Best FREE Online Art Classes 2022

There are a billion things this pandemic has taught us, and one of them is to remind us what therapeutic art can be.

Whether for self-expression or the need to continue a creative enterprise, improving the way you translate your ideas into tangible images can be an exciting process and exercise.

That’s why the team at Just Creative has scoured the entire world wide web to narrow down the best free online art courses in 2022.

Whatever your reason for wanting to become a more skilled artist, we’re here to make sure you have access to the most amazing art course offerings the internet has to offer this year; So grab your drawing books and coloring materials, it’s going to be a chaotic and exhilarating ride.

Drawing is a skill you can master at any age. When you’re ready, you can learn the basics of drawing by taking a free online drawing class. The websites all offer helpful guides for beginning artists and many of them offer courses at an intermediate or advanced level.

If you use the web as your art teacher, you can log in to learn whenever you want.

The Best FREE Online Art Courses in 2022

Discover the best free online art courses and best drawing courses in 2022. Many of these online art courses are free if you use the free trial. We’ve also included some premium options.

Let’s dive into the best online art courses in 2022 and get creative.

Drawing and Painting Portraits: A Guide for Artists – Best Online Art Class

Another intermediate choice for the naturally talented artists is this SkillShare contender. Packed with over 12 lessons in just over 2 hours, each segment is evenly spaced to ensure students get a comprehensive view of the whole.

Gabrielle Brickey’s Drawing and Painting Portraits: A Guide for Artists will teach you all about gesture drawing and creating the facial features of your subjects on the fly. 

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Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner’s Guide to Painting the Natural World

There’s something about watercolor paintings that makes them so pleasing to the eye. So if you share our appreciation for this art form, be sure to check out Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner’s Guide to Painting the Natural World by top teacher Rosalie Hayzlett.

A course that has helped over 28,000 students at the time of writing, this SkillShare Staff Pick comes bundled with 13 informative lessons, all delivered in under an hour.

If you’re looking for bite-sized segments, this range of courses won’t disappoint!

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Painting Nature with Acrylic: From Sketchbook to Canvas

The process of painting with acrylics is an art form in itself considering how complicated the process can be. In other words, the end result is only as beautiful as the manufacturing process.

Are you a big fan of this painting medium? If the answer is yes, then Painting Nature with Acrylic: From Sketchbook to Canvas by illustrator Maru Godas is the best online art course for you.

Packed with over 22 lessons, all totaling 4 hours of video-on-demand, this contender is one of the more comprehensive courses on the list.

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Introduction to Oil Paint Illustration

If there is anyone you should listen to when it comes to oil painting, it is David de las Heras. Having collaborated with global magazines and publications, this esteemed artist is no stranger to captivating book covers and thought-provoking artwork.

In his Domestika course, you’ll learn how to tint your hands with the first layers of acrylic, paint with oil, scan your illustration to give it the finishing touches in Photoshop, and literally everything else in between.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, Introduction to Oil Paint Illustration is worth your commitment.

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Learn to Draw: Daily Practices to Improve Your Drawing Skills

There’s a reason Gabrielle Brickey’s Learn to Draw: Daily Practices to Improve Your Drawing Skills is a Staff Pick on SkillShare.

Optimizing the power of digital media and familiarity with a sketchpad, the talented top teacher shares her creative process in developing stunning illustrations.

This course, with 20 amazing lessons, is beginner-friendly, easy to follow, and a fantastic first choice for anyone looking for an introduction to the dynamic world of drawing.

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Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures & Clothing

Nothing captures the heart of an illustration quite like attention to detail. That’s why Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures & Clothing by comic artist and illustrator Gabriel Picolo is a wonderful online art course for intermediate artists.

From mastering the four core expressions to making sure the characters you draw have personality, there’s a lot to learn from this SkillShare Original.

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Drawing as Self-Discovery: 5 Ways to Start

The idea of ​​drawing may sound intimidating to many, but when you have a teacher as informative and quick as Mari Andrew, you can bet you will only get better.

This Drawing for Self-Discovery: 5 Ways to Get Started course is also a SkillShare Original and is for anyone and everyone at all skill levels.

Bundled with 10 lessons, each lasting under an hour, this contender is perfect for those who just want a quick crash course in drawing as a means of expression.

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Concept Art: Drawing Imaginary Worlds

Although drawing is an excellent tool for solidifying reality, it is also an equally viable medium for escaping the truth. But don’t take our word for it — listen to graphic novel author Ira Marcks instead.

In the course Concept Art: Drawing Imaginary Worlds, Marcks describes finding inspiration, approaching depth and meaning, and everything else that happens in between.

And since you can complete the course in under 2 hours, completing this selection certainly doesn’t feel like a chore.

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Digital Illustration: Drawing with Shapes and Layers

If you’re looking for a course to improve your tablet drawing skills, you’ll love Roman Muradov’s Digital Illustration: Drawing with Shapes and Layers. Narrated by the talented artist himself, Muradov’s full course can be completed in under an hour.

Having mentored over 10,000 eager students by this point, you can bet this choice will be an instant crowd favorite for reasons that need not be explained.

Are you an avid student yourself? Learn all about shapes and layers in this course.

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Acrylic Painting: Learn the Basics for Beginners

Nothing screams beauty and authenticity like acrylic paintings. They are stunning, incredibly individual, and warrant a compelling story after every look.

If you’re looking to explore this segment of art soon, then Acrylic Painting: Learn the Basics for Beginners is for you.

Led by leading SkillShare instructor LaurieAnne Gonzalez, this course is a royal choice for eager learners.

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The Colored Pencil Drawing Course

One of Udemy’s most creative bestsellers, Matthew Fussell’s Colored Pencil Drawing Course is an offering that’s sure to keep you productive.

With over 5 hours of on-demand video and 38 downloadable resources, you’re bound to learn more than just a thing or two.

From color theory to landscape drawing, don’t expect anything but a comprehensive guide to all things pencil drawing.

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The Art & Science of Drawing / BASIC SKILLS

Artist Brent Eviston put it best when he said, “Drawing is not a talent; It’s a skill anyone can learn.” While anyone can argue that some people are more efficient illustrators, an equally valid argument is that anyone can be just as disciplined if they put their heart and mind to it.

If you’re an aspiring artist who wants to get better at drawing, Udemy’s The Art & Science of Drawing / BASIC SKILLS should be an excellent online resource for you.

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In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting

Not everyone can claim to have learned abstract painting from MoMA’s Corey D’Augustin – but you can if you take this online art class!

The In the Studio: Post-War Abstract Painting course lasts approximately 27 hours and comes with a shareable certificate upon completion. Like many of the other tips on the list, it is available in multiple languages.

Expanding on a balanced mix of painting techniques and art history, this offering is arguably one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive art courses on the entire web today.

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Drawing the Everyday Every Day

Sometimes, one of the biggest hurdles in drawing is finding the inspiration to actually draw. If this is a feeling you experience every now and then, let CreativeLive’s Kate Bingaman-Burt help you find romance in the everyday.

In her drawing course, the highly regarded creative guides you through developing themes that appeal to you, refining sketches, and forming everyday habits to help you hone your craft.

Whether you’re a procrastinator or just need an extra boost in the creative direction, this 78-minute art class is for you. 

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Color Techniques for Drawing

Okay, you’re a great illustrator, but are your relationship with color efficient? That might sound like an absurd statement, but being a master sketcher doesn’t always mean your eye for color is just as keen.

Wherever you are on your art journey, let CreativeLive’s color drawing techniques help you improve your approach to color selection and hone your artistic voice.

Written by the talented and accomplished Cleo Papanikolas, this offering includes 17 video lessons in nearly 3 hours of video-on-demand.

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Overall, the best online art courses in 2022 are what engage you more easily. Each selection on this list has been handpicked to ensure artists and creators of all kinds have a selection to enjoy.

Whether you’re a traditional artist with a penchant for physical media, or an aspiring illustrator looking to improve your understanding of digital channels, we hope this post has been of some help to you.


When you are ready, you can learn the basics of drawing by taking a free online drawing class. The websites all offer helpful instruction for beginning artists, and many of them offer classes at intermediate or advanced levels.

Many are free, and even more, are self-paced—allowing you to take classes at your own convenience—meaning it’s never been easier to go back to school. 

Arts and crafts you can learn at home

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An essential skill to learn as a beginning artist, whether drawing or painting, is perspective. If you want to achieve three-dimensional art, knowing perspective is key, including how to find the horizon line, determine the vanishing point, and an overview of linear perspective.



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