10 Free Online Management Courses With Certificates

Management is administration, planning, and controlling people and organizations. Does this sound like you? Or are you a wanna-be manager? Then these free online management courses with certificates are for you.

Gone are the days when management was solely the responsibility of managers. From research, this contemporary world requires every individual to at least know the basics of management.

The theories and principles of management made famous by Peter Drucker have made life easy for the average man both in running his family and his organization.

Knowing the importance of management, these free online management courses with certificates are here to boost our personality, character, and career.

Let’s take a look at the 10 free online management courses with certificates in 2023.

Why Choose a Free Online Course in Management?

Aside from the numerous benefits of studying Management, there is an extra benefit from studying management in your comfort and at your own pace.

First and foremost, an online course in management helps you Learn How to Manage People Effectively.

Delegation and supervision are the two essential aspects of business management, the knowledge which makes you manage people effectively.

Secondly, you get to understand the importance of working as a team. Invariably, you become an effective team player.

Every management personnel knows his vision and goals cannot be achieved alone. A team effort will make it realized faster than when it is a unique effort.

Lastly, you will gain a competitive advantage in your career. Employees with a management background make leadership easy and observe organizational ethics better than those it is entirely new.

Hurry now and badge that free online course in management!

Who Should Take An Online Management Course?

Anyone interested in developing their management skills and knowledge can take an online management course. They are ideal for professionals who want to advance in their careers or entrepreneurs who want to improve their management skills.

Management training programs may provide the ability to influence decision-making, develop effective procedures, and enable your team and company to perform at their best, whether you’re an aspiring, new, or experienced manager.

By fostering a work environment where everyone on the team is focused on a single objective, company managers looking for opportunities to improve their skills can increase employee happiness. An organization’s productivity can be increased by deliberate alignment on business objectives.

Additionally, you can learn the abilities required to establish clear expectations, which can boost employee motivation as they can more easily do their jobs.

Business executives who prioritize their growth by enrolling in management training programs return to their firms with a clear understanding of how to incorporate effective practices into their everyday tasks. Although taking these courses requires time and financial commitment, they can improve your management skills and raise the possibility of future business success.

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How to take an Online Course in Management?

Just like traditional face-to-face education, you get to see your tutor from the screen of your computer or other electronic devices. Assignments are given, tests are written, and certificates are issued to those who emerge successfully.

All you need is a good internet connection and an electronic device.

Find your study place, read the lecture materials, and solve and submit your assignments and tests before the deadline. And you are good to go.

Some courses have specific requirements, they will be discussed later when talking about the courses proper.

In addition, don’t forget to register for the course so your certificate will be awarded.

Universities that offer free Online Management Courses

Several universities offer free online course in management.

We will list some of them below.

  • College Business Certifications (Coursera)
  • Free Online Business Courses & Classes (edX)
  • Short Term Business Courses (Udemy)
  • Business Nano-degrees & Classes Online (Udacity)
  • Business Classes & Training (Digital Defynd)
  • Online Business Courses (Harvard University)

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List of the Free Online Management Course with Certificates

Here is a list of free online courses in management offered by different platforms.

#1. People Management Skills

People Management Skills is conducted by CIPD- Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Here, you learn about the essential methods, strategies, and principles of people management and develop your management style.

The duration of the course is 5 weeks. It involves a weekly study time of 3 hours.

The class will start on 20th April.

The course module has a weekly topic of; Thinking of yourself as a manager, How do find the best people, how to develop a team, how to manage performance and how to maintain a healthy workforce.


#2. Diploma in Change Management – Revised

This class consists of 12 modules and 58 topics. It can take up to 10-15 hours to complete.

The course deals with techniques for implementing change in the workplace.

Some topics to be learned include; Organizational structure, theory, and practice of change management, managing employees during the change process, leading organizational change, collaborative change, and Identifying and solving problems.

You get to take two different assessments before the end of the course.

Take the course here.

#3. Business Fundamentals: Project Management

This course is a 4-week learning.

This online course introduces you to the essential skills and processes that support successful project management and helps you apply them to your context.

It will give you the skill set to immediately play an active role in a project environment.

The topics it will cover are the project lifecycle, initiation phase, planning phase, execution phase, and closure phase.

At the end of the course, you will learn time management, communication and team management amongst other things.


#4. Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training)

Knowing how to foster an inclusive culture within your team can make you stand out as a leader to your boss. With the principles learned in the course, you will learn how to incorporate the Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility mindsets. You are sure to inspire everyone to be their best selves.

The course duration is 4 weeks, and it takes approximately 1.5-2 hours a week to complete the module for the week.


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#5. People Management Training & Leadership Skills Course

This free online management course and leadership skills training will teach you management skills, leadership styles, and the fundamentals of a mini-MBA business management certification program.

It is the perfect management training solution for new, first-time, professional, and experienced managers and provides the tools needed to become a great leader.

Apply Here

#6. HR Fundamentals

HR professionals look after the greatest creators of value and risk in organizations: the people.

In this course, you will get an introduction to the practice of HR and develop the skills you need as an HR professional.

You will learn how HR helps organizations achieve business goals and strategic objectives. In addition, you will explore the basic principles of workforce planning, employee recruitment, and retention.

Finally, you will learn about performance management and how to support people in achieving goals. It has a 5 weeks duration. The link is below.


#7. Decision Making: How to Choose the Right Problem to Solve

In this course, you will learn how to build personal problem-solving skills and make an effective plan to tackle real-life problems and decisions.

This course has a lot in stock. You will learn about transferrable skills and how to make organizational decisions, using SWOT analysis to understand problems and lots more.

It is, or 2 weeks, offered by the University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding.


#8. Principles of Service Management

Your customers are your key resource. Here is a service-based approach to marketing and management that can help you serve them better.

Today, an increasing number of companies compete on service, not product. As a result, understanding a service-based approach to business is essential – even for product-based businesses.

Ultimately, you will discover how service-based thinking can help you better serve your customer and overcome various business challenges.

It is a or 7 weeks and requires at most 3 hours of weekly study time which is not too much.


#9. Business Communication – Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills

Offered by NPTEL

This course can make you develop effective presentation and communication skills.


#10. Ethical Intelligence in Business

Learn the importance of ethics when making decisions in everyday life.

As management personnel, this is one course we recommend.


Other courses include

There are some sites that offer free online courses in management.

In addition to the ones listed above, we saw very well-organized and detailed courses on these platforms that you can take for free and get a certificate.

  • Alison – Leadership, and Management
  • Reed – Management courses
  • Futurelearn – Business and Management

There are a few other courses we recommend you check out;

Here it is Top 13 Event Planning Courses Online for Free | 2023

What are the Benefits of an Online Management certificate?

Here are a few benefits of an online management certificate:

1. Lower Costs

Studying online means you have to pay only the tuition fees, and books if possible if it is a paid course. Asides from that, it is just the internet connection required.

With online classes, you do not have to pay for accommodation and transportation.

2. Self-discipline and responsibility

Studying online makes you disciplined and focused. This trait of self-motivation will stand you out in the workplace and beyond.

This is because you are studying at your pace and convenience; it will teach you management and self-motivation.

3. Career Advancement

Studying online gives you more flexibility. You can fit your work schedule around your coursework more easily.

This is even better when the class is not one. You have to be online at specific hours for a live session. You can log in anytime and still learn.

Free Online Management FAQs

Which management course is best for a job promotion?

Here are a few management courses that are valuable in the work industry:
Master of Business Administration (Retail Management), Master in Marketing Management (MMM), Master in Risk Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Management, PGDM in International Business, Project Management Professional Certification, Event management, and Hotel management.

What are the admission requirements for an online management course?

Admission requirements can vary depending on the institution and the specific course. Typically, students need a high school diploma or equivalent and some courses may require prior work experience or management skills.

Who should take an online management course?

Anyone interested in developing their management skills and knowledge can take an online management course. They are ideal for professionals who want to advance in their careers or entrepreneurs who want to improve their management skills.

What are the benefits of taking an online management course?

Online management courses offer several benefits, including flexibility, convenience, cost savings, access to a wide range of resources and materials, and the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and experts.


Many multinationals mandate their employees to take management courses. Management courses are very important especially in organizations and our everyday lives. Hurry and take these free online management courses with certificates to improve your interpersonal skills.



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