20 Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities In 2023

Society seems to place a limit on the career and professional pursuit of students with learning disabilities, which isn’t right. Every country has students with learning disabilities, and America is not exempted. Statistics show that in the United States, one in every five students suffers from a learning disability.

Well, the good news is that this problem has been identified, and today, there are more colleges for students with learning disabilities. These schools offer programs that make learning and assimilation easy for students with special needs. 

This article will list and explain the top colleges for students with learning disabilities in 2023 and the tuition and job outlook.

What Is Learning Disability?

Learning disability is a preadolescence disorder usually described by complications with particular skills such as reading or writing in people with normal intelligence. 

What Are Examples Of Learning Disabilities? 

There are a lot of learning disabilities, but the common ones are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Autism, Dyscalculia, etc. 

Why Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities?

A learning disability may find it difficult to cope and follow the traditional school curriculum. These colleges for students with learning have specially designed learning programs that best come with no difficulty of learning by a special student. 

And these colleges also have their learning environment constructed to aid people with special needs in their learning journey. 

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Here Is A List Of 20 Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities In 2023:

  • Framingham State University
  • Beacon College
  • American International College
  • Landmark College
  • Augsburg College
  • Mitchell College
  • Dean College
  • Adelphi University
  • Lynn University
  • Kent State University
  • Lesley University
  • Marist College
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Curry College
  • Westminster College
  • Hofstra University
  • University of Arizona
  • Manhattanville College
  • Mercyhurst University
  • Defiance College

#1 Framingham State University

Framingham State University is very well recognized as a suitable college for students with learning disabilities. The University pays attention to every student’s needs to present each student with the same level of opportunity.

Framingham State University’s program kicks against discrimination at every level against students with learning disabilities. 

The school has a Disability/Access Services that provides modified accommodation to help students with learning disabilities like ADHD, blind, deaf, wheelchairs, etc to best cope with the environment. 

Framingham State University 

#2 Beacon College

Beacon College is always mentioned in the same breath as the best colleges for students with learning disabilities.

It is popularly known as the first accredited college offering four-year degrees designed around the needs of students with diagnosed learning disabilities. 

The University’s school program and curriculum are designed for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and various specific learning disabilities. 

Beacon College 

#3 American International College

The American International College is another school with quite a reputation amongst colleges for students with learning disabilities. The University has a Supportive Learning Services (SLS) program handled by experts to help special students learn, assimilate and improve individual personal skills.

Official website of the American International College 

#4 Landmark College

Landmark College is a school solely designed for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, autism, or difficulties with executive function.

The school focuses on students’ strengths and applies the most effective support system that allows students to grow, learn and develop.

They support an educational approach that builds on students’ strengths and equips them with the tools they need to succeed in the real world.

Landmark College 

#5 Augsburg College

Augsburg College Center for Learning and Adaptive Student Services (CLASS) helps as the preliminary service provider for students with learning, attentional, psychiatric, or other cognitive disabilities on campus. 

There are specially designed programs for students with learning, attentional, psychiatric, or other cognitive disabilities. And also modified accommodations to help them settle in just nicely. 

Augsburg College 

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#6 Mitchell College

Mitchell College innovates learning through fostered relationships between students and individual Learning Specialists.

The school employs the use of Bentsen Learning Center (BLC), which is a fee-based comprehensive academic support program for Mitchell College students with diagnosed learning differences and ADHD.

Mitchell College is focused more on teaching students with differences to build independence through effective learning.

Mitchell College 

#7 Dean College

Office of Accessibility Services is Dean College’s medium through which they offer support and assist special students.

School accommodation is provided to all qualified students with a documented disability, executive functioning disorder, sensory processing, or nonverbal learning issues.

Dean College 

#8 Adelphi University

The University school program clearly states that it is dedicated to helping students with language-based learning disabilities and ADHD to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Adelphi University’s excellent support service allows students to choose a preferred structure support program. 

Adelphi University 

#9 Lynn University

Lynn University houses a Diagnostic Center for Educational Assessment, which focuses on improving both students’ strengths and weaknesses.

The institute promotes label-free learning, helping students reach their full potential, and celebrating individual uniqueness. 

Lynn University 

#10 Kent State University

The University is popularly known for its vision: ‘To advance the holistic success of students with disabilities by creating intentionally designed physical, educational, and interpersonal experiences.’

And honestly speaking, it has lived up to its name.

Kent State University 

#11 Lesley University

Lesley University uses a curriculum that is focused on career training and independent living.

The Threshold Program offers a non-degree post-secondary program for young adults with diverse learning, developmental, and intellectual abilities.

Lesley University 

#12 Marist College

The Learning Support program of Marist College focuses on developing and using strategies that will promote special students’ independence and personal success.

The institute also makes Learning Disability Specialists who work closely with faculty and administration to assist the students.

Marist College 

#13 Eastern Michigan University

This college Support Program is handled by professionals in each particular field. And the services come at a high cost. But it is truly worth it.

A learning specialist is paired with a special student to guide them on various decisions in different facets.

Eastern Michigan University 

#14 Curry College

Curry College takes students with learning disabilities as its topmost priority.

The PAL program is specially designed for students diagnosed with learning differences, executive function weakness, AD/HD, and who might have average to superior intellectual ability.

Curry College 

#15 Westminster College

Westminster College’s Learning Differences Program (LDP) was established in the 1970s and has been an excellent pillar of learning.

The program was designed with the intent of helping students with neurodevelopmental disorders succeed in the classroom.

With over 40 years of application, the LDP is said to be an effective tool in the progressive learning curve of students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, dyscalculia, dyslexia, learning disorder, and disorder of written expression.

Westminster College 

#16 Hofstra University

In this college for students with learning disabilities, each student is given a Learning Specialist to guide them through their learning journey.

At Hofstra University, students with ADHD and other specific learning disorders are helped through the Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS).

Hofstra University  

#17 University of Arizona

The University of Arizona uses the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center as an academic support program that provides services to students with learning disabilities. 

The University follows up with every student with a Learning Specialist to keep up with the student’s academic growth and development.

University of Arizona 

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#18 Manhattanville College

The Valiant Learning Support Program (VLSP) has proven to be an effective learning tool at Manhattanville College. The school’s Learning Specialists use this program to develop strategies to help students. 

Learning Specialists use the student’s coursework to support students in their efforts to take ownership of their learning and partner with students to promote self-advocacy and self-determination.

Manhattanville College 

#19 Mercyhurst University

Students with autism and other learning disabilities are provided with accommodation that best suits their special needs.

Mercyhurst University also offers a variety of available degrees, ranging from bachelor’s to master’s degrees for special students. 

Mercyhurst University 

#20 Defiance College

Defiance College might be the last on this list, but it is not the least. The school takes into account every student with learning disabilities.

The college provides suitable accommodation for each student according to their documented special needs. 

Growth, improvement, and success are the main focus of the University.

Defiance College 

What is the tuition of colleges for students with learning disabilities?

Depending on the college, special needs programs can cost between $1,300 and more than $13,000 per academic year. For instance, Landmark College charges students with learning disabilities tuition $36984.

Job Outlook for People with Disabilities

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released in February 2021, 17.9% employed people with disabilities in 2020, compared to 61.8% employed non-disabled people. 

Which jobs can students with disabilities work?

Even if you struggle in one area, you may have genuine strengths and talents in another. For example, many people with at least one learning disability have advantageous characteristics such as resiliency, empathy, or creativity.

Others appear to be able to speak in front of large crowds or to see the big picture naturally. As a result, many professions, such as design and teaching, are frequently good matches for people with learning disabilities. 

Here are a few more options to consider:


Many people with dyslexia or other learning disabilities have a stronger ability to distinguish between different faces and objects and visualize how different elements can come together to form a single image.

They frequently excel at quickly processing a large number of images. As a result, making films is often a worthwhile endeavor.

Average annual earnings:

Video and film editors: $80.300

Directors of motion pictures: $105,550


The ability to think broadly benefits many professionals with learning disabilities. Indeed, some of the world’s most successful businesspeople have claimed that dyslexia or other learning difficulties were the reason for their success.

They have been successful in connecting ideas that others have missed. And they’ve had the fortitude to persevere in the face of adversity.

Average annual income: ranges from less than $50,000 to more than $200,000.


Because growing up with a learning disability can be extremely difficult, those who do frequently have a great deal of sympathy for anyone else who is struggling.

As a result, some people with learning disabilities discover that the counseling industry is a good fit for their abilities. They are capable of providing genuine understanding and support to others.

Average annual earnings:

Rehabilitation counselors—$38,040

Addiction counselors—$42,920

Mental health Counselor salary: $45,080

School counselors: $56.490

Correspondent or Anchor of a Broadcast News Channel

Some people with learning disabilities have natural talents, such as public speaking. As a result, it may be worthwhile to investigate jobs that require public speaking or performance. 

The ability to report on what’s happening in your neighborhood or country via broadcast news is an appealing option.

The average annual wage is $51,430.

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A nurse’s aide

This is another career path that can help you make the most of your empathy. Giving basic care to hospital patients or nursing home residents can also be a great way to feel pride and purpose.

Furthermore, because the work typically entails simple tasks such as feeding, dressing, bathing, moving, and grooming patients, you won’t need to learn much.

The average annual salary is $26,820.

FAQS on Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities In 2023

What college is best for dyslexia and Dyslexic Students?

University of Michigan
Pitzer College
University of Arizona
University of Connecticut
American University
University of Notre Dame
UC Berkeley

What is the most common disability among College students?

Hearing, vision, cognitive, ambulatory, self-care, and independent living difficulties are the most commonly reported disability types in college students, according to the ACS.


Many colleges in the United States have programs designed for students with special needs. And this article just listed just 20 of them. Each college employs effective teaching programs and developed curricula that best help their students.



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