10 Best Language Learning Apps In 2022 | Best Learning Apps

Learning a new language can be difficult at first, as learning a new language might feel like a daunting task.

We have been through this before, so you don’t have to get frightened about it. If you can get internet-based resources and follow them thoroughly, then you will learn any new language at your own pace.

The goal is to help you in making the right decisions on which language learning apps you can opt for.

This article, therefore, compiles the best language learning apps for 2022.

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Who can make use of these language learning apps?

Language learning apps are very easy to use. Those that can make use of them include:

  • People who know that the visual interface is more productive for their growth.
  • If you notice that music enables you to recall words better.
  • If you want to socialize with native speakers so you can learn a specific language.

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How effective are these language learning apps?

These apps give a crucial foundation to beginners or new language learners, especially for languages that are more complex than the learner’s mother tongue.

It is also the best for learning languages that have different writing systems, like the Korean language.

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Why do I need the best app for language learning?

You become versatile with a little stress. Especially if you’re a student, you can combine schooling with language learning because you don’t have to worry about your regular schoolwork.


We have put together this collection of languages learning in order to reduce the stress of your coursework. This will surely make language learning enjoyable rather than a nuisance.

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Overview of the Best language learning apps in 2022

Below is a quick list of every solution we’ll examine in this article before we get into detail about each app (in no specific order). Most of these functions on both mobile and desktop:

  • Duolingo
  • Busuu
  • Babbel
  • Mondly
  • Memrise
  • LingoDee
  • Rosetta Stone
  • HelloTalk
  • Drops
  • Lirica

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How hard is to learn a new language?

Learning a new language is not a difficult thing, though some people find it difficult. Once you have the best learning tool, then you’re good to go.

Therefore, this language learning apps have been compiled for you to easily learn a new language.

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How long does it take to learn a new language?

Learning a new language first depends on your learning aim.

Learning a bilingual language will take more time than a monolingual language.

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Best Language Learning Apps in 2022

Do you want to learn a new language? There are several apps for that.

Whether you’re planning an exciting trip abroad or just want to do something enriching in your spare time, a language learning app can help you build your vocabulary, develop proper grammar, and eventually become fluent through easy-to-digest lessons–all from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.

Here are the best language learning apps that will help you:

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#1. Duolingo

Given how well it combines interesting methods with complicated content, this app is among the best for learning new languages.

The software directs users to every category they need to master to become an expert after selecting a language from the 35+ that is offered. You also get achievements and awards as you proceed.

The free app called Duolingo employs gamification as a teaching strategy.

Your courses will be entertaining because of their playful interface.

With Duolingo, you won’t feel you’re attending classes; in fact, how they organize the lessons encourages you to finish the assignments to open up new challenges.

Duolingo teaches you how to spell and pronounce words, expand your vocabulary, comprehend native speakers, form sentences, and so embark on a conversation in various real-world scenarios.

Besides classes, Duolingo also provides you with stories drawn from typical real-life scenarios that you can read or listen to, as well as podcasts, competitions, and dictionaries.

If you enjoy socializing, you can check out the forum or go to live events that are held in the language you want to comprehend. (Like webinars, contests, chatting, recreation, etc.).

The dictionary will translate a term for you but it will also display all of its variations, making it very helpful. For instance, all verb conjugations, strategies, masculine/feminine, and other forms of a noun.

The dictionary is useful because it won’t only translate a word for you, but it will also show all its variations. For example, singular/plural and masculine/feminine forms of a noun, or all the conjugation forms of a verb.

For educational institutions like schools that seek to teach pupils in a contemporary way, Duolingo is also an option.

This App is best for:

Those willing to understand all the facets of a specific language by combining several learning strategies.

Duolingo is an app that combines a category of teaching methods, which gives you the full knowledge to become eloquent in a language.


  • Free: learning content.
  • To carry out the following tasks: learning content, practice mistakes, no ads, quizzes, unlimited test-outs, and unlimited hearts, then you have to upgrade to premium with a fee of $6.99  per month

Download App here

#2. Busuu

This app does not provide many languages like the Duolingo app, but they know it for its content, which has more valuable lessons.

This app makes use of a more formal and has a less playful interface. It is also very useful to schools, businesses, and educators than casual users.

One thing you will also enjoy about the app is the content it gives. You’re always provided with reserved learning packages that you can’t even afford.

Also, when you sign up as a new learner, this all gives you an estimated date for you to finish the language you signed up for.

To achieve your mission, you need to finish your course outline.

This is because each course takes you through all the important areas of the language, including the grammar, wording, dialogue, listening, etc.

You can also learn a specific language by listening to the Busuu podcast, talking to native speakers, reading articles, and write-ups through the app dashboards.

Busuu also provides live lessons about any topic where you can rehearse by conversing with native speakers and other learners like you.

Another fun fact about this app is that it gives you access to short exercises that native speakers will later correct on completion of each course.

You can do this by answering a question and request for acknowledgments from those who can be of help.

This App is best for:

People who desire a more formal, school-like method.

Even though the process makes use of sounds and images for each lesson, they still follow a typical teaching process.

Pricing (available for one year):

  • Free: Access to one language
  • Premium: You pay £2.99 per month to gain access to one language, offline mode, grammar classes, and Al-powered survey.
  • Premium Plus: You have access to 12 languages plus the items in premium with a personalized study plan and society of native speakers.

Download App here

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#3. Babbel

This app also delivers a typical way of teaching. All the teachings provided here start with the basis of the language like the alphabet, salutations, and introduction.

You can also decide to skip the course designated for beginners if you wish to.

In this app, you can also discover courses from general real-life conditional like business, traveling, way of life, and day-to-day activities

The app also has a free version, but it does not come with all languages, so you have to upgrade to the premium plan to get access to the remaining courses.

When you open the app, the school interface appears old and does not grab your attention, unlike Duolingo with a fun and friendly interface.

You do not get any encouragement on completion of the whole lesson or each course under the lesson.

The app is not the best natural way of learning because the courses do not follow a precise order.

The dashboard looks simple, but it contains classes that are immersing.

The apps also contain pictures, riddles, voice notes, and devised chats to keep you playing and make you glued to the app.

The app also makes use of podcasts and some fast word games in case you need a typical approach for your learning.

Just like the other apps, Babbel allows you to have live chats so you can socialize with native speakers and also learn from them.

Overall, it is a cool app, but it does not provide a combination of all the teaching approaches that other apps possess.

This App is best for:

People who easily get drawn away by immersive apps need something that looks natural but engaging. 


  • Free
  • One month: £9.9 per month
  • Three months: £6.65 per month.
  • Six months: £5.55 per month
  • 12 months: 4.95 per month.

Download App here

#4. Mondly

Mondly is an app that makes use of images to help you learn over 40 new languages. It provides with general life happenings, vocabulary makers, real discussions, grammar and quick everyday lessons. It provided you with 50 topics to choose when it comes to common situations.

If you’re not satisfied with playing simple games, then you can do trials with augmented fact and virtual reality captions. You can also informally study a new language if you are not don’t like the normal formal online classes.

This app addresses both regular users and dedicates its method to organizations who want to adopt them for professional purposes.

This App is best for:

Folks who prefer courses that use image representation to comprehend concepts in a new language.  

Besides, if you want to upgrade your learning adventure then you can try the actual reality and augmented approach


  • Free
  • 1 month is $.99 for one language.
  • 12 months is $4.99 per month for one language.
  • 12 months is $47.99 per month with access to 33 languages.

Download App here

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#5. Memrise

This app offers you with over 20 languages so that you can learn it in a stylish way using a pictorial interface.  Every time you listen, you hear and see natives talking to you.

This app is designed to make your playing non-stop and make you complete courses as it has a fascinating way of teaching.

Once you complete a particular course, you open a new one and get compensations like an upgraded version of the app. You also get ranked by the app and see your position among the leaderboards of learners weekly.

The app provides you with a lot of courses that help you handle real-life happenings in a new language and you get to know the basics of advanced elements like digits, grammars, phrases or difficult words.

They arrange each course in hierarchy which, when taken concurrently, can last up to 8 hours or even more.

Using this app, you can organize groups where you can add pals and talk over different topics together, but it does not provide podcasts and live classes.

This App is best for:

People who need a fascinating language learning app that includes short audio and video clips. It’s a type of app that you used to finish up classes promptly on your own.


  • Free
  • Monthly payment is $8.49
  • Annual payment is $2.50 per month.
  • Lifetime payment is  $119.99

Download App here

#6. LingoDeer

This is an app that provides you with a simple and logical way of learning a language. With this app, you get to customize your total learning adventure by appointing the narrator you prefer, the type of story, and the background color of your dashboard.

This app also shows up with a flashcard that enables you to exercise your memory. You can also download the apps to your phone so you can get back to them whenever you want to carry out exercises.

Apart from the lessons written, you can exercise your listening and speaking abilities through fascinating stories. You can also make other users participate in the test.

LingoDeer also allows you to access to offline classes and enroll for time-limited quizzes to know your ability. You can also set your daily goals, go through the step-by-step courses and work out quizzes to check out your new skills.

This App is best for:

People who wish to learn a test, participate in debates and enhance wording by using offline flashcards.


  • Monthly payment is $14.99
  • Quarterly payment is $39.99
  • Yearly payment is $79.99
  • Lifetime payment is $159.99

Download App here

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#7.Rosetta Stone

This is one of the reasonable language learning app that addresses its users, be it individuals, schools and enterprises. It covers over 25 languages, but you can’t have access to any for free. You have to subscribe to a premium plan before you can use the app.

The app also teaches you a new language by giving real-life strategies, interactive activities and audios from locals. Additionally, it offers live training with locals so you can practice your new skills by conversing with them.

Once you enroll for a plan, you gain permission to a dashboard where you can access the courses that belong to that particular pricing plan. Every lesson takes you through many teaching methods like writing, listening, speaking and virtual.

Rosetta stone offers interactive contents which makes you want to proceed until you complete your courses. These courses teach you approaches to practical life situations, articles, audio files with locals and a different course to learn the alphabets.

This App is best for:

People who want to access the full course experience and won’t nag to pay for the premium plans.


  • 3 months’ payment of £11.99
  • 12 months payments of £9.99
  • Lifetime payment of £179.

Download App here

#8. Hello talk

This app comes with several methods of learning new languages. By using this language learning app, you get to converse live with locals over the world to enhance your skills. So if you’re a chatting type, then this app might be for your taste.

HelloTalk endorses over 150 languages and has over 30 million members that you can converse with.

Apart from exercising your linguistic abilities, you also have fun and make allies from different nations.

The app developers see it as a route to exchange understandings and make new friends.

You can decide to talk to anyone through text, live, or video. For each of the alternatives, there’s a built-in amendment, interpretations, and pronunciation to help the discussions go smoothly between learners.

If love to associate with societies, then this app is one of the best for you.

So you can see that HelloTalk is one of the best learning apps you can easily exchange knowledge.

This App is best for:

•People who want to learn by keeping good company with friends and substituting cultural understandings. 


  • Free

 Download App here

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#9. Drops

Drops is another cool language learning app that focuses on the visual side of the teaching process.

Get started and explore the 35+ languages that this app has in store for you. Once you sign up, you will love the visually immersive interface that turns your learning into a fun challenge.

While this app is not free forever, you can try it out for seven days without being charged. Drops use the drag-and-drop technique, making the experience enjoyable and easy.

Before starting a lesson, you get to choose the categories that you are interested in and the time you are ready to spend each day on the app.

Based on your choices, drops will guide you through a visual course that involves illustrations, animations, and audio. Just like in a game, you can unlock achievements and join various challenges that the app suggests.

What’s fascinating about this app, apart from the interface, is the huge number of categories and topics that it provides.

You can learn words and phrases from 90+ of topics that depict almost any real-world situation.

Apart from individual learners, drops are also available for businesses who want to hold language learning courses for their employees.

This App is best for:

People who want to learn new words and practice lots of real-life situations in a language via an easy-to-grasp visual interface.


  • Monthly subscription is  €8.49
  • Yearly subscription is €5
  • Lifetime subscription is €149.99

Download App here

#10. Lirica

The unique of the top language learning applications is Lirica, since it instructs you via music, a novel approach. Everyone enjoys listening to music, but have you ever considered it as a means of learning or honing a language?

How does the app function? You may download it for free, choose a language, hear popular songs in that language, and then take a test to see how well you comprehend the lyrics and plot.

Lirica plays a song, breaks down the lyrics, teaches you grammar using verbs from the song, and then quizzes you to make sure you comprehend the plot.

In essence, you will receive an analysis of the text that you must then interact with. Depending on how you’re doing, you can join challenges and collect achievements.

One of the app limitation is that it only covers Spanish, English, and German. But the developers plan to add more languages soon. What you might find to be another downside is the fact that the app only works on mobile Android and iPhone.

This app is best for:

Music lovers who want to use their hobby as a way of learning a new language in a fun way.


  • Free
  • 1 Month  $10
  • 3 Months  $23
  • 12 Months  $32

Download App here

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Which language should I learn first?

Learning a new language is a personal journey, so you should try to figure out which one you wish to know first.

Does language learning app work?

Yes, learning apps assists teachers as technology has improved the world greatly.

Is age a determining factor in learning a new language?

Yes, young people assimilate faster than people are above age 70.

Why do I need a second language?

Learning a second language opens certain opportunities for you in life, so if you have the chance to learn a second language in a more comfortable way, then you should do. 


We have explained the best language learning apps in 2022 in this article. You don’t have any excuse so far when there are so many language learning apps that can put you through.

Try learning a new language today by examining the apps and using the one that is most suitable for you. These apps assist you to develop in developing areas where you need it greatly.

Which app did you feel is more productive to learn a new language?




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