Bloomu Student Email Log: How To Use The Bloomu Student Email

Every student at Bloomu is expected to have an email address. At Bloomu, HuskyID is your full email address, which looks like [email protected]

Students must be aware that their HuskyIDs can become inactive. When it does, students lose access to all Bloomsburg University systems, and it will delete their accounts.

To learn more about how HuskyIDs work and Bloomu student email, keep reading this article for all that information and more.

You can also check out the HuskyID Account and Password information page. 

Here is all you need to know about Bloomu student email. 

What Is Bloomu Student Email Address? What Is Email Address?

The Bloomsburg University student email address is a requirement. It is a means of identification and receiving information from the school. Basically, it is an official means of communication. 

Whenever students use an official email address, they love to forward it to their personal emails, officially transforming the school email into their account. 

However, at Bloomu, the policy is it is against forwarding the university email to another account. By doing this, the university mail will probably enter the spam folder of another email. And this may make the chances of receiving official school emails nearly impossible. 

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How Do I Get Bloomu Student Email Address?

Students get the Bloomu Student Email when they enroll and are admitted into Bloomsburg University. 

You can get the Bloomu Student Email by accessing

This email can be configured on your mobile or used on the browser with no additional configuration. 

To access the student’s email, students can use any computer with an internet connection on the web at

These options are also available if you still want to access your email account from email software or a mobile device.

Mobile Device or Email Software Configuration Information

Virtually every email client you can use will configure itself once you enter your username and password. Ensure you enter your full email address which is [email protected] OR [email protected], as your username. Did we say that alums can also use the Bloomu student email?

According to the website, legacy email protocols are no longer supported. They are POP, IMAP, and Authenticated SMTP.

For mobile users, smartphones and tablets, all support exchange ActiveSync through native Email apps or downloadable Microsoft Outlook App. 

Keep in mind Exchange ActiveSync connects directly to the server mailbox, so if you delete messages, it will also delete them in Webmail and vice versa.

How do I change my Bloomsburg password?

To change your password, visit and choose “Change your Password”. Please pay special attention to the password requirements listed on the page.

If you don’t know your current HuskyID password, go to and choose “Reset Your Password” to reset your password.

Do Students Keep Their Bloomu Email Address After Graduation?

Yes and no. Students can keep and cannot keep their Bloomu email after graduation. Let me explain!

A HuskyID becomes inactive approximately 8-9 months after a student last attends BU. This time frame is usually after two subsequent semesters end shortly after two succeeding semesters conclude.

Students receive an email notification 1 month before their HuskyID becomes inactive. Then, they will have the opportunity to opt-in to retain their email accounts.

When a HuskyID becomes inactive, the student’s email account is deleted unless the student successfully follows the opt-in procedure.

The opt-in procedure converts the student email to an Alumni email account. You will begin by going through the options and choosing “Log on as Alumni” and using [email protected]

You will receive the initial one-time password obtained during the opt-in procedure.

Any student who opts in will have their email account converted to an alum Office365 account. 

Their username and email address won’t remain the same. It will change to The good news is that they retain past and future messages addressed to 

All graduate students, whether they opt-in to keep their email account or not, can activate a MyHusky Alumni Account at

So, to answer the question, graduates can retain their Bloomu student email account but as alums account.

Why Is It Important to Get the Bloomu Email?

The advantages of a Bloomu student email are numerous. With an email, students also are to access the following Office options for students:

  • Office Web Apps which are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are provided. On the other hand, OneDrive is a cloud storage solution for storing data. You can find these apps on the App Drawer in the upper left corner of your student email account webmail. If you don’t know how to use the apps, there is a resource available that can teach that. See the Introduction to Office365 Office Web Apps and OneDrive.
  • Students also get Microsoft Office Pro Plus software installations free of charge. It can be used for personal purposes on up to five devices. You can download this software from the Office 365 app settings software section located on the gear menu in the upper right corner of your student email account webmail. They also provide a guide on how to install that here for PC | Mac.

These advantages would have cost students thousands of dollars to activate, but getting a Bloomu student email has made them accessible free of charge. 

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What Can I Do with My Bloomu Email Login?

As mentioned, you can access your Office365 account with your student email login. This currently also gives you access to Microsoft’s cloud-based OneDrive and Office Web Apps.

Office Web Apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. They are web-based versions of Ms office. 

Any file created by these apps will be saved automatically to your OneDrive.

Who Is Powering the School Email? What Email Does School Use?

Microsoft is powering Bloomu student email using their Office 365 account. 

Is My School Email Gmail or Outlook?


Note that you can access your account through Microsoft Outlook. You may also use Outlook on the web in your office. 

What is Bloomsburg Employee Email?

You can contact them using the email below. Send an Email

Bloomu Email For;

These are the emails for various offices at Bloomsburg University;


Students can email the admission office the following addresses: The first is for undergraduate admission: [email protected] and graduate student email is this.


Send the accommodation office an email using the link below Send an Email. You can as well contact them by phone using 800-287-7543.


Bloomu students can contact the library through phone, email, and the contact form on their website. They are;

Phone: 570-389-4205570-389-2088 (fax)

Email: Send an Email



To contact the bursary, students should use the contact information;

Phone: 570-389-4013570-389-3898 (fax)

Send an Email


Did you know the funding opportunities for students at Bloomu can be exhausted? However, if you have questions about your financial aid, email [email protected] or call 570-389-4297.

Student Affairs

Students affairs is another important office at Bloomu that receives constant student emails. Students can Send an Email or place a call at 570-389-4734 and 570-389-3051 (fax).

Students can also contact Mark Bauman, Ph.D., the Interim First Year Experience Honors College Director, Associate Professor on 570-389-4692 or Send an Email.


For inquiries, use the following information to contact the appropriate office;

Phone: 570-389-4000

Email: [email protected]

Contact form: Contact Us


Send the scholarship office an email or place a call;

Phone: 570-389-4297, and 570-389-4795 (fax)

Email: Send an Email


If you want a career at Bloomu, use the email and contact number below;

Contact number: 570-389-4215

Contact email: Send an Email

How Do I Login To My Bloomu Student Email?

Follow these steps to log in to your BU Office 365 student email account:

  • Type and go to on your browser
  • Click on the “Log on as Student (” link
  • Type your HuskyID and HuskyID password on the HuskyID Single Sign-On page
  • If you are not sure what a HuskyID is? First, check out the HuskyID account and password information page.

How Do I Recover My Password?

To change your HuskyID Password or to reset a forgotten HuskyID password, go to The link again is forgotten your password. If you have an inactive HuskyID, check the Alumni Email Information page instead.

You should learn How to Write an Email to a Professor.

Simple Bloomu Email Etiquette

The IT center can pause your email if they notice any malicious activities.

Students can use the Bloomu student email as long as they are students till two consecutive semesters after they graduate before it becomes inactive.

Inactive student emails can be converted to Alumni email accounts.

If you encounter any challenges, email the right office, and they will sort it out quickly.


How do I change my Bloomsburg University password?

To change your password, visit and choose “Change your Password”. Please pay special attention to the password requirements listed on the page. If you don’t know your current HuskyID password, you can go to and choose “Reset Your Password” to reset your password.

How do I log into my student email on Gmail?

Add your university email account to Gmail
Open the Gmail app.
Go to Settings.
Add account.
Select the email provider.
Enter your university email address and password.
Set up your account.


Bloomu student email is relatively easy to get and use. Alumni can also use the email as long as they opt-in. 

These are all you need to need to know bout Bloomu student emails. Get back to us in the comment section if you have questions. 




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