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A Ph.D. in Disaster Management will foster your career progress and make you a voice in your field. But have you thought about getting your Ph.D. without spending a dime?

How about getting a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Disaster Management?

Yes! There are lots of scholarships in Ph.D. in disaster management you can get now.

This article contains 5 Ph.D. in disaster management scholarships this year. We also analyzed the best schools in which this 5 Ph.D. in disaster management scholarships can be taken.

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What Is Disaster Management?

Disaster Management is the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response, and recovery to lessen the impact of disasters.

This means preparing for the disaster, rebuilding and supporting society after natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, etc. The government and NGOs are working in this area and provide enough help to solve this problem.

It is about providing civil protection or emergency service in case of a disaster and controlling the situation so that it returns to normal. Resources and other management facilities are needed for everything to work properly.

Several elements must be understood so that the resource is used correctly. This implies better coordination, knowledge of the geographical location, the labor force, etc.

Currently, for the government of a country and each state, creating a disaster management team has become one of the top priorities and is recruiting young minds to join them.

The main role of the workforce is to rehabilitate those affected quickly. It is also necessary to understand the psychological conditions of the population.

What Are The Duties of A Disaster Manager?

Part of what a disaster manager does is to ensure all stakeholders compile integrated and relevant disaster management plans.

Also, they coordinate disaster response and other crisis management activities and provide disaster preparedness training for emergency team members.

Most times they determine the financial impact that a country or company can experience from identified risks and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies that are in place to prevent or minimize such disasters.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Disaster Manager?

Usually, the journey to becoming a disaster manager begins with acquiring a bachelor’s degree in emergency response, disaster planning, and public administration.

Relevant certifications such as the Incident Command System (ICS) certification and International Associate of Emergency Management (IAEM) certification may also increase your chances of getting high-end jobs.

What Are The Career Prospects In Disaster Management?

Currently, there is a brilliant career in disaster management, as ministries and even NGOs continue to look for recruits to work with determination. Students can also develop their careers in aid agencies, NGOs, international agencies, etc. Once they join, they can occupy the positions of network administrator, database or administrator analyst, security, environmental expert, rehabilitation worker, etc.

Students can also join an international social organization and hold different positions abroad. Organizations like WHO, UNICEF, the Red Cross, and others continue to look for volunteers to work in case of a disaster. These managers are offered all the facilities in life and money.

How Much Can I Earn As Disaster Manager?

On average, salaries for disaster managers begin from $74,590 and can go up to $90,000, depending on one’s expertise.

PhD in Disaster Management

Getting a doctoral degree is the apex level of qualification in any field of study.

A student with a doctorate degree in disaster management has positioned himself to earn big in the field.

Students looking to acquire a Ph.D. in disaster management can take this course online or offline, with the universities that offer it.

There are universities in India and abroad that offer different courses. Students taking this course acquire specific skills in response to disasters, such as traumatic interventions, disaster planning and management, risk assessment, and other areas.

To add more, international students can register online for the university’s Emergency Management Diploma program, which prepares students to monitor complex emergencies. To enter a doctoral program or specialization in this field, you must obtain a degree in one of the following courses:

With Ph.D., students can take different courses offered in programs such as:
Disaster logistics

  • Maritime Security
  • Crises Management for Business and Industry.

PhD Scholarship for Disaster Management

Universities worldwide offer scholarship programs to national and international students taking up PhD or other specialized courses in disaster management.

These scholarships are offered in several risks and disaster management courses. This financial aid is available for full-time and online programs.

Universities That Offer PhD in Disaster Management.

Universities around the world do not offer exactly a Ph.D. in disaster management but offer similar programs. Below are some universities where you can acquire a doctoral degree in disaster management.

1. University of Delaware

This university is ranked 159 under the classification of Forbes University. The university offers a Ph.D. in disaster management and science focusing on theories, research methodologies, and policies related to emergency preparedness, mitigation, management, and response.

It requires 42 credits of postgraduate courses beyond the master’s, including 9 credits of memory. The university’s disaster research center provides basic scientific knowledge about disasters. International students benefit from all the basic facilities for life and study and scholarships.

Scholarships and awards

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The university awards scholarships to the most recent students. For international students, the university offers 100 distinguished scholars and other prestigious awards.

Students can even opt for needs-based assistance based solely on their academic skills and demonstrate this through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some of the available scholarships are

  • research scholarships for graduate
  • scholarships for university graduates and other financial aid.

2. Capella University

This is a for-profit university that provides online education. He was ranked 246 in the classification of high school counselors at US News & World Reports. International students can request distance doctorate programs in emergency management.

This online course helps students prepare for the supervision of complex emergencies. The course includes 4 integrated components: online courses, in-person experiences (called colloquia or residencies), comprehensive exams, and dissertations. It will also help manage organizations and integrated disaster management agencies from multiple jurisdictions.

Scholarships and awards

With the scholarship, students can save thousands of dollars in tuition fees. These financial aids are available to all those who now enroll in qualified programs and meet other eligibility criteria. For a doctoral program in emergency management, students can apply for a grant of $ 1,495.

3. North Dakota State University

This is a well-known public university in the United States and a comprehensive doctoral research university. Its research spending department ranks 127 out of 912 research universities. Forbes also ranked the No. 5 University in an article titled Top College Town for Jobs.

The university has a Department of Emergency Management assisting students to gain exposure to disaster management. Its courseware concentrates on co-coordinating, integrating, sustaining, and managing situations during the act of terrorism.


Students applying for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. The form can be completed online. There is a separate transfer premium for which the student must have a cumulative average of 3.0 from each institution previously attended.

Preference will be given to students with 24 or more transferable semester credits. Some scholarships available are textbook scholarships from the NDSU bookstore, Phi Theta Kappa honor society scholarships, Air Force and Army ROTC scholarships, etc.

4. The Indiana University of Pennsylvania

This is the largest public university in the United States and offers a Ph.D. in security sciences. According to the national comparison of Forbes, the university ranks 576 of 600. It also ranks high in the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Grad School Rankings, particularly in social sciences and the liberal arts.

International students and national students can apply for a Ph.D. in Safety Science which is accredited by the Applied Sciences Accreditation Commission of ABET, which makes this university worth applying for.

Abroad students applying for this program must also meet Graduate Admissions requirements for international students like TOEFL and submission of a Foreign Student Financial Statement.

Scholarships and awards

IUP offers a list of financial aid for different departments. This also applies to international students wishing to pursue Ph.D. or graduate studies. A separate scholarship dedicated to social services and health is available for international and national students.

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5. University of Canterbury

This university in New Zealand is the largest in the country. According to the 2012 ranking of the QS World University Rankings, it ranks 212th in the world and third in New Zealand.

It Offers a Ph.D. in Hazard and Disaster Management for students carrying BSc Honors or MSc degrees of a high standard.

This also applies to international students. Students also can take up online programs so that can they can work and study together.

Scholarships and awards

The university offers scholarships for international students with doctorates in risk and disaster management. Part of the available funds in the Research Grant of the Geography Society, the Geography Student Conference Fund, the Evans Fund, and some others.

However, the amount of funds varies according to the need for scholarships and the program followed.


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