Microbiology Conferences for Students and Professionals 2022

Interested in microbiology? Let’s talk about it a bit. Microbiology is the study of the world of organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Some of these microorganisms are infectious agents to humans, animals, or plants.

Many of these microorganisms, however, carry out important functions in their niches that are essential for all life on earth. Microbiology is one of the sought after profession and it requires adequate training and Microbiology conferences to equip individuals working in that field.

In this piece, we shall make available to you, the list of Microbiology conferences across the globe.

Microbiology Conference in USA

In the United States, Microbiology conference is reputed to be scientifically advanced in discovery, learning and operating in the profession. Conferences and seminars are constantly holding to help expose professionals and students to new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

Let’s look at some of the Microbiology Conference that will be hosted in the United States.

Metabolomics and Human Health Gordon Research Conference

Charles River is pleased to participate in SLAS 2022, the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Society’s annual flagship International Conference and Exhibition, in Washington DC, USA.

SLAS 2022 will provide a unique combination of education, access to innovative technologies and intelligent peer networking, delivering unmatched value for professionals and students looking to discover the latest life sciences technologies and how they can be applied to drive research objectives.



Conference Date

International Conference on Plant Science Research

United Scientific Group takes great pleasure to announce our first edition of Plant Science Research Conference held during March 04-06, 2022 in Baltimore, MD. Plant-2022 brings together plant molecular biologists, botanists, soil scientists, agriculture engineers, researchers from industry and academia to discuss recent developments and future trends in the field of plant science and research.

It demonstrates the importance to develop multidisciplinary approaches to face climate changes and population increase.



Conference Date

International Conference on Plant, Cellular and Molecular Biology, United States

Plant 2019 aims to bring together leading botanists, academic scientists, young inspired researchers, research scholars to share their experiences and research results about all aspects of development in Plant Science.

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Plant 2022 also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, scientists, academicians, and industrialists to present, share the knowledge, and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the fields of Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology.



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Cell Competition in Development and Disease, Lake Tahoe, California, United States

Cell competition represents a radical departure from the established view that embryonic development is simply a matter of following a pre-programmed set of rules. This conference aims to bring together, for the first time, researchers, from diverse fields who study competitive and cooperative interactions between cells.

It will cover recent findings on quality control systems, developing tissues, stem cell populations, and tumorigenesis, as well as address important evolutionary aspects of competitive and cooperative behavior in diverse model systems.



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Microbiology Conference in India

Another great destination to consider when seeking for Microbiology conference is, India. India is one of the hotspots in the world for hosting conferences in Microbiology. So in this writing, we have carefully outlined the forthcoming Microbiology Conferences that you might love to explore.

International Conference on Advances in Biosciences and Biotechnology (ICABB-2022)

“The International Conference on Advances in Biosciences and Biotechnology (ICABB-2022- January 31st to 2nd February ) aims to amalgamate multi-disciplinary fields of biology, biosciences, and medical biotechnology.

It will provide a platform for academicians, researchers, scholars, technocrats from academia and industry to share their knowledge and experience. Participants can look forward to recent developments and brainstorming sessions.”



Conference Date

Management Doctoral Colloquium and VGSOM Research Scholars Day

The colloquium will provide an outstanding gathering for doctoral students in various areas of management who want to pursue a career in academics and research with an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research with other doctoral students and leading academicians in the field of management.



Conference Date

563rd International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (ICSTEM)

The key intention of 563rd ICSTEM 2022 is to provide an opportunity for the global participants to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts of the world.

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In addition, this gathering will help the delegates to establish research or business relations and to find international links for future collaborations in their career path.



Conference Date

438th International Conference on Food Microbiology and Food Safety (ICFMFS)

The idea of the conference is for the scientists, scholars, engineers, and students from the Universities all around the world and the industry to present ongoing research activities, and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the industry.

This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations, and to find global partners for future collaboration.



Conference Date

Biology Conference in Germany

As a technological and industrialized center of the globe, Germany plays host to numerous Microbiology Conferences that are organized to equip the workers and professionals in the field with the relevant skills.

Here are some of the Microbiology Conferences, 2022 that will hold in Germany for students, and professionals in that field.

HSE 360° Summit

You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with over 200 likeminded industry professionals whilst exploring the many stands in our exhibition area.

There’s an incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging that can happen at the HSE 360° Summit, and we will be discussing answers to emerging questions that Health & Safety departments face today.



Conference Date

Analysis and Integration of Transcriptome and Proteome Data, Heidelberg, Germany

This course is targeted at biologists and biochemists who are (being) involved in both next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry-based proteomics, but who are not experts in these fields.



Conference Date

International Conference on Advanced Microbiology and Research

Advanced Microbiology 2022 has been designed in an interdisciplinary manner with a multitude of tracks to choose from every segment and provides you with a unique opportunity to meet up with peers from both industry and academia and establish a scientific network between them.

Biology Conference in France

France is a major hub for scientific advancement and exploration of microbiology species; thus it plays host to top class training and conferences on Microbiology.

Here are some of the Microbiology Conferences, 2022 that will hold in France for students and workers in that field.

World Congress on Microbiology & Applied Microbiology

Microbiology congress 2022 plans to accumulate the Researchers, principal investigators, experts and researchers working under academia and health care industry, Business Delegates, Scientists and students all over the globe to give a worldwide gathering to the spread of unique research outcomes, new thoughts and useful advancement encounters.

We trust that you will get a handle on this scholarly event to revive the persisting associations and glimmer with new companions far and wide.



Conference Date

12th International Conference on Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology

The main gist of this conference is to congregate great minds in this field of immunology and parasitology in a grand meeting of 12th International Conference on Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology which comprises 16 tracts with 200+ subtracts that covers a wide study on allergy, immunology, and rheumatology.

Worth your time indulging in our fortuitous event submit your abstract papers and register yourself towards our ecstatic gathering in City of Lights Paris, France.



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