Automation Anywhere Bot Games Virtual Challenge

Are you an RPA developer, technical stakeholder, and enthusiast seeking financial aid? Then this is an awesome way to showcase your bot masterpieces, connect with the world’s leading RPA professionals, and win amazing prizes.

It might also interest you to know that Automation is transforming the workplace as we know it. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), everyone—from the tech-passionate business user to the professional software developer—can build software robots, or bots, to automate any business process. And you can participate in the revolution starting now.

So, in this post, we will analyze all you need to know about the automation anywhere bot games, how to apply for it, the benefits involved and also, we will explain the meaning of Bot Games Virtual Challenge and answer several other questions people are asking on the subject.


Bot Games is Automation Anywhere’s a flagship developer conference. It is a worldwide meeting ground for RPA developers, technical stakeholders, and enthusiasts. Come join others at the next Bot Games event to find out what’s innovative in automation and AI technology, network with peers, and showcase your technical smarts.

More About the Automation Anywhere Bot Games Virtual Challenge 2023

As stated earlier, Bot Games brings developers, project managers, business process enthusiasts, and robot enthusiasts worldwide to test their skills and compete in world-class robot-building competitions.

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Bot Games is also a meeting place for Android lovers: developers, project managers, or enthusiasts of the worldwide business process. Test your Android-building skills and compete in virtual events head-on.

Also, your goal is to achieve the greatness of Android! Create robots to solve problems and change the world. Also, play to win and learn from your fellow developers.

Your mission

Work by yourself, form or join a team with up to 4 people to create or develop a project that’s close to your heart.

Your idea can have one of the following themes: artificial intelligence, machine learning, security & compliance, business processes, or any other bot that will change how we work. To take part, submit a pre-developed bot for judging.

Teams will participate in bi-weekly webinars and receive advice and support to assist in developing their bot.

Finally, the selected teams will present their project virtually, and the winners will be determined.

The Automation Bot Games Virtual Challenge Benefits

The winners of the program will be awarded the following as listed below:

  • Grand Prize of USD 10,000 cash prize.
  • Second Place Prize of USD 5,000 cash prize.
  • Third Place Prize of USD 3,000 cash prize.

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Bots will be evaluated on 5 criteria:

  • Complexity (20%): How complex a problem or process does the automation address?
  • Comprehensiveness (20%): Does the automation comprehensively address the problem it sets to solve?
  • Creativity (20%): Does automation use creativity and ingenuity to solve a problem?
  • Resiliency (20%): Does the automation adapt to changes in an environment or behavior?
  • Reusability (20%): Is the automation built with reusable modules (meta bots)

How does the Competition Works?

Participants will submit a pre-developed bot created using Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise software.  
Automation Anywhere’s expert engineers, and the finalists selected will judge the complexity, comprehensiveness, creativity, resiliency, and reusability of the bot will compete in a live competition for the $10,000 grand prize.   Need Enterprise Software?

Click the resources tab in the main navigation to download a free Community Edition version of Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise platform for creating your bot.

The Automation Bot Games Virtual Challenge Eligibility

  • Student: Any individual aged eighteen (18) years and/or with full legal capacity. Who (i) is currently enrolled at a post-secondary institution or (ii) has recently graduated from a post-secondary institution. Further, less than 2 years before the current scholar year, with a student card to prove it. Further, Each Student may only participate once in each Challenge. Additionally, If the participant is a minor, you must provide this authorization signed by a parent or guardian in the name of the minor.
  • Individual Participant: Individuals aged eighteen (18) years and/or with full legal capacity at the time of registration. Further, Each Individual Participant can participate multiple times to the Challenge.
  • A business entity, regardless of its business area: Startups may be in need, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, to provide proof of (i) company registration by submitting a registration certificate issued within the last three (3) months, or ongoing company registration, or also, any trade registry and proof ensuring the registration of the entity in the relevant countryand (ii) a valid professional insurance policy subscription.

Level/Field of Study

This competition is open to any individual aged eighteen (18) years and/or with full legal capacity. Who (i) is currently enrolled at a post-secondary institution or (ii) has recently graduated from a post-secondary institution.

Host Nationality


Eligible Nationality

This competition is open to all

How to Apply for the Automation Anywhere Bot Games Virtual Challenge 2023

Time needed: 35 minutes

  1. Registration & Bot Submission

    Work by yourself or create/join a team (with four people max). Each team must then upload their bot to their participation space before 11:59 PM (PST) on July 21, 2023.
    Bots must be submitted using one of the following formats: .dll, .mbot, .atmx, a maximum of ten files can be submitted (30MB).
    In addition to their bot, teams will also upload a video explaining their solution, up to 4 minutes long, and add up to 10 slides of additional information to their project.
    After the registration process, the teams can attend bi-weekly webinars to ask questions and improve their projects.

  2. The Final 

    After the jury announces the five selected teams in July, the finalists can pitch their solutions to a group of Automation Anywhere product and innovation experts.
    The final (also virtually) will take place at the beginning of August, and for participants to see their project come to life and an opportunity to win big prizes.

Bot Games Virtual Challenge Deadline

The deadline for this competition is July (annually).

Apply Now

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