15 Best Accredited Online Ph.D. Programs In Business 2023 | Cost, Admission Requirements

I hope we all know that we are businessmen. Did that sound cranky? That tells us that getting an online Ph.D. in business is very reasonable.

In addition, getting it from one of the best accredited online Ph.D. programs is more critical. Come on, let’s get it started already!

Did you know that getting a certificate from an unaccredited school and department is likened to a wasted effort?

For instance, while in school, it was by a miracle that my department passed ours. My certificate became valid, thank heavens.

Since we wouldn’t want a similar experience for you, attend one of these best accredited online Ph.D. programs in business to earn a valid certificate and one made from the confines of your comfort.

Let’s define business a bit. It is a flexible field that allows students to concentrate on areas from accounting to organizational behavior, finance, and taxation. 

Below is our main course of discussion.

What Does a Business Ph.D Program Entail?

A Ph.D. in the business online program prepares students to conduct highly specialized scholarly research.

Most graduates with a Ph.D. in business enter careers such as university researchers and professors or senior researchers, leaders, or consultants in business or government.

Online Ph.D. programs in business are typically research-centered with a focus on developing new theories in management, economics, and related fields.

Specialized areas of study include the following:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human development (in organizational settings)
  • Information systems
  • Leadership and organizational change
  • Operations research
  • Organizational systems

Most schools require their Ph.D. candidates to gain teaching experience in order to obtain their degrees.

Students generally do so by working as teaching assistants for their faculty mentor. Candidates may also elect to take on additional teaching assignments through their university.

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What can you do with an online phd program in business?

An online Ph.D. program in business prepares students for leadership roles in the education sector and diverse industries.

Business Professor 

Business professors are academic researchers or professionals with experience in specialized fields, such as finance, marketing, economics, or business management.

They conduct independent research, teach classes, and mentor students.

Traditionally, business professors also serve as consultants, leveraging their professional experience and research with finance, accounting, management, and other business firms.


These professionals develop economic analyses across fields, from education to international business, healthcare to government.

Also, they may generate economic forecasts for a government agency, help with employee performance for companies, or predict exchange rates for international manufacturing companies.

Management Analyst 

Management analysts are experts in organizational efficiency. They understand how to increase a business’s productivity to improve performance and reduce costs.

Their role may entail analyzing financial information to identify organizational deficiencies, create new systems, or change procedures.

Investment Banker 

This is a very diverse occupation that Ph.D. holders in business can undertake.

In addition, they may help their clients raise capital, secure underwriting, establish a market value for a merger or acquisition, or sell securities. The roles are numerous.

What is the cost of an Online phd program in Business?

Tuition prices vary depending on the school’s academic strength

However, the cost of the top online Ph.D. programs can range from $4,000 to $20,000.

This is an average, so consult the school for the exact amount to be paid.

Admission requirements to the best accredited online Ph.D. program in business

Admission requirements to the best online Ph.D. programs in business usually include standard graduate school materials such as:

  • A master’s degree
  • A minimum graduate GPA of 3.0
  • Submission of GRE or GMAT scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A statement of goals
  • A resume and an official application

However, some online institutions and schools only require a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and an application. Application fees also vary by school.

Ph.D. in business online programs use different systems and tools to conduct lectures and facilitate communication. These include the following:

  • Email
  • Content management systems
  • Chat rooms
  • Discussion boards

Hardware and software requirements are different for each school, but all programs require that students have access to email, an Internet connection, and basic computer and Internet skills.

Additional technological requirements may include equipment or software such as the following: web camera, headset, adobe reader, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.

The 15 best accredited online Ph.D. programs in business

These schools and programs are written randomly and aren’t ranked from the best to the least.

Here are our best Ph.D. in business online programs.

University of Charleston

This is one of the best accredited online Ph.D. programs in business.

It offers a Ph.D. in business specializing in a Doctor of Executive Leadership.

This course is offered entirely online except for an annual one-week residence.

The general curriculum for this online Ph.D. program in business includes studies in leadership, decision-making, ethics, collaboration, and the international business environment. Five research courses are required in methods, data analysis, and interpretation.

The doctorate is designed to train people to effectively use business principles while providing skill development and understanding of a wide range of areas.

In addition, an applicant must hold a master’s or first professional degree for consideration.

It is for 3 years.

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Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers a Doctor of Business Administration.

 This Ph.D. in the business online program offers courses like Organizational Behavior and Social Responsibility, Analytics for Decision Making, and Strategic management in Global Organizations.

Although the program offers a broad enough education to cover all the traditional business bases – including components similar to an online doctorate in finance- you can spread your entrepreneurial wings with this.

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Bellevue University

Another best accredited online Ph.D. programs in business earn you a Ph.D. in Human Capital Management from Bellevue University.

This program focuses on up-to-date knowledge and practice related to human capital development that can advance the performance of an organization.

Prospective students must hold a master’s, have 5 years of work experience, and submit a resume, a statement of interest, a letter of recommendation, and a nomination from their employer.

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Capitol Technology University

A Doctor of Philosophy in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences is available at Capitol Technology University.

This best online Ph.D. program in business aims to teach students how to use data to make management decisions.

It is primarily taught online by data professionals with hands-on experience helping organizations make data-centric decisions. 

To apply for this program, students must hold a master’s degree in business, analytics, or a related field and have at least 5 years of relevant work experience.

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Baker College Center for Graduate Studies

This online Ph.D. school offers a doctorate in business administration.

As a student in this DBA program, you’ll be taking classes led by instructors with years of experience in the business world.

Through classes, seminars, professional residencies, research papers, and a final dissertation, you’ll study high-level business theories and management techniques and gain experience directly applying them in natural business environments.

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Concordia University

This online Ph.D. program in business offers an excellent opportunity for graduates who wish to further their education with a doctoral program in organizational leadership.

It is offered as a specialization within the Ph.D. program in leadership; you will develop people who will grow their organizations through various methods like strategic planning and forecasting, innovative change initiatives, organizational diagnostic strategies, etc.

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University of Maryland

Designed for executive-level working professionals, the Doctor of Business Administration at the University of Maryland emphasizes management theory and strategic thinking, organizational leadership and change, research and innovation, and sustainability in the global business environment.

Also, you’ll gain sophisticated knowledge for the executive management level through applied research and analysis of real-world management issues.

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Wilmington University

Another of the best accredited online Ph.D. programs in business, you get to badge a Doctor of Business Administration.

It can be completed in 3 years.

In addition, this program is for managers, leaders, consultants, and educators in management and leadership. 

Candidates can apply by submitting their bachelor’s and master’s degree transcripts, a current resume, 3 letters of recommendation, and a statement of goals and objectives.

In addition, they’ll need to participate in a faculty panel interview and complete writing, critical thinking, and finance assessments.

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Trident university

If you wish to complete your Ph.D. in Business administration, this university is a great choice.

The 100% online degree (no on-campus residencies!) assists students in improving their writing and presentation skills, researching complex subjects, and understanding the vast and still growing world of business.

Also, students can choose any of these five concentrations: Leadership, Marketing, Accounting/Finance, management, and Operations, or Information Systems/Information Technology management.

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

It typically offers a Ph.D. in Business Psychology.

The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. Business Psychology: Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Program prepares graduates for leadership positions as industrial-organizational psychologists in global organizations.

By building a solid foundation in the principles of psychology, graduates of this online industrial-organizational psychology Ph.D. program will be prepared to provide effective business solutions in today’s multicultural business environment.

It is 3 years for a post-masters student.

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Liberty University

This online phd program in business gives a Ph.D. in business administration.

Liberty University’s online Ph.D. in business goes well beyond the traditional scope of such programs.

A typical DBA can earn you an online doctorate in accounting, marketing, international business, leadership, human resources, etc., by choosing one of Liberty’s specializations.

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University of Minnesota

Here, you get a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Students in the Ph.D. can choose from concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Information, and Decision Sciences, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations, Strategic management and Entrepreneurship, Work, and Organizations.

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Southern New Hampshire University

You earn a  Ph.D. in International Business from Southern New Hampshire University. It is a great way to take the next step toward your goal. Grow your expertise as you.

This best-accredited online Ph.D. program in business gives extensive theoretical knowledge and expands your independent thinking capabilities.

In addition, you’ll participate in international business seminars and courses that will help give you a hands-on, interactive education beyond the classroom.

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Capella University

The Ph.D. is in General Business management.

This online Ph.D. business program from Capella, designed for professionals who want to become scholars in their field (in the form of teachers, consultants, or industry leaders), is as affordable as it is reputable.

It focuses on business theory, research, and practice.

This class will start on July 13th.

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North Central University

The online Ph.D. program in business administration offers more specialization than you can count.

They are;

  • Public Administration
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Management of Engineering and Technology
  • Management
  • International Business
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Human Resources Management
  • Homeland Security Leadership and Policy
  • Health Care Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Criminal Justice

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Best Accredited Online Ph.D. programs in Business FAQs

How long would an online Ph.D. program take me?

Typically, online Ph.D. programs in business can be completed in two and a half or three to five years.

Do employers accept online Ph.D.?

If you go to a quality school, many employers recognize and value an employee who obtains a Ph.D., no matter if it is online or not. Online h.D. programs are respected.

What if I have a master’s degree?

If you enter graduate school with only a bachelor’s degree (no master’s), you would need two years to complete your master’s through coursework. Even with a master’s degree,

Can I finish my Ph.D. Program In two Years?

If you count your time doing your coursework, finishing your Ph.D. in 2 years would be nearly impossible. 


These are the best accredited online Ph.D. programs in business.

These schools have been selected randomly.

Brace up for your three years plus study and become a professional with higher pay.

Do you have any questions, use the comment box.

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