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MTSU Student Email Log: How to use MTSU Student Email

At the most superficial level, MTSU student email login is an identification process that allows students to access their campus email accounts. Login credentials include a username and password.

In addition, some MTSU systems also require users to provide a username and password for accessing other systems on campus, such as MyMTSU or Blackboard.

MTSU offers several options for student email login. The simplest option is to use your MTSU ID and password.

If you have an MTSU ID card, you can use that instead of a username and password.

You can also use your myMTSU account if you can access it or create an account when you first register at MTSU.

This article provides information about MTSU Student Email Login and How to use MTSU Student Email. Carefully read through!

MTSU Mail: What is it?

Middle Tennessee, State University students, use MTMail as their email service. Microsoft 365 is being used in a partnership between the institution and Microsoft.

What is MTSU student Email for?

MTSU Student email login allows students to access their MTSU email account from any device with an internet connection. 

Students can use this system to sign in to their MTSU email account, access their mail, and manage their settings. 

To sign in to your student email account, you will need your MTSU NetID and password. You can get your NetID and password from MyMTSU or the MyMTSU portal.

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What steps are involved in activating my account?

Following receiving notification that your email account has been set up, you must take the following actions:

  • To set your password, use the Password Recovery Tool.
  • Ensure that PipelineMT has your email on file.
  • Make sure MTMail/Pipeline is selected in the “Manage Your Username and Password” section of the page.
  • After you update your password, wait 15 minutes.
  • Connect to MTMail (Microsoft 365).

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Must I Use MTSU Mail?

No. However, your MTSU Mail account will receive all official university emails. If you use a different email system, you must configure forwarding from your email account.

How do I register?

Students can sign in by selecting the MTMAIL icon from the drop-down menu after selecting the email icon in the top right corner of the website or by going directly to 

After being redirected, you’ll be taken to a Microsoft Office 365 Outlook sign-in page. is your complete email address.

Also, enter your password. Please use the Password Recovery Tool to set or modify your password if you do not know it.

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Is MTSU student email a Gmail or Microsoft Office 365?

MTSU student email is a Microsoft Office 365 account. Thus, students can sign in by selecting the MTMAIL icon from the drop-down menu after selecting the email icon in the top right corner of the website.

Alternatively, you can go directly to After being redirected, you’ll be taken to a Microsoft Office 365 Outlook sign-in page.

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Why am I being forwarded to

Microsoft offers a service known as MTSU Mail. The Office 365 login screen will appear when you go to in your web browser; this is the MTSU Mail login page.

Who is qualified to use MTSU Mail?

All Middle Tennessee State University current students and graduates from the Fall 2005 class and after are eligible to use MTSU mail.

After I leave MTSU, can I keep this account?

You are allowed to keep your MTSU Mail account after you graduate from college. Your access will be removed in about a year if you leave the University for another reason.

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How Can I Change my MTSU password?

There are two methods for changing your password:

  • Using the Microsoft Online Password Reset website, reset your password. Continue by entering your MTSU ID (FSA) username or and the characters in the image.

Reset using a website that supports SSO from MTSU (MTSU webmail, D2L,,, etc.).

MTSU uses Microsoft for email, but why?

Due to the school’s agreement with Microsoft, they can provide students with improved email services at no extra cost to the school or their tuition.

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What advantages does utilizing Microsoft Office 365 offer?

Using Microsoft Office 365 comes with numerous advantages. 

  • Microsoft Office 365 has significantly more storage for emails.
  • It comes with a calendar function for personal, professional, and educational purposes (record appointments, share calendars, schedule meetings)
  • Beneficial for conducting official university business or corresponding with instructors who might not recognize non-MTSU addresses is the reputation and legitimacy of the address.
  • Synchronization of calendars and contacts with mobile phones.
  • Defense against viruses and spam

How much Does Getting an MTSU email cost?

MTSU student email is free. You can open the email for free. 

What are the advantages of Using Microsoft to Acces your MTSU Email?

Microsoft hopes your pleasant MTSU Mail experience will encourage you to continue using their services after you graduate.

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Where can I find my MTSU Mail?

Online Visit to access MTMail online.

  • Click the MTSU Mail link.
  • Click Sign In after inputting your password and MTMail email address.
  • is the username.
  • Password: the password you created for MTSU Mail.
  • Using a Client for Email
  • You can access MTSU Mail using an email client like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, and others after signing into MTSU Mail on the web at least once to finish the account setup. POP and IMAP connections are supported.

My junk email folder is receiving emails that I want. What should I do?

If you wish to prevent valid emails from ending up in your junk mail folder, you have several options:

Email addresses or domains can add senders to a safe list. You can build a rule that specifies how to deal with emails from a specific field or address.

The spam email filter can be disabled. Filtering unsolicited emails is enabled by default. 

Please be aware that you won’t control unsolicited and unwanted texts if you disable this. Disabling junk email filtering is not a good security practice.

What should I do if my email doesn’t seem to work?

Verify the MTSU Email main webpage. There will be a notice of any planned downtime.

Please get in touch with the ITD Help Desk at 898-5345 or if there isn’t a planned outage.

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On what kind of phone or mobile device do I install MTSU Mail?

Your email address and password are typically required for the Microsoft Exchange Account Type on mobile devices.

If your phone doesn’t set up your account automatically, check the support section of your mobile service provider’s website and look for articles on how to set up Exchange, work, or other types of email accounts. When prompted, use the following options.

How is MTSU Student Email Login?

All admitted students have an MTSU login ID, which is your

How can I reroute my MTMail to another location? 

  • To reroute your MTSU email to another location, use a Supported Browser to access your MTSU Mail.
  • Click Options in the top-right corner of the page.
  • From the left-hand menu, select Organize Email.
  • Click the New button located on the “Inbox Rules” tab.
  • Select [Apply to all messages] under “When the message arrives, and:.”
  • Select Redirect the message to or Forward the message to under “Do the following”.
  • It ought to launch the Address Book window right away. Click the “*Select one” link next to the pull-down menu that says “Do the following” if it doesn’t.
  • In the “To->” field at the bottom of the window, input the email address to which you want your mail forwarded. Select OK.
  • Press “Save”

How can I send messages to a different account?

To send messages to a different account through your MTSU email account, follow the steps below:

  • Click “Options” in the upper right corner of your MTSU Mail account, just below your name.
  • Toggle to “See All Options.”
  • Select “My Account”
  • Click “Forward your email” under “Shortcuts to additional things you may do” on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter the email address you want your mail forwarded to in the text box next to “Forward my email to” under “Forwarding.”
  • Keep the option selected next to “Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App” if you want to keep a copy of forwarded messages in your MTSU Mail account (Recommended). Delete if not.
  • Select “Start Forwarding.”
  • Select “Save”

Do I have to use the same email service for the duration of my time at MTSU?

No. Your forwarding can be changed at any moment. Any alternative service provider of your choice is an option. Official university emails will be delivered to your account and automatically forwarded to your specified address.

Where can I go for MTSU Mail technical support?

Contact the Help Desk at 615-898-5345 or if you have issues signing up or have email-related inquiries that this FAQ does not address.

Windows 10: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome are the suggested browser versions.

Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, or Chrome on Windows 8, 8.1, or 7 (SP1)

Firefox or Chrome are recommended for Windows Vista (SP2), while some functionalities might be disabled. Updates to at least Windows 7 are advised (SP1).

Apple Safari 10+ or Chrome for Mac OS X (10.10)

Linux: and Outlook on the web are functional with Firefox and Chrome, albeit some functions might be missing.

Outlook Web App will open in the light version if you’re using a Web browser that doesn’t support the complete feature set.

Accessible Outlook Web App Light Version for Users with Low Vision

Accessibility features, such as those for individuals with impaired eyesight or blindness, are enhanced in the Outlook Web App light edition. The light version offers fewer features and performs some processes more quickly.

If your connection is poor or you’re using a computer with exceptionally severe browser security settings, consider using the light version. The light version has the same functionality in all browsers and may be used with practically any browser.

Find out more information about Outlook’s lite version.

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What are the MTSU Mail restrictions and maximum sizes?

  • 150 MB for the message size, including attachments.
  • 33 MB for a solitary file attachment
  • 250 file attachments in total
  • Mailbox capacity: 100 GB
  • 100 receivers (To, Cc, and Bcc).
  • Sending messages at a pace of 30 per minute.
  • 500 recipients per day overall.


MTSU Student email login is the perfect way to stay connected with your University. It’s easy to use and provides you with all the tools you need to keep in touch with your professors, classmates, and colleagues. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to manage your university email, MTSU Student email login is the perfect solution.




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