20 Cheapest Online English Classes in 2023

One of the most significant languages in the world, English, is also one of the most commonly used in both interactions and official documents. So, understanding how to speak, read, and write in English can be quite intriguing and beneficial in a couple of ways.

If you cannot afford the cost of a conventional class, the cheapest online English classes are great options for you.

Your burning desire to be a pro in the English language could be the only spur you need to get you into action as there won’t be a need to break the bank for any of the online classes.

If you’re unsure how this is workable, read through the article.

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Why Take Cheap Online English Classes?

Asides from the fact that English is the language that brings people together and gets things done, taking a cheap online English class can get you ahead in multinational corporations, internet marketing organizations, the media, and even the educational sector.

Other reasons to take cheap online English classes include the following:

#1. Flexibility

One of the most compelling reasons to enroll in an online English class is the flexible nature of these classes. Humans juggle a lot of activities and are mostly short on time.

So, these cheapest online classes allow you to choose the number of lessons you want to take each week. Your needs were put into consideration while designing these classes.

#2. They Assist you in Determining your English Level

These online classes are no different from what you have in a traditional class. Hence, they help you understand and master each level of the CEFR.

Once you’re able to learn the language, you can face the world with the utmost confidence there is.

#3. They are Affordable

Whoever said you must spend your life savings on an online class must have fallen from Jupiter. Online English class is way affordable as you won’t have to spend money on transportation to get to the classes nor would you spend a fortune on course materials.

You can never go wrong with an online class. This is especially true if you’re working class. See the Best Online Stock Trading Courses for Beginners .

How Long Do these Cheapest Online English Classes Last?

Most of these online English classes last three to four months and require that you dedicate about three to four hours weekly though they vary. The shortest online class can take a few hours to complete while the longer ones take months to finish.

All the timing includes flexible scheduling to allow you to work according to your pace. Also, it makes it easy to pick a class that fits into your schedule.

20 Cheapest Online English Classes

You’ll find the 20 cheapest online English classes which we carefully selected after considering the following factors: duration, flexibility, cost, and certificate options.

#1. Full English Course: Intermediate Level – Udemy

Start learning English online at your own pace and enhance your abilities with this cheap online quality class. This online class covers the following topics:

  • Grammatical concepts
  • Pronunciation and Vocabulary
  • Subtitled video lectures in an easy-to-understand manner

Also, there are many exercises and materials to help you improve your listening skills. And the review tests let you keep track of your progress throughout the course. The interesting part is; that you will download the materials in PDF format.

After completing this course, you will have a thorough understanding of English grammar, be able to read and write using advanced English grammar, and have a firm grammar foundation to have a faultless English conversation.

This course will help you improve your grammar knowledge by teaching you the differences between most verb tenses and how to use them correctly.

#2. The Complete English Grammar Course; from A1 to C1 level – Udemy

This online English class is tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re a newbie or want to brush up on the essentials, you can start with the first lesson and walk through the steps.

The Complete English Grammar Course is appropriate for everybody. You can choose your difficulty level and begin your classes. Remember that you mustn’t go for the exercises until you are done with the classes.

If you are interested in learning English grammar, wish to improve your English skill, or you’re a learner, you can take up this course.

#3. Business English Course for ESL Students – Udemy

This online business English class is best for you if you want to improve on your job or profession. It comprises 40 courses that focus on basic vocabulary and workplace phrases.

In this intermediate class, you’ll find a plethora of tasks to help you review and practice your Business English throughout the sessions.

Click the link below to enroll and find out the cost for this cheap online English class.

#4. English Grammar Pro | Beginner to Advanced (A1-C1) Grammar – Udemy

The most straightforward aspect of learning English is Grammar. Hence, there are rules to follow to ensure that you gain massively from this online class.

Some guidelines to follow include:

  • Practice all by yourself and at your own pace
  • Concentrate on the pronunciation

And, just as you aim to complete your grammatical studies, it is important to finish your grammar studies to become fluent and confident in English.

#5. Learn English Speaking Course: English Speaking Secrets – Udemy

It takes several years to listen to and try to understand native speakers, and it is quite difficult.

Lack of proper English language in a professional setting can hinder your growth and personal reputation as jobs become increasingly competitive.

If you want to grow in your job and professional life and become a key principality in your company, you must connect with English native speakers over the phone. But, if you find it difficult to understand them, you’ll be at a loss.

At the end of this online class, you will be able to:

  • Converse with confidence to native English speakers
  • Understand the best way to prepare for meetings and job interviews
  • Communicate with your supervisor.
  • Assured in your grammar

This course is designed with the learner in mind, making learning English a breeze. All the films include practice tasks to help you improve your English pronunciation and listening skills.

#6. Speak English With Confidence: English Speaking Course – Udemy

This online English class is basically designed for students who are at a pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English (A2-B1). When you enroll in this class, your English speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation will all see a new light.

The outline for this cheap online English class includes:

  • A step-by-step method of instruction
  • Internet-based activities
  • Worksheets in PDF format that you can download

Enroll using the link below and find out the cost.

Did you know you can become a guru in the server field? See the course to take.

#7. English Speaking Course. Speak English Slang & Idioms

This course which passes as one of the cheapest online English classes, will teach you the most often-used slang and idioms among American English speakers. It’s also made to assist you in pronouncing words without an accent or reducing your native accent.

The course includes real-life scenarios that are like what Americans say to one another at work, at school, and at home.

Intermediate and advanced English students who have a difficult time understanding American slang or recognizing American accents can enroll in this course using the link below.

#8. Full English Course: Beginners Level – Udemy

Begin learning English online at your own speed and enhance your abilities with our high-quality courses and materials, which are uniquely tailored to adult language learners. English teaching experts have professionally designed everything in this course.

It is divided into Grammar Packs and Practice Packs, each of which has all you need to enhance your English quickly.

Exercises will allow you to practice everything, and there are various materials to help you improve your listening skills in different dialects and with real-life TV examples.

#9. Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization – Coursera

This cheap online English class will help you strengthen your professional English communication skills so that you may have more productive business contacts.

This course focuses on certain aspects of English communication such as composing emails, speaking at meetings and interviews, presenting, and networking online. Better English communication can help you achieve your linguistic and professional goals, whether you’re communicating with potential employers, employees, partners, or clients.

Improve your English with this specialization course to make yourself more competitive and also improve your ability to communicate in English.

#10. Lesson | Express Yourself: Pronunciation – Coursera

The entirety of this online English class provides you with a quick overview of the learning objectives it covers.

At the end of the class, you will produce adequate word stress and intonation in your speaking.

This cheapest English online class starts on April 12 and you can take advantage of it as you can reset deadlines to fit into your schedules.

#11. English Composition I

Enrolling for this class will help you develop a foundation for college-level writing that will be useful in almost any field. Also, you will learn how to read critically, create persuasive arguments, and understand the writing process.

The objectives for this English online class include:

  • Evaluate textual and visual texts by summarizing, analyzing, questioning, and evaluation
  • Make a case for and against a position
  • Recognize the expectations of the audience and the discipline
  • Identify and apply the many stages of the writing process
  • Recognize the hallmarks of good prose
  • Use suitable citation techniques
  • Talk about how you can use your writing skills in various situations

Interesting thing is that you will get a shareable certificate of completion at the end of the class

#12. Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening Specialization – Coursera

On Coursera, you’ll find a plethora of English online classes whose focus areas are on both listening and speaking abilities. Enrolling in this class means you want to develop your public speaking skills.

This public speaking skill will help you in situations like class discussions and presentations. Click the link below to enroll in this cheap English online class.

Yes. There is a shareable certificate at the end of this class.

#13. Lesson | Business English Skills: How to Write Effective Openings and Closings to Emails – Coursera

Online English classes provide you with a general guideline on how to get your sentences right, but this online class is basically a Business English networking course that allows you to begin an email with effective sentences.

Additionally, as an online class specifically made for intermediate-level students, you can start instantly, and you’ll learn to conclude your sentences courteously.

#14. Perfect Tenses and Modals – Coursera

The present perfect, present perfect progressive, past perfect, and past perfect progressive are the main intermediate verb tenses covered in this course. You’ll also learn about some of English’s most prevalent modal verbs.

This course is for students who have a basic understanding of English grammar but want to study more and develop their skills in everyday speaking and writing and academics. It’ll be a fun program with plenty of interesting and educational video lectures.

The required time to complete this online English class is about 29 hours.

#15. English for Common Interactions in the Workplace: Basic Level – Coursera

In a workplace, workers are meant to communicate effectively, and that’s exactly what this English online class seeks to achieve. You will expand your lexical and grammatical repertoire in the English language through what you learn in this online class.

Also, you can manage your study time as you can access this cheap English online class from anywhere in the world.

#16. Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization – Coursera

Apparently, the most important thing you can do to improve your effectiveness is to get skilled with words.

This online class focuses on a variety of abilities, including how to organize a complicated set of materials in a reader-friendly manner, how to provide and accept high-quality feedback, and how to meet deadlines consistently.

You need about 4 months to complete this online class.

#17. Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen – Coursera

When faced with the prospect of standing in front of a group of people and speaking effectively, everyone becomes a little frightened. This course will teach you how to write and deliver good speeches effectively in a normal American situation.

You’ll discover how to plan a presentation, make it memorable, and communicate effectively. Throughout the course, you’ll have multiple opportunities to put what you’ve learned about presentation skills into practice.

This will give you the necessary experience to feel more secure when speaking in an American classroom or on the job.

#18. Perfect Tenses and Modals

The present perfect, present perfect progressive, past perfect, and past perfect progressive are among the main intermediate verb tenses covered in this course. 

You’ll also learn about some of English’s most prevalent modal verbs. This online class is for students who have a basic understanding of English grammar but desire to study more and develop their skills in everyday speaking, writing, and academics.

#19. English for Common Interactions in the Workplace: Basic Level – Coursera

In a professional setting, we’re frequently presented with the need to respond effectively based on the scenario, whether it’s in everyday life or at work.

This course was created to offer you, as a worker with, linguistic tools that would help you communicate more effectively in the workplace.

#20. Learn English Specialization – Coursera

Learners of English as a Second Language will benefit from this expert online class. These classes do not require any prior expertise.

You will cover the following intriguing themes through four courses: Conversational English skills, Just Reading and Writing English 1, Just Reading and Writing English 2, and General Academic English.


Leverage any of these cheapest online English classes and improve your skills, both public speaking and otherwise.



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