t ‘die-hard’ rules but when applied, make your photos or art look presentable and cool to the eye of the viewer. 

  1. align it centrally

When hanging your picture, ensure that it is hanged asymmetrically (i.e. at the center). If the picture is hung in a tilted way, it may strain the eyes of those viewing it, be it a visitor looking at your family pictures at home or guests looking at an artwork in a museum.

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  1. place at the right eye level

if you hang your photos or artwork very high up the ground, it will inconvenience the viewers especially if there are short. so to avoid this, invite family members or close friends of various heights to judge whether the picture is at the right eye level for them.

  1. appropriate spacing is aesthetically pleasing

if you intend to hang multiple pictures, ensure to space them appropriately from each other. if you hang a group of pictures in one section of the room and hang others as a group in another, the pictures in each group should have a common theme. they will be viewed as one unit by your viewers, thus the need to space them proportionately.

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Whether you’re living in a rented apartment or in your own home, you will certainly want to hang family photos, art paintings, or mirrors on the wall. You need one or two of the hangers outlined above to enable you to hang your favorite items on the wall. Thus, take this article as your buyers’ guide before rushing out to purchase a picture hanging tool in 2022. 

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How do you hang a picture of 2022?

After deciding the right spot to hang your picture, you can now screw your hanging tool first to the back hook of the picture frame and second drill into the wall. Then, conveniently fix your picture and align it to hang accurately on the wall.  

What is the best for hang pictures?

DEKAVA – Leveling All-In-One Picture Hanging Tool Set is one of the best picture hanging tools on the market. It comes as a toolset or kit. The tool is quite versatile hence the title “Dekava All-in-one”.

How do you hang pictures perfectly every time?

You can perfectly hang pictures by using one of the top-quality picture hanging tools to position your picture in the right spot, angle, and alignment.

How do professionals hang pictures?

professionals hang photos perfectly with the aid of picture hangers otherwise known as picture hanging tools. That way, they hang photos without damaging the walls.


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