15 Online Courses On Terrace Vegetable Garden | Free & Paid

The importance of terrace vegetable gardening is that you understand the way it’s done in modern times.

If you want to completely transform your roof into a farm producing healthy homegrown food, this article contains a list of the 15 paid and free online courses on terrace vegetable gardens. Carefully read through!

What Is A Terrace Vegetable Garden?

A terrace vegetable garden otherwise called roof garden is a garden that cultivates vegetables on the roof or balconies of buildings. To achieve this, you need to mix some soil and natural manure.

The kitchen garden, a standard in every Indian household, has now shifted to the roof due to constraints of space and is called a terrace garden. Increasing pressure on land and escalating costs have also added to its growing popularity. 

15 Online Courses On Terrace Vegetable Garden | Free & Paid

If you wish to master the art of growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables right on the terraces, balconies, or roofs of the buildings. Have a look at the 15 online courses on Terrace vegetable gardening:

1. Organic Container Gardening, The Indian Way – Udemy (Paid)

The online course on Terrace vegetable garden is presented in a structured and clear manner and is for everyone from beginners to experts who want to make their container food gardens productive, efficient, balanced, and sustainable.

It starts with an introduction to organic agriculture and container gardening followed by various considerations one needs to make before forming a garden. In the course, you will learn everything about gardening from preparing containers, mixing potting soil, and making organic fertilizers to composting, pest management, and even how to water correctly.

At the end of the course, you will get a free eBook that covers everything taught and a free guide containing how to grow common vegetables and herbs.

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2. Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Gardening in Cold Climates – Udemy (Paid)

Next on our list of online courses on terrace vegetable gardens is Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Gardening in Cold Climates. This online course rendered on Udemy is designed for people living in colder climates.

When it comes to gardening, a cold climate comprises any place where the winter temperatures are below freezing for at least a few months of the year. This includes much of the northern part of North America, from the northern Rockies through the Midwest to the Northeast in the United States.

The gardening fundamentals covered in the course curriculum will cover everything you need to know to get started, from understanding your growing space to preparing the soil and planting your garden. Several sections contain worksheets that will help you to assess your garden needs and create plans that are most well-suited to your goals and lifestyle

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3. The Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 2hrs

This bestseller gardening course on Udemy will teach you where to put your garden, when to plant it and what are some of the easiest veggies to grow. The course aims at teaching all you need to know as a new gardener.

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4. Organic Container Gardening, The Indian Way – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 2hrs

This amazing course starts with an introduction to organic agriculture and container gardening followed by various considerations one needs to make before starting one’s garden.

It emphasizes everything about gardening from preparing containers, mixing potting soil, and making organic fertilizers to composting, pest management, and even how to water correctly. This practical course carefully explains how to do things, and why you need to do them.

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5. Gardening – Indoor Seed Starting Engineered for Simplicity – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 2hrs

It is one thing to have access to online courses on terrace vegetable gardens, it is another to attend a masterclass on Udemy. In this course, you’ll learn how to start seeds inside so you can enjoy the wonderful taste of heirloom vegetables that aren’t available for purchase at the supermarket.

From seed to plant ready for transplant outside, the instructor will walk you through the process step by step showing you not only what to do, but also why every action should be taken.

At the end of the course, you will comfortably set up an indoor seed starting regardless of whether you’re planning an urban vegetable garden, a container garden, want to use the square foot method in raised beds, or want to go all organic with your gardening approach.

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6. Grow Like a Superpro – Become an Indoor Gardening Superstar – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 2hrs

This online class is meant for those who want to learn indoor gardening and hydroponics. This video series focuses on breaking down indoor gardening into understandable chunks by honing in on the key details of growing at each critical stage of plant development.

The episodes in the course are presented in a logical, chronological order that flows perfectly with your growth cycle at home. All you need to get started is an internet connection.

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7. Vegetable Gardening 101 – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 2.5hrs

This course will guide you through the process of creating a new vegetable garden and show you how to buy and grow seeds for that garden. It will walk you through every step needed to grow the 10 best vegetables for new gardeners.

At the end of the class, you will master the following:

  • Plan and select a garden-style; on the ground, in raised beds, or in containers.
  • How to select the best seeds and get them growing inside for an early start to the season.
  • How and when to plant seedlings and seeds outside.


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8. Houseplant Care 101: Tips for the New Plant Parent – Skillshare (Free)

Duration: 51mins

If you’re a new plant parent acquiring your first plant, this online course is for you. Or if you have a few suffering plants and are looking for some help on your plant adventure.

Every plant has the potential to thrive and expand to its full potential. The trick is to understand what the plant requires to accomplish this. In other words, what is its “plant prescription” for living its greatest life? Some plants require more light and water, while others require far less. These essential elements can be tailored to the demands of each plant.

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9. The Backyard Forest – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 4hrs

No matter the size of your garden, you can create a lush food forest using forest garden techniques. In this online course on terrace vegetable gardens, you’ll learn how to work with nature to grow edible crops, all the while creating a haven for wildlife.

The course is divided into 3 stages

  1. Watching, thinking, and planning — where you observe, measure and document your garden to start the planning process, then on to create the map to enable the design process.
  2. Structural planting — establish the windbreaks & protective structures, start a productive perennial veg bed and plant the canopy tree layer.
  3. Filling in the structure — prepare the ground so that you can plant the shrubs and the ground cover

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10. Vision, Sketch & Prep Tiny Garden Beds – Backyard Abundance part 1 – Skillshare (Free)

Duration: 52mins

This online course is divided up into five easy-to-follow classes, where you will learn how to turn a small piece of the yard into an abundant source of delicious food, all in an easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly method. The instructor will show you how to create three raised garden beds, supported with healthy soil, irrigation, and pest control measures to ensure your garden produces quality food.

In the first class, you are invited to unlock the powerful potential of your yard! Discover the fundamentals of gardening, and learn how to grow a beautiful and sustainable source of food that can save you hundreds off your monthly grocery bill.

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11. Indoor Gardening: Grow Houseplants, Veggies, and Herbs – Skillshare (Free)

Duration: 50mins

Do you want to grow your spinach or fresh basil? Do you want to hang with a pothos or stretch alongside a monstera? In this online class, you’ll learn to grow your own herbs and vegetables, decorative houseplants, and flowers (for the pollinators, of course!) like a scientist with Ekta’s accessible, friendly class! This course will teach you how to:

  • Put together your own soil blend
  • Develop the perfect watering schedule for your plants
  • Cultivate flowers to support bees and attract pollinators
  • Nurture decorative houseplants to keep your home garden lush
  • And grow your own food indoors!

Whether you’re constantly (accidentally) killing your plants or have a pretty good track record and want to try something a little more challenging, Ekta’s class is the perfect one to help you build your home oasis.

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12. Gardening Basics For Beginners – Udemy (Paid)

Duration: 4.5hrs

This course focuses on creating flower beds and mixing borders in some simple steps. It is highly recommended for experienced and novice gardeners. It contains not only the theoretical foundations of landscape design and gardening but also practical experiences in gardening.

The course will be useful to everyone – it is structured and allows you to create beautiful, harmonious, and low-maintenance garden compositions.

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13. Easy Gardening: Indoor Edible Plants – Skillshare (Free)

Duration: 30mins

This online class will teach you how to grow microgreens indoors without the need for much space, energy, or equipment. Their goal is to help get you gardening with a minimum of expense and effort so that you can enjoy free, fresh, and healthy plants as a part of your daily life. Go from seed to dinner table in an astonishing 2 weeks. 

At the end of this class, you will know how to get growing food in the simplest, fastest, and most sustainable way. 

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14. Easy Gardening With Raised Beds – Skillshare (Free)

Duration: 30mins

This online course on terrace vegetable gardens covers all aspects of building and growing a beautiful, productive raised bed garden. It is specially designed for beginners who are curious about being seasoned gardeners.

The raised bed is designed to be built with minimal materials, low cost (less than $10 USD), and basic equipment. No special vehicles or power tools are required to procure and work with the materials. The course also goes through maintaining a raised bed garden with modules on planting, watering, and so forth.

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15. Sustainable Gardening – Skillshare (Free)

Duration: 28mins

Sustainable gardening simply means that you design and tend to your garden in a smart and eco-friendly way. If you garden with sustainability in mind, you’ll be giving back to mother nature by using fewer chemicals and by incorporating lots of organic growing methods. In addition to giving back to mother nature, you’ll be giving back to yourself and your family since any food you produce in a sustainable garden will be rich in nutrients and taste.

In this online course, you will learn the various ways you can incorporate sustainability into your garden.

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How We Chose the Best Online Gardening Classes

When selecting the best online courses on terrace vegetable garden, we considered a number of variables including cost, time commitment, diversity of techniques and skills taught, and existing skill set. We also aimed to include courses that could be adapted to a range of environments, such as bed gardens versus traditional gardens and varying climates.

FAQs On Terrace Gardening

What is a terrace garden?

Terrace garden is a garden in which vegetables, fruits, or flowers are grown on terraces, balconies, or roofs of buildings. 

Where can I start a terrace garden?

These gardens can be created on almost all kinds of buildings like residential flats, individual houses, commercial hubs, godowns and factories.

What quantity of vegetables/ fruits can I expect from my terrace garden?

You can grow at least 6 vegetables per season. Your 1 sqm of terrace area can give you anywhere between 25 to 50 kg of vegetables in a year.

How many hours per day will it take to maintain a terrace garden?

Once your garden is established, an hour a day is more than enough to maintain your green area. It is the perfect area to exercise in and improve your fresh air intake.


With the right gardening knowledge, you stand a greater chance of making the right choice of supplies and techniques to make your terrace vegetable garden flourish. Kindly take a ciurse today.


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