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Easy Steps To Getting A Free Online High School Diploma In Texas  | Best Schools

Getting a high school diploma is a good way to invest in yourself, and your future. The rate of unemployment among high school dropouts is way higher than that of those with a diploma.

As of March this year, there were over a million unemployed persons in the state and its regions, and the rate of unemployment was about 6.7%.

In this number were college graduates and high school diploma holders. They would be considered and are usually preferred by employers.

Even if you are employed, you wouldn’t have a lot of career advancement opportunities. 

In essence, getting a free online high school diploma in Texas would give you something to work with and afford you better opportunities.

It would also make it possible for you to go to college and further your education, opening you up to an even better world of opportunities.

Taking classes online means that it is possible for you to get this diploma at your own pace and alongside working at your normal job.

Free online schools would also ensure you’re not financially stressed for choosing to be involved.

What Is High School Diploma?

You receive a certificate when you complete the four years course of study including grades 9,10,11 and 12.

To prove that you have finished those, you have to write and pass the exit examination, and fulfill every other requirement according to your jurisdiction. 

The certificate you’re awarded when you graduate is called a high school diploma.

In Texas, the exit examination is called the “State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR). As a student, you can start taking this exam in grade 11. That way, you’ll be able to retake the exam if you don’t pass the first time around.

Can You Get Your High School Diploma Online For Free In Texas? 

There are a lot of private and public schools in Texas through which you can obtain your diploma, and all have their advantages. 

The major advantage of obtaining this diploma online and through a public school is that a high school diploma obtained in this manner is free of charge.

On-campus public schools are also tuition-free, however, they are not free of other expenses. As a student, you’ll have to pay for lunch, extra-curricular activities,  Identification, and driver training classes among others. 

There’s no need for all the miscellaneous payments if you’re going through online classes, hence classes are completely free.

Why You Should Earn a Free High School Diploma Online In Texas? 

#1. It’s free

That’s the first reason you should earn a free high school diploma. If you cannot afford the amount you need to go to a private school, or the expenses incurred going to a school on campus, it’s just easier to take your classes online.

#2. You school at your own pace: 

On-campus, you have to take classes for four years. You can finish the requirements and get certified in as little as two or three years instead of four years and afford yourself a little extra time.

#3. Learning in comfort

You can take online classes from the comfort of your home, rest when you want to, and deeply concentrate when you need to. There’s no distraction in the form of a bell.

#4. Exploring possibilities

You can study the essential courses and experiment with the one you’re not sure of without committing to it as you will be wont to do on campus.

#5. Social interactions 

You can avoid bad social interactions with bullies, and you can still apply for one or two courses in the school to allow you to get the social experience too if you want it. You’ll essentially get the best of both worlds.

#6. Quality learning 

As long as you’re enrolled in an accredited Texas online school, you’re sure that you’re receiving a quality education 

What Can You Do With a High School Diploma?

There are a lot of places you can work as the holder of a high school diploma. You’ll even be able to earn above minimum wage.

The first reason you need a high school diploma is that it’s a necessary requirement by many schools when you want to go to college.

You can gain acceptance into some universities without a high school diploma or its equivalent, but unless you have gained early acceptance as a junior, you want to have this diploma.

In the labor market, there are not a lot of places you can get a job without a high school diploma.

If you do get a job, you might stick with a dead-end position without hope of a promotion for the rest of your life.

some job opportunities open to you as a high school diploma holder are:

  • Physical therapy aide
  • Police officer
  • Secretarial jobs
  • Distribution managers
  • Construction laborers and helpers
  • Security personnel’s
  • Post masters
  • Private investigator
  • Insurance agents
  • Power plant operators
  • Commercial pilots
  • Public transport operator 
  • And an industrial mechanic among others.

For some of these jobs, you’ll have to take additional training or shadow an expert to gain the expertise you need, however you can only be employed if you have a high school diploma or equivalent.

What You Can Earn With a High School Diploma?

The amount you can earn with a high school diploma is highly dependent on your career choice or the job you work at.

Every employee high school diploma holder can expect to earn above the minimum wage depending on your state.

Community health care workers earn $15 per hour, and industrial mechanics earn up to $23 an hour.

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Free Online High School Diploma In Texas? 

The time it takes to complete the requirements so you can be awarded the high school diploma is different from the time it might take another person.

The normal time is 4years as with the normal school calendar, but it is not unheard of those people finished in three years. You can even finish in two if you set your mind to it.

Cost Of Getting a High School Diploma Online, And a Ged In Texas

A high school diploma is free in Texas, you might need to pay for classes and tests, especially if you attend a private school, but the diploma in itself is acquired freely with a bit of brainwork.

Some states let you pay for some credits you need to earn the diploma with work experience, but majorly, you have to take classes and put in the work.

A GED is not free in Texas, and you’ll pay $36.25 for each of the four subjects and a total of $145.

To take the exam for free, you can apply for financial support and receive test vouchers you can use to pay for the test.

How To Get a High School Diploma Online For Free In Texas In 2023 

Like with every other new venture, the first thing to do to get a high school diploma online for free in Texas is research.


There are a lot of public schools that offer online classes in Texas, and all of them are free. Your research guides your choice of which school you want to work with.

Another reason you should research is that you want to be sure the school you have chosen is accredited so that you don’t end up acquiring a diploma you cannot use

If you’re in doubt about your chosen school, you can simply verify on the school’s website. If an online school is accredited, they would tell you clearly who has accredited them. 

You can also check the reviews from others about the school online or you can contact the school’s representative to ask.

Some online schools allow you to sample a lesson before you enroll, which can go a long way to help you decide if it’s a fit for you.

Online School Selection And Registration 

Armed with your research, you can make your choice of which online school you’ll take classes from, download their brochure.

If you’re satisfied with what you read from their brochure, you can then register. This registration process would include filling the necessary forms, submitting documentation, and then you might be required to have an admission conference.

Documentation Approval

The school reviews the documents you have uploaded and if it is approved, you’ll receive an enrollment approval 

Graduate Program Selection

At this point, it’s up to you to decide which graduate program you want to run with

You would finish from every online school in Texas with only one diploma, but there are four graduate programs you can finish with.

The credits you need to graduate are determined by the graduate program you choose. It could be one of the following;

  1. Fot the Foundation program; You only need to earn 22 credits for a high school diploma
  2. The Foundation program and an Endorsement is earned with 26 credits. Arts, public service, business/industry, multi-disciplinary and stem, are all extra courses you’ll have to choose from for the endorsement.
  3. The Distinguished Level of Achievement is also earned with 26 credits. You’ll need to do a 4th math and 4th science course and also earn an endorsement for this program. 
  4. Performance Acknowledgement is earned with either 22 or 26 credits. You’ll achieve this by seriously acing your SAT, IB, AB, ACT or PSAT exams. You’ll also get a performance acnowledgement if you earn a business or industry license.

Study Stage

The final step involved is working to earn the credits you need. If you do this properly, your transcript would thank you. While the diploma is the same for everyone, the transcript is a record of your progress and achievements, 

Requirements For a Free Online High School Diploma In Texas 

The basic requirement to obtain a free online high school diploma is taking steps to earn the credits you need to graduate. Take the online classes, turn in assessments as required and be faithful to your work.

Generally, free online school’s ask you for the following before they accept your application to study

  • Proof of residency
  • Immunization
  • and your parents consent

10 Free Online High School Diploma In Texas In 2023

Here is the free online high school diploma in Texas you can enroll into.

#1. Texas Online Preparatory School

Texas online preparatory school is one of the free online high school diplomas in Texas.

As their student, the school challenges you, to make progress and reach your potential. Their courses are engaging, and your teachers would be highly supportive. You’ll get a lesson plan that’s suitable and especially for you.

They only allow you to register if you’ve lived in Texas at some point, and you were enrolled in a Texas public school. This is usually applicable to children of military parents who are constantly redeployed. 

visit website

#2. Acellus Cybrschool 

This is a private school with a district-funded option for you. It means that you can choose to enroll in the parent or district-funded program. 

You don’t pay anything at all with I’m their district-funded program. 

They make use of good-quality videos to teach you. Their courses are also designed to help you no matter your ethnic background.

Your needs as a student would be taken into account, and you’ll be prepared for college. You’ll be able to take advanced classes that make it easier for you to be accepted into college.

If you need to catch up at any point, or you need help finding your interest, you can be certain that need will be equally met. 

You’ll need to demonstrate a mastery of each course before you can move on to another.

visit website


This school would do its best to understand you and then work with you to ensure you’re confident when it’s time to get into the world.

They work with a state-approved curriculum and allow you to work at your pace within reasonable limits. 

You have to be ready to put in the work. They also have advanced classes that make it easy for you to gain acceptance to college. It’s tuition-free but you’ll need to pay for the school supplies you’ll use at home, and for field trips.

visit website

#4. Eschool Prep

Eschool Prep is one of the free online high school diplomas in Texas.

If you’re a high-performing student, then this school is for you. Their courses are designed to give you mastery and to appeal to your own interest.

It goes to say that their teachers would be working closely with you to determine your particular needs in a customized education system. 

You’ll have access to resources that stir your curiosity and excites you. Their curriculum would also help you prepare for college.

Also, you have to submit proof that you live in Texas as well as your immunization records among other requirements to enroll.

visit website

#5. Texas Virtual Tech Academy 

This public school is usually for students who are involved in other pursuits like athletes and performers.

You’ll also be allowed to enroll if your parent is in the military, and is constantly deployed or if you’ve been a victim of bullying. 

Their curriculum is intended to keep you interested, motivated to work, and doing your best. You can work at your pace, and with a learning plan that’s customized for you.

The school makes sure it’s preparing you for college the entire time. You can’t have a previous high school degree and you should live in Texas to be able to enroll.

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#6. iSchool Virtual Academy 

Made for students of grades 3-12, the school seeks to give you the educational support you need to be successful.

You and your learning coach would work together with the school’s Texas-certified teachers to achieve your personal lesson plan.

As a student, you can learn anywhere you are provided you have an internet connection and you’ll be learning with the bright thinker curriculum. 

The school is tuition-free and all you’ll need to pay for are your personal school supplies as well as field trips when they come up.

They loan you a laptop if you don’t have it at ischool virtual academy 

visit website

#7. Lone Star Virtual Academy 

With engaging coursework that sparks your interest and keeps you at your best, they teach you based on your learning style and at your own pace.

They prepare you properly for your graduation and for college. Their commitment to you as their student is commendable and they give you every attention you need to be successful.

They need proof of your immunization as well as proof that you live in Texas before you’re permitted to study with them.

visit website

#8. Texas Virtual Academy 

If you’re not sure yet where you want to be in your future career-wise, Texas Virtual Academy is there to help you. It’s one of the free online high school diplomas in Texas

Their stride career prep gives you the opportunity to take electives focused on a career. You’ll be able to find your passion by exploring your options.

Meaning that you can go straight to working at a career of your choice right after school. They also make you college-ready there so you know what you want to major in before you get there.

You’ll be able to join career clubs that will go a long way to prepare you for a career.

Their curriculum covers over 130 different careers and they partner with many businesses, trade associations, and unions so you have a chance to work for hands-on and shadow experts in different career paths.

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#9. iUniversity Prep

They offer you an innovative approach to learning and make you prepared to take on the challenges of your future.

You’re sure of a school that will do their best to ensure you perform excellently and nothing less. They do this by meeting you where you are in the learning process and encouraging your growth from there.

Your teachers are not just certified, they are also award-winning teachers who will care about your learning.

iUniversity will inspire you as they make you ready for college and for your future career. They harness technology to make learning as seamless as it is rigorous.

You’ll even get to connect with their other students all around the world, and they do not leave a child behind.

visit website

#10. Whute Settlement Indepedent School District Virtual Academy

This virtual school is an extension of their campus learning, and they help you develop your passion and discover your purpose.

They value you as their student and believe that you deserve a passionate teacher to guide you and help you grow in learning.

You’ll get the opportunity to participate in electives, extra-curricular activities, clubs among others.

You’ll need to have been academically successful in the previous session before you’re permitted to enroll in the white settlement virtual academy.

Also, you’ll have to remotely participate in the classes, and wear appropriate clothes for school. You’ll also have to create space in your home for learning.

If you need private tutorials, you’ll have to make yourself available in person, and you also have to show up for tests and assessments.

visit website


The only better certificate than a high school diploma for your career is a college or post-graduate certificate. To be able to get those, you’re going to need the high school diploma too.

You want to be gainfully employed and possibly earn enough to support your family, want a career you’re happy to work at, and not one that you earn way less than the effort you’re putting in.

You want to have the possibility of a promotion and a reward for the hard work you’re putting into your job.

These are reasons, you must obtain a high diploma, and it’s free, an upside is that it’s your’s once you have it and you don’t have to repeat the classes again.

The high school diploma is one investment into your future you don’t want to do without.



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