Top 10 Catholic Publishing Companies In 2023

As a Christian community, Catholic publishing companies seek to promote Catholic resources, enrich our professionalism, and advocate for the needs of the Church that affect our industry.

Are you looking for a Catholic Publishing Company to submit your manuscript? In this article, you’re going to be learning about the Top 10 Catholic Publishing Companies in 2022 which have enriching content that will boost your faith, publishers that are hiring that you can as well approach to submit your manuscripts. 

About Catholic Publishing Company

Catholic Publishing Companies are publishing press that Publishes content geared towards spreading the gospel of Christ to nourish the spiritual, moral, and cultural needs of individuals. 

Hence, they achieve that via publishing content through books, audio, videos, and other forms.

Having gained an understanding of a Catholic Publishing company, it’s also essential to know the distinguishing factors between Catholic Publishing Companies and other Publishing organizations.

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How Is A Catholic Publishing Company Different from Other Publishing Companies?

Catholic Publishing companies can publish your work without a publishing agent, produce and even market it without you having to do anything. They focus on publishing digital and offline resources geared towards promoting and defending the Christian faith.

To uplift the souls of men through the Gospel of Christ in line with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Publishers gives direction to Christians who are confused about life and destiny.

Catholic Publishing oftentimes builds visibility and shines the spotlight on Christian authors as well as providing and preserving biblical histories and biographies, doctrines, and heritage.

Finally, the press also aims at presenting the full expression of Christian beliefs and practices, nurturing the moral, spiritual, and cultural life of Christians through the provisions of Christian content via music, book, videos, and several forms.

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Why Use a Catholic Publishing Company?

Are you a songwriter or book author that desires to publish your work via the Traditional route? Catholic publishing companies will handle that for you without needing a publishing agent.

Once your manuscripts meet their guidelines and they’re interested in your work, the Catholic Publishing Company will handle the publishing as well as the marketing process, and you’ll receive your royalty payment for every sale of your book according to the terms of agreements.

The Catholic publishing company will help amplify your voice and publish your work on top publishing platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc

Catholic Publishing Companies have upheld the standard of publishing bestselling authors and have the big names globally recognized, such as Ignatius Press, GIA Publication, Tan Books, Ascension Press, and many others.

Hence, if you have Christin literature or songs you want to publish, feel free to check out Catholic publishers that match your category.

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What Bible Publishing Companies does the Catholic Church own?

Although there are many of them we’ve handpicked a few so, below is the list of Bible publishing companies owned by the Catholic church

  • Ignatius press
  • Sophia Institute press
  • Ascension press
  • Angelus press
  • Pauline books and media
  • Ave Maria
  • TAN books
  • Roman Catholic books
  • Saint Benedict press
  • Liturgical press
  • Liguori publications
  • Our Sunday visitor
  • Wiseblood books
  • Rafka press etc

Is Paraclete press a Catholic Publisher?

Paraclete Press Is a Christian publishing organization dedicated to presenting the full expression of the Christian faith. 

Although they uphold Benedictine spirituality as a guide to what they do, they present contents tailored at fostering and improving the knowledge of Christians, whether they be Catholic, Protestant, orthodox, and so, they represent the universal Christian body at large.

Who Are the Big Five in Catholic Book Publishing?

Where is Ignatius press?

Ignatius Press is based in San Francisco, California, United States.

Who Are The Big 5 Catholic Book Publishers?and their Owners

The big five in Catholic book publishing companies are:

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  • Ignatius press
  • Sophia Institute press
  • TAN books
  • Ascension Press
  • Angelus Press

Below are the individuals and organizations that own the big 5 publishing companies.

  • Ignatius press – Father Joseph Fessio founded the parents’ company, Guadalupe Association.
  • Sophia Institute press – Founded in 1983 by John Barger and succeeded by Charlie Mackinney.
  • TAN books – Thomas A. Nelson founded it, the company was acquired by St. Benedict press in 2008.
  • Ascension press – Founded by Matthew Pinto in 1998 and Jonathan Strate was promoted as the new Chief Operating Officer in 2017
  • Angelus press – the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles owns Angelus Press.

Having known the individuals and Catholic companies that own the big 5 publishers, we thought it might also interest you to know the history of the Top 10 Catholic publishing companies so you can know those that are open for submission and hiring. 

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Top 10 Catholic Publishing Companies

Whether you’re a Christian songwriter or a book writer that wants your voice to be heard, you must pick the best publisher that aligns with your genre, so we’ve handpicked the top ten catholic publishing companies.

 1. Ignatius Press

Founded by Father Joseph Fessio in 1978 and named after Saint Ignatius Loyola, Ignatius Press is an apostolate, a ministry of Guadalupe Associates, known for the publication of liturgical and spiritual materials such as fiction and nonfiction books, audio, and videos.

Ignatius Press has the most significant number of customers, most extensive distribution network, and makes the highest amount of sales, making it one of the top Catholic book publishing companies.

Their best-selling books include The Didache Bible, Consecration to St. Joseph and their recently released title are Salt and Light, If you can get it, Sex the unreal city, Wisdom from the Psalms, among many others.

They also sell videos, audio, and children’s books.

Ignatius Press is currently accepting submissions.

PS: They don’t accept prayer books, dissertations, or small pamphlets.

If you are interested in submitting your work, you can check out their submission guidelines on their website at

2. Sophia Institute Press

Founded in 1983 by John Barger, who later retired in 2012, and the board selected Charlie McKinney to succeed him as the new president.

Sophia Institute Press is known for publishing books on spirituality, theology, marriage and family life, apologetics, and children’s books, making it one of the best among the non-profit Catholic book publishing companies.

Its primary goal is to publish Catholic books so its audience can live according to the dogma of the Catholic Church, and as such, they’ve published more than 200 titles. 

Their bestsellers list includes: Cooking with the Saints, The Missionary of Wall Street, The Priests We Need to Save the Church, and How Catholic Art Saved the Faith, among others.

Sophia Institute Press is headed to the top now that they are the publishing arm of (EWTN) Eternal Word Television Network.

Sophia Institute Press is currently open for submissions.

They don’t accept mailed submissions but will only review submissions sent electronically.

To know more about their submission guidelines you can visit their website at

3. GIA Publications

Founded in 1941, GIA is an imprint of Walton Music and is also one of the best family-owned Catholic Music Publishing Companies, which publishes hymnals, sacred music, and music education materials. 

It has published more than 10,000 chords and instrumental hymnals, and recordings.

Do you have music suitable for Christian worship, whether chord or instrumentals, that you want to publish? Feel free to contact GIA publication.

Note: they don’t accept manuscripts that have been simultaneously submitted to other publishers; for further inquiries, you can visit their website at

4. TAN Books

Founded in 1967, TAN book was acquired by Saint Benedict Press in 2008 and is one of the oldest Catholic book publishing companies that are still strong and active to date as well as one of the top Catholic publishing companies hiring for several positions such as Graphics Designer, Editor, Content manager, and many others.

They are a family-owned traditional Catholic publishing company located near Charlotte NC. 

TAN books products are distributed across the world, and they uphold an undaunted mission which is to help people become saints via providing adequate tools and resources.

They’ve published over 1,000 books, including Thomistic theology, traditional devotions, Church doctrine, Church history, the lives of the Saints, educational resources, Sacred Scripture, and much more.

Unfortunately, TAN BOOKS has limited production resources because they usually receive a high volume of submission requests daily. Currently, they barely accept manuscripts.

For further inquiries, you can check out their website at

5. Ascension Press

Founded by Mathew Pinto in 1998, who later sold the company to his Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Strate who is the current owner and CEO.

Ascension press is the leader in Catholic faith formation and digital content, which aims to provide biblical transformation geared toward people looking to learn more about the Catholic Faith. 

Over the past 20 years, Ascension press has helped to groom the faith of over 10 million Christians and 8,000 parishes through their books, Bibles, podcasts, Both adult, teen, and kids faith formation programs making them ranked among the top bible publishing companies, you can find.

Some of their notable books are in their Amazing Grace series, which offers many inspirational stories relating to different aspects of one’s life.

To know where they are a fit for your manuscripts you can visit their website at

6. Angelico Press

“To deepen our knowledge of the Catholic tradition. To find new ways of living our faith within that tradition.” -John Riess, Founder, Angelico Press.

The above phrase just summarized the mission of the press company.

Angelico Press is also one of the top Catholic book Publishing companies that publish new books and quality out-of-print works of apologetics, theology, philosophy, political and social thought, spirituality, history, art, biography, and literature, for families, students, and scholars.

They’ve published best-sellers like Sixty Saint for Girls, School of Darkness, The Traditional Mass, Homo Ludens, and many others.

Angelico Press is always open to considering new works that promote Literary culture are high intellectual play to know more about their submission guideline feel free to visit their website at 

7. Angelus Press

Founded in 1978 in Dickinson, Texas, by Fr. Carl Pulvermacher, OFM., Angelus press began as an apostolate of the Catholic Church to provide catholic literature and doctrine to Americans confused by the changes in the Church about the Vatican Council and the introduction of the New Mass.

Archbishop Lefebvre gave them the mandate to be the official publisher of his works in English after its little beginning. After about 40 years of continuous growth, Angelus Press offers over six hundred titles, of which over 250 are their publications; they currently manage the US District’s official website, SSPX. Organization makes them among the best Catholic book publishing companies you can find.

To know more about the press you can visit their website at

8. Tumblar House

Founded in 2001 by Stephen Frankini, Tumblar House was initially established to bring the writings of William L. Biersach to the spotlight.

Tumblar House is named after a particular group of characters in the Father Baptist series known as the Knights Tumbler.

Their mission is to provide Catholic books on the history of Saints and Doctors of the Catholic Church so their readers can live like saints.

They also promote spiritual classics and embodying a new age of chivalry with their formal Wear, defense of the faith, and class. They also love merriment, especially during feast days.

They publish both fiction and nonfiction books, of which large parts of their nonfiction focuses on history, politics, current issues, and apologetics, either written by Solange Hertz or Charles Coulombe.

Tumbler House is also rising to the top Catholic book publishing companies on the list, so if you think they fit your manuscripts, you can visit their website at for more information.

9. Our Sunday Visitor

Founded in 1912 by Father John Francis Noll, and based in Huntington, Indiana. OSV is also among the most prominent non-profit Catholic book publishing companies and one of the top Catholic companies hiring.

Osv, uphold the mission to serve the church and bring people closer to Christ as well as helping Catholics fulfill their discipleship, strengthen their relationship with Christ and contribute to the growth of the world through the publication of content on Bible study, personal development, biographies and history, prayer and devotion, marriage and family life and also inspirational content.

Some of their best-selling titles include Finding Christ in Crisis, Fratelli Tutti, and several others.

Osv accepts manuscripts for children’s books and they are currently open for submissions.

Do you have manuscripts that you feel they might be interested in, you can visit their website at

Note that OSV don’t accept submissions that have been simultaneously submitted to other publishers

10. Loreto Publications

Founded In 1999, its name was taken from the famous Litany of Loreto, the Catholic Church’s special prayer of homage to the Mother of God.

Loreto Publications is a Catholic missionary apostolate that distributes Catholic books, apologetics, biographies, and lives of the saint, commentaries, and many others.

Loreto sells many great traditional Catholic books, most notably Dom Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year, one of the greatest works of Catholic writing, making it one of the top Catholic book publishing companies.

The press published many books on various categories, including the Latin Mass, Mariology, and books on spirituality by the saints. 

For further inquiries, you can visit their website at 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top 10 Catholic Publishing Companies hiring?

The top 10 Catholic Publishing companies hiring are; Our savior visitor, Ignatius press, Emmaus Road Publishing, Sophia institute press, Loyola press, Pauline books and media, Ave Maria Press, Paulist press, and Liguori publication.

Who is the best Catholic music publication company?

The best Catholic music Publishing company is GIA Publications, Inc.

How do I know if my Book is Good Enough to be Submitted?

After you’ve written your manuscripts, you can give them to a friend or fellow writer to critique and proofread your work sincerely.

How do I get a Catholic book published?

You can get a Catholic book published by researching the Catholic publishing press that are accepting submissions, carefully understanding their submission guidelines. If your work meets their requirements, you can submit it to them for review.


Catholic publishing companies are all you need if you write songs and Christian literature and desire to publish your work without an agent.

With the information provided in this article, we hope you’ve been able to get the information you’re looking for about the top 10 Catholic Publishing Companies that you can submit your manuscripts to and apply for jobs.


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