20 Best Car Insurance in Oklahoma | 2023

If you’re looking for the best car insurance in Oklahoma, you’re simply in the right place.

Oklahoma is not among the most expensive cities in the United States. It is big and known for the boisterous uptown life of the residents.

You will find a bit of everything in Oklahoma, good food, rich cultural diversity, a beautiful environment, some national heritage sites, and a thriving economy.

Oklahoma does really set a pace. You might have arrived here while searching for 20 best car insurance in Oklahoma or who has the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma.

You are in the right place, as we will provide an extensive in-depth analysis on a good number of the things you should know about car insurance in Oklahoma.

Because of inquiries, we shall also highlight details on cheap car insurance in Oklahoma. We drew our analysis from expert reviews and experiences from the insured populace. 

What is the Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has higher full coverage auto insurance rates than the nation as a whole, at $1873 per year, which is nearly $200 higher than the national average of $1,674.

However, Oklahoma has lower minimum coverage auto insurance costs than the nation. In Oklahoma, drivers pay $142 less for minimum coverage insurance than the national average.

These rates are based on Quadrant Information Services’ 2023 quotes. Individual rates may vary depending on a driver’s driving history and insurance provider.

A study by the Reason Foundation shows that Oklahoma’s rural and urban pavements are in relatively poor condition, which may affect the cost of full coverage insurance in the state compared with the national average.

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Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma like we said earlier, is not among the most expensive cities in the United States. However, there are insurance policies that might cost an extra cut to afford.

With our research associates, we have been able to narrow our search to bring you the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma, especially for low-income earners.

Oklahoma State Farm has the lowest rates for minimum liability car insurance. followed closely by Farm Bureau.

While State Farm will take an average cost of $351 per year, or $29 per month, Farm Bureau will take up an average of $523 yearly.

Allstate and Progressive are the next two cheapest companies in Oklahoma, with an average of $1,218 in annual premiums for full coverage. State Farm has the cheapest full coverage policies on average in Oklahoma, at $1,218 a year.

It is usually true that drivers with a history of accidents or traffic tickets are charged higher auto insurance premiums compared to those with a clean record.

However, no two incidents are equal, which is why it is advisable to obtain quotes from multiple companies. We recommend contacting State Farm and Progressive as your starting points.

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Finding the Best Car Insurance in Oklahoma

There is no single best car insurance in Oklahoma. It depends on a number of variables, including age, ZIP code, and preferences.

However, the following steps should help you to select the perfect Oklahoma car insurance provider.

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Check the Minimum Insurance Requirements in Oklahoma

Virginia and New Hampshire are the only two states that do not require drivers to carry liability insurance.

However, most insurance experts recommend carrying more than the required minimum. You might find it helpful to consult the Oklahoma Insurance Department for details.

This will help expose you to the laws circling insurance policies in Oklahoma also help compare it to other insurance options.

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Check Lender Requirements

When financing or leasing a vehicle, lenders and lienholders often demand full coverage insurance. If the car is damaged in an accident, lenders and lienholders want to ensure that there is money available to fix or replace it. 

The gap between a car’s value and what is owed on it can be covered with gap insurance.

However, even without a requirement, some drivers may choose to purchase this coverage to avoid having to pay out of pocket.

This should be a priority while searching for the best car insurance in Oklahoma or anywhere in the United States.

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Consider Your Personal Needs

Considering your current circumstances, your driving record, and researching top car insurance companies is the best way to determine if you need car insurance.

You might consider looking for a car insurance company that offers accident forgiveness if, for instance, you’ve been involved in several accidents in the past (even no-fault accidents).

If you intend to add a teen driver, getting insurance that offers a great student discount is equally important.

Company Reviews and Customer Experiences

You may also want to do a background check on the company to find out how satisfactory are their services are.

There are platform where clients review and relieve their experiences of certain companies and their policies.

You can draw from their experiences while choosing the best car insurance in Oklahoma.

20 Best Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s average car insurance rate of $1,439 is only a little over the national average of $1,321.

You might pay more or less for auto insurance depending on your car’s make and model. Below are the best car insurance in Oklahoma, with the highest ratings and positive reviews.


Bankrate gave USAA the highest score and J.D. Power gave them the best score of any company on our list.

The company has low premiums, high customer satisfaction, a wide range of policy options, and great customer service.

The list of cheap car insurance in Oklahoma is not complete if we have not mentioned USAA.

Nonetheless, only US veterans, US service men and eligible family members can buy USAA policies. The company was created to provide insurance support for military service men in the United States.

2. State Farm 

With a quality customer service and ability to file a claim on its mobile app, State Farm has established its self as an industry leader.

They have a 24 hour round the clock customer support line. The company reputation has been reviewed and is known to have the highest premium in Oklahoma.

Getting a car insurance under State Farm, opens a wider view of other possibilities and benefits and insurance company can offer.

Industry experts have always given State Farm a five star rating because of the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

3. Geico

Geico scores above average in the ratings, making it one of the best car insurance in Oklahoma. Its policies are affordable even for low income earners. Their premium offers is the lowest among the car insurance companies in Oklahoma.

On the other hand, we equally wish to inform car owners that drivers with a leased vehicle cannot obtain Geico insurance policy because the company doesn’t offer Gap insurance policy.

4. Progressive

Progressive has a wide variety of insurance options and premium policies. Including ride share insurance and road assistance.

In addition to the variety of insurance policies, progressive offer discounts which can be used to obtain good value policies at very low prices.

It remains one of the most widely used in Oklahoma and its surrounding counties and provincies. Progressives are best in wide insurance options.

5. Farmers

Farmers provides car insurance in all 50 states and is known for offering a wide range of automobile insurance coverage options, including new car replacement and customized equipment coverage.

The Farmers Insurance Company scored above average on the customer satisfaction survey of J.D. Power. It also has the second-cheapest average premium in our ranking.

6. Allstates

In addition to standard coverages, Allstate also offers rideshare insurance for drivers of Uber and Lyft.

While it doesn’t provide as many features as Progressive or Geico, it does offer rideshare coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers.

One of the ways Allstate differentiates itself from its competitors is with its Your Choice Auto program, which offers several coverage options to drivers that would not be found at other insurers.

Based on a comparison of 12 major national insurance companies, we found that Allstate had the largest number and type of auto insurance discounts, as well as the Drivewise Program that rewards low-mileage drivers.

7. Shelter Insurance

Almost all states require that car insurance policies include liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

For no additional cost, Shelter provides roadside assistance and a new vehicle replacement benefit for cars if they are less than a year old.

In addition to a standard policy, Shelter offers its customers the opportunity to upgrade their protections.

Shelter roadside assistance pays for up to $100 in expenses per incident, covering flat tires, fuel assistance, locked keys, towing service, and more.

8. Farm Bureau

With cheap car insurance rates and excellent customer service, Farm Bureau can be an appealing option for members.

Members do have to pay a membership fee to join, yet these costs are typically outweighed by the savings from joining compared with other insurance providers.

Car insurance quotes from Farm Bureau are among the cheapest in the industry. The company’s customer service rankings are solid, making it an excellent option to consider.

9. Travellers Insurance

Travelers offers several customizable car insurance plans.

The company does not upsell users, but provides a variety of resources (in the form of blog posts) to help drivers make an informed choice when purchasing coverage.

10. Nationwide

Allied, Farmland, and Scottsdale are among its affiliates, as are some of its property and casualty companies and financial services companies.

Nationwide has been in the insurance business since 1925 and currently holds 2.65% of the market share.

Customers who choose to apply for Nationwide’s “Smart Ride” (their version of a safe-driving discount) can receive an automatic 10% discount – up to 40% off, depending on how their driving is evaluated.

11. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912 and has property insurance, life insurance and business insurance offerings.

In addition to holding 4.65% of the market share, Liberty Mutual is known for its “only human” marketing campaign and association with Statue of Liberty imagery.

For 90 days, users can save up to 30% driving their cars with a right-track plug-in. The company employs more than 45,000 people worldwide, and in the first quarter of 2020, it generated a net revenue of $519 million.

12. Amica

An excellent choice for New England residents, Amica offers outstanding financial strength and high levels of customer satisfaction. Founded in 1907 in Rhode Island, Amica is the oldest mutual car insurer in the US.

A full range of coverage is offered by this insurer, including flood, condo, mortgage, life, and small business insurance.

The average rate for full coverage is $1,351 per year, a fraction of its industry average of $1,600 per year. 


With the many insurance companies in Oklahoma, making a definite choice can be hard. But, with the details outlined above, car owners are sure to get good value insurance policies that can fit into their budget irrespective of income level.

Oklahoma thriving economy to a large extent has made a good number of these insurance policies affordable for residents. Ensure you subscribe to our newsletter for subsequent updates on best car insurance in Oklahoma.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How much is car Insurance a Month in Oklahoma?

According to expert analysis, Oklahoma full coverage car insurance costs about $1,965 per year or about $164 per month compared to $472 for minimum coverage, but you can probably find a cheaper policy. 

How much is liability car insurance in Oklahoma?

For minimum liability, car insurance in Oklahoma costs $584 per year, or $49 per month

How much is car insurance for new driver in Oklahoma?

Teenage drivers typically pay more for auto insurance because insurers consider them to be more risky. Car insurance costs $7,433 annually in Oklahoma for 16-year-olds, compared to $1,319 for 50-year-olds.


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