13 PhD Scholarships for Comoros Students  [UPDATED}

World Scholarship Forum has unveiled 13 red-hot Ph.D. Scholarships for Comoros Students, African students, students from developing countries, and other selected international students in 2021.

These scholarships are fully funded scholarships, free scholarships as well. For all PhD students doing their PhD studies, it is advisable to apply for these international scholarships.

Just Because we know that funding for PhD studies is not always easy. They are rare and are not too often publicized as it is for Masters and Bachelors scholarships. However, tens of thousands of these types of scholarships exist all over our web especially for postdoctoral students from Africa and other secluded developing regions.

13 of these supposed “scarce” scholarships have been identified as some of the top PhD degree scholarships for intending PhD and Post-doctoral students from Comoros, Africa, and other Countries of deprived opportunities.

Applications are due in their respective dates but most of these scholarships are given out yearly.

Pay attention to the requirements of these scholarships, because some of them require that a student application must be accompanied by two academic assessment reports completed by professors who act as a reference for the student.

Because it is believed that the professor assesses several characteristics of the candidate student, specifically background preparation, ability at research, industriousness before referencing the student.

So the next time you have to search for a PhD African, and international scholarship worthy of your resources, here is a top 13 list of carefully analyzed PhD scholarships, studentships, fellowships or grants in terms of provisions for research and the large pool of grantees received for PhD studies.

Some of these scholarships are yet to be launched for the year while some are ongoing.

Carefully research and make sure you apply for ongoing scholarships or bookmark this page for incoming ones,  so as to know when we come up with your type of scholarships.

List of PhD Scholarships for Comoros Students

#1. Rotary Yoneyama Foundation PhD Scholarships for International Students 2021

Host Nationality: Japan

Eligibility Nationality: Comoros Students, African students, and other international students from African Countries, developing countries and other countries of the world.

Level of study: PhD Students

Scholarship Worth: 140,000 yen per month

This Memorial Foundation PhD scholarships to Comoros students, international students, and students who aspire to study or conduct research in any university in Japan or graduate schools. This fully-funded scholarship fund is supported by the contributions of Rotarians throughout Japan. The Foundation is Japan’s largest private international scholarship organization, both in terms of program scale and the number of scholarships awarded.

The memorial Scholarships for applicants residing outside Japan are for international students who are planned to enroll in a University in Japan or any School of their choice in Japan. Applicants have to find out and apply a graduate school by themselves before they apply for this free scholarship. And they are requested to submit a copy of the application for admission graduated school.

This free scholarship or fully funded scholarship will see out the PhD studies of the PhD students until the end of studies, so long as he maintains its conditions.

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#2. Graduate Institute of Geneva Visiting Fellowships 2021 for International Researchers

Deadline: 1st March annually

Level of study: PhD students

Scholarship Worth: fully funded scholarship until completion of the study.

Host Nationality: Switzerland

Eligible Nationality: Comoros Students, African students, and other international students from African Countries, developing countries and other countries of the world.


Visiting Fellows: students who are considered worthy for this award are PhD students, researchers from other universities working in one of the disciplines studied in the Switzerland institutes or areas of specialization;

Junior Visiting Fellows: eligible candidates include self-sponsored PhD student with an independent research projector nominated by Fulbright  Senior Fellows in Residence:

Senior staff members of international institutions working in one of the Institute’s areas of concentration; could be nominated by their host institution in the case of the European Union and the United Nations; Comoros Students, African students or international students must have independent funding;

Applicants for the Swiss Confederation PhD Scholarships requesting a letter of support from the Institute are subject to the stipulated process.

How to Apply:

  1. Click here to fill out the application form made available
  2. Send the following documents (pdf) to visiting@graduateinstit

A brief summary of the research project at the Graduate School

A letter of support from the candidate’s home institution.

 Scholarship Link

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#3. CARTA PhD Fellowships for African Researchers 2021

Deadline: 15th April

Eligible Nationality:  Comoros Students, and all African countries

Level of study: PhD Students

Host Nationality: Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Comoros

Scholarship Worth: full funding throughout the PhD program.

 Level of study:  All PhD programs

The Consortium PhD scholarships for Advanced Research Training in Africa is are free scholarships, for international students, and an initiative of eight African universities, four African PhD research institutes, and selected northern partners.

This PhD opportunity offers an innovative model for doctoral training in Comoros, and  sub-Saharan Africa to strengthen the capacity of participating institutions to conduct and lead internationally-competitive PhD research programs

Specifically, this international scholarships seek to fund candidates who will be future leaders in their institutions; that is, young, capable, and committed PhD students who, in time, will ensure that their universities will be the institutions of choice for future generations of academics and university administrators wishing to make a positive impact on public and population health in  Comoros, Developing Countries, and other African countries.

How to apply:

Contact the scholarship focal person at your institution to discuss your interest through this linand obtain application materials.

All application forms you’ll need is available here

Submit Applications here

[email protected]

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#4. DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Students from Developing Countries

Deadline: 31st July Annually

Eligible Nationality: For Comoros students, African students, and students from developing countries who have a special interest in the economic challenges facing developing and transition countries.

Host Nationality: Germany

Scholarship Worth: Full scholarships, or free scholarships to cover the cost of postdoctoral research, as the case may be.

Partial findings are also available.

Level of study: PhD Students

Within a large number of postdoctoral fields of study offered by German institutions, the German Academic Exchange Service aids a carefully chosen selection of programs of particular interest to executives from Comoros in Africa, and other African countries, even developing countries.

The degree fields of study, which consist of one to two years of Postdoctoral study, provide young, academically-trained professionals in leading positions from deprived countries with the opportunity to engage in PhD education and training in the particular field they’ve chosen.


PhD students who have the professional and academic qualifications necessary to ensure successful completion of the degree program in Germany.

This fully-funded scholarship secluded candidates from disadvantaged groups who meet the required standards from every angle and show an obvious concentrated commitment to development issues that are especially targeted for program admission.

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#5. Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) PhD Scholarships for Developing Countries

Deadline: 30th March

 Eligible Nationality: Developing Countries including Comoros.

Host Nationality: Belgium

Scholarship Worth: people who win this award will definitely receive UCL PhD scholarships that include Fully funded scholarships for three years if required. one or more travel airline tickets between the international airport nearest to the person’s home country residence and Brussels Airport located in Belgium.

The Catholic University of Louvain is one of Belgium’s largest French-speaking universities offering international Scholarships to Comoros students and Students from Developing Countries.

It is located in Louvain-la-Neuve and was expressly built to house the university. UCL also embeds satellite campuses in Brussels, Charleroi, Mons, and Tournai. The PhD opportunity for students from developing countries including Comoros students depicts its wish not only to make the academic systems of these countries stronger but also to create new partnerships between UCL and research or higher education institutions in these developing countries.

Under-developed country students who, through their professional state in the European Union, has a Belgium status based on a residence permit sort of are not eligible to apply for any of the institution international scholarships


The UCL supervisor submits the candidate’s dossier using the application form  by noon on 30 March in a single PDF file to Mr. Christian

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#6. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Fellowships for Innovative Researchers

Scholarship Worth: Not less than $150,000 allowance over three years for PhD research, travel, and networking;

It also offers a $50,000 award for Africans including Comoros Students.

And an off the book $25,000 allowance to cover the cost of participation in Foundation events.

Host Nationality: Canada

Eligible Nationality: African Students, and other international students who are allowed to reside in Canada until the end of their studies.

Level of Study: PhD Students

On a yearly basis, up to five PhD students are appointed by the Foundation, namely Canadian, and international researchers in the “General” category and researchers who are not affiliated to a university in the category of Visiting. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation encourages Postdoctoral research in some field that would be selected by them.

This is a local, and international scholarship, and PhD students from Comoros,  African Countries, are encouraged to apply to these international scholarships.


PhD Students, from African soil, and international students who are active in a field of the humanities and social sciences related to one or more of the Foundation’s four themes; and even Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or citizens of already developed countries legally allowed to reside in Canada for the funding period.

#7. Cambridge Trust International Scholarships for PhD Students

Deadline: 6th December Annually

Level of Study: PhD Students

Host Nationality: UK

Eligible Nationality: Comoros Students, All African Students, and other international students.

Scholarship Worth: Theses are fully funded free scholarships because each award will underwrite the full cost of fees and maintenance for the duration of the postdoctoral studies.

The University of Cambridge will offer PhD international scholarships for some international students, through the Cambridge Trusts, approximately 250 Cambridge International Scholarships to international students who embark on a PhD research course in the next academic year. The awards will be made on a competitive basis to those applicants considered by their departments to be the most outstanding in their respective researches.

How to Apply

Candidates of international communities should submit the Postdoctoral Application Form, and tick the boxes where necessary Application Form Here

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#8. 780 Korean Government Scholarships 2021 (Bachelors, Masters & PhD) for Developing Countries

Deadline: 1st February 2019 to 11th March annually for PhD students

Eligibility Nationality:

Comoros Students, African Students, students from developing countries and other International Students.

Level of study: PhD student’s offering courses offered at one of the 60 participating Korean higher institutions.

Scholarship Worth:

Will cover all bills until completion of the study. Theses international Scholarships are for international students(PhD students), which is offered to Comoros Students, African Students, and other international students who want to obtain Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD degrees in any Korean Universities. The scholarship is aimed to provide international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies especially PhD degree related disciplines at higher educational institutions in Korea, to develop global leaders and strengthen Korea-friendly networks globally.

How to Apply: International students can only apply for the Korean Government international Scholarships through the Korean Embassy in their home country or a participating Korean University.

For more details and application link visit Here

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#9. KAAD Germany Fellowship Programme 2021 (Masters & PhD) for Developing Countries

Deadline: 30th June for the September academic session.

Host Nationality: Germany

Eligible Countries: Comoros, Countries in Africa, Developing Countries  and other countries that will be selected

Level of study: PhD students

Scholarship Worth: These international scholarships are fully funded scholarships. Or free scholarships to cover the cost of study for the period of PhD program.

The KAAD PhD Scholarships Program is addressed to post-graduates and to academics from their home countries who already gained professional experience and who are interested in Postdoctoral studies, or research stays in Germany.

This international for developing countries program is administered by regional partner committees, staffed by university professors and clergy representatives. Normally documents are submitted to the committee of the applicant’s home country where it will now be forwarded.


KAAD’s mission is to give fully funded scholarships mainly to lay members of the Catholic Church. This means, that there are a preference form PhD students from Catholic.

However, among the scholars, there is a small number of Protestant Christians, Orthodox Christians, especially from Ethiopia, Comoros, and Muslims.

Catholic priests and religious people are eligible only in very rare cases and have an infinitesimally small chance of being considered.

How to Apply:

Interested PhD Students can fill an online questionnaire, which they find on the application web page

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Application Link

#10. FIG Foundation PhD Scholarships 2022 for Developing Countries

Deadline: 15th February Annually

Eligibility Nationality: Comoros Students, African Students, and students from developing countries.

Host Nationality: Denmark

Level of study: PhD students

Value of Scholarship: The FIG Foundation will be providing international scholarships of up to 4,000 euros to PhD students.


The international students must be studying for a PhD degree and registered solely in a surveying or geomatics academic program that teaches surveying in a Comoros and country listed by the World Bank as a low-income, lower-middle or upper middle income or economy deprived.

The PhD students must have had a paper accepted by a peer-reviewed international journal based on their doctoral research project; applicants should be the lead author and the paper should be co-authored with their supervisor overseeing their research program.

Post-doctoral student should not have submitted their final thesis prior to the application deadline.

How to Apply: International students should submit all the documents they’ve acquired from their undergraduate, masters, and another set of documents in English in the order of acquisition, and these files should be sent in PDF format on A4 paper.

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#11. Newcastle University Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) for International PhD Students

Deadline: 27th April Annually

Host Nationality UK

Eligible Nationality: Comoros Students, African Students, and other International

Level of study: PhD students

Scholarship Worth: £10,800 to £16,200 per annum

Newcastle University is committed to offering support to the very best Comoros Students, African students, and other international students hoping to pursue a PhD program of research. This institution is pleased to offer a small number of University funded NUORS awards for outstanding, Comoros, African, and other international students who apply to commence PhD studies in any subject this year

Selection Criteria:

The PhD Students must have been offered a place on a PhD research program they have been assessed as Comoros, international or overseas for fee purposes, and are wholly self-financing they intend to register to start your PhD studies during the academic year.

Applications for a NUORS award cannot be made for a course that the student had already started.


The PhD student must have already applied for and been offered a place to study at Newcastle University before you apply for a NUORS fully funded Scholarships.

Complete the application form here 

Submit after filling.

Scholarship Link

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Scholarship Link

#12. Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2022 for Mathematics PhD Scholars in Developing Countries

Deadline: 1st April for research visits between September 1,  to December 31, 2021

Level of study: PhD Students

Eligibility Nationality: Comoros Students, and all developing countries

Scholarship Worth: accommodation expenses, and monthly rent should not exceed 1,200 USD, also covers travel cost for one month

The amount to be received in total is 5,000 USD.


A selection committee decides which international students’ applications are successful.

The Selection Committee involves  a member chosen by the Abel board, a member chosen by CDC, a third member chosen by the IMU Executive Committee

The time of members of the committee is three years for the members, with a maximum of two periods. The Abel Board decides for other board members.

#13. Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students

Deadline: 11 Jan (annual)

Host Nationality: France

Eligible Nationality: Comoros students, and other international students from

Level of study: PhD students

Scholarship Worth: €1,400

This Excellence international Scholarship Program pioneered by the Ministry in French for Europe and Foreign Affairs to aid French higher education institutions to gain top Comoros, and other away students to enroll in their masters and PhD degree programs. It gives the chance to future foreign implementers of actions of the private and public sectors in the future to come, in priority areas of study, and encourages developing countries in their PhD level, and from developing and industrialized countries at other Selected levels.


This program is reserved for PhD students, international students, Comoros students and candidates of non-French nationality. Candidates with two nationalities, one of which is French are not eligible to get this international scholarship.

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We Recommend Other Scholarship Opportunities

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